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c M- L. 





833 01091 8511 

Gc 974.102 P837di 1863-64 

The Portland directory and 
reference book 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 
in 2013 

. -Hit 







••• -< 









Copper Work for Steamboats, Railroads, Sugar Houses, Oil Works, 

«tc. Bras'* Dome Cartings, and Escape Pipes for Locomotires. 

fire pomps for Steamboats. Bras* finishing and Turning. 

3^0 236 -A.3^r> 238 FOBS STREET. 

J . lH . T II O Z>X J? SON, 

I* prepared to receive orders foe 

Marble, T" re© Stone, Soap Stone, Marble Chimney Pieces, 
Monumental Work, and G;ind Stones. 



3R,eal XCetato aricl Merchandise XJrolier. 

Houses arid Stores for sale and to let. 
Office on Lirr.e Street. Entrance first doer north of the Pest Office. 


No. &G Middle Street, - - - Opposite Casco Bank, 

Daguerreotypes, Ambrotypes, and Phetograph8, 

Plain or Colored, made from miniature to life-size. Special attention 
paid to copying. Please eall and examine the largest collec- 
tion of FictureSi in the State. 96 Bliddle Street. 

-jr. XJ. 3?- 33XTR3srJEiA-3w3C. 



Junction of Federal and Congress Sts, mdMa 
BOLOMON MYKiCK, Proprietor. 


Kos, SI anj 35 Federal, comer Temple Street. 

•X. 33XjI£US, Jr., Proprietor* 



$it**tttg i\m\ titrntittlUt at ^«w, 

Commissioner of the Court of Claims, Washington, D. C. At«(o, 
Commissioner for all the Stntrt and Territories to execute Deeds, 4cc. 

Office \o. 122 Middle, corner of Union SC. 



No. 59 Exchange St. 


49" Geo. E« B. Jackson is a Commissioner of the United States Cir- 
cnit Court for Maine District, and & Commissioner of Deeds for New 
York, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Iowa. 


Qb ©■ ss 6** 9 03 W h> ui m i I & B^ si 9 

Xo. 258 lore Street. 

J*^- Particular attention paid to repairing Ship Carpenters' an4 

Coopers' Tools, 


And r i\ hotasale Dealer in 

Clapboards, Boards,' Shingles, Hour, and Corn, 

Commercial Street, head of Union Wharf. 


O Hat, Cap, and Fur Store, G- 

Xo. f.irt Middle Street. 
SOTESX-E Sc JE-3Z .A. ^r E S, 


Xo. IlG^liddle Street. V£ 


i 73 . mrTjnBrroiT, 


No. 82 Exchange St., Counting Room in second story. 


Proprietor of PubliiW of 

Commercial Newt Room, Portland Price-Current, 

Terns!— 35,00 per jear. Terms— $3.00 per year. 

8« ( lMdle St. 

-•< ft %s 


Aldermen, --------- 262 

Arrivals at this port, ------- 279 

Aiuesson, ---262 

Atheneum Society, - - - - - # - - 807 

• / Assessed Valuation, &c, 278 

Association for relief of Aged Indigent Women, * - 312 

b nk*, --• - - 269 

Benevolent Society, - - - - - - 310 

Bethel flag Society, ------- 313 

Board of Trade, --------- 296 

B lindanes of Wards, ------- 293 

Cisco Iron Company, - 293 

Churches and Ministers, - • * s ' * • * 291 

City Officers, -262 

City Debt, - - i - - - - s -278 

Commerce of Portland, ------ 278 

Common Councilmen, ------- 262 

Commissioners U. S« Court, ----_- 292 

C >nsuls, ---------- 279 

County Commissioners' Court, ----- 293 

C irt of Probate, --293 

Cumberland and Oxford Canal, - .... 298 

Custom House Officers, - 2S1 

Kith* in Portland, - ' - - - - - 296 

Distances to Pleasure Resorts, ----- 295 

tie rations of City Territory, - - -- - - 283 

Export*, - " - - " - - - . - - 273 

lemale Orphan Asylum, ------ 113 

rj mala Charitable "Society, ------- 312 

t e Alarm Districts,- - - - - - 267 

• ' ■" » l ' ■" n ■.-. - - - - - . . . 263 

1 I> **«?*, 268 

iy, ^ o-)7 

G i Steamships, ----.._ 300 

Haydn Association, - . - ., . • ^ . 307 

Horticultural Society, - - - ' - - - - 308 

Imports, 278 

International Steamship Company, - 299 

Kerosene Oil Company, - ------ 298 

tatitude and Longitude of Portland, - 282 

List of Vessels belonging to Portland, - - - 283-2S8 

I Liverpool Mail Steamships, - - - - - 300 

f* naine Bible Society, 3U 

Maino Charitable Mechanic Association, • 309 

Magnetic Variation, ••'*••••••• 2S3 

Marine Society, ---->---- 313 

Mayors, ----------- 2G2 

Marriages ----...-. 295 

Martha Washington Society, ------ S12 

Masonic Institutions, - - - ' - • - - 3H 

Mortality of Portland, 298 

Municipal Court, - - - - - - - - 293 

Mutual Insurance Company, ------ 297 

Karnes of Inhabitants, &c, - - - - -17-261 

Natural History Society, ---... 306 

Needle-Woman's Friend Society, .... 313 

Newspapers, --------- 258 

New York Steam Navigation Company, - 299 

Observatory Signals, - - - - • - , - 231 

Ocean Steamships, ------- 300 

Ocean Insurance Company, ------ 299 

Odd Fellowship Institutions, - - - " - - 3H 

Polymathic Association, ------ 307 

Population of Portland, ----.. 295 

Portland Company, ------- 297 

Portland Temperance Society, -e* - - - - 314 

Portland Turnverein, - 30S 

Provident Association, ------ 309 

Railroads, - 301 

Belief Association of Portland Fire Department, - 311 

Reservoirs and Weils, ------. 265 

Samaritan Association, ------ 311 

Schools, - - - 288 

School Committee, 2S3 

Sheriff and Deputies, - - - - - - - 293 

Ship Building, 280 

Society of Natural History, 306 

Sons of Temperance, * 31-4 

Steam Packet Company, ------ 209 

Streets, Lanes, &c, - - - - - - S15-S19 

Sugar House, - - " - -297 

Supreme Judicial Court, .--.-- 292 

Taxes and Tax Payers, - - - - - - - 271 

Tonnage of Portland, &c, 281 

Tonnage of the several Districts, 2S1 

United States Courts, 292 

Vessels over 100 tons burden, ice, - 2S3 

Vessels built, 280 

Wardens, --------- 2n3 

Ward Clerks. 203 

Washington T. A. Society, - - - - - -314 

Wharves, 320 

Widows' Wood Society, - - - - - - -810 

Young Men's Christian Association, 313 

Young Men's Mercantile Liurary Association, - - 208 



Agricultural Impl'ts, 

Air, &c, 


Win. W. Whipple, 251 
L.C. Gitson, 101 

Art 1st h* Materials, 

it a kcrs, 

1'auhcr Paixiters, 


Block and Pump Makers, 

Jtoat Bntldera, 

Holler Makers, 

Hook Hinders, 

iiook« and Stationery, 
. D. Robinson, 206 
Virtue, ronton L Co., 243 

Hoot* and Shoes, 

Daofel Clarke* Co., 52 
George M. Klder, 84 

Benjamin Fogg, 92 

lit a** romwlcrs, &>c, 

Brokers, (Stock ant> Exchange), 

Cabinet Furniture, 

Walter Core/, 60 

Carpetings, &:c., 

Carriages and Sleighs, 
Carver* and Gilders, 
Cke oale mis, 
Christian Mirror, 
Clot laic rs, 

Coal Dealers, 

William 11. Evans. 86 

Commission Merchants, 
J' Hereon Coelidge A Co, 69 
Dole k Moody, 74 

U jSui Eaton, 83 

True k Millikett, 010 

fh'jh. r.i .t Co., 215 

Flint; i Drew, 01 

L:U ( r^f -r 1. 150 

John Lj -! fr C»., 153 
1»u bell <fc Caamnlln, 242 
J. Jt D. Lord, 150 

J. S. Window A Co., CS7 
A. D. W hidden, 251 

Coffee and Spice Grinders, 

High! k Dyer, 119 



Kendall & Whitney, 135 

Rufus Stanley, 224 

C. E. Beckett, 23 

M. B.Whittier, 253 

H. T. Cummiiigs, 2 

R. J. D. Larrabee & Co., 142 

Pearson k Smith, 183 
Chw. Blake's St'm Bakery, 31 

C. J. Schumacher, 212 

J. B. Hudson, Jr., 10 

Delano & Quinu, 72 

T. & J. Counor, 53 

Thomas F. Roberts, 204 

Delano k Quin-n, 72 
Bailey & Noyce, 15, 16 

Hail L. Davis, 69 

0. L. Sanborn & Co., 210 
Bailey k Noyes, 14, 15 

gunnel Bell, 1 

A. A S. ShurtlefT^Co., 216 

William W. Lothrop, 151 

J. Tukesburv A Co., 241 

C.A. Donnell &Co., 75 

Leonard Crockett, 11 

Henry M. Payson, 183 

J. J. Brown, 2 

Charles Blako, 31 

J. R. Solder, 101 

Benjamin Ilsley, 12T 

W.T. Kilborn<fc Co., 137 

Marrett, Poor & Co., 10 

Joseph H. Russell, 209 

Littlefield Brothers, 143 
II. II. Kay, 1st cover 

Charles A. Lord, 323 

Levis & Smith, 145 

R. B. Todd, 10 

James H. Baker, 23 

Henry L. Paine A Co., 1S5 

Saw>er d; Whitney, 212 

W. J. Bordwine, 33 

Merritt Coolidgs kjOo., 60 
Davis, Twitched k Chapman, 69 

Emory ft Fox, %$ 

IIiTsey, Fletcher A Co., 118 

flight k Dyer, 113 

Win. A. Kimball A Co., rs 

Loring, Ross A Co., |5Q 

M - (I B. Nickerson, 17J 

Thomas II. Weston k Co., 25 1 
McOUrery, K< an A Davix, ]62 
Shaw, Haskell &Richardaon,214 

Teuton k Male, 200 

Oeorge F. Foster, i| 

J. Grant, 1^4 

F.O.Sawyer, 211 

Win. B. Philbrook, 191 

George H. Cushman, 66 

R, L. Robinson, 203 





T. D. Merrill A Co., 


C. A. Dunn ell & Co., 


Leonard Crockett, 


Counsellors at Ln>i', 

James 0' Don n ell, 


John VT. Hunger, 


Deblois k Jackson, 


Country Produce) 

Drake &. Davie, 


Jl. Leigh ton. Jr., 


Chenery k Taylor, 


Crockery and Glassware, 

J. R. Holder, 



Bt-'ele 6c Hayes, 



Josiah Heald, 


John H. Heald, 


W, R. Johnson, 


Decorative Painting 


J. B Hudson. Jr., 


Designer and Engrt 


J. 7* Richardson, back of title. 

Druggists £c A pot Kcc 


, Beckett Charles F, 


Crosman k Poor, 


H . T. Camming*, 


E. Dana, Jr., 


H. II. Hay, 1st 


\Y". \Y. Whipple, 


L. C. Gilson, 


J. W. Perkins k Co., 


K. L. St an wood, . 


M. & Whittier, 


Dry Goods, 

Cyrus X. Babb, 


J. K. Corey k Co., 


P. M. Frost, 


Hermann Grunt;-], 


H. C. Lovell k Son, 


C. W. Robinson & Co. 

, » : 5 

J. G. Tolford k Co., 


John F. Rand, 


H. W. Ripley. 


Woodman, True k Co. 


N. I. Mitchell, 


Eating Saloons* 

Ingersoll k Sens, 10, 12S 

K. L. Robinson, 


J'»hn Robinson, 


Fdc:c-Tool Malcers, 

Libby ic Bolton/ 


Engraver ami I>esi£ 


J. F. Richardson, back of title. 


R. J. D. Larrabco k Co., 


Ex presses, 

Winslow <5c Co., 




Family Groceries, 

Chenery k Taylor, 


A. P. Morgan, 

17 i 

Johnson & Chenery, 


L.O. Reynolds, 


Fancy Goods, 

Horatio Merrill, 


Bh ipherd k Co., 


Fire Hose, Hats, »fcc 


John L. Shaw k Co., 


Flour, Corn, <fcc, 

Blake. Jones k Co., 


Rufu* Deering, 


Jefferson Cooliilgs ft Co., 


J. k I). Lord, 


King, Bntler k Thurlow, 


B. F. Noble k Co., 


Twitchell ftChampifa, 


G-^r-.i P. Foster, 


Xhos. II. Weston £ Co., 


Albert Webb & Co, 


Waldron k Trae, 


polo k Moody, 


ICerritt Coolldge k Go*, 


John T. Rogers A Co., 


William A. Kunball k Co 


Fish, Salt, <fcc, 

Dana k Co., 


ftfoees U. Nickerson, 


George Trefethen .t Co., 


"VVn. F. Bh >rt, 


Shillings Ac Sargent, 


Fresco Painting) 

C. J. Bchnmacber, 


Fruit, fce., 

George II. Citehmaa, 



Walter Corey, 


Charles If. Blake, 


J. R. Golder, 


Garments Repaired, 

George B. Starbi.-d, 


Gas Fittings, 

Ira Winn, 



J.-tTerson Oootidge k Co., 


Fling k Drew, 


M-rritt Goolidge -k Co., 


Dana k Co., 


David, Twitchell k Chapman, 69 

Ilobbs, Chase k Co., 


Hersey, Fletcher k Co., 


Lord k Crawford. 


John Lynch t 1 ' ,. 


A. P. Morgan, 


Bh i\«, Haskell k Richardson, 214 

L. 0. Reynolds, 


Rnfns Stanley, 


True k Miiiiken, 




Ed m on stone, Allan Ic Co., 
J.»u^o L. Fai mi r. 
Edward II. Borgia, 
Waldron k True, 
C round CoiTecsandSjdces, J. Grant, 

Glasgow Steamships, 
Ground Salty 

llanicsMC^, <Scc 

\if\tH, Ca]>s, and Furs, 

John r\ Shaw, 12 


Railroad Ifonse, 217 

He rnaetlc'Iy Sealed Moats, JohnWinslow Joner, 
Hide*, Leather, mid Oil, Tyler, Rice ft Sons, 

II. Warren Lancey, 

Henry Dunn &c Son, 

J. A D. Jordan, 

Byron Qreenoafch k Co., 

G. A. Su.-skniut, 

Elm House, 

United States Hotel, 

lui uranee, 

Wtt. II. Foyo, 91 

Iron Founders, 

Iron and Steel, 
Jt \\ tiers, 

Q* rr.-': ,'. Pearson, 99 

Lowell A Seuter, 152 

MmOf Jcc., 
leather Belting, 
J.« ather aud Oil, 

1*11*0 Insurance, 

Livery Stables, 

George li. Babcock, 22 

Liverpool Steamships, 

Lumhcr Dealers, 

Alexander Edmond, S3 
B. F. Noble a- Co., ISO 
Rnfofl Deerine 

D. \V. Clark, 
John E. Dow, 
John \V. Munger, 
Warren Sparrow, 
N. P. Rkhardtoa k Co., 
Charles Staple! k Sou., 
Eben Corey, 
J. S. Felt," 
Warren F. Rill, 
J. Ambrose Merrill, 
J. Lyman Moses, 
B. P. Noble & Co., 
Jonathan Smith k Co., 
Tyler, Rice & Sons, 
Warren Sparrow, 
Jcsiafa Black, 
Edwin Clement, 
Charles Sager, 
Edmonstone, Allan k Co., 
Jauiefl L. Farmer, 
T. ft J. B. Cu timings, 
Flin£ ft Drew, 
George F. Foster, 



















223, 324 




Ltuifc Diseases, (Treatment), CharU-B Morse, 


( b tri ■-. Staples <fcSon, 4- 
J. L Winslow, 4 

Kedletaes, Faints, Oils, 
Machine Cards, <Vc., 
Ma»ou* and liuilders, 

Mnho{,'ftJ\y, etc., 
Mcloilr OIt«, 


v rU!«, 1 In lMate, &c., 
Jfafarlei PabliCf 


Nursery IMauti, 

Oil Dealer, 

Ornacueittal Curviu 


Fainter*, X, Faint Dealers, Charles Fobes, 

H. II. II. -.v. 

Paint Manufiieturors, Burgeae, Fobes, & Co., 

Paaaasrs Tickets, IV, l>. Uttle, 

Ira "Winn, 

Casco Iron Company, 
Portland Company, 
J. \v. Perkins k Co., 
Jonathan Smith & Co., 
T. K. St.-wart, 
C. II. Btttu-t, 
T. k J. B. Camming*, 
James D. Cheney, 
Wm,P. Hastings, 
Mr--. E. T. Cushman, 
N. r. Richardson & Co. t 
J. A. Balkans, 
John B. D ow, 
John W. A. lams, 
William A. Hvde, 
Littlefteld Bros., 
Jamet Freeman, 

Ficturo Fxauies, <fcc, 

f J 

J. W. C. Morrison k Co., 

R. J. D. Larrahee k Co., 



























1st covr. 




' Page 
Pnotoirrannq. Ac. 

Wilder Brothers, ' 254 

A. S. Davis, 2 


Piaster and lumber, 


Preserved 1 bleats, «fcc., 

John-ion k Chenery, 130 
11. Leigh ton, Jr., 14 i 

Patent Medicines, 

York ic Cumberland, 
Heal Estate Dealer, 
Ileal Estate Broker, 
Hoofing Slate, 

Reed Organs, Ac., 
Saddlery Hardware, 
feail Makers, g 

Adama a- York, $ 

Ship Chandlers, 

Sampson £ Conant, 209 

Shin Brokers, 

C. M. Daria, 69 

Silver Plating, &c, 
Soaps, (Bab and Fancy), 
Slun Painting, 
Stone Cutting, 


For Hew Vork, 9 


r. I C, B.Nesn, 177 

Tailors and Drapers, 

G i iner k Brown, 93 

Kol'urv, & Bond, • J6 

Teas. Coffees, &;c, 
Ticket Agency, 
Tool*, (Join 3 • rrj Coopers'), 
Trunks, > atises, <fcc, 

J. A . 133 

Victual In 1, 
Wood anil Coal, 

"»Vi.M. if. Evans, 86 

Wood Engraver, 

A.M. Mcffennev, 163 

JT. W. C. Morrison Jt Co., 172 
M. F. King, 10 

J. U. P. Bnrnham, 11 

Virtue, YbrstOB k Co., 243 

Bailej k Noyes, 15, 1G 

A. I).' Whidden, 251 

"William A. Pearce, 5 

I. D. Merrill k. Co., 160,821 

B. Thurston, lack of title, 235 
David Tucker, 240 
John Winelow Jones, 132 
Drake k Davis, 7S 
Chenery k Taylor, 50 
Kin^, Butler k Thurlow, 133 
A.P.Morgan, * III 
N. Wood, 258 
Grand Trunk, 7 

8 Portland, Saco & Portsmouth, 7 











2 GO 














g CO 



• ) 



Moses Gould, 
John C. Procter, 
Henry L. Paine & Co., 
T. & J. B. Cummings, 
William P. Hastings, 
James Bailey »& Co., 

F. A. Learitt, 
Goold k Waits, 
Loring, Kosa & Co., 
McGilvery, Ryan k Davis, 
Ycaton k Hale, 
BfcGilrery, Ryan & Davis. 
J. S. Win-low k Co., • 
Teaton & Hale, 
John Tierney, 
Leatha A Gore, 
J. B. Hndaon, Jr., 
J. T. Emery, 
J. K. Thompson, 
For Boston, 

.1. iat] ft, and St. John, <fcc, 
0. M. h. I), W. Nash, 
N. }'. Richardson 4c Co., 
William C. Beckett, 
A! i i:.-: r D. Reeves, 
K. C. Stevens k Sou, . 

G. C. Shaw, 
W. D. Li! tie, 
Joseph Bradford, 
J. jL. Duran, 
II ;;ry Dunn & J<n, 
Dvr.iid Gill fc S .. 
H^nry L. Paine £ Co., 
Sawyer Jfc Whitney, 
J. f . Kichardson, back of title 


y,?,, ^,. 



Tho numbering of long streets generally begins at the 
northeasterly bounds of the city ; of cross streets, generally 

At the harbor side. 

a: BOTT ALEXIS & SOX, 08 middle, h lincoln near pearl 

Abbott Andrew ,1, £:ird<me>\ 5 mechanic 

A!.! -tt Edmund, joiner, h 31 portland 

Abbott Erastus, soldier, 5 mechanic 

Abbott George II, (A Abbott & Son) 93 middle, bda lincoln 

Abbott Howard B, pastor cong st methodist ch, h 07 merrill 

Abbott Jeremiah G, teamster, bds 31 portland 

Abbott Nathan, machinist, bds 6 fcyng 

Al I ott M'r^ Phebe T, 5 mechanic 

Abbott Kiehard, soldier, 5 mechanic 

Abbott Roxbury, soldier, 6 mechanic 

tt Thomas S, merchant, h 63 spring 
Abel Charles K, cooper, rear 'J park 
Abj •■-.• m ch irch, 46 sumner 

y Erra, carriage-maker, 00 green 
A I uni Alfred A, joiner, li dow 
Adai Mfei Avis, 41 pleasant 
A '■■•-".••* A, I u Ling-house, 89 middle 
A »C .-'• - li. I m llord preble house 
*L,shipc ..; inter, 9 dark 
. ..:l I 0, trader, h 1 walker's court 

Aniill v'v York, SaiUnaVer*, No. 4 Central Wharf, over 
J. S. Window & Co. All orders promptly and faithfully 
attended to. 

ELIJAH ADAMS, 2d, josbfb S. tork. 

Adams Elijah 2d, (& York) 4 central whf, h 188} congress 
•'• •• isEUjah, Bail-maker, b 188 congress 


Adams Goo W W, joiner, bds 6 hall's lane 
Adams James, carpenter, rear 33 Washington 
Adams James, moulder, rear 27 st lawrencc 
Adams John M, editor Eastern Argus, bds U S hotel 

John W. Adams, Nurseryman, Morrill's Corner, office 
135 Middle Street. 

Adams John W, nurseryman, morrill's corner, 135 middle 
Adams Joseph, mariner, 21 munjoy 
Adams Mrs Joseph, h 2 decring 
Adams Mrs Martha W, bds 18 cross 
Adams Moses, teamster, h 5 oxford 
Adams Peter, brickmaker, 2G canton 
' Adams Mrs Robert, at 16 cedar 
Adams Silas M, farmer, back cove village 
Adams Mrs Sophia E, 72 danforth 
Adams Win II, sea captain, Iibby's corner 
Adams William, moulder, rear 27 st lawrence 
Adie Joseph B, sea captain, 43 brackctt 
' Adlam Samuel, furniture dealer. 86 spring 
Advertiser Office, international hotel building, 131 exchange 
Affleck James S, baker, 24 fremout 
Aflleck Thomas E, laborer, 44 parris 
Agen Honora, widow, 22 brattle 
Alnz Enrique, Spanish Consul, 203 congress 
Ainsworth Almond E, railroad employe, rear 7 tate 
Aitchison John L, 104 middle, bds at elm house 
Aitchison Wm, dry goods, 104 middle, h 01 spring 
Akerman Daniel I), post office clerk, h 20 south 
Akerman Wm, P S & P B R conductor, h 8 high 
Akers Chas D, CO pearl 

Akers Mahlon, house carpenter, st John street 
Akers Mrs Paul, 00 pearl 
Aldcn Charles, joiner, h 27 cedar 
Alden Samuel G, mason, forest st 
Alden Wm L, (E McKenney & Co) 200 fore, h S gray 
Alexander B A& Emma, millinery, 349 congress, bds 78 spring 
Alexander Charles, sheriff's assistant, county jail building 
Alexander Charles A, architect, 137} middle, U 15-5 danforth 
Alexander Eleanor, widow, 4 adams 


Alexander James, long Island 
Alexander James, laborer, 10 adams 
Alexander John, laborer, watervllle 
Alexander Joseph, laborer, 4 adams 
Alexander Reuben, soldier, 26 federal , 

Alexander William H, soldier, 26 federal 
Alexander Wm W, fish dealer, 26 federal 
Alexander Wm, watchman, 6 watcrville 
Allard John 1\ currier, 84 green 
Aft n Andrew J, (& Quinby) 83 commercial, h 6 elm 
Allen Chas H, hackman, 13 preble 
.'. . CI .*. II (vV Co) tinsmiths, 359 congress 
A lea I les G, seaman, 07 warren 
A . Eliza, widow, 17 poplar 
Allen Mrs Eunice, 415 congress 
Allen Frank C, machinist, 9 watcrville 
Allen George, soldier, 74 brackett 
, Allen Mrs Harriet S, 59 danforth 
Allen Hiram, joiner, 6S green 

Allen Jackson, trader, 212 congress r- 

Allen Joel, joiner, 18 temple, h 11 cross 
Allen Miss Julia, 415 congress 
All : Mrs Mary, 329 congress 
Allen Kath'l P, U S navy, 29 pine 
i Oi a, st \ edore, 7 cross 
D Peter, butcher, 15 marion 
Allen Mrs Salome, 3 turner 

Al. q Wm, jr, fruit dealer, 13 exchange, h 241 Cumberland 
A* < b Wm H, joiner, 10 beckett 

A m Wm M, morocco dresser, bds grove near portland 
11; i Johi | ' . *.■ rer, lalem lane 

. M . ..-.. ihip carpenter, 16 talemlane 
American U use, 161 foro 

American Telegraph Company*! office, cor middle & exchange 
Ames Daniel VV, map seller, 16 unnibrth 
Amon A J, music teacher, bds International houso 
An ierson Mrs Anna, 64 free 
Anderson Mrs Edward, 5 i free 
Anderson George, hoop skirt dealer, s 024, h 340 congress 


Anderson James, steam engineer, libby's corner 

Anderson John, trader, 33 pleasant 

Anderson John, farmer, 41 st lawrenco 

Anderson John II, steamboat steward, 22 lafayette 

Anderson Miss Lucretia, at 22 lafayette 

Anderson Mcrritt, spar maker, C E ferry village 

Anderson Sam'l J, (& Webb) counselor, 9 temple, h 54 free. 

Anderson Wm, sea captain, 1 fore 

Andress Peter, seaman, C2 Washington 

Andrews Abizer, 1 mechanic 

Andrews Albert H, new-paper carrier, rear 318 congress 

Andrews Mrs Charlotte, 53 spring 

Andrews Charles, clerk, h nr libby's comer 

Andrews E C, music denier, C7 exchange, h 201 Cumberland 

Andrews Henry, clerk, h nr libby's corner 

Andrew John, hatter, long island 

Andrew John, jr, long island 

Anglon Timothy, mariner, 12 willow 

Angus Mrs Ann, oak nr congress 

Angus George M, painter, oak nr congress 

Annis Jesse, h 19 neal 

Anson Miss Sarah M, 369J congress 

Anthony Samuel L, waiter, bds 31 Cumberland 

Appleton Gardner, carriage maker, 7 portland 

Archibald Mrs Mary, at 02 sumner 

Archibald Samuel C, wool puller, rear 17 portland 

Arey Timothy C, sailmaker, bds 2 cotton \ 

Argus ofhee, 57 exchange 

Arlin Henry, laborer, 9 bank 

Arliss Michael, laborer, 10 center 

Armstrong Arthur, spar maker, C E ferry village 

Armstrong Eben, cooper, head union wharf, h 24 spruce 

Armstrong Israel, steamboat clerk, C E ferry Tillage 

Armstrong John, mariner, 17 cedar 

Armstrong Mary II, widow, 25 brown 

Armstrong Robert, tinsmith, CI oxford ; 

Arni c trong Simon E, clerk, 25 brown 

Armsby Mrs Ellen B, 12 spruce 

Armsby George. L, machinist, 13 spruce 

Arnold John, (& Co) 293 congress, h 3S brown 


Arnold Patrick, blacksmith, C adams 

Arnold William, soldier, 5 adams 

Ascncio Thomas, merchant, custom hoaso whf, bd3 74 park 

Asencio Thomas, bds 2 st lawrence 

Ashe Miss Ruth C, tailored, bda 41 oxford 

Atkins Mrs Grace II, h 13 boyd 

Atkins Joshua Y, trader, h 5 parris 

Atkins Smith L, trader, 65 fore, h 13 boyd 

Atkinson James, ship carpenter, C E ferry- village 

Atkinson John, dry goods dealer, bds at elm house 

Atkinson Bliss Lizzie, vest maker, bds 90 federal 

Atlantic & St L R B depot, foot India 

U C \Y, patent medicines, 3 deering block, h 19 parris 
-• Mrs Maria K, h 17 canton 
At wick Thomas C, moulder, 17 canton 
Attrood Knowles D, fish dealer, 52 commercial, h25 myrtle 
A! wood Levi W, oyster dealer, 305 congress 
Atwood William, oysterman, 5 parris 
Anstin Daniel, laborer, 7 tnarion 
Austin Eugene F, carpenter, 19 Washington 
Austin Mrs Jane, 127 congress 
Austin Michael P, telegrapher, 14hampshire 
Austin Samuel, soldier, 21 mayo t 

Austin Stephen H, blacksmith, 39 hanover 
AterUJ Cfa :-. plumber, 11 franklin 
Avor:il David, stabler, 85 preblo 
Averill Johu. blacksmith, head union whf, h 7 pearl 
Ajen Geo, joiner, h 11 parris 
Aycr^ John, brass founder, h 20 center 
Aj»ri Mrs Harriot, 11 myrtle «» 

A;» • n Mrs Mary, 2) winter 
A J Win II, (Cook A r) 63 exchange, h 76 free 

BABB CYRUS K, 9 clapp's block, h :>1 pearl 

Cvnrs K. Badb, Dealer in Silks, .Shawls, Cloaks, Dress 
Goods, Woolens, Cotton Goods, and Housekeeping Good?, 

9 Clapp's Block, between L'nited States and Prebie Hotels, 
Congress Street. 

Babb Daniel, (& Whitehouse) 44 portland, h rear 39 parris 


Babb Henry C, street commissioner, 25 chapel 
Babb Joseph, teamster, 30 hanover 

Babb Josiah W, grocer, 23 cotton 

Babb Stephen, (& Stone) grocer, 49 portland 

Babbitt Benjamin F, shoemaker, 3 hilborn's court 

George IT. Babcock, Livery Stable, No. 02 Federal 
Street, (nearly opposite Elm House). His stable is furnish- 
ed with the best of horses, and his carriages and harnesses 
are of the latest modern style. 

Babcock Geo II, 92 federal, h 233 Cumberland 

Babson Zebulon, trader,_h 33 brown 

Bacon Rt Bev David \Y, catholic bishop, h 104 Cumberland 

Bacon Elbridge, (Breslin &) dentist, 17 free, h 70 park 

Bacoii Mrs Eliza, GS brackett 

Bacon Mrs Nancy, 7 Washington 

Bacon William T, mariner, 43 chestnut 

Bacon "William, soldier, 7 Washington 

Bagley Mrs A M, dressmaker, 90 V brackett, bds 20 winter 

Bagley Jr/hn B, baker, 183 congress 

Bailey Mrs Ann T, 4*3 atlantic 

Bailey Charles, (Woodman, True ec Co) 54 middle, h 54 north 

Bailey Charles, wheelwright, near bradley's corner 

Bailey Charles B, clerk, (light-house) 4-'S congress 

Bailey David, cooper, temple corner congress 

Bailey Edward A, 12 exchange, bds 23 chapel 

Bailey Mrs Ellen, C E ferry village 

Bailey F W, (& No yes) GS exchange, h 24 sumncr ~* 

Bailey Frank J, overseer kerosene lamp factory, bds 99 federal 

Bailey Francis II, sea captain, near bradley's corner 

Bailey Frank B, blacksmith, bds 72 vaughau 

Bailey Geo G, capt U S army, 2 appleton block, congress 

Bailey George, U S army, rear Gi brackett 

Bailey Gilbert L. gunsmith, 42 exchange, h 223 Cumberland 

Bailey Henry, auctioneer, IS exchange, h westbrook 

James Bailey & Co., Importers of and Dealers in For- 
eign and Domestic Saddlery Hardware, and Carriage 
Trimming-, No. 159 Middle Street. 

Bailey James (& Co) 100 middle, h 129 Cumberland 
Bailey John I), civil engineer, 46 brackett 


Bailey Joseph E, 629 congress, bds 72 vaughan 

i Bailey Josepli S, auctioneer, IS exchange, h 458 congress 

Bailey Mary M, 12 st lawrence 
Bailey Mrs Marietta M, 72 vaughan 
Bailey ? B, kennebec depot master, h 21 stono 
Bailey Robert, soldier, rear S center 
Bailey Robert, seaman, 139 congress 
Bailey Samuel, seaman,'lS middle 
Bailey Samuel 2d, hostler, h Gl oxford 
Bailey Thomas, eating saloon, 15 india 
Bailey Thomas, waiter, U S hotel 
Bailey Thomas, cook, 15 merrill 
Bailey William II, clerk, bds portland house 
Baio James sea captain, 2 stetson's court 
Baird Andrew, moulder, rear 04 sumner 
Bakeman Frank W f student, 19 froe 
Bakeman George A, soldier, 2 casco 
Bakeman John C, painter, 200 congress 
Bakeman Mrs Susan II, 2 casco 
Bakeman S if, dressmaker, 19 free 
Baker Abel M, merchant, h morrill's corner 
Baker Charles, treasurer* 5 cts savings' bank, h 52 pleasant 
Baker Charles, fisherman, 9 larch 
Baker Charles II, harness maker, 4 india 
Baker Charles 0, A ft K R B conductor, 29 federal 
Baker E I war d W, vinegar works, 240 fore, h 44 park 
Baker George, clerk, bds 05 Cumberland 
Baker George W, loeomotivo engineer, 24 danforth 
B ike* Mrs Harriet W, at S middle 
t Biker Eleary C, (T H Weston As Co) 103 comm'l, h 27 mayo 

Baker U<^r?, hatter, 101 oxford 
Baker Humphrey J, cane scat wearer, 5 hilbern's court 
Baker Jac )b C, hay and lumber, 300 commercial 
Baker James F, clerk, bds 26 free 

James II. BAKER, Dealer In Anthracite and Bituminous 

Coal, Red and White Ash of the best kind-, l'js Commercial 
Street, head of Richardson's Wharf, Portland. A good 
stock always on hand, of all sizes— delivered in good orier. 

t Baker Ja3 II, coal dealer, 199 commercial, h 20 winter 


Baker John C, hay and lumber, 300 cora'1,11 229} Cumberland 
Baker John II, provisioner, 142 exchange, li 9} prospect 
Baker Josiah, shoe dealer, SI york 
Baker Joseph E, clerk, 10 franklin 
• Baker Mrs Lucy Ann, boarding-house', 20 free 
Baker M A E, shoe dealer, 81 york 
Baker Miss Mary II, 24 S congress 
Baker Phebe II, ornamental hair work, 248 congress 
Baker Samuel P, book-keeper, D3 Hampshire 
Baker Mrs Sarah, bds 2 park place 
Baker Smith B, teamster, 2 spring'placo 
Baker Wm P I, sea captain, 24 danforth 
Baker William S, clerk at U S hotel 
Baker Mrs William, 24 danforth 
Baldwin Miss Hannah, 20 sumner 
Baldwin William, teamster, 9 pleasant 
Ball Andrew, cook, elm house 
Ball Mrs Hannah, 3 hancoek court 
Ball Henry, cook, 12 mount fort 
Ball James, mariner, 12 mountfort 
Ball Richard II, miller, 21 cotton 
Ball Samuel N, seaman, 2 tukesbury court 
Ballard Charles W, coachman, at J B Brown's 
Ballard Robert F, seaman, 4 india court 

J. A. Balkan, Average Adjuster, and Notary Public, 
No. 34 Exchange Street, (over Merchants' Bank). 

Balkam John A, notary public, &c,34 exchange, h 48 pleasant 

Ballon John, merchant tailor, 113 exchange, h 103 oxford 

Bancroft Mrs J O, 112 Cumberland 

BaningTho?, junk collector, kilborn's "court, rear 94 brackett 

Bank of Cumberland, CG exchange 

Banks Edward P, jeweller, 72 exchange, h G5 Cumberland 

Banks EHas, accountant, h 33 spring 

Banks Mrs Lucretia P, at 65 Cumberland 

Banks Mrs Margaret R, CO winter 

Bannon Mrs Ann, at 53 Washington 

Barberick John If, packer of preserved meat?, 70 dark 

Barbcrick Samuel R, fisherman, 8 walnut 

Barberick Theopbilus, mariner, bds 8 walnut 


Barber John, track repairer, 7G Cumberland 

Barber Roland Y, confectioner, 13 hampshire 

Barber Samuel, laborer, hampshire near federal 

Barber Sumner, machinist, 7C Cumberland 

Barbour Alexander, joiner, 121 congress 

Barbour Charles J, (J & C J) 8 exchange, h 5 wilmot 

Barbour George, carpenter, 23 fore 

Barbour George, Jr, stoker, bds 23 fore 

Barbour James I, brass worker, 63 brackett 

Barbour John (J & C) 8 exchange, h 32 hampshire 

F ! . trboor lln Mary A, 8ti center 

Barbour Miss Mary E, school teacher, 3G center 

Barbour Win F, brass founder, CO oxford 

Barbour Winslow A, cooper, 21 parris 

Barker Charles W, hack driver, 327 congress 

Barker Mrs Hannah, 133 oxford 

Barker Henry F, clerk, 133 oxford 

Barker Jacob B, truckman, bds american house 

Barker John, morocco dresser, grove (rear) nr portland 

Barker Moses, steam engineer, 24 salem 

Barker Nathan, quartermaster U S army, 20 high 

Barker Pelcg, (J Lynch & Co) 139 commercial, bds 5G free 

Barker Thomas, overseer gas works, h 42 salem 

Barker Turner, marine engineer, 11 india 

Barnard E S, mariner, portland nr lowell 

Barnes Harris C, lumber surveyor, h 35 federal 

Barnes Joseph, rigger, 9 spring 

Barnes Nathan, joiner, h 40 green 

Barnes Phinehas, counsellor, *-4^ middle, h 63 high 

B irnes Timothy, joiner, 23 smith 

Barnes Wra H, painter, 9 spring 

Barnet Benjamin D, cook, 40 oxford 

Barnum Isaac, eating house, 9 templo 

Barr Francis B, policeman, 2>> smith 

Barr George H, carpenter, h 24 smith 

Barr Mrs Lucy M, 26 smith 

Barr William, mariner, 43 sumner 

Barrett Charles E, trea-urer A & St L R R Co, h 211 congress 

Barrett Charles W, civil engineer, 32 park 



Barrett Franklin B, clerk, bds 211 congress 
Barrett George P, clerk, 211 congress 
Barrett Michael, laborer, 31 smith 
Rarrett Silas R D, 15 sunnier 
Barrett William L, ship carpenter, 20 north 
Barrows VV C, (& Lovell) trader, store 31, h 36 portland 
Barry Andrew, laborer, brackett cor arsenal 
Barry Mrs Bridget, 91 spring 
Barry Edward, laborer, 39 cotton 
Barry Mrs Elizabeth, 25 center 
Barry Mrs Joanna, 51 Washington 
Barry Miss Julia, 4 spring 
Bam' Michael, stevedore, 25 center 
Barry Thomas, 14 union 
Barry William H, laborer, 10 salem lane 
Barry William, soldier, brackett cor arsenal 
Barstow Geo S, shooks and heading, widgery's whf, h 47 india 
Barstow Hetherly, mason, knight's village, C E 
Barstow Hetherly, blacksmith, 38 waterville 
Bartells Albion, carpenter, bds 240 congress ^ 
BarteUs Mrs Sarah II, 33 brackett 
Bartol Benj W, fishing skipper, C E ferry village 
Bartol Mrs George, h 30 high 
Bartol Horace V, bds 36 high 
Bartlett Daniel F, machinist, 7 munjoy 
Bartlett Miss Elizabeth 1), 7 munjoy 
Bartlett Mrs Eunice, 4 dow 
Bascom Ezekicl F, botanic physician, 15 middlo 
Bassett Jeremiah, seaman, 1 tukesbury's court 
Bassett Thomas, woodsawyer, at 15 merrill 
Bassett Thomas, laborer, 4 hancock court 
Batchelder George G, U S army, 207 Cumberland 
Batclielder George O, pTOTisioaer, 207 Cumberland 
Batchelder Ira J, accountant, 50 pearl 
Batchelder Joseph C, bonnet bleacher, rear 50 brackett 
Batchelder Joseph, taxidermist, 176 congress 
Batchelder L M, bonnet bleacher, 312 congress, h 5 summer 
Batchelder Lyman A, clerk, back cove village 
Batchelder Mrs Mary, rear 50 brackett 
Bateman John F, machinist, CO Adams 
Bateinan Mrs Mary, GO Adams 


Bates Edwin L, hack-driver, bds western exchange 
Bates Mrs Elizabeth I), boarding-house, 99 federal 
Bates Silas E, carriage maker, 13 mechanic 
Bates William C, machinist, S st lawrence 
Baxter Jas II, (Davis, Baxter & Co) 3 free st b!k, h franklin 
Baxter Jas P, (Davis, Baxter & Co) 3 free st blk, h 20 brown 
Baxter Robert P, rigger, h 24 snmner 
Baxter Wm II, 4 Deal 
Bcal Charles A, joiner, 04 franklin 
Beal Charles, soldier, 52 spring ' 

U- *1 Enoch F, teamster, 15 north 
!"• J George W, machinist, 23 st lawrence 
!*.. d George W, tailor, 21 lafayette 
B d Hiram, joiner, h 52 spring 
Ileal John X, carpenter, 185 Cumberland 
Beal Rufus, joiner, 4 boyd, h 59 franklin 
Bcal Rufus, jr, joiner, quebec nr 37 merrill 
Beale Mrs Julia A, bds 99 federal 
Bcalo Oliver S, sign painter, 10 exchange, h 24 gray 
Beale Samuel N, {& Co) 5 commercial whf, h 23 free 
Beals Burritt II, soldier, 24 gray 
Bealfl Mrs Hannah, 2G dtmforth 
Beals Thomas P, policeman, bds 26 danforth 
Be m Charles A, seaman, 41 fore 
Bean John II, soldier, 12 monument 
Bean Mrs Wary A, 41 fore 
Bean Mrs Xabby, 7 green 

Bean Rnfaa D, clerk for portland co, h 3 federal 
J Y-'izc* Mrs Bethiah A, 25 brown 

ce Charh i I>. agt Grant's spice mills h 29 chestnut 
Bearce S . . : > . t : * * 1 E, clerk, 25 brown 
Bcasley Edward, trackman, rear 23 beach 
Beattie Angustos C, grocer, &2 spring 
Beattle Erederick A, soldier, 63 spring * 

Beauleau Paul II, machinist, 41 oxford 
B e aum ont Wm II, constable, 22 monument 
Beckett, Mrs Abigail, 165 congress 
Beckett Charles E, mariner, 40 stunner 
Beckett Charles P, (Culdcrv/ood Sc) 806 fore, bds 29 spring 


Charles E. Beckett, Drnsgistand Apothecary, No. 187 
Congress street, corner of Franklin street, where may be 

found a complete assortment of all articles usually kept 
in a first class drug store, including- the purest wines and 
liquors for medicinal purposes. Strictest personal attention 
paid to filling physicians 1 prescriptions. Medicines delivered 
nights and Sundays, by calling at his residence, Xo. 155 
Congress, corner of Smith street. 

Beckett Charles E, apothecary, 1S7 congress, h 155 congress 
Beckett Miss Octavia V, 5 gray 
Beckett Sylvester B, counselor, 5 gray 
Beckett William A, machinist, 13 cotton 

Wsr. C. Beckett, Merchant Tailor, 137 Middle street, 
keeps constantly on hand a choice assortment of English, 
German, and French broadcloths, pantaloon goods, and vest- 
ing*, of the latest importations, and most fashionable styles 
. and colors. Summer stuffs in their season, and heavy milled 
goods, for Winter Overcoat-, Surtouts, &C. Tailoring in all 
depaitraents executed at short notice. 

Beckett Win. C, merchant tailor, 137 middle, h 29 spring 

Beckett W Sylvester, clerk 137 middle, bds 29 spring 

Bedell Additon, clerk, bds 74 Cumberland 

Bed low James, superintendent telegraphs. 203 Cumberland 

Bedlow Mary E, fancy dry goods, 51 middle, h 42 federal 

Bedlow Win J G, telegraph repairer, 23 stunner 

Beeman John F, stevedore, 33 oxford 

Begg John C, 7 franklin 

Behrens Fred'k, (E Churchill <fc Co) portl'd pier,h 45 pleasant 

Belford Mrs Davis, 22 franklin 

Belford F P, & M T, dry goods, 107 middle, bd 22 franklin 

Belger Mrs Margaret, 54 dark 

Belknap C W, provisioner, 11 citv market 

Bell Alexander, teamster, 07 dark 

Bell Benjamin II, painter, 20 temple, h 63 munjoy 

Bell Mrs Clarinda, 8 haaeock court 

Bell Ezekiel S, joiner, 8 oxford 

Bell John, hackman, bds 370 congress 

Bell John, gardener, J B Brown's grounds % 

Bell Robert, mariner, C E ferry village 

Bell Samuel II, painter, 24 pine 

Bell William, mariner, 120 danforth 


Bennett Elbridge G, butcher, libby's corner 
Bennett Mrs Elizabeth 5, 8 hill 
Bennett Francis, trader, 147 congress 
Bennett Henry, butcher, libby's corner 
Bennett Henry S, joiner, 10 sales* 
Bennett John, cooper, 10 maple 
Bennett John C, stevedore, 23 waterville 
Bennett Joseph J, butcher, libby's corner 
Bennett Samuel, joiner, foot cotton, h 25 salem 
Benson William IT, mariner, 23 merrill 
Berrick James H, steam engineer, h 51 federal 
Berry Augustas, blacksmith, portland st, near libby's corner 
I.- rry C i tries R, sailmaker, franklin below lincoln 
I | . : • Icrick, at -tone ware factory, westbrook point 
\U :ry George, railroad employe, 5 hall's lane 
Berry George S, clerk, franklin below lincoln 
Berry Greculeaf T, soldier, rear 2-4 cedar 
Berry Henry A, apothecary, bds 49 middle 
Berry Henry B, printer, franklin below lincoln 
Berry Ira, printer, 177 fore, h 195 congress 
Berry Ira Jr, lieut U S A, h 195 congress 
Berry James, soldier, 9 hanover 
Berry James, laborer, 6 Chatham 
Berry James, cooper, 19 spruce 
Berry Jason, clerk at preblo house 
Berry John R, mason, 46 .salem 
Berry John, sea captain, 10 st. lawrenco 
-Berry Joseph, shoe dealer, 92 middle, bds 13 plum 
Berry Richard W, printer, 34 parris 
1'. rry Stephen, printer, 177 fore, bds 195 congress 
!• rry i h mas, laborer, fc !: 27 merrill 
I^rry Walter >. shoemaker, 14 parris 
Berry Win B, pump and block-maker,h franklin below lincoln 
Berry William F, clerk, bds 25 oxford 
Berry William N, hostler, 35 pine 
Bessev John, cordwainer. 53 Portland 
Best Mrs Amanda, boarding honse, 300 eou^rc-s 
Beat William T, shipmaster, 40 winter 
Best William, trader, 5 lime 


Bibber Alonzo, carpenter, 17 mayo 

Bibber George E, iron founders, 100 green, h 20 mechanic 

Bibber Joel, railroad employe, 27 lafayettc . 

Bibber Thomas F, sea captain, C E ferry village 

Bibber Warren A, wholesale grocer, 70 dan forth 

Bibber William P, mariner, 21 foro 

Bickford James, carpenter, 14 parris 

Bickford Miss Sarah F, at 22 monument 

Bicknell Edwin, carriage maker, bds 2 cotton 

Bigclow William H, 23 salem 

Billings George W, c 7 .erk, bds 4S franklin 

Billings Mrs Kate G, 2 Stevens place 

Billings Leonard, agent steamboats, h 4S franklin 

Billings Wm L, clerk, 48 franklin 

BinghamJJohn A, trader, 241 fore 

Birch James, truckman, grove, near portland 

Bird Miss Eliza, 41 pleasant 

Bird Robert A, in custom house, h 3 myrtle 

Bishop Benjamin, soldier, 43 chestnut 

Bishop Mrs Frances E, 74 Cumberland 

Bishop Joseph, seaman, 4 hancock court 

BUIiod Thomas B, music composer, 97 franklin 

Bishop Mrs Thomas S, at 74 free 

Biabon Joseph E, tailor, liucoln st 

Black Daniel, peddler, 6 summer 

Black Daniel, laborer, 34 summer 

Black Edmund, street repairer, 6 walker's court 

Black Henry, ship carpenter, 16 carlton 

Black James M, captain U S A, monument 

Black Joseph L, joiner, 30 gray 

Black Josiah, stabler, 73 federal, h 12 lafayette 

Black Thomas, laborer, 15 danforth 

Blackmau Rev C W, peak's islaud 

Blackstono Miss Elizabeth B, 54 spring 

Blackstone Misses Margaret & Mary M, dressmak's, 54 spring 

Blackstone Mrs Sarah, 00 che-tnut 

Blackstone Mrs William H, 1 horion place 

Blair Jamc*, porter, 38 Brackett 

Blair William J, laborer, rear 153 fore 


BlakQ Albion P, seaman, 7 montgomery 
Blake Alvin F, baker, middle, near franklin 
Blake Mrs Caroline M, 27 brackett 

Blake, Jones & Co., Flour and Oram Dealers, and Re- 
ceivers of Western and Canadian Produce, 137 Commercial 
St., Granite Block. 


Blake Chas, (Blake, Jones & Co) 137 comra'l, 221 Cumberland 
Blake Chas T, (Carter &) saihuaker, 5 central whf, h lincoln 

Charles H. Blake, Manufacturer of Counters, Show- 
Caees, Desks, and Custom Furniture, of superior quality, 
No. 8'J Union "Ureet. Ready-made Coffins of every quality 
and ^t\ V. All orviors for repairing Furniture, Varnishing, 
nvi Iphotstering promptly attended to. 

Blake Charles H, cabinet maker, 39 union, h 80 spring' 

Blake Clark, sea captain, 24 waterville 

Blake Daniel J, mariner, at 2-i waterville 

Blake Mrs Elizabeth, 37 green 

Blake Frederick B, machinist, 1G summer 

Blake Frederick W" C, hack driver, bds 39 chestnut 

Blake George A, teamster, bds 27 brackett 

Blake George C, brickmaker, 33 india 

Blake George F, trader, 43 melbourne 

Blake George D, baker, ig green 

B: ike Henry L, teamster, bds 27 brackett 

CiMur.Es Blake's Steam Bakery, No. ZZ0 Congress St., 
where can be had {every variety of Crackers, Cakes, and 
Loaf Bre i !, manufactured from the best of stock, and de- 
livered in any~part of the city. 

I; i : .-• I aker, WO congress, h 330 congress 
P.I. ike June*, blacksmith, 1^ hampshire 
BLike John, joiner, 4^> melbourne 

Blake John B, clerk, western exchange; 

Blake John F, carpenter, PS india 

Bl:ike Mrs Lavinia, 30 chestnut 

Blake Levi C, 8 commercial wharf, h 10 fore 

Bluke Levi F, butcher, back cove village 

Blake Levi J, mariner, 21 waterville 


Blake Miss Mary, Ufloregf, 7 s prucc 

Blake Miles J, U S Navy, 24 waterville 

Blake Nathaniel, sea captain, 16 summer 

Blake Samuel R, blacksmith, 39 chestnut 

Blake Thomas, currier, cotton court > 

Biakie Richard, ship carpenter, 26 salem 

Blanchard Mrs Ahnira M, boarding house, 30 spring 

Blanchard Mrs Almira, 22 high 

Blanchard Mrs A H, boarding house, 85 state 

Blanchard Miss Ann IT, 23 gray v / 

Blanchard Daniel, maso/i, 51 oxford 

Blanchard Frederick, clerk, bds 2 cotton # 

Blanchard Henry C, engineer, 13 vine 

Blanchard James, carpenter, 25 Cumberland 

Blanchard John J, carriage maker, bds 23 Cumberland 

Blanchard Joseph B, joiner, 30 mayo 

Blanchard Michael M, waiter, bds 28 Cumberland 

Blanchard Munroe A, city auditor, 48 federal 

Blanchard Nathaniel, merchant, h 30 high 

Blanchard Samuel, harbor master, h 18 sumner 

Blaisdcll Edward R, locomotive engineer, C st lawrenco 

Blaisdell Nicholas J, mariner, 4 st lavrrence 

Blaisdcll Mrs Susan E, 4 st lavrrence 

Bletheu Joseph D, ship carpenter, 238 Cumberland 

Bliss Jonathan Jr, landlord elm house 

Blish Byron S, seaman, 5 hampshire 

Blue Abraham, mariner, rear abyssiuian church 

Bluetield Simon, cooper, 12 larch 

Bodge Erastus, boiler maker, bds 82 federal 

Bodge Joseph G, joiner, CO brackctt 

Bodkin John, tailor, 2S middle 

Bogan Daniel, sea captain, 92 danforth 

Bogan James, seaman, maple 

Bogart Horatio N, ship carpenter, 7 deer * 

Bold William, soldier, head union whf 

Bolles Rev Edwin C, pastor 1st univcrsalist ch, h 10 pine 

Bolton Elbridge G. edge tools, 258 fore, h 12 alder 

Bolton Eli, blacksmith, C E ferry village 

Boiton Holiis R, bds 58 Cumberland 


Bolton Mrs Hannah, at 8 mayo 

Bolton Hollis R, machinist, 03 green 

Bolton Mrs Nancy M, 11 oxford 

BoltDii Peter, (Small &) carpenter, 42 brackett, h 14 spruce 

Bolton Mrs Thankful, 88 green 

Bolton Thomas S, joiner, 14 spruce 

Boltonhousc Bedford, ship builder, C E ferry village 

Bond Benjamin, cook, G hnncock court 

Bond John, (I D Merrill & Co) 25 union, h ft franklin 

Bond Samuel, cooper, orange lane 

Bond William M (Rollins k) 05 middle, h 6 parris 

Bonn Rudolph, stevedore, renr Co fore 

Bonney Alonzo G, soldier, 17 portland 

Bonnejr Bfra Hannah, S casco 

Bonney Mrs Sarah, 17 portland 

Bonney Varney, printer, 8 casco 

Boody Mrs Henry H, 237 congress 

Boody Henry, iron founder, bds 5 atlantic 

Boothby Edward K, gunsmith, 78 green 

Boothby Horatio, grocer, 176 middle, h knight's villago, C E 

Boothby Isaac T, soldier, 356} congress 

Boothby J L, merchant, bd3 preble hou ; e 

Boothby Silas, ship carpenter, back cove 

X\\ J. BoRDWlXE, Commission Merchant, No. 93 Com- 
mercial Street. 

Bordwine Wra J, com'n mcr, 03 commercial, h 4S winter 
Boston Josiah L, bread vender, bds S$ sumner 
Boston Lewis, stoker, bds portland house 
Bosworth C V, (B, Kaler & Co) 152 middle, h 33 danforth 
D iw< rth Fred W, soldier, 16 spring 

Boeworth Bov Goo W. pastor 2d Baptist church, h 16 spring 
Boulten Edwin F, cooper, 5 summer 
Bourne J II, clothier, 7S middle, h 36 Hampshire 
Bourne Major B, (& Co) slater, 20 temple, h hampshire 
Bowden Edward, machinist, bds sailor's home 
Bowe Abel, blacksmith, 117 congress 
Bovc Abel S, blacksmith, 147 congr 
Bowie, Alexander, truckman, 25 watervillo 


Bowie John, stone cutter, 10 church 

Bowie Robert L, teamster, 99 congress 

Bowen James, stone cutter, bds 61 sumner 

Bo wen John, laborer, 5 Chatham 

Bowen Mrs Mary, rear 8 center 

Bowen Thomu3 A, clerk, 44 munjoy 

Bowen William, laborer, 7 spring 

Bowen William, stoue cutter, bds CI sumner 

Bowker Charles, carriage maker, bds 12 spring 

Bowlin John, mariner, 10 hancock 

Bowman Henry, fishmonger, 23 Washington 

Bowman Mrs Mary, millinery, 357 congress 

Boyce Neal, laborer, 100 danforth 

Boyce Patrick, teamster, 322 \ congress 

Boyd Chas II, engineer U S coast survey, bds 68 danforth 

Boyd David, (& Hanson) rigger, franklin whf, h C E 

Boyd Esther P, millinery, 50 middle, bds 30 free 

Boyd James, laborer, stetson's lane 

Boyd James H, (Smith &) 317 congress, h 34 waterville 

Boyd John P, counselor, h 55 free 

Boyd Lcndell G S, 131 danforth 

Boyd Nicholas E, soldier, 131 danforth 

Boyd Peter, soldier, 14 salem lane 

Boyd Robert S, jr, clerk, 270 commercial, bds 13 park 

Boyd William, counselor, 74 middle, h CS danforth 

Boyd William E, sea captain, 29 atlantic 

Boyden Edwin, mariner, 9 hancock 

Boyle Cornelius, soldier, 10 \ pleasant 

Boyle Daniel, plasterer, 21 commercial 

Boynton Henry J, elcetropathi>t, 309£ congress. 

Bracelin Thomas, plasterer v 28 Cumberland 

Brackett Albert P, clerk, bds 5 stevens place 

Brackett Andrew D, carriage smith, 96 oxford 

Brackett Dexter W, pile driver, oak near congress 

Brackett George C, laborer, 37 preble 

Brackett Gilman II, peak's island 

Brackett Henry E II, peak's island 

Brackett Henry M, landlord sum retreat house, peak's island 

Brackett James E, soldier, 30 spring 




Brackett James W, bds 173} Cumberland 
Brackett John, fisherman, peak's island 
Brackett John L, clerk, 5 elm 

Brackett John T, peak's island 1_ ^403 S4 

Brackett Mrs Rachel, 30 spring "*" # ^^ *-PU"* 

Brackett Samuel II, clerk, IS clow 
Brackett Seth II, painter, 13 salem, cor chirk 
Brackett Stephen B, Joiner, grove near portland 
Brackett William, rigger, 00 foro 
Brackett William S, peak's island 
Brackley Mrs Bhebe, hancock alley 
Bradbury Mrs Dorcas, h 17 hancock 
I ;ry Mrs Kunice, 30 oak 

Bradbory George, teamster, bds 36 preble 
Bradbury Mrs George L, h 6 middle 
Bradbury Ifenr}-, trader, h 15 hancock 
Bradbury Osgood, assist, editor advertiser, bds elm house 
Bradbury Win H, cabinet maker, rear 12 parri3 
Bradford Charles II, lieut marines, 5 carlton 
Bradford Frederick G H, ass't surgeon U S army, 5 carltou 
Bfi Iford Freeman, (& Harmon) 83 exchange, h 5 carlton 
Bradford Ira, trader, h 91 brackett, cor dow 
Bradford John, spar maker, 200 commercial, h 12 high 
: rd John F, 200 commercial, h 35 brackett 

Joaicrn Bradford, No. 41 Union Street, continues to 

icture Ship Joiners arid Coopers 1 Tools of every de- 

sci | ■■: a. Also constantly on hand and for sale a general 

ai rtsnent of Joiners' and other mechanical Tools and Cut- 

I the best quality. 

1' ford J seph, tool maker, 41 uni^n, h IS ce-lar 

1 J | h C, sail maker, knight's village, C E 
Bra I lb Mrs Fanny, CO york 
Bradisb Horatio, druggist, 50 york 
Bra'iioli John L, s<:>Mier, C« 'J congress 
Bradisb Martin, baker, 10 Washington, h 65 middle 
Bradisb Martin, jr, bds 65 midille 
Bradley Mrs Anna, 83 york 
Bradley Arthur, stonemason, 115 congress 
Bradley Charles, flour manufacturer, 00 free 


Bradley Charles A, farmer, bradlcy's corner 

Bradley James, iron founder, h 27 gray 

Bradley James jr, trader, 109 commercial, h 27 gray 

Bradley Jolm, brewer, 17 york 

Bradley Leonard W, musician, bradley's comer 

Bradley Peter II, clerk, bds 27 gray 

Bradley Richard B, mariner, rear abyssinian church 

Bradley Robert, (& Webb) 88 commercial, bds Preble House 

Bradley Mrs Sarah J, rear 8hancock court 

Bradley William C, head long whf, h 158 Cumberland 

Brady James, laborer, 217 lore 

Bragdon Mrs Abbie A, bds 31 merrill 

Bragdon Albion J, railroad employe, rear 147 spring 

Bragdon Mrs Ann, rear 147 spring 

Bragdon James, laborer, 84 Washington 

Bragdon Mrs Jane M, bds 30 mayo 

Bragdon John, soldier, 84 Washington 

Bragdon John F, soldier, rear 147 spring 

Bragdon John G, mariner, 46 salem 

Bragdon Samuel H, joiner, SO mayo 

Bragdon Wm H, watchman at G T depot, h 16 lincoln 

Branagcn Austin, teamster, 44 adams 

Branscomb Mrs Clarissa, 27 brown 

Bray Greenleaf, horse dealer, IS atlantic 

Brazier Mrs George, 7 state 

Brazier Mrs Jane, 6 Washington 

Brazier John E, painter, rear 252 Cumberland 

Brazier John II, carpenter, 10 winter 

Brazier Joseph R, insurance agent, 27 exchange, h S smith 

Brazier Mrs Mary L, 4>> atlantic 

Brazier Mrs Rebecca W, dress-maker, 4 cross 

Breed Charles II, (& Tukey) 50 union, h 120 spring 

Breed Charles L, provision packer, 6 plum 

Bremen Francis F, U S navy, 5 oxford 

Brenncn Mrs Ann, dan forth 

Brennen Patrick, laborer, portland near green 

Brennen William, mariner, 19 york 

Breslin Mrs Betsey, 17 cedar 

Breslin Mrs Rosa, 43 york 


Breslin Thomas, mason, Cumberland, munjoy's hill 
Breslin Thomas II, (Bacon &) dentist, 17 free, h 45 state 
Brett Ira, joiner, h 24 portland 
Brett John F, soldier, 24 portland 
Brewer Mr3 Abby, tailoress, bds 30 Washington 
Brewer Henry M, (J Smith & Co) 144 middle, h 24 south 
Brickett Alonzo B, machinist, 101 congress 
Brickett Ilazen K, gunsmith, 101 congress 
Brickett Jumes M, gunsmith, 101 congress 
Bridges Churles D, cooper, st lawreneo house 
Budget Wilson H, trader, 325 congress, h 2 casco 
Brigg* E P, trader, back covo 
Briggi Uarlan P, clerk, bds 60 danforth 
Bright Lyman C, 02 commercial, h GO danforth 
Bri^-s Mrs Mary, 23 cedar 
Brfggs William K, machinist, 7 congress place 
Bri ■;.! on Mrs Catharine, 6 hancock court 
British and American Express office, 90 exchange- 
British Consulate, 30 exchange 
Brouderick Dennis, laborer, 133 congress 
Broaderick John, railroad employe, 7 canton 
Brock Benjamin, truckmau, 9 beach 
Brock George, joiner, 22 park 
Brock William F, teamster, 9 beach 

; Stephen, ship carpenter, bds 61 sumner 
Br : \-\ Mrs Susan, 61 sumnor 
fe • IS Mr* Ann, at 40 bigli 
BroA* Daniel, trader, bds 72 york 
\ ki } 'ward It, waiter at international house 
1.: lu tiurdncr, milk dealer, 869 commercial, h 72 york 
Bra lu Gc »rge W, clerk, lir*> commercial, h 32 parris 

I Utram, coal tad wood, 3C9 commercial, h 24 tyng 
i kajamei ,r S sxmjr) keeper fort preble 
Brook? James S, COOpcr, h v . summer 
Brooks Jennie M, 44 middle 

Brook* John, grocer, 30 j commercial, h 12 summer 
Brooks John C, iron dealer, 120 cownerciul, h 03 free 
Brooks Mrs Rhoda, portland'near libby's corner 
Brooks Mrs Khoda, 2 hortOQ place 


Brooks William, comm'u merchant, 27 commercial, h CO york 

Brooks William C, soldier, 16 atlantic 

Broughton William H, soldier, h 3 oak 

Brou ghton William S, merchant, h 3 oak 

Brown Albert L, 320 congress 

Browne Miss Ann, 22 middle ** 

Brown Andrew J, joiner, 57 Cumberland 

Brown Benj, machinist, 210 Cumberland, h 3 alder 

Brown Benjamin F, musician, 23 myrtle 

Brown Mrs Bridget, 37 brackett 

Brown Charles, soldier, 43 st lawrence 

Brown Charles, plumber, 1 union 

Brown Charles A, express agent, bds preble house 

Brown Charles D, (& Davis) 3 union whf, h grove 

Brown Charles D, (Gardner &) 62 middle, bds 399 congress 

Brown Daniel, carpenter, 12") congress 

Brown Daniel, lather and plasterer, rear 147 spring 

Brown Daniel A, seaman, 31 mcrrill 

Brown Daniel II, at 125 congress 

Brown David, seaman, 103 fore 

Brown Edward, carpenter, 57 york 

Brown Edward, woodsawyer, 18 india 

Brown Mrs Ellen, 102 dan forth 

Brown Mrs Ellen E, 43 st lawrence 

Brown Mn Elvira, 15G danforth, foot vaughau 

Brown Francis R, shoemaker, bds 14 parris 

Brown Geo, capt U S A, bds 150 danforth 

Brown, George, jr, laborer, 7 danforth 

Brown George E, laborer, rear 23 commercial 

Brown George II, joiner, bds 22 oxford 

Brown George S, 477 congress 

Brown Geo W, joiner, h 22 oxford 

Brown Hiss Hannah F, ntirse, bds 25 Washington 

Brown Henry A, marine engineer, rear 24 sumner 

Brown II B, landscape painter, 17 free, h 156 danforth 

Brown Isaac II, tanner, 03 green 

Brown Isaac 5,822] congress 

Brown Isaiah", jr, ship carpenter, 10 lowell 

Brown James II, blacksmith, 23 federal 


Brown James 0, (J B Brown & Sons) 253 com'], h bowdc/in 
Brown James T, machinist, 3 alder 
Brown John B, seaman, 14 poplar 
Brown John B, 253 commercial, h western promenade 
Brown J Converse, soldier, 3 brackett 
Brown Miss J C, dress trimming, 94 exchange 
Brown John H, 103 congress 
Brown John J, broker, 70 exchange, h 40 spring 
Brown John M, ndj't U S army, at J B Brown's' 
Brown John M, joiner, 140 spring 
Brown Jonathan F, house carpenter, bds 325 congress 
Brown Joanna C, watchman sugar house, h 11 preblo 
Brown Levi S, gas fixtures, 12S middle, h 2 winter 
Brown Lorenzo L, soldier, 100 danforth 
Brown Lucretia S, millinery, 320 congress 
„ Brown Mrs Mary E, 27 brown 
Brown Maurice, laborer, 27 india 
Brown Nathaniel, broker, 132 exchange 
Brown Otis, machinist, at 235 fore 
Brown Patrick, laborer, 50 fore 

Brown Peter W, shipmaster, heath near boyd and oxford 
Brown Philip II, (J B Brown & Sons) 253 corn'1, h 21 vaughn 
Browu R N, writing master, middle, noar free 
Brown Samuel C, tanner, 93 green 
Brown Sarah A, r.ur.^c, bds S mayo 
Brown Scott, carriage maker, bds 320 congress 
Browne Thomas, book-keeper, mechanics 1 bank, h 22 middle 
Brown 1 bomas A, teamster, OS brackett 
Brown Thomas II, brakeman, bds portland house 
Brown Thomas U, seaman, 50 chestnut 
Brown Warren, lumber dealer, 230 commercial, h 4S park 
Brown \\ Ullam, hair dresser, ^7 federal, h 3 laurel 
Brown Willi tin, trader, 1»7 fore 
Brown William, iteTodore, 6 hall's lane 
Brown William, grocer, 17 Atlantic | 

Brown William jr, at 17 atlantic 
Brown William EI, locomotive engineer, 3 alder 
Brown William IT, seaman, 2 bradbury's court 
Brown William II, 5 abyssinian court 


Brown William H, bds 19 India 

Brown William N, steamboat pilot, G india court 

Brown Wm P, cook, S4 Washington 

Brown Wm W, lumber dealer, 230 commercial, h 07 state 

Brown W \V, shoe dealer, bds 25 fore 

Brown W T (& Co) match manufacturer, 24 fore, h 32 adams 

Brown Wibnot W, (Perkins &) 300 congress 

Brown Wyman, agt portland match co, 18 st lawrenco 

Brunell Alphonso, expressman, lincoln 

Bryant Andrew J, cooper, 27 summer 

Bryant Mrs Betsey, 47 green 

Bryant Charles F, florist, 248 Cumberland 

Bryant Daniel, mason, 109 congress 

Bryant Miss Eliza, housekeeper, 8 monument 

Bryant Hubbard W, h 29 myrtle 

Bryant Joseph, piano maker, 3 lime, h 7 middle 

Bryant Joseph E, cabinet maker, 7 middle 

Bryant Lemuel, sailmaker, 28 wilmot 

Bryant Lucy Ann, at 2S franklin 

Bryant Mary, at 2S franklin 

Bryant Timothy, sailmaker, h 27 chapel 

Bryce James, laborer, rear 4 adams 

Brysou John, laborer, Cumberland, raunjoy hill 

Bryson John, blacksmith, 30 Iafayettfl 

Bryson William 1), machinist, 8 winthrop 

Buck Cyrus W, house carpenter, rear 252 Cumberland 

Buck James W, expressman, knight's village, C E 

Buckley Patrick, laborer, 27 summer 

Bucknam Albion, ship carpenter, 41 fore ' 

Bucknam Albion, steamboat messenger, 7 deer 

Bucknam Amos, soldier, 10 mechanic 

Bucknam Joseph H, trader, 23 Hampshire 

Bucknam Joshua M, mariner, 24 adams 

Bucknam Nathan, seaman, 27} sumner 

Bucknam Seward, (Tyler &) 31 union, h 5 brattle 

Budden Jabez E, tailor, 35 mclbourno 

Budden John, shoemaker,"quebec near 57 merrill 

Budden John, jr, soldier, qttebtc near 37 merrill 

Buttum Jobfi H, clerk, bds 33 state 


Bollard Henry, 270 commercial, h 153 danforth 
Bunce Lewis, sexton St Stephen's eh, h 6 harrison place 
"Bunce Lewis II, railroad employe, bds 6 harrison place 
Burdock Mrs Silvia, 11 preble 

Burgess Bev Alexander, rector St Luke's church, 6 pine 
Burgess Charles, ship carpenter, knight's village, C E 
Burgess Chas S, (Burgess Bros & Co) SO commcr'1, h 33 pearl 
Burgess Charles S'; SO commercial, bds 33 pearl 
Burgess David, laborer, 142 fore 

Bargees Henry II, (Burgess Bros & Co) SO comm'l, h 25 pearl 
Burgess Henry S, auctioneer, 21 india 
Burgess Henry S, jr, clerk, 21 india 
Burgess Joseph P, soldier, 91 danforth 

Burgt ts X-ah B, (Burgess Bros & Co) SO com'l, h 14 munjey 
Burgess Thomas, machinist, 15 waterrille 

Edward II. Bcrgix, Dealer in Premium Ground Kock 
Salt, (Manufactured by \V. H. Waldrou), Corn, Flour, Meal, 
Rye and Feed. City Mills, Deering's Bridge. Store No. 
120 Commercial Street. 

Burgin Edw'd H, 120 commercial, h 2 gray 

Burke Alexander, laborer, G marion 

Burke Edward, laborer, 14 union 

Burke Horace, silk dyer, 101 exchange 

I ke John, laborer, 101 congress 

Burke John, laborer, 5 freeman's lane 

Barke .Mm, mat maker, 111 congress 

Burke Jt hu H, gardener, rear S green 

Burke John II, trader, 7 danforth 

Burke John W, shipping master, 05 commercial 

Burke Mrs Mary, H2 fore 

Burke Matthew, laborer, 11 pleasant 

Burke Mich r, adams 

Burke Miles, laborer, stetson** lane 

Burke Patrick, boiler maker, 20 Cumberland 

Burke Richard, laborer, rear aj Washington 

Burke Thomas, lab rer, silver 

Burke Win, laborer, 270 commercial 

Burleigh Josiah, clothing, 163 middle, h 5 myrtle 

Burnet George, mariner, 13 hancock 


Burnett G T, shoemaker, grove near portUnd 

Burnhaui Mrs Abigail, at 17 mayo 

Burnliam Andrew W, carriage maker, 25 spring 

Burnham Andrew W, carriage maker, 15 portland 

Burnliam Benjamin, mason, burnham st 

Burnham Mrs Edward, h C5 spring 

Burnham George, cooper, 54 commercial, h 44 federal 

Burnham George, tanner, bds 93 spring 

Burnham Geo, jr, (Rumery &) 3 new franklin, h 49$ franklin 

Burnham George C, mason, burnliam st 

Burnham George W, ice dealer, GG1 congress 

Burnham Henry, soldier, 17 mayo 

Burnham Ira A, joiner, 93 spring 

Burnham James, truckman, 52 oxford 

Burnham Josiah, clerk, bds 44 federal 

Burnham Joseph W, carpenter, bds 30 india 

Burnham J U P, photographer, 96 middle, h 22 gray 

feumham Mrs Mary S, 99 brackett 

Burnham Perez B, 54 commercial, bds 44 federal 

Burnham Royal, teamster, CIS congress 

Burnham Thomas W, cabinet maker, bds 822| congress 

Burnliam "William, joiner, 17 mayo 

Burnham William II, soldier, 1)3 spring 

Burns Albert, caulker, 003 congress 

Burns Mrs Alice, 3 marion 

Burns Amos, teamster, 44 portland 

Burns Chandler, caulker, 32 smith 

Bums Daniel, joiner, 54 salem 

Burns Eben S, soldier, 44 portland 

Burns Edward, laborer, 3 marion 

Burns Edward, painter, 51 green 

Bums Edwin, car repairer, bds 02 sumner 

Burns George, block maker, C E ferry village 

Burns George, blacksmith, 02 sumner 

Burns Harrison B, sailmnker, 5 hancock 

Burns Henry B, rear 121 commercial, fa 170 congress < 

Burns James, teamster, 29 center 

Burns James, currier, portland,' near state 

Barns James, gardener, at Mrs Harry Ward's, grove et 


Eurns Mrs Jane, 9 waterville 

Burns John, moulder, 9 waterville 

Rums John, laborer, 3 tukesbury's court 

Burns John, sugar boiler, 101 spring 

Burns John M, soldier, 44 port land 

Burns Matthew, laborer, 51 green 

Bams Michael, soldier, 34 salem 

Bams Nathaniel P, miller, 44 portlaad 

Barm Richard, laborer, 21 center 

Born « Samuel, laborer, 2G pleasant 

Burns Samuel, fishmonger, 41 Portland 

Purr Charles H, physician, 217 congress 

Borrell George S, mariner, 83 merrill 

Butrooglts Robert, boiler maker, 21 merrill 

Burrows Thomas, seaman, 23 Washington 

Burton Alfred M, (Fillebrown &) loG comm'l, h 19 monument 

Bash Daniel, seamau, head hancock 

!' tth Mrs Eliza P, 119 congress 

Bussell Geo W, shoemaker, 31G congress 

See Buzzell 

Buttand John, mason, h "N" street 

Butler Mrs Abigail, 21 Cumberland, munjoy hill 

!'u'J*r Albert P., 13 Clapp's block, congress, h 9 elm 

1 •'• •: Alford, clothier, 73 middle, bds U S Hotel 

I ilier Alonzo, (King, Butler & Thurlow) ICO com'l,hl0 plum 

p Mrs Cornelius P>, B\ sumner 
)'• It] r Vi i&cts, sol licr, 2 willow 

Butler Israel P, clerk, 187 fore, bds franklin near lincoln 
Bntler Jeremiah, clerk, lie comrac'l, h 95 oxford cor chestnut 
Butler Joseph B, itcamboat steward, GO Cumberland 
Butler M M,ot mtjr att*y,(Fesscndon&) 69 exchange, h 7 pine 
B itler Mr* Miry, M c( • ' t 
Butler Patrick, laborer, 2 hancock court 
Butler Ralph, jr, (4c Cole) com mar, 33$ commer'l, h 27 spring 
Butler Richard, ship cur; outer, rear 7 mechanic 
Butler Thomas H, britaunia worker, we^tbrook point 
Bntley Patrick, laborer, 28 pleasant 
ttutterfield Enoch, lumber dealer, bds CO free 
Butter6eld Mary Ann, boarding house, 30 free 


Bntterfield Mrs Susan, 15j spruce 
"Butterworth Frederick, laborer, bds 58 Washington 
Butt rick John F, leather splitter, 82 portland 
Buxton David, book-binder, 8 monument 
Buxton Francis W, (& Fitz) trader, 35 chestnut, h 48 oxford 
Buxton Miss Harriet M, house-keeper, 101 oxford 
Buxton Samuel, soldier, 25 chestnut 
Buzzell John, trader, 00 brackett, h 22 pino 
Buzzell John, physician, Buzzell's hill, C K 
See Bussell 
Byron Thomas, laborer, 1 tinkham's court 

CADY JOHN, laborer, 43 york 

Cady Matthew, laborer, 22 york 

Cahill Edward, laborer, 9 1-2 center 

Cahill Michael, laborer, 9 silver 

Cahoon Charles W, S3 federal, bds SS free 

Cahoon James B, merchant, 253 commercial, h 88 free 

Caisten William, seaman, 77 sumner 

Calderwood Ezra, (& Beckett) grocer, 205 fore, h 6 vine 

Cal Jcrwood Francis B, harness maker, 6 vine 

Calderwood Samuel, harness maker, bds 5 prospect 

Caldwell Henry F, clerk, bds congress, near temple 

Cal Iwell John M, (WaWen 8c) 48 1-2 union, bds 31 brown 

OaTedonia House, 71 green 

Calef John C, packet master, 24 winter 

Calef Wm. joiner, C E ferry village 

Callahan Daniel, laborer, 81 smith 

Callan John, U S N, rear 25 chestnut 

Callan Joseph, stone cutter, rear 25 chestnut 

Came Isaac L, commission merchant, 35 danforth 

Cameron Robert L, soldier, 1 spring 

Cammett Charles W, 93 commercial, bds 36 India 

Cammett D, (Sc S>>n) blockmaker, 99 commercial, h 3G india 

Cammett George II, soldier, IS cross 

Cammett John, (I) Cammett & Son) 99 cornm'I, h mountfort 

Cammett Stephen, 238 commercial, h 19 smith 

Cammett Warren II, seaman, IS cross 

Cammett Win, custom house officer, IS cross 


Campbell Miss Adeline A, bds 25 Washington 

Campbell Mrs Catharine, washerwoman, 36 Washington 

Campbell Mrs Ellen, 25 green 

Campbell Miss Elizabeth, bds 2 park place 

Campbell Mrs Elizabeth A, rear 114 brackctt 

Campbell Hugh, steamboat hand, 9 pleasant 

Campbell John, boiler maker, SI fore 

Campbell John S, ship carpenter, IS smith 

Campbell Mrs Phcbo A, 22 hancock alley 

GampbeU Robert, ship joiner, C E terry village 

Campbell Robert II, soldier, 127 brackett 

Campbell Wm, carriage maker, portland, h 611 congress 

Campbell William, U S X, £6 Washington 

Campbell William, machinist, 39 fore 

Campbell William, laborer, rear 13 Hampshire 

Canal Bank, 86 middle 

Canaless Francis P, U S coast survey, rear 8 Washington 

Canary "William, laborer, 7 st Lawrence 

Canfudd Felix P, sewing machines, 167 middle, h 13 free 

Cannau John, laborer, rear 103 congress 

Canty Jeremiah, laborer, 22 hancock court 

Capon Charles, fisherman, G4 sumner 

C%\>tn Charles VV, truckman, h 64 sumner 

Caj . David B, clerk, 175 middle, h 167 Cumberland 

C*] E I ward H, machinist, 17 st lawrence 

Capan William, sign painter, 19 willow, h 3 ashlaud avenue 

Oar 1 George A, clerk, 4 oxford 

Card Mr>. Harriot K, h 4 oxford 

CanlSa John, laborer, rear 20 monntfort 

Cardin Th >mas, laborer, 4^ monument 

Cai Q I an, la! orer, Lis d >w 

Mi A leline, 10 abyssintan court 
. Carey Benj F, carriage painter, 210 congress 
Carey P»c:ij W, boarding house, 240 coagress 
Carey 1 )c:ir::?, blacksmith, 7 bank 
Carey Jeremiah, railroad employe, bds sailor's home 
Carey John, laborer, rear 11"' congress 
Carey John, laborer, 26 hancock 
Carey Peter W, soldier, 14 peach 


Carey Michael, laborer, 5 hancock court 
Carey Timothy, provisioned 62 Washington 
Carey Turner, soldier, 2 hilborn's court 
Carl Charles, mail carrier, h 75 federal 
Carl Charles E, mail carrier, bds 75 federal 
Carl Frederick K, mason, 70 dark 
Carlia James, truckman, 279 commercial 
Carlin Ncal, trader, 217 foro 
Carlton Ainsworth, cordwaincr, 004 congress 
Carlton Charles P, clerk, bds 604 congress 
Carlton Delevan, student, 573 congress 
Carlton Miss Elizabeth, 404 congress 
Carlton Enoch, pattern maker, 40 parris 
Carlton Mrs Isaac, 573 congress 
Carlton James, laborer, 25 india 
Carlton John, 13 saiem lane , 

Carleton S L, counselor, SO middle, h 51 st lawrence 
Carlton Wesley, photographer, bds 10 munjoy 
Carney Hugh, hackman, 4 plum 
Carney James, laborer, 29 wilmot 
Carney Warren O, 5 harrison place 
Carney Willard C G, 5 harrison place 
Carney William, accountant, 5 harrison place 
Carpenter Daniel, clerk, 92 braekett 
" Carpeuter Sanford A, mason, 40 Cumberland 
Carr John, laborer, 99 congress 
Carr Mary Ann, dressmaker, 7 myrtle 
Carr Michael, laborer, 274 1-2 fore 
Carr Fatrick, laborer, 01 sumnor 
Carr Thomas, laborer, rear 147 fore 
Carr William, railroad employe, bds 2 maple 
Carr Wm P. clerk, bds 39 federal 
Carr Wm W, bill collector, h 39 federal 
Carroll John B, tubaeco merchant, 190 fore, h 21 park 
Carruthers Charles H, iron founder, 3 mechanic 
Carruthers Edwin J, soldier, 3 mechanic 
Carruthers Rev J J, pastor 2d Parish Cong, ch, h 12 plum 
Carslej Francis M, cabinet maker, 63 anion, h 32 myrtle 
Carteu John, shoemaker, 32 middle, fa 35 franklin 


Carter Mrs Betsey, h 10 sumner 

Carter Mrs Caleb S, h 40 danforth 

Carter Edward R, waiter, 03 smith 

Carter Mrs Ellen, rear 35 cotton 

Carter Ezra jr, 55 exchange, h 40 freo 

Carter Frank, bds 7S free 

Carter Geo G, (& Blake) sailmaker, central whf, h 10 sumner 

Carter Henry I, lieut. U S X, -10 danforth 

Carter lliw F, 55 exchange, h 7S freo 

Carter James E, portlaad pier, bds 40 danforth ' 

Car-tor Josiah, 32 high 

C irter Wm G, clerk, 55 exchange, bds 40 freo 

C rtland Isaiah, stabler, h 24 state 

Cartlaad Miss L M, furnishing store, 347 congress 

Cart hen John, laborer, 11 tyng 

Carver Isaac, fish dealer, 23 commercial, h 27 india 

Carver M«ss Sarah A, bds 13 parris 

Casco Bank, 03 middle 

Oasco Street church, 25 casco 

Caselden Thomas, landlord Neptune House, 117 foro 

Casey Hugh, laborer, 41 Cumberland 

C ls4 y James, soldier, 312 congress 

Casey Patrick, laborer, danforth, near vaughan's bridge 

' ;•• C ■• t Thos L, U S engineer, 81 exchange, h 09 danforth [ 

C laa C melius, soldier, 4 Cumberland place 

I r.n Edward, laborer, 4 Cumberland place 

C -• !/ James, teamster, 85 Washington 

Caasa ly Philip, laborer, h danforth, near vaughan's bridge 

Castell J ieph, rigger, h S vine 

C uil T ieph jr, printer, bds 8 vine 

(*.•'':. Thom ls, 117 fore 

Ce ••• • 1 Mi 1 a ■ ..-\ A, b Ii it tawrence house 

Cab 1 Eaoe, trader, 93 fore 

Cates Wm, 50a captain, C E ferry Tillage 

Catling Robert, laborer, 24 lalem 

Oanghlin Jnrn, fishmonger^ 27 hamrnond 

Caughlin Mrs Margaret, rear 22 center 

Central Church, (Congregational Trinitarian) congress nr high 

Centra) Bouse, lime, opposite custom house 


Chadbourne Benj F, (Kcn«lall & Co) 66 middle, h 117 oxford 
Chadbournc Mis? E, 7 C'app's block, bds 33 danforth 
Chadbourne Mrs Mehitable, 14 dow 
! Chadbourn Simeon, joiner, 220 Cumberland 
Chadbourne Win G, counselor, 106 1-2 middle, h 33 danforth 
Chad well George II, blacksmith, 12 casco 
Ohadwell Joseph. U S N, 251 Cumberland 
Chadwick George H, physician, 108 Cumberland 
Chadwick George S, upholsterer, 5 portland 
Chadwick Mrs Samuel, 240 congress 
Chadwick Samuel, 22 market square, h 258 congress 
Chadwick Mrs Thomas, 46 park 
Chadwick Win F. merchant, at 210 congress 
Chaffin Adoniram, joiner, 23 tyng 

Chamberlain Abiah, (Staples &) 173 commer'l, h r27 danforth 
Chamberlain Mrs Ellen, 63 franklin 
Chamberlain Mrs E B, physician, 214 congress 
Chamberlain George, carpenter, rear 28 wilmot 
Chamberlain Gilbert, carpenter, 38 mi-Idle 
Chamberlain Mrs Harriet J, boarding house, 75 york 
Chamberlain Henry, seaman, rear 28 wilmc^f 
Chamberlain J P, landlord ocean house 
Chamberlain John W, printer, 39 sumncr 
Chamberlain Sylvester G, mason, 6 tatc 
Chamberlain Thomas G, railroad conductor, 40 pearl 
Chamberlain Thomas H, joiner, 36 brackctt 
Chambers Matthew, laborer, 6 danforth 
Chambers James E, boat builder, 32 wilmot 
Chambers John G, laborer, 183 congress 
Champlin James P, (Twitchell &) 63 COfflra'l, bds elm house 
Chandler Daniel H, musician, h 3 hail's lane, foot chestnut 
Chandler David, wood dealer, 4 3 fore 
Chandler James E, conk, 2** adams 
Chandler John, clerk, 10 north 
Chandler John W, saddler, 80J india, h 43 india 
Chandler Joseph, stevedore, rear 120 congress 
Chandler Judah, fruit dealer, 300 congress, h 19 dow 
Chandler Reuben, sea captain, 2 s i mi&ms 
Chandler Reuben, Jr, seaman, 28j adams 


Chapman Cullen C, 4 gait block, comni'I, h 3 munroe place 

Chapman E, (Davis, Twitch*U& C) 82 conVl, h 103 stato 

Chapman Gore, carriage maker, st John st. ' 

Charlton William A, joiner, 10 beckett * 

Charles Mrs Abby, boarding house, S2 federal 

Chase Albanus K, soldier, 5 north 

Chase Abel, (& Cushing) cooper, franklin whf, h 6 hancock 

Chase Albert F, salesman, 113 commercial, h 13 prospect 

Chase Mrs Abigail, 10 brattlo 

Chase Almon, soldier, 35 sumner 

Chase Andrew J, book keeper, 43 preble 

Chase Augustus L, joiner, 14 cotton 

Chase Charles C, captain U S army, 25 sumner 

Chase Charles K, cooper, bds 6 hancock 

Chase Charles II, sea captain, 6 garden 

Chase Cim P, trader, 232 Cumberland, h 297 congress 

Chase I) D, (C, Littlcfield & Co) 175 middle, h 155 cumberl'd 

Chase I) T, flour and corn, hd long whf, h 153 Cumberland 

Chase Edmund E, soldier, 297 congress 

Chase Edward, clergyman, 153 Cumberland 

Chase Edward, mariner, 25 sumner 

Chase Mrs Ellen M, 20 brackett N 

Chaae Elias, teamster, 38 dark 

C M Mrs Elizabeth, 207 congress 

Chase Emery C, teamster, 43 oxford v 

Chase Francil E, (Uobbs, C, 6 Co) 1S5 fore, bds 3 carlton 

Chase Frank II, baker, bds 2j7 congress 

Cha$e George B, loldier, 36 myrtle 

Chase George V, hair dresser, bds 6 frcmont 

Chase Granville M, mason, 124 brackett 

Chase Uaxen M, machinist, bds SI franklla 

Chase Henry, clerk, bds 153 Cumberland 

Chace Jacob, jr, map publisher, 55 danforth 

Chase James, carpenter, 12 prospect 

Chase John, cooper, {Sz Thomes) 22 com whf, b 196 congress 

Chase John E, sea captain, 76 oxford 

Chase John F, cooper, 9 sumner 

Chase John M, clerk, libby's corner 

Chase John W, shipmaster, mcuntfort 


Chase Jonathan, Jewell's island 
Chase Jonathan C, mail agent, bds 4 locust 
Chase Mrs Lois B, 54 spring 
«Chase Mrs Lydia, 94 oxford 
Chase Miss Maria, bds 80 brackctt 
Chase Reucl D, soldier, 6 hancock 
Chase Robert, joiner, 5 north 
Chase Robert, jr, joiner, 5 north 
Chase Samuel, cooper, h 23 pearl 
Chase Samuel, cooper, 5S chestnut 
Chase Samuel, jr, cooper, h 41 pearl 
Chase Samuel R, soldier, 297 congress 
Chase So wall C, house builder, h 3 carleton 
Chase Simon F, iron founder, 65 york 
Chase Mrs Sophia, 25 spring 
Chase Stephen, cooper, h 76$ sumner 
Chase Stephen B, 124 commercial, h CI franklin 
Chase Thomas H, clerk, 26 brackctt 
Chase Wilburn F, soldier, 134 brackett 
Chase William, lime, near federal 
Chase Wm, (C, Brothers & Co) widgcrr's whf, h2 pino 
Chase William A, joiner, bds 8 ca.-co 
Chase William H, stevedore, 19 franklin 
Chase William H, cooper, 36 myrtle 

Chase W P (Clark, Weymouth & Co) 71com'l,h 2Gj brackett 
Chase Wm P, (C, Brothers & Co) widgery's whf, bds 3 carlton 
Chase William W, mariner, h ST6| sumner 
Cheever Jacob, cabinet maker, 14 mayo 
Cheever John S, painter, 413 congress 
Chenery Daniel D, clerk, 133 commercial 
Chenery Edward, (Johnson &) 204 congress, h bradley's cor 

• Chenert & TATLOR, Dealers in Choice Family Groce- 
ries, Provisions, Fruits, Vegetables, and Country Produce, 
No. 296 Congress street. 


Chenery John J, (Sc Taylor) 29G congres3 

Chenery Martin, cooper, bds 44 brown 

Cheney Henry, locomotive engineer, 139 spring 

Cheney Janles D, melodeon rnanuf 'r, 135fr middle, h 67 free 


Melodeons of all kinds and fully warranted, may be 
found at the manufactory of the subscriber, whose instru- 
ments took the first premiums at the State Fairs the last sev- 
en years, and a silver modal at the last M. 0. M. Association 
Fair. Repairing and tuning promptly and personally at- 
tended to. Circulars containing description and list of 
prices sent free by applying to J. D. Chexky, 135$ Middle 

Chesley Samuel, draper and tailor, 102 middle, h 21 tate 

Chick Ammi C, farmer, ba;k covo village 

Chick Amos, U S navy, 22 tyng - - 

Chick Miss E C, dressmaker, 357$ congress 

Chick Mrs Mary K, bdfl 33 alder 

dickering Miss Betsey, 401 congress 

Checkering Mrs Elizabeth, 59 Washington 

Chickering Kev John W, pastor high st church, h 401 congress 

Checkering John W, cook, 26 green 

Childs Albert W, clerk, bds 240 congress 

Chindolph Charles J, rigger, C E ferry village 

Cbipinan Charlc3 P,Jiackman, 374$ congress 

Chipman George W, soldier, 374$ congress 

Chipman Mrs Isaiah M, C E ferry village 

Chipman Mrs Jane, at 18 cedar 

Chipman Win, hack driver, 374$ congress 

Calvert George, eating house, 57 commercial 

Choate Charles II, mariner, 109 Cumberland 

Choate Daniel, bds 109 Cumberland 

Choate Daniel L t merchant, h 27 park 

Choate Eben I>, portiand pier, h 100 Cumberland 

Christian Association Rooms, 9 temple 

Christian Mirror Office, S5 exchange 

Christianson Christian, rigger, 10 hancock 

Church John C, seaman, rear 5 brnckett 

Church of the Ministry at Large, 195 Cumberland 

Churchill Edwin, (& Co) merchant, portiand pier, h 36 spring 

Churchiil Geo L, grocer, 374 congress, h 11 congress place 

Churchifi James M, merchant, ly state 

Churchill J C, insurance broker, portiand pier, h 198 congress 

Chute Franklin, clerk, bds 5 ncal 

Chute Mrs John, 449 congress 


Chute Mrs Margaret, 33 alder 

City Hall, (old) junction congress and middle 

City Hotel, 367 congress 

Cluherty Patrick, laborer, 8 adams 

Clancy Mrs Ellen, boarding house, 11 union 

Clancy Michael, laborer, 2G6 fore 

Clancey Charles, U S navy, 18 north 

Clancey Patrick, laborer, 127 congress 

Clancey Philip, U S navy, IS north 

Clancey Mrs Sabina, 18 north 

Clapp Asa \V II, 130 middle, h 251 congress 

Clapp ALE, 130 middle, bds 85 state ' 

Clapp Charles Q, 130 mid. He, h 45 spring 

Clapp Junes, cooper, at 20 casco 

Claridge Wra II S, book keeper, h 423 congress 

Clark Charles, U S marshal, bds preble house 

Clark Charles, clerk, bds 20 hanover 

Clark Charles J, periodicals, 235 congress, h 30 hanover 

Clark Charles L, joiner, arsenal st 

Clark Cyrus R, merchant, Ids central house, lime 

Clark Cyrus S, lumber dealer, 270 commercial, h 49 state 

Daniel Clarke & Co., Dealers in French and American 
Boots and Shoes, Xo. 119 Middle street. 


Clark Daniel (& Co) 119 middle, h 224 cumbarlind 
Clark Daniel, coflin maker, bds 24 parris 
Clark Daniel C, lieut U S army, 21 spring 
Clark Mrs Dorothy, 21 spring 

D. W. Clark, Dealer in lee, wholesale and retail, Silver 
street" Ice House, and No. 32 Exchange it X. B. The best 
quality of Ice always on band* All orders left at office in 
Silver st., or Xo. 32 Exchange st., promptly attended to , 
and Ice delivered in any part ot the city. 

Clark D If, ice dealer, 32 exchange, h 36 state 

Clark Edward L, soldier, 21 spring 

Clark Edward, stabler, rear 13 tyng, h Cape Elizabeth 

Clark Eliphalet, physician, h 239 congress 

Clark Elliot F, house carpenter, h portiaud, cor grove 


Clark Ezra, lieut IT S army, 2f.G congress 
Clark Mrs Flora, eating room, 6* india 
Clark Francis, joiner, 72 franklin 
Clark Freeman S, clerk G T R, h 34 st lawrence 
Clark Freeman S, jr, clerk, 34 st lawrence 
Clark F W, brick maker, 000 congress 
Clark George D, clerk, bdfl Portland, cor grove 
Clark George H, joiner, rear 57 brackett 
Clark George H, clerk, bds lOjromner 
Clark John, seaman. 2 cross 
Clark John, laborer, rear 16 tyng 
Clark John II, harness maker, 41 parris 
Clark John T, truckman, 3 walker's court 
Chirk Joseph B, stabler, rear 13 tyng, h C E 
Clark Joseph H, at 41 parris 
Clark Joshua S, milkman, 112 brackett 
Chirk Mrs J R, milliner, 48 middle, bds.3 alder 
Clark Mrs Mary M, 119 congress 
Clark Palmer, trader, bds portland, cor grove 
Clark Robert H, harness maker, bds 13 plum 
Clark Samuel B, surveyor of lumber, 21 spring 
Clark Seth, farmer, back cove 
Clark StiUman J, stevedore, 20 deer 
Clark Thomai J, seaman, 119 congress 
CI rk Waa C, joiner, 74 franklin 

Clark Wm M, (C, Weymouth & Co) 71 comm'l, h 24 cross 
Clark Win R, pastor chestnut st church, h 172 Cumberland 
Clark Wm P, clerk, bds U S hotel 
Clary Barnard, teamster, 13 poplar 
Clary Bartholomew, laborer, 15 danforth 
Clary Martin, trad ..-, 3 - commercial 
• Clarf Mrs Judy, 1 1 ; : . » 
Clessbj Arthar, joiner, h 7 monument 
Cleasby Mrs Bridget, 12 hamruond 
CIcaveland Mrs Lucinda 1', CO pearl 
Cleaveland Parker L, looking-glass maker, CO pearl 
Cleaves Alfred, sea captain, C E ferry village 
Cleaves Wm, sea captain, 01 york 
Clement Charles H, soldier, S middle 


Congress Street Livery Stable, Edwin Clement, 
No. 311 Congress street. Having a large and well-ventilated 
stable, centrally situated, he is prepared to furnish board 
for horses, and will warrant the best fare and attention. — 
Horses and carriages furnished at short notice. 

Clement Edwin, livery stable, 311 congress, bds 20 free 

Clement Moses B, clerk, at american house, 101 fore 

Clifford Charles E, counselor, at 53 free 

Clifford Dennis, laborer, 7 bank 

Clifford Nathan, Justice U S Supreme Court, h 53 freo 

Clifford Thomas, sea captain, 1G£ salem 

Clifford Win H, counselor, 91 middle, bds 53 free 

Cloudman David P, joiner, lime, near federal 

Cloudman George H, carpenter, 10 india 

Cloudman John, (Stevens & Co) 163 commercial 

Cloudman Solomon N, painter, rear 328 congress 

Clongh Augustine W, captain U S army, 7$ spring 

Clougli Man* J, tailoress, 20 india 

Clongh Moses, soldier, at 20 india 

Ciougherty Mrs Bridget, 2 freeman's lane 

Cloyes Frederick II, provisioner, 3SS congress, h winter 

Cloyes Granville H, provisioner, 3SS congress, h 110 spring ^ 

Clu-ky Peter, soldier, 118 danforth • 

Cobb Aaron D, tailor, bds 8 1-2 sumner 

Cobb Albion, joiner, rear 21 wilmot 

Cobb Almira, 173} Cumberland 

Cobb Charles, steam engineer, C E ferry village 

Cobb Cyrus, 2 carlton place 

Cobb Cyrus, provisioner, 4 city market, h 13 silver 

Cobb Edward X, painter, 47 grecu 

Cobb Enoch, tinsmith, 05 green 

Cobb Fred 31, locomotive engineer, 3 eastern proracnado 

Cobb George, steam engineer, 8 hancock 

Cobb George W, 272 commercial, h woodford's corner 

Cobb Isaac, printer, rear 09 spring 

Cobb James, trader, 18 hanover 

Cobb Lemuel, (& Jordan) 101 comm'l, h 173 J Cumberland 

Cobb Matthew, (& Xoyes) 179 comm'l, h 10 danforth 

Cobb Marston L, soldier, 13 parris 

Cobb Nathaniel, mariner, C E ferry village 


Cobb Nathaniel F, joiner, h 3 horton court 

Cobb Reuben S, provisioner, 4 city market, bds 8 1-2 sumner 

Cobb Samuel, mason, 20 north 

Cobb Mrs Sarah J, rear 12 parris 

Cobb Seward P, truckman, 5 horton place 

Cobb Thomas, mason, h 13 parris 

Cobb Mrs William R, 2G federal 

Cobbett William, broker, bds 2 tate 

Coburn George E, clerk, 4 brattle 

Coburn John, fish dealer, h 4 brattle 

Coburn lira Mary, rear 14 union 

Coburn William II, at 4 brattle 

Cochran Augusta W, (& Little) millinery, 355 congress 

Cochran John F, machinist, rear 79 brackett 

Cochran Mrs Sarah, at 1 montgomery 

See Coicoran 

Cocklin Dennis, laborer, 9 hancock court 

Codman George C, book-keeper casco bank, 10 brown 

Codey David, U S navy, 101 congress 

Coo Mrs F.leahor P. 2 hancock 

Coo 31 n George, 49 pearl 

Coo George F M, painter, 4 hall's lane, foot cedar 

Coo Henry H, clerk, 49 pearl 

Coo Sargent P, clerk with Crosman & Poor, h 49 pearl 

Coflbe James, hostler, 6 mechanic 

Co flee James, laborer, 23 union 

CotTin Daniel, trader, 137 Cumberland, h rear 

CoiTm Henry, seaman, 7 wilmot 

Coflin Isaiah II, mason, h 10 salem 

CotTin J H, clerk East Expri Co, 60 exchange, h 34 hampshire 

Coma J -hn, laborer, 1^3 congress 

C (RcfJohfl E, s rMicr, 100 Cumberland 

Coffin Joseph M, brakeman, (P S & P R R) 10 salem 

Coffin Miss Sarah, dressmaker, 25 york 

Cofney John, laborer, south 

Cogan Patrick, stoker, 1 spring 

Colbert Michael, laborer, bis 11 union » 

Colby Ambrose, 4 cotton 

Colby Benjamin, temperance agent, 39 pearl 



Colby Edward F, ship joiner, 135 brackett cor vaughan 
Colby Mrs J M, bonnet dea!er,'_123 middle, h 4 cotton 
Colby Jackson U, book-keeper, bds 4 locust 
Coleby Albert W, U S navy, 9 summer 
Coleby Mrs Elizabeth, 9 summer 
Coleby Elizabeth D, 6 federal 
Coleby Franklin II, clerk, 9 summer 
Qoleby George H, mariner, 9 summer 
Coleby Wm A, mariner, £ summer 
Colburn Mrs Henrietta, boarding-house, 16 federal 
Colburn Thomas, seaman, 11 preble 
Colcord John W, editor Zion's Advocate, 37 pearl N 
Colcord Seth, seaman, 4 tyng 
Cole Albert B, clerk, 3 tolman place 
Cole Aurelius V, trader, C E ferry village 
Cole Charles C, clerk, 41 center 
Cole Mrs Charles 0, 41 center 

Colo Cyrus, (Butler &) corn merchant, S3 J commercial 
Cole Edmund, clerk, h 2G chestnut 
^Cole George, mariner, 7 abyssinian court 
Cole George II, at 3G franklin 
Cole Mrs Hannah, 30 oxford 
Cole Harrison G, truant officer, SI spring 
Cole Henry, clerk, bds 30 free 
Cole Jonathan, musician, bds 44 cjark 
Cole Joseph W, shoemaker, 3»3 oxfurd 
Cole Lorenzo D, eating house, 47 exchange, h 30 franklin 
Cole Richard, shoemaker, 3 tolman place 
Cole Rotheus M, trader, C E ferry village 
Colcsworthy Joseph L, (Smith &) S'J oxford, bds 45 Oxford 
Colesworthy S H, bookseller, 02 exchange, h 45 oxford 
Collugan Wm, shipmaster, h 406 congress 
See Coiligan 

Colley A F, carpenter, lime near federal 
Colley Charles C, stevedore, 5 cotton 
.• Colley Charles H, lieut U S army, 5 cotton 

Colley Francis, stevedore, 15 munjoy 
Colley George H, painter, Ids 31 brown 
Colley Henry, laborer, 400 congres* 


Colley James, soldier, 343 Cumberland 

Colley Joseph, stevedore, 19 pearl 

Colley Mrs Mary S Y, dressmaker, 10 atlantic 

Colley Moses H, carpenter, 45 north 

Colligan John II, U S navy, 11 canton 

See Collagan 

Collins Mrs Catharine, stetson's lane 

Collins Charles, shipmaster, C E ferry village ( % 

Collins Charles F, turner, C E ferry village 

Collins Misses Clarissa K and Catharine J, 80 oxford 

Collins John, laborer, 9 neal 

Collins John, blacksmith, 7 larch 

Collins John, soldier, 2 cobb's court 

Collins Mrs Nancy, 16 state 

Collins Patrick, laborer, 5 bank 

Coliins Richard, sailor boarding house, 109 fore 

Collins Thomas, boarding house, 261 fore 

Collins Thomas, hack-driver, 263 fore 

Collins "Win, laborer, 11 center 

Cellyer William, mariner, 30 cotton 

Caiman Mrs Bridget, h stetson's lane 

Coltnun John, h 30 oxford 

Colton Mrs Judith S, at 14G Cumberland 

Commercial House, 111 fore 

Conant Alvah, 153 conunerciai, h 3 gray 

Conant George, jr, (Sampson &) 10 comm'l whf, h rear 5 elm 

Conmnt Richard O, (& Co) 153 commercial, h 12 gray 

Conant Washington, varnMi maker, 503 congress 

Conley Andrew J, seaman, 58 monument 

Conley Mrs Catharine, 21 hammoud 

Conley I >.:... is, tr:i lor, 245 lore 

Co.iley George, mariner, 2 locust 

Conley John, gardener, 3 tukesbury*! court 

Conley John, laborer, 7 st lawrence 

Conley John, trader, 12 commercial whf, h 2 locust 

Conley John W, U S navy, 3 tukcibury's court 
Conley Mrs Margaret, S montgomery 
Conley Patrick, laborer, 5^ monument 

Conley Patrick, truckinai^ 29 hammond 
Conley Thomas, laborer, 21 haiuiuond 


Conally Mrs Catharine, 2-15 fore 

Conally James, laborer, 25 center 

Conally Jeremiah, trader, 21 center 

Conally John, laborer, cobb's court 

Conally John, soldier, 7 danforth 

Conally Mrs Margaret, 25 center 

Conally Michael, laborer, 25 center 

Conally Patrick, laborer, 23 India 

Conally Patrick, laborer, 25 center 

Conally Patrick, laborer, 2 freeman's lano 

Conally Thomas, laborer, 202} fore 

Conally William, hostler, Ms 2G3 fore 

Conlon Dennis, trader, 143 fore 

Conlon John, soldier, 26 Cumberland 

Conlon Mr3 Mary, 26 Cumberland 

Connell James, laborer, 2S middle 

Connell Jeremiah, laborer, 25 India 

Connell Michael, soldier, 5 hancock court 

Connell Quint in, laborer, 48 monument 

Conncrs Mrs Ann, 1G salcm lane 

Conners Mrs Julia, greenleaf near fox 

Conners Michael, laborer, S center 

Connin Edward, laborer, 5G monument 

Connor Mrs Ann, 76 brackett 

Connor Daniel, laborer, rear 11 york 

Connor David, laborer, rear 1S3 fore 

Connor James L, (Thomas &) 97 commT, h 3S pearl 

Connor John, cooper, 2 poplar 

Connor Thomas, blacksmith, 9 quincy 

T. & J. Con yon, Block and Pump Makers, and dealers 
in Mast Hoops, Jib Hanks, Eland Spikes, Capstan Bars, 
Brass and Steel Boiler Busluogs, No. 97 Commercial Street. 

TH09- C03H0B. J. L. CONNOR. 

Connor Thomas. (& J) 97 commercial, h 179 congress 

Connor Thomas, laborer, 2 silver 

Connors Michael, laborer, 32 union 

Conroy Francis, soldier, 34 north 

Conuoj James, laborer, rear 31 north 

Constable William T, soldier, rear 27 merrill 


Conway Arthur, truckman, rcnr 9 plum 

Conway Gilman, fisherman, 1G vesper 

Conway John, soldier, Si Washington 

Conway Joseph, fisherman, 16 vesper 

Conway Patrick, trader, 209 fore 

Conway Roger, laborer, rear 29 mountfort 

Conway Richard, laborer, 48 monument 

Conway Timothy, laborer, 8 pleasant 

Cook Albert, stove dealer, 10 rnoulton, h 11 vine 

Cook Antony, rigger, sumner 

Cool; Edward B, clerk with H W Lancey, bds 15 spring 

Cook Mrs Eliza, 27 middle 

Cook Francis, shipmaster, h 22 state 

Cook George II, clerk with H W Lancey, h 15 spring 

Cook Henry M, carriage painter, 29 oxford 

Cook Hiram, soldier, 297 congress 

Co k Horatio G, h 1G pearl 

Cook Horatio G, jr, .steam engineer, 16 pearl 

Cook J H, [k Co) marble worker, 3 preble 

Cook John, teamster, 29 oxford 

Cook Mrs Julia, 475 congress 

Cook Miss Mary, 1G3 Cumberland 

Cook Matthew, laborer, 17 center 

Cook Richard, laborer, greenleaf near fox 

Cook Thomas, laborer, 2 plum ,. 

Cook Thomas B, (& Ayers) 63 exchange, h 19 cedar 

Coolbroth Elbridge L, cooper, 8 beach 

Coolbroth George F, soldier, G beach 

Coolbroth George F, soldier, 3 dark 

Coolbroth Lemuel, at boston B R depot, h beach 

Coolbroth Wm, teamster, 582 coi g 

Coolidge' Davis W clerk, 113 commercial, bds -ISO congress 

Coolidgo Henry F, (M C& Co) '2J com'l, bds C2 Cumberland 

Jefferson Coolidge & Co., Commission Merchants, 
Wholesale Grocers, and dealers in Flour. Cora, Pork, Lard, 
&c, No. 31 Commercial Street, corner ot" Franklin. 
Jefferson CoOUDOE. J. C. Coolidge. 

Coolidge Jefferson, {Sc Co) 31 commercial, h 4SC congress 
Coolidgo John H, jeweler, 7 tate 


Coolidge J Cromwell, (J C ft Co) 31 cora'l, bds 48G congress 

Coolidge J G W, painter, 2 tate 

Coolidge Joseph, clerk, 31 commercial, bds 480 congress 

Merritt Coolidge & Co.. Commission Merchants, and 
wholesale dealers in West India Goods and Groceries, Flour, 
Corn, Pork, Lard, &c., 20 Commercial Street. 


Coolidge Merritt, (& Co) 29 commercial, h 62 Cumberland 
Cooper John, (& Morse) provisioner, 12 milk, h 10 vine 
Corbey Mrs Margaret, washerwoman, 43 center 
Corcoran Archy, seaman, 91 danforth 
Corcoran Daniel, laborer, 48 monument 
Corry Charles F, dniggist, 150 fore, h 15 vino 

Eben' Corey, Importer of and Dealer in Iron, Steel, and 
Grindstones, Anvils, Screw Plates, Wrought and Cast 
Vises, Bellows, Sledges and Stone Hammers, Rasps and 
Files, Cart Boxes, Common and Patent Iron Axles, Horse 
Shoes, Side, Elliptic, and Seat Springs, Nuts and Washers, 
Crowbars, Borax, Cable chain, Wrenches, Horse Kails, 
Grindstone Cranks, Cart Hubs. Hinges, Rivets, Malleable 
Castings, Carriage Bolts, Door Rollers, Pump Chain and 
Fixtures, &C. Between Fore and Commercial streets. 

Corey Eben, iron dealer, 9 moulton, h 436 congress 
Corey Eben, shipmaster, bds sailors' home 
Corry Eben M, bradbury's court, near fore 
Corry Edward. T, clerk, 15 vine 

John R. Cobby & Co., Xo. 121 Middle St.. (opposite the 
head of Union st.,) Fancy and Staple Dry Goods, wholesale 
and retail. They have constantly on hand a (food assort- 
ment of English, French, Gorman, and American Broad- 
cloths and Cassimeres. Ladies' Dres* Good* of the most 
approved styles. A fine assortment of Linen Damask, Pil- 
low Case Linen, Sheeting, Napkins, Doyleys,&c. Marseilles 
Quilts; Furniture Dimity, Shawls, Handkerchiefs, &c, &c. 

Corey John R, (& Co) dry goods, 111 middle, h 23,brown 
Corey Mrs Nancy, 13 brown 

Walter Cor BT, Manufacturer of and Dealer in Furniture 
of all descriptions, Looking Glasses, Feather Beds, Mat- 
tresses, Ice, Xos. iii and o'i Exchange Street. 

Corey Walter, furnitnra dealer, 5i exchange, h 51 \ middle 


Corkery William, shoemaker, 277 fore 

Corliss Albert G, messenger U S court, 26 parris 

Corliss Mrs Lucy, 17 smith 

Cornell Henry, seaman, 63 fore 

Cornish Mrs Harriet, lime near post oince 

Cornish Isaiah, waiter, 51 fore 

Cornish William, (Allen fc Co) 359 congress, h rear 411 cong 

Cornish William C, laborer, 70 franklin 

Corser David F, 149 Cumberland 

Corser S T, superintendent A & St L R R, h 149 cnmberlaud 

Corser William, trader, 270 fore 

Corsloa Mrs Bridget, 14 center 

Corsloe John, laborer, rear 8 center 

Com- Robert, seaman, 37} fore 

Cots Llewellyn, cordwainer, 33 portland, h 15 brattle 

Costello Mrs Ann, 142 fore 

Costello Mrs Hannah, 14 center 

Cotton Mrs Mary, at 20 mountfort 

CooghltD Mrs Catharine, 15 salem lane 

Courier O.'hce, 26 lime 

Court House, 221 congres3 

Courtenay Mrs Margaret, 9} danforth 

Courtenay Wm, U S-engineer T "31 exchange, bds U S hotfel 

Corel! F E, apothecary, 281 congress, bds 177^congress 

Corel! Mrs Sarah, 177 congress 

Coveli Stanley, teamster, 7 parris 

Cowper John, blacksmith, rear 25 commercial 

Cox Henry, painter, 1 lincoln 

Cox Josiah, book keeper, 39 merrili 

Cox John, 207 commercial, h 10 smith 

Cox John, painter, at 1 lincoln 

Cox William H, painter, 1 lincoln 

Coyle George H, marine engineer, 6 iudia 

Coyle John B, steam packet co's agent, nr woodford'a corner 

Cozzens James, seaman, 3 union 

Crabtree George, marble worker, 34^smith 

Crabtree Sarah, 24 danforth 

Cragan Jeremiah, ste:v.n engineer, 9 canton 

Crania Cornelius, laborer, dow, corner congress ■ 


Cragin Dennis, laborer, rear 9[dow 

Craig John, fisherman, peak's island 

Craig Robert, carpet weaver, 9 tato 

Cram Calvin H, 5 central wharf 

Cram Cassander, truckman-, 34 middle 

Cram Chas E, corn and flour, 5 central whf, bds preble house 

Cram George K, clerk, bds 47 state 

Cram N Q, commission merchant, 150 commercial, h 47 state 

Cram Xehemiah P, 150 commercial, h 17 high 

Cram Renselacr, 34 exchange, h 44 danforth - 

Crane Jeremiah, railroad employe, rear 27 

Crane Mrs Roxa A, 13 carlton 

Crawford Ann, milliner, 44 middle 

Crawford Franklin, (Lord &) 143 comm'l, h 247 Cumberland 

Crawford Francis B, clerk, 247 Cumberland 

Crawford Patrick, laborer, 25 center 

Crawford William, joiner, 32 pleasant 

Crediford Josiah, brickmaker, libby's corner 

Cressey Bradford D, stoker, 93 spring 

Cressey Noah, clergyman, h 13 dow 

Creasy J 11, (Read, C & Co) 119 commercial, bds 64 free 

Crie James, inspector of customs, h 53 pearl 

Crie James II, clerk, 150 middle, bds So^earl 

Cripps Amos C, soldier, rear 13 poplar 

Crocker Edward D, wood dealer, h 40 brackett 

Crocker Mrs Ellen E, 1S3 Cumberland 

Crocker Ira, h 44 brackett 

Crockett Ann, 30 brown 

Crockett Daniel, coppersmith, 1 park place 

Crockett George Y~ sea captain, 4 Chatham 

Crockett John, (& Co) furniture, 12*3 exchange, h 4 quincy 

Crockett Leonard, coppersmith, 236 fore, h 1 park place 

Crockett Miss Mary A, dressmaker, 24 alder 

Crockett Nathaniel, hardware, 351 congress 

Crockett Richard, sea captain, 35 york 

Cronan Cornelius, laborer, at 8 marion 

Cronau Daniel, laborer, S marion 

Cronan John, trader, franklin near fore 

Cronau John, laborer, bds 8 marion 


Cronan Thomas, laborer," 2*14 foro 

Cronan Timothy, laborer, franklin near fore 

Crosby John If, printer, 82 exchange, bds 10 wilmot 

Crosby John M, cooper, 12 quincy 

Crosby Patrick, slater, 6 marion ■ 

Crosby Miss Rose, 4 larch 

Crosby Thomas, laborer, 4 larch 

Cross Francis H, joiner, h 73 Washington 

Cross Joseph, laborer, 5 tinkham's court 

Cross Leonard, 15 church 

Cross L J, jeweler, 141 middle, h 240 Cumberland 

Cross Mrs Rebecca B, 4CS congress 

Cross William I, policeman, h 20 middle 

Cross Win R P, tinsmith, 45 union, h 14 sumner 

Crewman Benjamin A, slater, 33 salem 

Crossman Mrs Catharine, 13 fore 

CftOSXAN & Poor, Sign, Illuminated Clock, — Druggists 
and Apothecaries, Xo. 75 Middle Street, Fox Block. Phy- 
sicians 1 Prescriptions and Family Medicines receive espe- 
cial attention. 

Crosman Chas F, (& Poor) apothecaries, 75 middle, h 2 stone 

Crossman Charles S, painter, 147 spring 

Crosman Mrs Eliza B, 2 stone 

Crossman James II, seaman, 477 congress 

Crossman Mrs Mehitable, 99 congress 

Crossman SmitOQ P, mariner, rear 7 summer 

Croswell Mrs David A, 505 congress 

Croston Gregory, sea captain, bds 34 atlantio 

Crouchcr Charles, mariner, 35 center 

Crowell George, currier, bds 24 parris 

Crowell. Jesse H, soldier, R5 gi e :\ , 

Crowley Cornelius, lab :rer, v ' pleasant 

Crowley Cornelia*, laborer, 23 center 

Crowley Cornelius, laborer, 144 exchange 

Crowley James, laborer, rear 29 mountfort 

Crowley John, U S navy, S pleasant 

Crowley Mrs Joanna, 25 cei 

Crowley Maurice, soldier, 35 center 

Crowley Patrick, laborer, 11 maple 



Crowthcr John H, seaman, 63 danforth 

Crowther John W, sea captain, 63 danforth 

Cumberland Bank, 62 exchange 

Cumberland House, 88 green 9 

Cummings Andrew J, machinist, 252 Cumberland 

Cummings Alan?on,*seaman, 4 carlton 

Cummings Augustus, 130 middle, bds 32 spring 

Cummings Barney, bridge builder, bds 11 lafayette 

Cummings Charles A, 171 Cumberland 

Cummings Daniel, joiner, 20 park 

Cummings Daniel L, lieut U S army, 175 Cumberland 

Cummings Mrs E L, 71 spring cor winter 

Cummings Francis E, mariner, 33 Washington 

Cummings Francis \Y, engineer, 169 Cumberland 

Cummings Freeman F, 63 federal, h 171 Cumberland 

Cummings Harris P, brass worker, CO foro ■ 

Cummings Henry T, apothecary, 373 congress, h 444 congress 

Commtlgs Isaac I, physician, 32 spring 

Cummings James, seaman, 11 morrill 

Cummings James, laborer, 12 danforth 

Cummings James M, physician, h 54 park 

Cummings Jerry, laborer, 127 congress 

Cummings Mrs Jerusha, 33 Washington 

Cummings John, laborer, rear 8 center 

Cummicgs John, laborer, 274 1 fore 

Cumming3 John B, 220 commercial, h 160 Cumberland 

Cummings Joseph F, clerk, 37 winter 

Cummings Miss Mary E, 23 chestnut 

Cummings Nathan, counselor, h 32 spring 

Cummings N G, 324 commercial, h 252 Cumberland 

Cummings Patrick, laborer, rear 11 york 

Cummings Perley D, machinist, 6 anion, h 2 prospect ' 

Cummings Mrs Phebe, 58 spring 

Cummings Richard, trader. 2 larch 

Cummings Samuel, teamster, bds 240 congress 

Cummings Samuel B, trader, 47 york 

Cummings Silas A, carpenter, 248 Cumberland 

Cummings Stephen, U S navy, 13 larch 

Cummings S H, (T H Weston & Co) 103 com, bds 32 spring 


Cummiug3 Thomas, architect, 220 comm'l, h 175 Cumberland 
Cummings Thomas, 2d, laborer, 13 larch 

T. & J. 13. Cummings, Dealers in all kinds of Building 
Lumber, Doors, Blinds, Sashes, Glazed Sashes, Black Wal- 
nut, Mahogany, Cherry, Bass, Ash, White Wood, Butternut, 
Chestnut, and various" kinds of Ornamental Wood, Roofing. 
Slate, Cement, and Lime. All orders promptly attended to* 
at their Wharf, 220 Commercial street. 

Cummings Thomas F, 220 commercial, h 3 hanover 
Cumpston Jane, school teacher, bds 179 congress 
Cumpston Mrs Martha, school teacher, h 11 india 
CanifT, Michael, laborer, 42 adams 
Cunningham Elijah, mariner, 1 union 
Cunningham Francis, laborer, stetson's lane 
CurUn Michael, soldier, 14 danforth 
Curlin Patrick, soldier, 14 danforth 
Curran Hugh, shoe dealer, 221 fore, h 13 danforth 
Curran James, laborer, 12 larch 
Curran John, laborer, 9$ center 
Curran John, laborer, bds 3 bank 
Curran John, soldier, 8 Washington 
Curran Martin, laborer, 7 cobb's court 
Curran Nicholas, soldier, 8 Washington 
Curran Patrick, laborer, 8 Washington 
Currau Thomas, laborer, bds 3 bank 

Curran Thomas, soldier, 8 Washington • 

Curran Thomas C, soldier, rear 25 chestnut 
Curran Wm, seaman, rear 14 union 
Currier James M, sexton federal st baptist ch, h 9 chspcl 
Currier Joseph, hell hanger, 312 J congress, h 43 dark 
Currier Joseph G, bell hanger, bds 43 dark 
Currier Michael, laborer, 8 chape] 
Currier Royal T S, house carpenter, 20 pearl 
Curtis Benj, shoemaker, 43 chestnnt 
Curti3 Benj M, laborer, wflmot near oxford 
Curtis Charles F, soldier, 13 melbourne 
Curtis Cyrus L, paper hanger, 23 atlantio 
Curtis Henry C, bookseller, 300 congress, h 76 spring 
Curti3 Jacob, sea captain, 15 hammond 


Curtis James, joiner, bds rear 62 Washington 

Curtis James H, carpenter, 13 melbourne 

Cnitis James H, jr, carpenter, 13 melbourno 

Curtis-John, baker, 25 India v 

Curtis John, (& Son) store 1, h 3 chestnut 

Curtis John B, (Curtis & Son) store 1, h 3 chestnut 

Curtis N D, clerk, 71 brackett 

Curtis Mrs Phebc S, 40 preble 

Curtis Reuben H, salesman, 40 preble 

Curtis Wm, house builder, 9 eastern promenade^ 

Cashing Benj, long island 

Cushing Charles, long island 

Cushing Charles W, long island 

Cushing Charles W, harness maker, bd3 26 tree 

Cushing Charles W, joiner, 20 monumeut 

Cushing P^mery, (Chase &) franklin whf, h 6 eastern prom'de 

Cushing Emery, long island 

Cushing George, marine engineer, 19 waterville 

Cushing George M, long isUmd 

Cashing Henry \V, long island 

Cushing John, fisherman, C E ferry village 

Cushing John E, soldier, 5 eastern promenade 

Cushing Levi, long island 

Cushing Stephen S, long bland 

Cushing Mrs Wm, C E ferry village 

Cushing Wm H, printer, 82 j exchange, h 11 chestnut 

Cushman Catharine, trader, 101 exchange 

Cushman Charles H, carpenter, 11 franklin 

Cushman Edward T, 2 deering block, h 335 congress 

Bonnets and Millinery.— Mrs. Cushman, No. 2 Deer- 
ing Block, Congress near bead of Preble street, is in con- 
stant receipt of ail the latest styles of Bonnets and Millinery 
Goods, to -which she invites special attention. Mourning 
Goods and Burial Shrouds constantly on hand and made to 
order. Stitching and pinking doi\Q at short notice. 

Cushman Mrs E T, millinery, 2 deering block, congress 

Gkorgk H. Cushman, No. 306 Congress street, Dealer 
in Foreign and Domestic Emit and Confectionery. Those 
having occasion to procure commodities in his line, will al- 
ways find here the choicest which the market atfords. 


Cnshman George H, fruit dealer, 306 congress, h 2 parris 

Cushman Henry II, soldier, 27 mayo 

Cnthman John 11, stabler, 13 new franklin, h 1 deer 

Cushman John L, clergyman, 7 parris 

Cnshman Justin B, stabler, h 1 deer 

Cushman Mrs Nancy, 9 green 

Cushman Mrs N P, 403 congress 

Cushman Bnfns, grocer, fore cor exchange, h 44 winter 

Cushman Wm M, capiaiu U S army, 19 spruce 

Cuskley Martin, laborer, stetson's lane 

Cutler George G, clerk, bds 40 state 

Cutler Mrs Hannah S,,S0 spring 

Cutler Isaac M, (Storer, Cutler & Co) 5S middle, bds 74 park 

Cutler Otis, customs clerk, h lincoln foot pearl • 

Cutter Charles W, clerk, 124 exchange 

DACEY DANIEL, cooper, 43 pleasant 
Dacey Wm, cooper, 70 green 
Daggett Charles, joiner, 12 parris 
Dahlmann Solomon S, laborer, 2 cushman's court 
Dailey Barnard, laborer, Cumberland above Washington 
Dailey John, truckman, 7 myrtle 
Dailey John, teaman, rear 101 danforth 
Dailey John R. clerk, 32 franklin 
Dain John, trader, h portland 
Dam John P, joiner, 28 watervillo 
Dale Hosea R, carpenter, 107 congress 
Daley Mrs Joanna, 4 tinkham's court, 
Dailey Samuel, mason, 73 brackett 
Daly Barnard, laborer, 2»3 Cumberland 
Daly Edward, laborer, 21 york 
Daly James, steamboat hand, •> brown's court 
Daly John II, cooper, 13 danforth 
Daly Mrs Margaret, 9 marion 
% Dam Mr3* Jano A, 263 congress 
Dam Leader, hair dresser, 164 fore, h 45 federal 
Dame Thomas, clerk G T depot, h 7 monument 
Damera James, laborer, 14 larch 
Damerell John E, Laborer, rear 60 franklin 

68 Portland dikectory. 

Dana Mrs Daniel, 11 plum 

E. Dana, Jr., Congress, corner Preble street, Dealer in 

Medicines, Chemical?, Swedish Leeches, Perfumery, Toilet 
Articles, Fancy Goods, Cigars. Soda Syrups constantly on 
hand, and all the popular Patent Medicines of the day. — 
Physicians' Prescriptions executed with care and dispatch. 

Dana Edmund, jr, apothecary, cor congress & preble, h 5 elm 
Dana Israel T, physician, 76 free 

Dana John A S, (Dana & Co) 124 commercial, bds 58 state 
Dana John W, (Shepley &) counselor, canal bank, h 35 free 
Dana John W, lieut U S army, 48S congress 

Dana & Co., (late L. & W. S. Dana,) Fish, Salt, and 
W. I. Goods, 124 Commercial Street, corner Central Wharf. 


Dana Luther, (& Co) 124 commercial, h 5S state 

Dana Luther W, In the army, home 53 state 

Dana Oscar F, counselor, 8t> middle, h 4S8 congress ' 

Dana Woodbury S, (Dana k Co) 124 coram'l, bds 74 park 

Daniels Charles K, teamster, 17 canton 

Daniels Dexter, trader, h 237 Cumberland 

Daniels Kbenezer, trader, 59 gieen 

Daniels George, seaman, 104 fore 

Daniels Isaiah, at portland co, bds CD Washington 

Danielson Stephen 0, shoemaker, h 1 stone 

Darling Abby P, 99 middle, h 240 congress 

Darling Joseph T, soldier, 57 brackett 

Darling Martha, (& A P) 99 middle, h 246 congress 

Darling Mrs Sylvia, at 4 abyssiuian court 

Darling Tobias, seaman, 59 fore 

Davies CJiarles S, counselor, h 3'j£ irco 

Davies E H, counselor, C2 exchange, h 39 1 t'ree 

Davies Oilman, physician, 39 free 

Davidson Benjamin, laborer, 1 pleasant 

Davidson Mrs Charles, 35 brown 

Davidson Theodore, locomotive engineer, bds 15 summer 

Davis Alonzo S, photographer, 60 middle, h 7 munjoy 

Davis Amos, (Drake &) 3S0 congress, h 4 peach 

Davis Mrs Belinda H, 10 munjoy 


Davis Mrs Catharine, I oxford 

Davis Charles, machinist, bds american house 

Davis Charles, (C McLaughlin & Co) 84 comm'l, h 57 park 

Davis Charles, jr, teller international bank, bds 57 park 

Davis Charles 0, machinist, rear 27 st lawrcuce 

C M. Davis, 117 Commercial Street, Ship and Insur- 
ance Broker, Notary Public, and Protective Agent for tho 
New York Board ot Underwriters for the State of Maine. 

Davis Charles M, 11* commercial, h 33 spring 

Davis Cornelius A, freight conductor, G T R R, h 6 freraont 

Davis Dauiel S, brickmaker, h libby's corner 

Davis Eliphalet C, locomotive engineer, bds stlawrence house 

Davis Frank, stone cutter, bds 00 india 

Davis, Tvtitcitell & Chapman, Commission Merchants, 
and Wholesale Dealers in West India Goods, Teas, Tobacco, 
Pork, Lard, Country Produce, &c, &c, No. 82 Commercial 



Davis Frederick, (T & Chapman) 82 comm'l, h H green 

Davis George E, clerk, bds 57 park 

Davis George H, overseer G T repair shop, h 35 warren 

Davis George K, 53 exchange, h 403 congress 

Davis George W, s:a captain, 30 atlantic 

Hall L. Davis, Stationer and Manufacturer of p3<red 
Account Books, and Importer and Dealer in every descrip- 
tion of Foreign and Domestic Stationery, and Paper Hang- 
ings. No. 63 Exchange Street. 

Davis Hall L, 53 exchange, bets 8 cedar 
Davis Dr II L, 229} congress 
Davis Mrs Henry T, 456 congress 
Davis Mrs Isaac, s cedar 

DatSfl James X, clerk, 173 middle, h 619 congress 

Davis James W, mariner, rear 16 larch 

Davis Jason H, joiner, 11 munjoy 

Davis John, 24 wihnot 

Davis John E, clerk, 203 congnai 

Davis John F, 94 mid-lie, at 401 congress 

Davis John H, soldier, 1& monument 


Davis John J, shoe dealer, 04 middle, h 494 congress 
Davis John P, (Brown Sc) 3 union wharf, bds 111 foro 
Davis Joseph, stone cutter, bds 30 India 
Davis Joseph G, painter, 55 commercial, h 1 fore 
Davis Joshua, stable keeper, 7 pro-pect 
Davis Lean tier, teamster, 20 middle 
Davis Mark, laborer, vaughan cor bramhall 
. Davis Mrs Mary, 24 winter 
Davis Mrs Mary E, at 34 atlantic 

Davis Xath'l G, (McGilvery, Ryan &) 161 com'], li 32 atlantic 
Davis Nathan J, landlord commercial house, 111 fore 
Davis Oliver H, policeman, 46 oxford 
Davis Robert IF, blacksmith, bds 18 mount fort 
Davis Robert W, teamster, 55 dark 
Davi* Mrs Sarah E, 50 chestnut 
Davis Samuel C, soldier, rear 241 congress 
Davis Samuel L, sea captain, 39 atlantic 
Davis Samuel W, seaman, 103 congress 
Davis Solomon, joiner, 15 monument 
Davis Stephen N. blacksmith, 37 parris 
Davis Submit C, carpet maker, 40 middle 
Davis Mrs Susan, rear 13 poplar 
Davis Timothy D, job wagoner, 77 oxford 
Davis Wallace C, carnage maker, 3 parris 
Davis William, gardener, 46 pleasant 
Davis William, gardener, 60 pearl 

Davis William, G T R R ticket master, h 101 Cumberland 
Davis William, ship joiner, 41 atlantic 
Davis William E, soldier, 403 congress 

Davis Wni O, (Davis, Baxter & Co) 3 free st block, h 21 pearl 
Davis William II, watchman, 18 mouritfort 
Davis William W, upholsterer, 40 middle 
Davis Woodbury, Justice S J C, bds 32 danforth 
Davy Peter, wool puller, 23 alder 
Davy Samuel, soldier, 2S alder 
Day Alfred II, seaman, 12 elm 
Day Alonzo, hostler, 11 vine 
Day Arad, carpenter, back cove village 
Day Charles, 114 middle, h 21] fori 


Day Charles, jr, jowcler, 114 middle, bds 21* fore 

Day Mrs Frances K, at 20 hanccck 

Day George W, shoemaker, 21 middle 

Day Henry, bds U S hotel 

Day James A, goldsmith, bds 211-2 fore 

Day John Q, 12 elm 

Day Joseph H, ship smith, C E ferry village 

Day Josiah F, 21 exchange, hoi winter 

Day Julian, U S sapper and miner, 12 elm 

Day Mrs M F, clairvoyant physician, bds 75 brackett 

Day Mrs Olive W, 30 spring 

Day Thomas, sea captain, C E ferry village 

Denghen Mrs Catharine, 13 salem lano 

Deaghcn Patrick, laborer, 98 danforth 

Dean Edward K, upholsterer, 1G casco 

Derm George, machinist, bds 19 india 

Dean Patrick, trader, 2G7 fore 

Dean Samuel, joiner, h 30 sumner 

Dean Samuel B, painter, 25 wilbw 

Deanc David \V, car maker, 173 Cumberland 

Dcane Henry P, counselor, 117 middle, h 50 state 

Deanc Llewellyn, h 50 state 

Deane Mr; Rebecca, 50 *tate 

Deane William \V, adjutant U S army, 60 state 

Dearborn Bradbury, prorUioner, 145 fore, h 3-1 federal 

Dearborn John, E machinist, 9 cross 

Dearborn Mrs P A S, 32 gray 

Dearborn Sewall 1>, trader, bds 7 india 

Deblois Thomas A, (& Jack-on) 59 exchange, bds 74 park 

Decker Mr* Esther, foot franklin 

Decors Mis* Dorcas, washerwoman, 20 lumcock 

Decoder John, mariner, foot stetson's lano 

Decoster Samuel, carpenter, 2 hall's lane 

DeCrency Louis H, printer, bds 13 smith 

DeCreney Louis J, book-keeper, 55 exchange, h 13 smith 

DeCrcney Warren T, soldier, 13 smith 

Deehan Charles, truckman, 39 york 

Deehan Cornelius, marble worker, 97 danforth 

Deehan Mrs Elizabeth, 7 danforth 


Peehan John, steamboat hand, 12 pleasant 

Peehan Mrs Margaret, rear 43 york 

Peehan Michael, soldier, rear 15 danforth 

Deehan Patrick, trader, 207 fore 

Deehan Patrick, rear 15 danforth 

Deering Alvin, trader, 376 congress, h 5 vernon court 

Peering Charles J, (Sherman, D, & Co) 87 com'l, h spring 

Deering Mrs Eunice, 56 high 

Deering Misses Harriet and Mary, near westbrook point 

Deering Hiram W, trader, 376 congress, h 7 vernon court 

Deering James, U S navy", 54 high 

Deering John, 4 vernon court 

Deering Miss Mary Ann, bds 2S park 

Deering N, counselor, 45 exchange, h 54 high 

Deering KatVl F, insurance agent, 3 exchange, h 3S high 

Deering Noah, stevedore, 12 summer 

Rcfcs Deerixo, Dealer in Flour and Lumber, Hobson's 

Wharf, No. 201 Commercial Street. 

Deering Rufus, lumber dealer, 291 commercial, h parri9 

Peering Rufus W, bank clerk, 33 high 

Peering Thomas, laborer, 21 union 

Deering Thomas A, pilot, 25 cross 

Deguio Charles F, clerk, 21 tate 

Deguio Galeu J, boat builder, 267 commercial, h 4 winter 

Deguio Joseph, boat builder, 267 commercial, h 60 danforth 

Dela Mrs Eliza A, 26 smith 

Delay Maurice, at 82 sumner 

Peland Daniel I, trader, 396 congress, h 25 green 

Peland Frederick, laborer, SO pine 

Peland Frederick J, seaman, 30 pine 

peland Phebe S, milliner, 306 congress 

Peland Mrs Stephen, 133 oxford 

Peland William, long island 

Pelano Ambrose, mariner, 52 monument 

Pelano Barzillai, blacksmith, h 60 sumner 

Pflano & Qnyx, Boiler Makers and Blacksmiths, No. 
t'. Franklin Street Dear Commercial Street. Orders solicited 
and promptly utteuded to. 


Delano Frederick H, (& Quinn) 6 new franklin, h 60 sumner 

Delano George S, 1 hall's lane 

Delano George W, shoemaker, 13 sumner 

Delano John, bds 12 dark 

Delano Marcus, soldier, 1 hall's lane 

Delano Theodore F, soldier, 13 sumner 

Delano William, seaman, peak's island 

Dennett L B, (Vinton &;) counselor, 64 middle, h lincoln 

Dennett Mrs Oliver, h '35 spring 

Dennett William II, teacher vocal music, 5 wihnot 

Dennington Jolin J, seaman, 19 danforth 

Dennis Alfred S, trader, 88 fore 

Dennis Henry, (J D & Co) 77 commercial, bds 40 pearl 

Dennis Miss Joanna G, at 24 cross 

Dennis John, (& Co) 77 commercial, h 40 pearl 

Dennis John, wood sawyer, 33 hanover 

Dennis John, laborer, 29 center 

Dennison A L, h lincoln, near pearl 

Dennison Albert E, joiner, 60 Cumberland 

Dennison George, soldier, 14 union 
Dennison Howard C, joiner, bds 44 Cumberland 
Dennison John, U S navy, 14 union 
Dennison Joan, carpenter, 44 Cumberland 

Dennison John Holmes, joiner. 21 Washington 

Dennison Sophia M P, dressmaker, 85 brackett 

Depoll Charles, seaman, 6 Chatham 

De Rote Be* John, at 104 Cumberland 

Deshon Mrs Paulina, 115 exchange 

Desmond John, steam engineer, 15 commercial 

Devine Anthony, laborer, 247 fure 

Devine Bernard, laborer, rear 4 adams 

Devine Barnard, clerk, 24 cotton 

Devine Mrs Catherine, G lareh 

Devine Mrs Eunice B, porUand near green 

Devine George, soldier, 9 larch 

Devine James, laborer, 05 danforth 

Devine James, laborer, re^.r 99 danforth 

Devine John, laborer, 31 center 

De Wolf Robert, laborer, 95 danforth 


Dexter B, stone cutter, bds 30 india 
Dicks John W, U S navy, 20 free 
Dickson Andrew D, cooper, rear 72 sumner 
Dickson Charles, trader, 30 commercial 
Dickson Thomas G, seaman, foot steison's lane 
Dill Thomas, trader, 211 fore 
Dilling John, stevedore, 3 oxford 
Dimoch Arnold S, joiner, 74 sumner 
Dimond D II, eating house, 3o4 congress 
Dinan Patrick, grocer, 14 salem lane 
Dingley Charles W, stabler, temple, h 5 park place 
Dinsmore Charles W, blacksmith, 22 Hampshire 
Dinsmore James, boarding house, silver cor fore 
Dinsmore John, soldier, 41 york 
Dinsmore Mrs Fhebe, at 16 india 
Dirwanger Albert, florist, 34 montreal 
Doane Henry, mariner, 12 tate 
Dockcry James R, merchant, h 70 danforth 
Dodge Amasa T C, landlord city hotel, 367 congress cor green 
Dodge Benj, potter, h 10 brattle 
Dodge Mrs Elizabeth, rear 3S brackett 
Dodge Hezekiah, newspaper agent, 53 Cumberland 
Dodge John, moulder, 17 j fore 
Dodge Moses, physician, 215 congress 
Dodge Oliver, painter, 55 oxford 
• Dodge Orestes B, clerk city hotel, 367 congress cor green 
Dodge Rulof, trader, 25 oxford 
Dodge Rudolph L, clerk, bds 215 congress . 
Doherty Mrs Mary, 13 salem lano 
Doherty William, soldier, portland near green 
Dulan Hugh, trader, 237 fore, h 21 pleasant 
Dolan John, truckman, 100 fore 
Dolan Owen, laborer, 5 marion 
Dolan Thomas, laborer, 279 commercial 
Dolan Thomas F, soldier, 1 federal 

Dole & Moody, General Commission Merchants, and 
Wholesale Dealers in Flour, C^ru, and Produce, No. 6 Gait 
Block, Co««nercial Street. 



Dole Andrew T t postmaster, h 87 stato 

Dole Richard, shoemaker, 115 exchange 

Dolley John M, joiner, 17 carlton 

Dolley Orin, mason, 6 tate 

Donald Felix, clerk, 108 fore 

Donavan Mrs Ann, 38 union 

Donavan Charles, laborer, 6 cobb'l court 

Donavan Daniel, laborer, 17 tate 

Donavan David, laborer, 6 spring 

Donavan Dennis, fruit seller, rear 20 Cumberland 

Donavan Mrs Ellen, 3S union 

Donavan James, laborer, 2 bank 

Donavan Jeremiah, soldier, 17 tate 

Donavan John, laborer, 275 fore 

Donavan Lawrence, steamboat hand, h 5 commercial 

Donavan Michael, laborer, 70 Washington 

Donavan Patrick, laborer, 30 Cumberland 

Donavan Richard, seaman, 3 spring 

Donavan Richard, steamboat pilot, emery cor danforth 

Donavan Timothy, laborer, rear 27 center 

C. A. Doir.VELt & Co., Brass Founders and Copper Smiths, 
Ships' Composition Castings of even* description. Ships' 
Main, Bilge, and Head Pumps, House Pumps, Lead Pipe 
And Sheet Load, Sheet Brass,. and Bra*? Wire Air Ports, 
Water Closets, Ships' Binnacles, Force Pumps, and Bells. 
Slab Zinc, Antimony, Babbitt Metal, &c M &c. C | et 
Weather Vanes— ail styles. Ale and Beer Pumps. * No. 
IIS Pore Street. 

Donnell Charles A, {& Co) US fore, h 200 Cumberland 

Donncll Frank P, coppersmith, bds 173 v cumberUod 

Donnell James machinist, ll summer 

Donnell John K, merchant, ll-* tore, h 101 congress 

Donnell Mrs Sarah, 200 Cumberland 

Donelly Patrick J, silver plater, at 34 montreal 

Donohue James, steam fireman, Thurston's oflice, S2 exchange 

Dooohoe Mrs Jane, 2o2J foro 

Donohue Jeremiah, railroad employe, 35 hammond 

Donohue John, laborer, madison 

Donohue Mrs Mary A, rear li> danforth 

Donohue Michael, seaman, lj spring 


Donohue Michael, laborer, danforth, near vaughan's bridge 

Donohue Michael, laborer, rear 4 spring 

Donohue Murphy, laborer, rear 104 danforth 

Donohue Patrick, laborer, rear 15 danforth. 

Donohue Thomas, laborer, 9 pleasant 

Donohue Timothy, seaman, 12 hanoock court 

Dooley Andrew, trader, 271 fore 

Dooley Edward, laborer, rear 8 center 

Dooley Mrs Hannah, 271 fore 

Dooley William, stevedore, 23 york 

Doran Michael, laborer, 25 center 

Dorau Mrs Sophia, 25 center 

Dorcey John, long island 

Dorsey Patrick, laborer, 8 Washington 

Dorr Deddrick, laborer, 15 tyng 

Dorstrom Charles, mariner, 33 foro 

Doten Ansel K, turner, bds 2-10 congress 

Doten John, brass worker, bds 240 congress 

Doten Samuel A, (Wioslow &)6 union, h 10^ plum 

Doubleaay Miss Ellen J, ag't for dress charts, bds 17 mechanic 

Dougher Mrs Ann, at 33 Cumberland 

Dougher Patrick, laborer, 24 Cumberland 

Dougher John, teamster, rear pine st church 

Doughty Abner, fisherman, long island 

Doughty Andrew J, fisherman, long island 

Doughty Charles, mariner, long island 

Doughty Edward, fisherman, long island v 

Doughty Francis, laborer, 5 madi^on 

Doughty George, sea captain, C E ferry village 

Doughty Hugh, laborer, 247 f>re 

Doughty Isaac, fisherman, long Mand 

Doughty James, in custom house, bds 2<~>3 congress 

Doughty James, 9G danforth 

Doughty John, gardener, 7 marion 

Doughty John, railroad employe, quebec cor lafayette 

Doughty John, jr, soldier, qjiebec cor lafayette 

Doughty Joshua, fisherman, long island 

Doughty Levi F, fisherman, long Uland 

Dtmght}' Loring, Sherman, leng Uland 


Doughty Michael, laborer, 96 danforth 
Doughty Nathaniel, fisherman, long island 
Doughty Nathaniel, jr, fisherman, long island 
Doughty Thomas, blacksmith, quebec head lafayette 
Doughty William, fisherman, long island 
Doughty William, jr, long island 
Douglass Charles C, printer, 10 merrill 
Douglass Jerry S, soldier, 10 merrill • 
Douglass John, stevedore, 19 merrill. 
Douglass Robert, clerk, 110 middle, h 246 Cumberland 
Douglass William W, soldier, 19 merrill 
Doull William, seaman, Chatham 
Dow Albert S, clerk, bds grove st near westbrook line 
Dow Albion K P, laborer, 72 green 
Dow Charles G, h 1 deer 

Dow Edward/clerk, bds grove st near westbrook lino 
.Dow Edward S, boat builder, bds 107 brackett 
Dow Edwin, cooper, 31 brown 
Dow Edwin F, lieut U S army, spruce cor emery 
Dow Frederick N, tanner, bds 452 congress 
Dow George H, rigger, 1 hancock 
Dow Miss Harriet, 4 r >0 congress 
Dow Henry, clerk, rids grove st near westbrook lino 
Dow Mrs June A, lo7 brackett 

Dow Jere, ins agent, 137 1 middle, h grove near westbrook line 
Dow John, Insurance broker, 96 exchange, li 41 spring 

Jon.Y E. Dow, General Insurance Agent and Notary Pub- 
lic, No. 20 Exchange Street. Also agent foe the Liverpool, 
New York and Philadelphia Steamship Company, and the 
Bay State Line or' Steamers via Fall River to Now York. 
Tickets for uale. Insures Buildings, Vessels in Port, Mer- 
chandise, Household Furniture, ore, against loss by Fire. 
$100,000 taken on any one desirable riak. Losses "paid at 
the Portland Office. Also — Life Insurance. 

Dow John E, ins agent, 20 exchange, h cor spruce and emery 

Dow Joseph, house carpenter, IS Hampshire 

Dow Mrs L P>, boarding house, 2 cotton 

Dow Moses 6, ice dealer, 164 middle, h in westbrook 

Dow Neal, general U S army, A'>2 congress 

Dow Robert, house carpenter, 16 Hampshire 


Dow Stephen H, cooper, 10 church 

Dowling William, soldier, -i Washington 

Downer George B, teamster, 20 brattle 

Dowues Charles G, mer tailor, 137^ middle, h 22 winter 

Downes John W C, soldier, 22 winter 

Downes Joseph S, soldier, 22 winter 

Downes Loring, overseer Fort Scammcl,bds st lawrence house 

Downey Mrs Edward, bds 1 peach 

Downey Mrs Mary, stetson's tone^ __ 

Downey John, soldier; sleT??ft^wane **\ 

Downing Mrs Alice, n 29 mayo f 

Downing John W, c- ffriage trimmer, 107 green 

Downing Philip, stoX cutter, 5 plum 

Doyle David, sea captain, 23 lafayette 

Doyle Ezekiel C, se^ captain, Cape Elizabeth ferry village 

Doyle Hugh, mariner, 9 india 

Doyle James, blacksmith, rear 25 commercial 

Doyle John, laborer, 82 sumner 

Doyle Mrs Margaret, widow, 82 sumner 

Doyle Mrs Mary, 3 tinkhani's court 

Doyle Michael, laborer, rear 33 brackett 

Doyle Peter, teams&r, bds 213 fore 

Doyle Thomas, railroad employe, 82 sumner 

Doyle William P, laborer, 10 larch 

Drake Chester, brakeman, bds 19 india « 

Drake Julius A, soldier, 23 pine ^ 

Drake & Davis, Dealer in all kinds of Country Prod- 
uce, Beef, Pork, Lard, Ham?, Tongues, Smoked Beef, 
Soused Pigs' Feet, CvC, No. 380 Congress and 70 Free Sts, 


Drake L F, (& Davis) provi<ioner, 3S0 congress, h 23 pine 


Dresser Alfred M T merchant, 1"»4 fore, h 75 spring 
Dresser Daniel K, 154 fore, h 26 park 
Dresser Edward K, clothier, 154 fore, h 4 atfantic 
Dresser Lincoln, 99 exchange, bds 19 myrtld 
Dresser Mrs Mary, confectionery, 3GS congress 
Dresner Mrs Mary Jane, 7 "M" st 
Dresser Robert, l">i fore, h 2 athuitlc 
Drew Gamaliel S, cooper, 11 dark 


Drew Joseph P, (Fling &) 196 fore, h 239 Cumberland 
Drinkwater Andrews, shipmaster, rear 15 tyng 
Drinkwater David G, painter, 33 lime, h 12 plum, rear 
Drinkwater E, (Trow & Co/ 103 middle, bds 40 federal 
Drinkwater Frederick A, sea captain, 4 park place 
Drinkwater Miss Hannah L, school teacher, bds 12 south 
Drinkwater Miss Hannah, seamstress, 8 dow 
Drinkwater Homer, brush maker, 01 oxford 
Drinkwater Mrs Mary, rear 17 mechanic 
Drinkwater Mrs Olive**. fitJfBttW*" 
Drinkwater Mrs Phineha !i 106 congress 
Drinkwater Sewall, pilot) IS middle 
Drinkwater William, at t itom house, h 64/edcral 
Drinkwater William W, c cpenter, 58 /ore 
Driseoll Mrs Bridget, 25 c-nter 

(DriscoU Dennis, teamster, 5 plum 
Driseoll John, laborer, rei 11 york 
Driseoll Mrs Mary, 4 spring 
Driseoll M, jr, trader, 98 commercial 
Driseoll Michael, clerk, bds 140$ fore 
Driseoll Michael, laborer. 17 union # 

Drheoll Patrick, blacksmith 37 cotton 
Driseoll Patrick, seaman, 17 union 
Driskaj Daniel, soldier, rear 14 union 
Driskey Mrs Hannah, rear 8 center 

Drummond Jo, inn H, attorney general, 64 middle, h 33 india 
DdCOm Henri, professor French language, 355| congress 
Daddy Richard J, rent agent, to mountfort 
Daddy Richard R, trader, 30 J ark cor spring 
Daddy William, grocer, 91 sprtag 
Daffie Patrick, gardener, rear 135 brackctt 
DuiTle Patrick, laborer, 9 maple 
Dug aid James, teamster, 7 york 
Dumford Hugh, stevedore, bds tl watervillo 
Duncan Charles C, soldier, 113 brackett 
Duncan William, cabinet maker, 13 lafayette 
Dunham Mrs Clarissa, 3*21 congr. 

Dunham Rafas, britannia and pk&ted ware, Vl\ market square 
Dunlap Mrs Lois, 19 brackett 
Dunlevy Mrs Margaret, 4 brown's court 


Dunn Mrs Bridget, 1-1 hammond 

Dunn Charles F, harness maker, 22 portland 

Dunn Cornelius, laborer, 26 hammond 

Dunn Crawford, soldier, 90 vaughan 

Dunn Daniel B, shoemaker, 8 beach 

Dunn D M C, dry goods dealer, 135 spring 

Dunn Edward II, (II D & Son) 96 exchange, h 3S myrtle 

Henry Dunn & Son, Manufacturers of and Dealers in 
Harnesses, Trunks. Valises, Traveling Bag>, Whips, &c. 
No. 96 Exchange Street, nearly opposite the Post Office. 
Repairing doue at short notice. 


Dunn Henry, (& Son) harness maker, 96 exchan, k 40 myrtle 

Dunn Mrs Joan, 8 beach 

Dunn Joshua, customs inspector, bds 49 middle 

Dunn Mr3 Julia, 352 congress 

Dunn Samuel, boarding house, 13 tyng 

Dunning Elijah, landlord central house, 31 lime 

Dunning John, hack driver, franklin 

Dunning Joseph, 27 federal 

Dunning Joseph F, (Owen &) trader, 55, h 55£ danforth 

Dunphy Azel, laborer, 26 Cumberland 

Dunphy Jajjie3, trader, 69 Washington 

Dunphy James, trader, 10 danforth 

Dunphy John, clerk, 10 danforth , 

Dunscomb Solomon S, laborer, 2 cushraan's court 

Dunsier Francis M, tailor, 120 Washington 

Dunsier S IT, seaman, 120 Washington 

Dunyon Augustus, jeweler, 113 middle, h henry st nr deering 

Dupee Isaac II, photographer, 6 spruce 

Duran George E, soldier, 110 Cumberland 

J. R. Duran, Manufacturer of and Dealer in Trunks, Va- 
lises, PortmanreiUi*, arid" Carpet Bags. AH kinds Enamel- 
ed Cloths, for Sofas, Desks, ice., wholesale and retail. 
Trunks repaired at short notice. No. l r >3 Middle Street. 

Duran Job R, trunk dealer, 165 middle, h 20 parrLs 
Duran Josiah, trader, 22 federal 

Duran William, iron dealer, long wharf, h 119 Cumberland 
Duran William A, clothier, 170 fore, bds 11J Cumberland 


Durand Jehu, stone cntter, plum 
Durell Miss Olive L, tailoress, bds 37 preble 
Durgan Jerry, laborer, J B Brown 5 ! grounds 
Durgin J F, physician, 396 congress, bds elm house 
Durgin John, laborer, 6 congress place 
Durgin Obadiah E, physician, h 28 high 
Dnroy John B, soldier, 63 chirk 
Duroy Marshall M, confectioner, 63 dark 
Dutton Mrs Adeline, 21 hancock court 
Dutton Charles E, clerk, bds 31 lime 
Dutton Wesley P, stone cutter, bds 11 middle" 
Dwerlo Peter, soldier, 7 danforth 

Dwight Kev Wm T, pastor 3d parish church, h 148 cumberl'd 
Dwiim! Mrs Catliarine, 46 chestnut 
Dwinal Mrs Margaret, cor oak and Cumberland 
Dwinal William, mariner, 115 fore ' 

Dyer Mrs Abigail, 9 tate 
Dyer Alfred, merchant tailor, 115 middle 
Dyer Ansel L, ship master, 33 high 
Dyer Arthur, trader, 80 york, h 73 york ♦ 

Dyer Caleb, ship carpenter, C E ferry village 
Dyer Charles E, truckman, rear 124 danforth 
Dyer Christopher, mer tailor, 115 middle, bds 9 prospect 
Dyer Cashing, piinter, back cove village 
Dyer Edward, laborer, 59 simmer i 
Dyer Pmiery, sea captain, C E ferry Tillage 
Dyer Miss Eveline K, tailoress, bds 16 winter 
Dyer Gardner, book keeper, rear 61 brackett 
Dyer George. E, joiner, bds i) winter 
Dyer Henry, boat builder, foot of vine, h 6 deer 
Dyer Isaac, lumber dealor, 13 1-2 union whf, bds am house 
Dyer Jabez, v.-ood and hay, 339 commercial, h 9 state 
Dyer James, cooper, h 27 fore 
Dyer Jesse, ship timber, 20S commercial, h 11 high 
Dyer John, watchman, back cove village 
Dyer John M, clerk, bds 76 york 

Dyer John W, (Hight &) 2 1-2 union wharf, bds elm housa 
Dyer Joseph F, clerk, bds 33 high 
Dyer Joseph H, naval architect, 6 deer 
1 6 


Dyer Joseph W, ship builder, 117 commercial, h 33 high 

Dyer Mrs Joshua, 1 boyd 

Dyer Lemuel, grocer, back cove village 

Dyer Lemuel, h 48 danforth 

Dyer Lorenzo F, cabinet maker, rear 25 parris 

Dyer Mrs Lydia, 70 danforth cor tate 

Dyer Nathan, fanner, C E ferry village 

Dyer Nathan, ship carpenter, 76 york 

Dyer Nathan R, boat builder, 322 commercial, h 11 greeu 

Dyer Nathaniel J, ship carpenter, 57 york 

Dyer Mrs Rachel, 20 spruce 

Dyer Randolph A, cabinet maker, 368 congress, h 115 brackett 

Dyer Robert, sea captain, bds 9 spring 

Dyer Robert \V, cooper, 10 dark ' 

Dyer Robertson, (& Pierce) 171 fore, h 9 winter 

Dyer Robertson, jr, boat builder, 285 commercial, h 19 tyug 

Dyer Samuel T, hackman, 1 spring place 

Dyer Seth C, lumber dealer, 4 central whf, h emery st 

Dyer Simon A, cabinet maker, h 25 parris 

Dyer Stephen K, clerk, bds 70 york 

Dyer Stephen K, clerk, h 01 york cor state 

Dyer Storer, ship carpenter, 10 north 

Dyer Sumner F, caulker, rear Gl brackett 

Dyer Watson, cooper, 62 sumner 

Dyer Whitman S, collector for gas co, 22 exch'ge, bds 26 free 

Dyer Mrs William A, 62 franklin 

Dyer William H, eating house, 345 commercial 

Dyer William W, ship carpenter, 48 danforth 

Dyer Mrs Woodbury, C E ferry village 

Dyer Woodbury R, 285 commercial, h 10 dark 

EAMES ALEXANDER P, mail agent, 3 india 

Early Mrs Ann, h 82 dark near pine 

Early William, newspaper carrier, h 64 Washington 

Eastern Express Company's office, 80 exchange 

Easter John W, painter, 20 willow 

Eastorbrook Mr* Judith W, Co center 

Eastman Charles, barber, jl sumner 

Eastman Joseph W, soldier, 18 middle 


Eaton Mrs Ann C, 2 park 

Eaton C C, steamboat agent, railroad wharf, h 4 high 

Eaton Daniel W, grocer, 460 congress 

Eaton Mrs Elizabeth W, boarding-house, 8 carlton 

Eaton Mrs Fanny D, 5 winthrop 

Eaton Frank II, soldier, 15 spring 

Hophki Eaton, Commission Merchant, No. 1 Central 

Eaton Hoplmi, merchant, 1 central wharf, h 65 danforth 
Eaton Mrs Jeremiah S, 15 spring 
Eccleston William, boiler maker, S adams 
Edgecomb Clement A, joiner, IS spruce 
Edgecomb Noah, shoemaker, 30 hampshiro 

Edmoxd Alexander, Lumber Dealer, No. 18 Prpble 
Street. Constantly on hand all kinds of Building Mate- 
ria!, Doors, Sashes, and Blinds. Also, Hard Wood Lumber. 

Edinond Alex, lumber dealer, 18 preble, h 36 preble cor oxford 
Edmond John, 3G preble 

Edmonds Thomas, sea captain, C E ferry village 
Edmonstonc, Allan & Co, agents Montreal ocean steamship 

co; winter office 5 GTBB passenger station; summer, 

10 exchange st 
Edsell Henry, hackman, rear 41 sumner 
Edson Mrs Sarah II, 33 hampshiro 

Edward? Calvin, piano fortes, cor middle and lime, h 51 spring 
Edwards Charles, civil engineer, 31 exchange, h 2 spruce 
Edwards Henry S, music teacher, lime cor mid, h 400 congress 
Edwards John, printer, h 2 spruce 
E Iwards John, jr, captain U S army, 2 spruco 
Edwards John F, joiner, bds 10 high 
Ed war. Is ,h>\::\ W, U S navy, 3 ( J lore 
Edwards Joseph, seaman, 3'J fure 
Edwards Miss Julielma P, dressmaker, bds 20 cross 
Edwards Mr^ J W, 28 brown 

Edwards Mrs Lucy P, dye house oilice, 101 exchange 
Edwards Mrs Mary, 51 spring 
Edwards Michael, laborer, 62 Washington 
Edwards Thomas, clerk, bds 67 paik 


Edwards William, carpenter, 24 wilmot 
Edwards William E, h 67 park 
Edwards William S, civil engineer, 2S danforth 
Eldcn Gibeon, foundryman, 10 tyng 

G. M. Eldf.k, Manufacturer of and Dealer in all kinds 
Ladies', Misses', Men's, and Boys' Hoots and Shoes, No. 23 
Middle Street. 

Elder George M, shoe store, 25 middle, h 51 franklin 
Elder Greenleaf G, machinist, bds 13 st lawrenco 
' Elder Mrs Samuel, b 20 danforth 
Elder Simon M, machinist, 7 portland 
Elder Mrs Susan M, 27$ danforth 
Eldridge Orlando W, clerk, bds 25 parris 
Ellerton Miss Nettie N, bds Cumberland house 
Ellingwood Mrs Harriet W, bds 449 congress 
Elliot Charles B, carpenter, bds IS parris 
Elliott John M, carpenter, IS parris 
Elliot Mahlon, carpenter, back cove village 
Elliott Mo-es, soldier, vaughan cor pine 
Elliot William S, soldier, 10 peach 
Elliot William S, soldier, 3 tinkham's court 
Ellis Edward W, soldier, 107 green 
Ellis John, machinist, bds 2G3 fore 
Ellis Micah B, carriage maker, 6 stone 
Elorette Lois, rigger, 74 sumner 
Elm House, 01 and 95 federal 

Elsworth Nathaniel, (& Son) 113 middle, h 177 Cumberland 
Elsworth Nathaniel W, (Elsworth & Son) h 22 south 
Elwell Charles, mason, h 14 winter 

Eiwell E II, editor Transcript, $3 exchange, h Woodford's cor 
Elwell M L, burnish gilder, 74 middle, h 19 wilmot 
Elwell Nahum, corn measurer, h 1 ttetfloo'i place 
Elwell Shirley, railroad employe, h 3 dark 
Elwell William S, joiner, 14 spruce 
Emery Alphcus, clerk, bds CO pleasant 
Emery Burleigh S, cooper, 479 congT W 
Emery Caleb, lumber dealer, 9 willow- 
Emery Daniel C, machiuery manufacturer, 10 union 


Emery Daniel F, jr, clerk, 1 gray 

Emery Daniel F, (& Wat oil rouse) 157 middle, li 1 gray 

Emery David, soldier, rear 13 lafayettc 

Emery E A, 15 myrtle 

Emery Frank C, in custom house, 31 wilmot 

Emery Frederick W, adjutant U S army, 1 gray 

Emery George F, clerk U S circuit court, h 25 gray 

Emery George H, clerk, 30 myrtle 

Emery Isaac, merchant, hd long wharf, h 36 pleasant 

Emery John II, ship carpenter, C E ferry village 

Emery John W, clerk. 7 wilmot 

Emery Joshua, soldier, 17 green 

Stoxk Cutting. — Joshua T. Emery may be still found 
at his old place of business, at the foot of Pearl Street, 
Back Cove, with a disposition to execute good work for 
stores and houses at compensating prices. Particular at- 
tention paid to executing monuments and designs for Cem- 
etervlots; for the style and finish of which 'he refers to 
work done by him at Evergreen Cemetery, Westbrook. 

Emery Joshua T, stone cutter, 56 pearl 

Emery & Fox, Importers of Sugar and Molasses, and 
Commission Merchants, Xo. 1 Brown's Wharf. Particular 
attention paid to purchasing and shipping Boards. Sugur 
Boxes, llhd Shocks, lloop>, Heading, and Cooperage Stock 
of every description. 


Emery Mark P, (& Fox) 233 commercial, h CI free 

Emery Samuel \V, 1 high 

Emer-on Mrs Catharine, 12$ bracket t' 

Emerson P L, carpenter, bds 30 iadia 

Emerson Stephen, blacksmith, S00 congress, h 31 che s t«ut 

Emmons John M, seaman, 4 alder 

English John, lal • rer, 1 I I ..roe 

Enos Manuel, fisherman, rear 1 union 

EstOI Albert II, (& Libby) 11 central wharf, h 32 chestnut 

Etchingham Mrs Adclia. rear 7 mechanic 

Evans Alfred, gas fitter, 8 parris 

Evans Daniel, dealer in hardware, h 30 winter 

Evans George, counselor, 71 middle, h "2 park 

Evans Harry D, lumber dealer, 333 congress 


Evans John, clerk, 27 sumner 
Evans Lawrence L, cooper, SO Washington 
Evans Miss Mary, at 4 india court 
Evans Richard, laborer, 41 sumner 
Evans Robert, painter, 21 cotton, h 30 gray 
Evans Mrs Sarah B, 37 danforth 

William IT. Evans, Dealer in Wood and Coal, head of 
Smith's Wharf, Commercial Street Particular attention 
paid to Screening, Weighing, and Delivery of the same. 

Evans William H, coal and wood, 281 comm'l, h 37 danforth 

Eveleth Fred B, clerk, bds 30 brown 

Ewer Andrew S, seaman, 17 canton 

Ewing William, patent leather worker, 24 brattle 

FABYAX CHARLES II, soldier, 37 salem 
Fabyan Edward, soldier, salem opposite salem lane 
Fabyan Mrs Elizabeth, 1 i4 M M st 
Fabyan Ezra G, joiner, 37 salem 
Fabyan George, teamster, salem opposite salem lane 
Fabyan Iius C, li 1 " M " st 
Fabyan Mrs Julia M, 37 salem 
Fabyan Mrs Mary, salem opposite salem lano 
j Fabyan Oliver, laborer, salem opposite salem lane 

Fagan James, blacksmith, 2 high court 
Fagan Mrs N K, 20 brackett 
Fagan Thomas, steam engineer, 20 brackett 
Fagan William, laborer, 24 harnmond 
Fahay Larry, laborer, 26 Cumberland 
Fahay Mrs Mary, 7} danforth 

Fairfield Edward, stencil plate cutter, 134 exch, h 45 federal Hubert, blacksmith, rear OS wa-hington 
Fules Melvin K, newsman, bds 10 sumner 
Fales Wyman B, clerk, bds 32 high 

Farley Alfred D F, (Farley Bros) Q M clerk U S A, 32 danforth 
Fiirley Charles, broker, canal bank, h 32 danforth 
Furlcy Silas If, watchmaker, 32 danforth 
Fanner Jas L, agent MOSS Co, 10 exehange, h 47 danforth 
Farmer William B, coal dealer, 41 india 
Farr Daniel J, stevedore, 4 cross * 


Fair David S, shoemaker. 31 mayo 

Fair George II, locomotive engineer, rear 35 Washington 

Farr Jacob, blacksmith, 45 fore 

Farr James S, joiner, 18 state 

Farr John, blacksmith, 35 Washington ^ 

Farr Mrs Margaret, rear 35 Washington 

Farr Samuel \Y, machinist, rear 35 Washington 

Farrell Mrs Catharine, stetson's lane 

Farrell James, moulder, S4 sunnier 

Farrell Mrs Jane, 84 sumncr 

Farrell Patrick, laborer, 2G Cumberland 

Farrell Timothy, seaman, 29 center 

Farrell Timothy, laborer, 31 middle 

Farrer Robert, carriage maker, bds 323 congress 

Farrer Samuel, chaisemaker, 323 congress 

Farrington Isaac, hatter, bds 1 stone 

Farrington I P, clothing store, 82 middle, h 51 free 

Farrow Misfl Abby II, milliner, 342 congress 

Farrow John P, iron founder, 77 york 

Fay Patrick, laborer, 24 wilmot 

Fay William A, butcher, westbrook point 

Feenaughty John, laborer, 2 plum 

Feeney Daniel, laborer, S lurch 

Feeney Edmund, laborer, C larch 

Feeney Patrick, mason, 17 larch 

Feeney Patrick, waiter U S hotel 

Feeney Timothy, mason, 17 larch 

Felch I N, cd & prop Kveuing Courier, bds international house 

Felt A E, jeweler, 4 -exchange 

#3 I. S. Felt, No. 39 Exchange Str et. Dealer in Gold and 
Silver, Lever, Lepinc, an I Common Watches, Silver 
and Plated in and 1 S n§, G Id, Guard, Fob, and 

Vest Chain*, Gold Bead . Ki i, Pins, Pens, and Pencils, 
Butter Knives, Purses, and Trimmings, Card Cases and 
Trays, Stiver Thimble*. Combs, and Pencils, Silver Plated 
and'Steel Spectacles, Knives, Razors, and Scissors, Ther- 
mometers, Sj>y Glasses, Pocket Compasses. Combs, Brushes, 
and Pocket Books, CI > c . Wholesale and RetaiL N, B. — 
Particular attention given to repairing Watches, Clock?, 
and Jewelry. 

Fetf Jesse S, jeweler, 3D exchange, h 00 pleasant 

88 Portland Directory. 

Felt Samuel S, mason, h 6 laurel 

Female Orphan Asylum, corner oxford and myrtle 

Fenderson J A, fruiter, 9 exchange, h 10 plum 

Fenley Levi \V, printer, h 88 Cumberland 

Fenley William A, stable keeper, 155 spring 

Fenno John, trader, 259 fore 

Ferbler Edward, seaman, 17 merrill 

Ferguson Bradbury, laborer, 10 neal 

Ferguson Patrick, rear 68 Washington 

Femald Alfred B, mariner, 49 sumner 

Fernald Alfred B, jr, joiner, bds 49 sumner 

Fernald Mrs Anthony B, Cape Elizabeth ferry village 

Fernald Augustine S, clerk, 87 middle, bds westbrook 

Fernald Benjamin C, soap maker, 13 wilmot 

Fernald Charles, 54 winter 

Fernald Chas II, ass't freight agt, G T depot, h 10G congress 

Fernald Mrs Ellen L, 133 bracket! cor vaughan 

Fernald Isaac, cooper, h 54 winter 

Fernald James E, merchant tailor, 87 middle, h westbrook 

Fernald Joseph II, expressman, bds 5S Cumberland 

Fernald Miss Martha D, 21 myrtle 

Fernald X S, peddler, 103 brackett 

Fernald Mrs Rebecca, 15 free 

Fernald Samuel II, printer, bds 15 fr:o 

Fernald Mrs Sarah C, 30 portland , 

Femald Sumner C, dentist, bds 15 free 

Fernald William L, U S engineer corps, 133 brackett 

Ferrell John, shoemaker, 27 chapel 

Ferrin L, dressmaker, 115 exchange 

Ferris Joseph H, trader, 23 myrtle 

Ferris William, 142 brackett * 

Ferry John, laborer, 30 Cumberland 

Fessenden Chas II, clerk, 3S center 

Fessenden Chas S D, physician, marine hospital, westbrook 

Fessenden Dan'l W, clerk of the courts, h 47 wilmot 

Fessenden Francis, colonel U S army, 70 state 

Fes?enden George, brick culler, 220 Cumberland 

Fessenden Jas D, attorney, 59 exchange, h deerirg cor state 

Fessenden Jonathan, at 220 Cumberland 


Fessenden Mrs Lucy, at 43 sumner 

Fessenden Nathan, periodical dealer, 33 center cor congress 

Fessenden Samuel, counselor, 31 India 

Fessenden William, machinist, bds 220 Cumberland 

Fessenden William H, counselor, 7G stato 

Fessenden Win P, (& Butler) 59 exchange, h 76 state 

Fickett Albert W, pile driver, bds 82 federal 

Fickctt Augustus I), painter, 14 quiricy lane 

Fickett Benjamin, shoe dealer, C E ferry village 

Fickctt Charles B, policeman, 30 oxford 

Fickett Edward P, carpenter, 11 mayo 

Fickett Edward P, cooper, 37 hampshiro 

Fickett Ezekiel, trader, Cape Elizabeth ferry village 

Fickett George, pump and block maker, 109 commercial 

Fickett George, ship builder, 15 hancock 

Fickctt George K, soldier, 8 st lawrenco 

Fickett Henry, caulker, 50 brackett 

Fickctt Laac, 6S danforth 

Fickctt Isaac, jr, gilder, bds 35 hampshire 

Fickett James E, sailmaker, 46 oxford 

Fickett James IT, cooper, 285 commercial, h 35 hampshire 

Fickett Jerome P>, 141 fore, h 15 sm*.th 

Fickett Luther, caulker, 19 hampshire 

Fickett Major, sailmaker, 121 commercial, h rear 40 oxford 

Fickett Mrs Mary H, 9 e-sex lane 

Fickett Mrs Sophronta, Cape Elizabeth ferry village 

Field Andrew II, joiner, rear to st lawrenco 

Field Ansyl, trailer, 129 spring 

Field Levi C, machinist, 2* *t lawrenco 

Field Mrs Phebe M, at 28 .st iawrenee 

Fielding William, porter, 19 merrill 

Fields Edmund, soldier, 5 hampshire 

Fields Moses, stevedore, 5 hampshire 

Files James L T, mason, 28 hauover 

Files Mrs Thomas, 24 parris 

Files Thos S, shoe store, 353 congress, h in westbrool: 

Files Wentworth P, mason, 2: uanorer 

Files William, laborer, 20 ere I 

Fillebrown Jolui B, (& Burton) ISO eom'l, h 199 congress 

Finnegan Daniel, laborer, rear 115 congress 


Finncgan Hugh, seaman, 23 india 
Finnegan Michael, laborer, 27 hancock 
Finnegan Miss Sarah, 25 center * 

Finnimore Robert, seaman, 27 middle 
Finnimore Robert, sailor, heath, between franklin and boyd 
Fisher John, peak's island 
Fisher Miss Nellie F, 55 high 
Fisher Thomas M, seaman, 102 Washington 
Fitcb Edward, bds 453 congress 
Fitch Edwin A, provision sealer, 1 Chatham 
Fitch Luther, 453 congress 
Fitch Simon, physician and surgeon, 50 spring 
Fitts John, joiner, rear 21 oxford 
Fitts William, painter, laurel 

Fitz John S, (Buxton &) 35 chestnut, h cor boyd and oxford 
Fitz Miss Rebecca, dressmaker, 3 deer 
Fitzcharles John, laborer, rear 29 mountfort 
Fitzgerald Edward, railroad employe. 5 marion 
Fitzgerald James, railroad employe, S4 sumncr 
Fitzgerald James II, 100 middle, h 31 wilmot 
Fitzgerald John, laborer, 52 monument 
Fitzgerald Maurice, laborer, 27 summer 
Fitzgerald Michael, 4 tukesbury's court 
Fitzgerald Thomas, mariner, long island 
Fitzpatrick James, laborer, 15 danfprth 
Fitzpatrick John, hostler, 203 foro 
Fitzpatrick John, laborer, G bank 
Fitzsimmons James, laborer, 2 maple 
Fitzsimmons John, gardener, at 41 danforth 
Five Cents Savings Bank, 101 middle 
Flagg Joseph W, shoemaker, 6 peach 
Flaherty Jeremiah, laborer, 10 freeman's lane 
Flaherty John, laborer, 2 plum 
Flaherty John, laborer, 26 york 
Flaherty John, laborer, 8 freeman's lane- 
Flaherty M, laborer, 5 freeman's lane 
Flaherty Matthew, laborer, rear 213 fore 
Flaherty Michael, laborer, 251 fore 
Flaherty Michael, laborer, 2 plum 


Flaherty Michael, laborer, 30 Cumberland 

Flaherty Patrick, soldier, 4 cobbVs court ' 

Flaherty Patrick, laborer, 8 salem lano 

Flaherty Patrick, laborer, 3 freeman's lane 

Flaherty Patrick, laborer, stetson's lano 

Flaherty Patrick, laborer, 127 congress 

Flaherty Tobias, 5 freeman's lane 

Flaherty William, U S navy, 3 'freeman's lane 

Flanegao James, laborer, 52 Washington 

Flanegan James, soldier, 13 salem lano 

Flancgah Mrs Maria, 2u spring 

Flanegan Martin, laborer, rear 20 mouutfort 

Flanegan Patrick, laborer, 13 salem lano 

Flanegan Philip, laborer, 8 center 

Fletcher Charles II, seaman, 122 congress 

Fletcher Frederick W, ship carpenter, 21 myrtlo 

Fletcher George W, blacksmith, 21 myrtlo 

Fletcher J H, (ilersey, F & Co) 109 commercial, h 83 danforth 

Fletcher John T, joiner, 122 congress 

Fletcher William, blacksmith, 122 congress 

Flint, & Drew, Wholesale Dealers in Groceries and Pro- 
visions, Commission Merchants, and Dealers in all kinds of 
Shipping Lumber, Xo. I0o Fore Street. 

Fling Charles II, (Sc Drew) 19ti fore, h SO oxford 

Fling Henry, grocer, 01 commercial, h cor spring and may " 

Flint John A, seaman, 41 pleasant 

Flint Mrs Statira, 41 pleasant 

Flood Mrs Ann, 21 ce iar 

Flood Miss S A, millinery, 17 free 

Floyd Andrew, joiner, C monument 

Floyd Charles R, carpenter, 39 parrii 

Floyd Mrs Gardner, 12 lafayctte 

Floyd George M, painter, tincoln near wilmot 

Floyd Jeremiah G, mason, 36 watervillo 

Flyuu James, trader, 7 union 

Flynn John, laborer, 32 unlm 

Flynn John, soldier, 21 brattle 

Flynn John, soldier, 12 smith 

Flynn Martin, tailor, 11 center . 


Flynn Philip, laborer, 12 smith 
Flynn Patrick H, clerk, 5 willow 

Charles Fobcs, No. Ill Fore Street, Dealer in Paints, 
Oils, Varnishes, Zinc Dryer, Grainer'fl Colors, Brushes, 
Window Glass, &c , &C. 

Fobes Charles, paint dealer, 1 11 fore, h 20 chapel 
Fobcs Charles S, teacher, bda 29 chapel 
Fobes George C, clerk, bds 20 chapel 
Foden Thomas, sailor boarding house, 103 fore 
Fogg Alonzo W| baker, at 111 fore 

Benjamin Fogo, Dealer in Boots, Shoes, Hats, Caps, and 
Clothing. Corner of Exchange and Fore Streets. 

Fogg Benjamin, shoe dealer, 2 exchange, h 201 congress 

Fogg Benjamin F, physician, 201 congress 

Fogg George W, blacksmith, IS lime, h 24 cedar 

Fogg Horace, boarding house, 123 fore 

Fogg J R, hair dresser, 107 middle, h 22 cross 

Fogg Orin S, clerk, 64 five 

Fogg Mrs Patience, 22 CTOSfl 

Fogg Sumner, trader, h cor emery and sprnce 

Foley Mrs Ann, 68 brackett 

Foley Martin, laborer, bda 10 center 

Foley Michael G, laborer, rear 120 congress 

Foley Patrick, laborer, 2 plum 

Foley Peter, trader, 60 Washington 

Foley Peter, blacksmith, S adams 

Foley Thomas, laborer, 28 union 

Foley Thomas, laborer, rear 117 fore 

Foley William, iron founder, fcyng 

FoIIansbee Robert, jeweler, 64 exchange, h 32 winter 

Follett Frank, printer, 40j oxford 

Follett Mrs Margaret, 2 brackett 

Follett William, soldier, 2 brackett 

Folsom Frederick A, clerk, bds 4 locust 

Fone George J, baker, 12 fremont 

Foote L, U S navy, h 30 smith 

Fo)te Cyrus M, stoker, 13 watervillc 

Foote Francis M, steam engineer, 40 franklin 


Foote James M, laborer, 21 neal 

Ford Mrs John W, henry st 

Ford Patrick, laborer, stetson's Iano 

Ford Patrick, laborer, 10 pleasant 

Foren Mrs Pamela, 5 stunner 

Foren William H, soldier, 5 stunner 

Forrest Henry R, joiner, 7 dark cor summer 

Forsaith Frederick, trader, h 2G tyng 

Forsaith George, soldier, li knight's village, Cape Elizabeth 

Fortune William, laborer, 12 mount fort 

Fosdick Miss Ann J, bds Co spring 

Fosdick Richard C, printer, 5 congress place 

Foss Alvin W, physician, 13 hanovor 

Foss Charles \V, apothecary, 115 congress, bds 51 oxford 

Foss David C, soldier, rear 23 commercial 

Foss Ether, mason, forest st 

Foss Mrs Eunice, h 51 oxford 

Foss William R, polisher, 39 parris 

Foster Abiel, dyer, 3 portland, h 132 oxford 

Foster Abraham, ship carpenter, CO chestnut 

Foster Adoniram J, ship carpenter, 6 sumner 

Foster Albert S, mariner, 138 brackett 

Foster Mrs Elizabeth, 15 sumner 

Foster Mrs Emily B, rear 14 chestnut 

Foster George F, 164 commercial, h grove nr westbrook lino 

Foster Henry II, mariner. 20 sumner 

Foster Israel Augustus, soldier, losummcr 

Foster James E, soldier, CO chestnut 

Foster Jeremiah, mariner, 2G sumner 

Foster Jeremiah B, sea captain, 2») sumner 

Foster John T, harness maker, rear 14 chestnut 

Foster Joseph, cooper, Cape Elizabeth ferry village 

Foster Miss Lizzie, tailoress, bds 10 cedar 

Foster Newell A, publisher Portland Press, h 1 tolman place 

Foster Thomas, seaman, 6 walnut 

Foster Thomas, physician, 4 brown 

Foster William, policeman, 51 north 

Foster William IT, railroad employe, 15 summer 

Fountain Mrs Jessie A, dressmaker, bds 13 tyng 

Fountain Mrs Mary, rear 27 middle 


Fowles Mrs Daraxa T, 31 pine 
Fowler Gilbert, stable keeper, CO clark, cor spruce 
Fowler James, cutler, 132 exchange, h 14 federal 
Fowler John E, sailmaker, commercial whf, h 47 st lawreuce 
Fowler Joseph F, sailmaker, commercial whf, h 21 elm 
Fowler Richard C S, machinist, C2 clark 
Fowler Mrs Sarah, 62 clark 
Fox Archelaus L, clerk, 1G gray 
Fox Augustus, soldier, 49 danforth 
Fox Daniel, trader, 80 exchange, h 31 danforth „ 
Fox Edward, Justice S J C, h 77 state 
Fox Mrs Elizabeth L, 40 danforth 

Fox Franklin, (Hcrsey, Flctc & Co) 15Q com'l, h 3 park place 
Fox Frederick, counselor, 04 middle, h 05 park 
Fox Henry, (Emery &) merchant, 233 commercial, h 61 state 
Fox John, 27 south 
Fox Mrs John, 27 south 
. Fox Thomas, soldier, rear 14 nojon 
Fox William 0, 82$ exchange, h 49 danforth 
Foye Charles F, carriage trimmer, bus 11 spring 
Foye Joseph, ropemaker, 20 green 
Foye Joseph, jr, stevedore, 11 spring 
Foye Joseph 3d, carriage painter, 11 spring 

William II. Foye. Marine, Fire, and Life Insurance 
Office, No. 3 Moulton Street, hoftse 183 Cumber!..:. I Street, 
represents several of the largest and most honorable institu- 
tions in the! country, combining cash capital and assets of 
over nine and one-half millions of dollars, and underwrites 
all the usual hazards at lowest rates consistent with securi- 
ty to insured and insurer. 

Foye William II, insurance agent, 3 moulton, h 1>3 cumberl'd 

Francis Charles, soldier, 23 hancook 

Francis Horatio N, teamster, 11 vt-rnou court 

Francis John \V, seaman, 26 hancock 

Francll Peter, laborer, 25 hancock 

Frank Isaiah, fanner, back covo ^- 

Frascr Alexander, 114 brackett 

Fraser James, truckmaj, knight*s Tillage, G K 

Fraser Mrs Jane, 1 spring 

Fraser John, soldier, 4 cusiiman's court 


Fraser John !&, soldier, 4 cushman's court 
Fraser Mrs Martha, cultivator of plants and flowers, 52 pearl 
Frazer Davis, hackraan, 11 willow 
Frates Anthony, stevedore, 123 congress 
Frates Johnson, seaman, 9 back 
Frates Joseph, stevedore, 4 brown's court 
Frates Manuel, stevedore, 20 cotton 
Frates Thomas, seaman, 127 congress 
Fredericks John, sea captain, 2 middle 
Freeman Allen, oyster dealer, 15 market sq, bds 26 free- 
Freeman Andrew, jr, oyster dealer, 42 adams 
Freeman B, clergyman, C E ferry village 
Freeman Barney, fishmonger, 88 vaughan 
Freeman Daniel, 43 comm'l, h X27 congress near observatory 
Freeman Miss Eunice, at 126 congress 
Freeman Hiram L, oyster dealer, h 6 federal 

James Freeman-, No. 85 Federal Street, east of Elm 
House, has constantly on hand a large supply of Oysters, 
Wholesale and Retail, at Boston prices. 

Freeman James, oyster dealer, 85 federal, h 10 garden 

Freeman Mrs Lydia, at 22 elm 

Freeman Miles, oyster dealer, 110 federal 

Freeman Samuel, clerk, 4 brown 

Freeman Sargent S, trader, portlahd nr alder, h 1S$ parris 

Freeman Walter S, oyster dealer, h 10 pearl 

Freeman William P, soldier, 10 hampshlro 

Freethy Reuben, mariner, 10 bracket! 

French Albert G, printer, 36 wilmot 

French A Howard, clerk, C mapio 

French A C, salesman, bds elm house 

French George C, trader, 6 maple 

French William F, joiner, 8 peach 

Friends' Meeting House, oak, between prospect and congress 

Frost Amariah, (& Frye) 100 commercial, h 27 pearl 

Frost Charles H, machinist, 32 India 

Frost Charles R, house builder, 63 winter 

Frost Henry, machinist, 32 india 

Frost Henry A, clerk, 12 winter 


Frost Jacob, clerk, 12 winter 

Frost James H, soldier, GO fore 

Frost James L, machinist, 6 monument 

Frost Luther E, joiner, 13 winter 

Frost Orange C, livery stable, 34 center 

Frost Peter B, tailor, S7 middle, h myrtle 

F. M. Frost, Dealer In Foreign and Domestic Dry Goods, 
No. 4 Deering Block, Congress Street. A choice selection 
of Dress Goods, Black Silks, and a general assortment of 
Housekeeping Goods may be found at this establishment. 

Frost P M, dry goods, 4 deering block, h 7 elm 
Frothingham Albert, clerk, 41 india 
Frothlngham Rev F, in Europe, home 74 park 
Frothingham Mrs Stephen, li 41 india 

Frothingham Thos B, (True &) 157 commercial, h 41 india 
Frye Addison, (Frost &-) 100 commercial, h 41 middle 
Frye James, joiner, h 57 dark cor peach 
Fuller Albert S, teamster, bds 15 alder 
Fuller A P, (Kelley & Co) 286 congress, h 174 Cumberland 
Fuller Benjamin C, grocer, US brackett, h 6 hill 
Fuller Benjamin C, soldier, 27 alder 
Fuller Benjamin W, blacksmith, 7S Stunner 
Fuller Kev Caleb, pastor pine st church, h 17 spruce 
Fuller Charles B, naturalist, h 39 prebls 

Fuller Daniel D, (Clark &) stevedore, 242 com'l, h 16 atlantic 
Fuller David B, rigger, 37 pine 
Fuller George H, clerk, 15 alder 
Fuller Jason, boarding-house, 25 fore 
Fuller Lysander A, railroad employe, 31 franklin 
Fuller Mrs Miranda, 4G4 congress 
Fuller Richard, seaman, 25 Chatham 
Fuller Richard C, U S navy, grcenleaf near fox 
Fuller Mrs Susan, 27 alder 
•Fuller Mrs Susan E, at 174 Cumberland 
Fulton Mrs Hannah, 32 munjoy 

Furbish Miss Addie A, at 30 sumncr ^ 

Furbish Daniel, shoemaker, 5 stetson's court 
Furbish Daniel, jr, shoemaker, 4 stetson's court 
Furbish George K, shoemaker, 5 stetson*! court 


Furbush Frank, clerk, Mb U S hotel 

JFurbush Mrs Ilannah W, at 131 } oxford 

Furbush Henry II, superintendent sugar works, 139 danforth 

Furbush James, professor of languages, 5S free 

Furbush J C M, adjutant U S army, 58 free 

Furbish Mrs Lydia A, at 30 sumner 

Furlong Alexander W, U S navy, 6 monument 

Furlong Charles H, truckman, 10 gTeen 

Furlong Mrs Eliza, at 6 monument 

Furlong Freeman S, truckman, 124 spring 

Furlong George W, truckman, 15 £ alder 

Furlong Matthias W, truckman, h 5S fore 

Furlong Uriah II, truckman, li 9 green 

GAFFXEY JAMES RYAN, soldier, 31 # smith 
Gage Frederick, carpenter, pearl near oxford 
Gage Miss Mary, tailoress, 297 congress 
Gage R W, (Blake, Jones & Co) 137 com'l, h 32 brown 
Ga^e William M, seaman, 14 cotton 
Gale Albert H, apothecary, bds 1 harrison place 
Gale Stephen, apothecary, 69 middle, h 1 harrison place 
Gallagher Frank, laborer, 4 adams 
Gallagher Owen, soldier, 127 congress 
Gallagher Peter, laborer, 110 danforth 
Gallagher Thomas, stone cutter, 19 hammond 
Gallison Cyrus L, trader, 11 gray, h 14 winter 
Gallison George, (& C L) trader, store and house, 11 gray 
Gallison Henry, clerk, 11 gray 
Gallison JetTerson, painter, 213 congress 
Gallovan^Irs Alice, 21 union 
Gallovan James, laborer, rear 37 Washington 
Gallovan John, laborer, 6 larch 
Gammago Augustine H, cook, 220 Cumberland 
Gammon Charles G, printer, B6j pearl 
Gammon Edward M, painter, 11 hancock 
Gammon Ephraim, trader, 89 exchange 
Gammon Ezekiei D, painter, 27 onion, h 240 Cumberland 
Gammon Samuel IT, soldier. 4»5 chestnut 
Gannon John, teamster, 18 poplar 


Gantley Thomas, laborer, 1 freeman's lane 

Gardner Christopher, sea captain, 9 brackett 

Gardner George C, tailor, 22 mechanic v 

Gardner Henry, laborer, 9 danforth 

Gardner Israel, 2 casco 

Gardner James, laborer, 8 Cumberland place 

Gardner Jeremiah, soldier, 5 hall's lane 

Gardner Joseph, 36 pearl 

Gardner Mrs Mazy, at 3 brattle 

Gardner Miss Melissa E, at 37 india 

Gardiner & Bbowzi (Successors to Chadbourne & Ken- 
dall) Merchant Tailor*, and Dealers in Ready Made Cloth- 
ing, and Gentleman's Furnishing Goods, No. 62 Middle St., 
corner of Lime Street. 

Gardner XathT S, (& Brown) clothier, 62 middle, bds 39 spring 
Gardner Mrs Sarab, at 31 Hampshire 
Gardner William J, farmer, 37 india 
Gardner William J, fish dealer, 320 commercial 
Gardner William T, peak's island 
Garland Benjamin, stone mason, 2 monument 
Garland Daniel, laborer, 13 brackett 
Garland John, blacksmith, 256 fore 

Garland John W, locomotive engineer, (P S 5c P) bds 13 brack 
Garslin Mrs Eliza, 14 st lawrence 
Garvin Mrs Sarah W T , 11 prospect 
Gas Light Company's office, 22 exchange 
Gassett Francis A, laborer, bds 35 simmer 
Gately Mrs Elizabeth, 2 brown's court 
Gately Mrs Mary, 7 york 
Gates Mrs Mary E, 61 Cumberland 
Gatow Anthony J, seaman, 4 maple ] 
Gay James, painter, h 4 canton 
Gay John H, potter, 13 brattle 
Gay Mrs Mary G, millinery, 43 middle, h 20 franklin 
Geary Daniel, pavier, 17 hanover 
Geary Daniel, laborer, 62 monument 
Geary Michael, laborer, rear 49adami 
. Geo Elbridge, proprietor citizens' omnibus line, bds city hotel 
Gee Isaac, machinist, bds 20 fore 


Gechau Barnard, laborer, 106 fore 

Gegcnheimer "William F, furrier, 22 franklin 

Gent Mrs Mary, 2 tinkham's court 

Gerard John, laborer, 23 Washington 

Gcrrish Augustus F, U S assessor, h 51 winter 

Gerrish Charles II, clerk, 67 Cumberland 

Gerrish Edward P, cashier ca~co bank, li 9 pine 

Gerrish Frederick A, printer, bds 70 spring 

Gerrish John J, railroad conductor, h 15 st lawrence 

Gerrish Mrs Joseph M, 51 middle 

Gerrish Mrs'Mary E, 25 cedar 

GEniusn & Pkarson, Watches, Jewelry, and Silver 
Ware, No. 74 Exchange Street. 


Gerrish Oliver, (& Pearson) jeweler, 74 exchange, h 7 locust 

Gerrish William, shoe store, 301 congress, h 6 mechanic 

Gerrish "William L, student, 7 locust 

Gerrity Dominic, laborer, 2G Cumberland 

Gerry Eibridge, counselor, 101 middle, h 59 high 

Gert* Daniel F, clerk, 15 boyd 

Gerts Martin, joiner, 80 spring 

Ger:-, Samuel P, shipmaster, h 167 congress 

Gessner Edward O, ship carpenter, 06 simmer 

Gibbons Mrs Man*, 1 brown's court 

Gibbons Michael, waiter, 29 center 

Gibbous Patrick, laborer, 2"> hammond 

Gibbons Thomas, soldier, 17 center 

Gibbons William, teaman, 4 salem lane" 

Gibtoni William, laborer, 23 India 

Gibbs Henry, hostler, 54 franklin 

Gibson Mrs Catharine, 6 canton 

Gibson Mrs John, 111 Washington 

Gibson William, seaman, 3 spring 

Giddings Ambrose, painter, 2'js fore, h 108 spring 

Gilbert Miss Eunice, at 91 Cumberland 

Gilbert Ju^iuh J, trader, 32 st lawrence 

Giles Miss Ophelia, at 17 cr-jjfs 

Gilford Juhn, wood surveyor, 338 comm'l, h rear 11 park 

Gilkey A L, (B Greenough & Co) US middle, h 6 hanovcr 



Gilkey Charles N, clerk, bds elm housa 
Gilkey Mrs Eliza, h 344 congress 
Gilkey John, carpenter, rear 112 brackett 
Gilkey Samuel H, carpenter, 1-13 spring 

Dasiel Gill & So>-, Victualer, Head of Long and Com- 
mercial Wharves. Regular meals will be served up to or- 
der. From their long connection with the business, they 
flatter themselves that they can satisfy all who may be 
pleased to call on thern. 

Gill Daniel, (& Son) victualer, hd com'l wharf, h~42 wilmot 

Gill Leonard F, soldier, 10 mechanic 

Gill Thomas, provisioncr, 211 fore 

Gill Wm L L, (I> Gill & Son) hd com'l wharf, bds 42 wilmot 

Gillas John, mariner, 133 congress 

Gillespie Edward II, lunch saloon, 4 free, h 15 willow 

Gillespie Mrs Mary E, 26 pleasant 

Gillespie Robert, oil cleanser, 2 salem iano 

GiHaspic William, laborer, 13 york 

Gillian Patrick, soldier, 12 silver 

Gillighan Michael, laborer, 24 brattle 

Gilloolcy Patrick, mason, 3 cross 

Gilman Charles H, soldier, 17 green * 

Gilman Charles H, captain U S army, 16 green 

Gillman Geo, (& Phinney) 1 portland pier, h 40 st lawrence 

Gilman Isaiah, carpenter, 22 temple, h 15 pcarlj 

Gilman John T, physician, h 41 free 

Gilman John T, editor Daily Press, lincoln, foot pearl 

Gilman Joseph E, clerk international bank, h 110 Cumberland 

Gilman Nath'l J, jeweler, 128 middle, h 131 Cumberland 

Gilmartin Thomas, laborer, 126 danforth 

Gilmore James, laborer, 4 york 

Gilraore William, iron founder, 3 atlantic 

Gilpatrick Mrs Sarah, 30 green 

Gilson Charles A, stabler, rear 178 middle, h 4 elm 

Gilson Edward, oyster trader, 52 pearl 

Gilson Mrs Eliza P, boariing-house, 12 clark. 

Gihon Mrs Hannah C, 4 elm 

Gilson Mrs Philinda, 72 danforih 

Gdion L C, druggist, 14 market square, h 107 Cumberland 


L. C. Gilsox, M. !>., Apothecary and Chemist, No. 14 
Market Square, directly opposite old City Hall. Depot for 
the sale of Pure Medicines and Chemical-, as well as Taney 
and Toilet Articles and every variety of Perfumery. Phy- 
sicians' Prescriptions receive his personal attention. Every 
Patent Medicine constantly on hand. 

Ginney Daniel, laborer, 2 tukesbury's court 

Ginncy Mrs Julia, 11 pleasant 

Gisberry Joseph, fisherman, rear 8 center 

Glackin Dennis E, trader, 139 congress 

Glancey John, laborer, 2 plum 

Gleason Mrs Charles, 14 mechanic! 

Gleason John, laborer, bds 20 york 

Gleason Thomas, laborer, stetson's lane 

Glendenning John G, soldier, 40 parris 

Glendenning Thomas M, soldier, 40 parris 

Glidden Edward A, 103 commercial, h 35 danforth 

Glynn Hugh, laborer, cotton court 

Glynn James, laborer, 30 cotton 

Glynn John, laborer, rear 42 brackett 

Goddard Mrs Caroline, at 11 cross 

Goddard Guilford, moulder, 21 cross 

Goddard Henry, merchant, 33 free 

Goddard Henry W, meeting-house hill, C E 

Goddard John, merchant, near cape cottage 

Godding Isaac, gardener, spruce^ corner emery 

Coding Ephralm, grocer, 22 st Iawrence, h 17 at Iawrence 

Coding Stillman K, trader, 22, h 22 st Iawrence 

Godfrey Mrs Catharine, 33 Cumberland 

Godfrey James, soldier, G hammond 

Godfrey John, soldier, 119 congress 

Godfrey Thomas laborer, 101 congress 

Godsoe James E, carpenter, 14 spring 

GofV Patrick, laborer, eongresi near observatory 

Golden William P, soldier, 12 Cumberland 

J. 11. Golder, Dealer in Tarlor, Chamber, and Common 
Furniture, and Looking Glasses ; ^Importer and Dealer in 
Cnina, Crockery, a; id (jla-s Ware. Britannia Ware, Tabla 
Cutierv, Plated Ware, and a general assortment of House 
Furnishing Goods. w$ and 1<&0 Middle Street. 


Golder Jacob B, furnitmc, &c, 13S middle, ii 10 carlton . 

Good Robert, wagoner, 5 canton 

Good William, cordwainer, 2-1 center 

Goodell Charles R, civil engineer, 28 <l:in forth 

Goodale Daniel X, laborer, 3 bradbury's court 

Goodenow William, counselor, 27 exchange, h 50 park 

Goodhue Daniel, joiner, h 7 laurel 

Goodhue E Q, soldier, 27 portland 

Goodhue Henry, carpenter, bds rear 104 Washington 

Goodhue Richard, joiner, rear 101 Washington ,, 

Gooding Edward, shipmaster, 74 danforth 

Gooding Frederick A, U S aavy, 34 pleasant 

Gooding James C, clerk, 14S middle, hCE 

Gooding John, laborer, 20 hammond 

Gooding John A, teamster, 20 hammond 

Gooding Lemuel, 31 pleasant 

Gooding Samuel D, cabinet maker, 11 garden 

Goodrich Mrs Ellen, 3 cobb's court 

Goodrich George, merchant, bds 89 Spring 

Goodrich Jacob, blacksmith, bds 10 mnnjoy 

Goodrich Herman, blacksmith, bds 10 mnnjoy 

Goodwin Andrew, soldier, 30 free 

Goodwin E, packing box maker, 3 union 

Goodwin James S, physician, 00 spring 

Goodwin William, hosticr, 337 j congress i 

Googins William C, blacksmith, rear 241 congress 

Gookin Seth L, blacksmith, 72 sunnier 

Goolavau Mrs Catharine, rear 119 congress 

Goolavan Jerry, laborer, rear 119 congress 

Goolavau John, laborer, 101 congress ( 

Goold Abner R, stevedore, 25 pine 

Goold Augustus K, sailmaker, bds 42 india 

Goold Josiah. soldier, 11 spruce 

Goold Josiah G, laborer, h 11 spruce 

Goold Nathan, tailor, 101 middle, h rear 312 congress 

Goold Russell, carpenter, 23 spruce 

Goold Thomas O, railroad conductor, 1 deering 

Goold Walter F, confectioner, 69 oxford 

Goold William, (& Waite) sailmaker, 117 coram*!, h 42 india 

P IV J. XJ \tX 9 X» I.** - 

Goold & Waits, Sailmakers, 117 Com 
head Long Wharf, (over Lyman & Marrett'. 


Gould Charles, hatter, h 53 oxford 
Gould Charles B, baggage master, (K&PR Rfhlx 
Gould Charles F, soldier, 55 north 
Gould Daniel, stevedore, 37 warren 
Gould Daniel, hatter* h 53 oxford 

Gould Edward, cashier man. and traders bank, h 4C pearl 
Gould Edward, trader, 133 fore, h 6 willow 
Gould Edward, teamster, 12 loweii 
Gould Edward A, seaman, 55 north 
Gould James, boiler maker, 125 congress 
Gould James S, coroner and constable, 154 exchange, h 20 elm 
Gould John E, house and ship joiner, 58 dark cor spruce- 
Gould John M, Heat 10th regiment, home 46 pearl 
Gould Mrs Mary E, 206 congress 

Mosf? Gould, Dealer in Real Estate, No. 74 Middle 
Street, (up stairs). Houses and Vacant Lots, centrally Bit- 
Bated, tjv sale ; as well as lands and flats accessible by water, 
suitable for manufacturing purposes. Those who intend 
purchasing would do well to call and examine his chart* 
and plans. 

! ' see, real estate dealer, 74 middle, h 55 north 
Gould Mi>s Nancy, 24 gray 
Gould Robert II, blacksmith, S atlantic 
Gould William E, cashier international bank, h 103 brackett 
Gordon Charles K, mariner, rear 39 oak 
Gordon Mrs Emetine A, 133 brackett cor vaughan 
Gordon Geo B, (Sz Co) furniture, &C, 03 exchange, h 40 winter 
Gorduu Mrs Harriet, 6 park plaeo 
GcrJon Henry E, carriage smith, 29 portland 
Gordon Mrs Nathaniel, 6 park place 

Gore Charles M, (Lea the fc) loap manufacturer, bds 79 state 
Gore Martin, merchant, h Tfl 
Gorham Joseph K, sea captain, 6 maple 
Gorham Peter, railroad employe, 15 danfurth 
Gorman James, laborer, 20 center 
Gorman Thomas, laborer, -1 york 


mason, 62 monument 
, mason, 5 marion 
^, provisioner, 50 monument 
am/ laborer, 9 larch 
.der, 105 green 
yrge 0, printer, 105 green 
^ Patrick, laborer, 103 congress 
government House, (City) 210 congres3 
Gowell Andrew, boots and slices, 76 middle, h 80 Cumberland 
Gowell Samuel B, dry goods dealer, h 17 myrtle 
Grace Samuel, teamster, 10 hanover 
Grace Samuel, jr, teamster, 19 hanover 
Graffam Mrs Anna, bds 326 congress 
Graffam Caleb S S, mariner, 20 state 
Graffam George W, teamster, bds 150 exchange 
Graffam Mrs Hannah H, 12 spring 
Graffam Joseph, hotel keeper, bds preble house 
Graffam Mrs Louisa, 37 hanover 
Graffam Peter, shipmaster, h 42 winter 
Graffam Peter A, soldier, 42 winter 
Graham Arthur, moulder, 2S adam3 
Graham Mrs Charlotte, rear 61 brackett 
Graham Rev Daniel M, pastor casco st church, 31 greeu 
Graham. William, goods agent GTE R, h 23$ danforth 
Graney Mrs Catharine, 4-i yerk , 

Grant Jotham P, soldier, rear 217 fore 
Grant Jotham S, woodsawyer, rear 217 fore 

Forest City Mills, established 1853. J. Grant, 13 
and 15 Union Street, 'Manufacturer of and Dealer in all 
kinds of Coffees and Spices, carefully Boasted and Ground, 
and neatly put up, at his own C"iVce and Spice Mills, under 
his personal supervision. Coffee and Spices put up for the 
Trade (with any address) in all variety of Packages, and 
warranted in every instance as represented. Pea-nuts and 
Coffee roasted an J ground for the Trad: at short notice. 

Grant J, coQee and spice grinder, 15 union, bds 177 congress 
Grant Paul J, dealer in ?pices, bds 11 parris 
Grant William, rope maker, bds IS salem 
Grant William, gardener, J B Brown's grounds 
Graves Charles P, melodeon maker, lincoln ?t 


Gravc3 William W, post office clerk, 55 oxford 

Gray Albert M, clerk, 8 suinner j 

Gray Mrs Alexander, atlantic house, 51 fore 

Gray Andrew, butcher, h near libby's corner 

Gray Charles E, cooper, 7 sumner 

Gray Eben F, bread dealer, " M " 

Gray Edward A, clerk, 14 spring 

Gray Mrs Eliza J, 9 vernon court 

Gray George, trader, 71 fore, h 7 sumner 

Gray George, painter, fa 33 warren 

Gray Harrison W, counselor, bds elm house 

Gray Henry A, carriage painter, bds 7 sumner • 

Gray John, paint manufacturer, 32 munjoy 

Gray Joseph, plasterer, h 2 park place 

Gray Mrs Mary J, 14 spring 

Gray Mr-; Sarah, forest street 

Gray William, patent leather manuf'r, grove st near railroad 

Gray William, painter, 11 munjoy 

Grcely Mrs Eiiphalet, 32 pearl 

Grecly John, engineer, 77 Cumberland 

Grcely John, laborer, bds 247 fore 

Greeiy Martin, laborer, 262} fore 

Greeiy Michael, laborer, 28 pleasant 

Greeiy Patrick, laborer, 49 Washington 

Greeiy Mm Philip, 135 congress 

Greeiy ttenselaer, milkman, 112 br&ckett 

Green Abuer G, mason, h 130 spring 

Green Alpbeui L, soldier, rear 130 spring 

Green Benjamin F, sea captain, ;> Cumberland 

Green Charles II, 28] commercial, is HG ipring 

Green Charles M s laborer, 25 green 

Green Charles M. j • A ~ - ice 

Green Charles li. plasterer and lather, 10 peach 

Green Cyrus, (Phinney, Green & Co) SO comui'l, h 7 chapel 

Green Daniel, shoemaker, 270 fore 

Green Edmund, laborer, 140 bracket: 

Green George, sailmnkflr, 40 \ arrifl 

Green George G, shoemaker, h o3S congress 

Green George W, wood and coal, 172 commercial, h 43 oxford 


Grecu George AT, fisherman, 6 montgomcry 

Green Mrs Hannah R, 7 spruce 

Green Henry, stable keeper, h 2S pine 

Green Henry, soldier, rear 149 spring 

Green John, locomotive engineer, 8 mcclmuic 

Green Mrs Mary, at 8 mechanic 

Green Mrs Mary, 327 congress 

Green Robert F, trader, h 15 portland 

Green Robert F, jr, trader, h 15 portland 

Green Samuel S, foreign mail carrier, h 31 federal * 

Green Mrs Tempcrar.ce B, 209 Cumberland 

Green Thomas, laborer, 95 danforth 

Green William, cooper, 33 center 

Green William E, clerk, bds HO brackctt 

Green William 11, expressman, 209 Cumberland 

Green William II, soldier, S mechanic 

Greenhalgh James, carriage maker, bds 25 hanover 

Greenhalgh Moses, clerk, bds 93 federal 

Greenlaw Richard, 5 Chatham 

Greenleaf George W, machinist, 35 foro 

Byron Greenough & Co., Manufacturers of Fur Goods, 
Hats, Cap*, Buck Gloves and Mittens. Importers of Furs 
and Gloves, Wholesale and Retail, 148 and 150 Middle St. 


Greenough Byron, (& Co) hats and furs, 148 middle, h 23 south 

Greenough Charles, provisioner, pine cor brackett, h 37 winter 

Greenough Freeman, (Morse &) 20 market sq, h 340 congress 

Greenough John H, bds 37 winter 

Greenwood A, machinist, bds st Lawrence house 

Gregg Mrs Eliza J, 19 foro * 

Gregg Henry L, sea captain, 23 st lawrenco 

Gregg William F, stone cntter, bds 30 India 

Grenier Joseph A, lieut U S army, 10 itone % 

Grenouin William, laborer, 14 hammond 

Gribbin James W, teamster, 35 Washington 

Gribbin Mrs Jane, at 35 Washington 

Gribbin Thomas, laborer, rear S york 

Gribbin Watson R, soldier, 35 Washington 

Gribbin Wesley,soldior, 35 Washington 


Griffin Caleb, (J G Deguio k Co) 201 comm'l, h 20 state 
Griffin Charles J, mariner, 38 middle 
GrifTm Charles S I), 22 exchange, h 103 congress 
Griffin Charles S D, jr, collector gas office, 103 congress 
Griffin David, fisherman, crutch island 
Griffin David H, fisherman, long i>kmd 
Griffin Edward S, carver, 10 moulton, h 2S smith 
Griffin Mrs Eliza Ann, l->> brackett 
Griffin George II, joiner, 27 st Lawrence 
Griffin Horatio G, joiner, h 37 oxford 
Griffin Israel, fisherman, long [aland 
Griffin Jeremiah, 88| brackett 
Griffin Jeremiah, fisherman, long island 
Griffin Jeremiah, jr, fisherman, long island 
Griffin John, piano-forte maker, h 42 franklin 
Griffin John, laborer, 9 dow 
Griflin John B, seaman, 37 Washington 
Griffin Joseph, mariner, C E ferry village 
Griffin Joseph, stevedore, 37 Washington 
Griffin Moses, fisherman, long island 
Griffin Moses, jr, long island 
Griffin Patrick, moulder, 1 spring 
Griffin Richard, laborer, rear 13 poplar 
Griffin Thomas, soldier, 5 haneock court 
Griffin Warren, teamster, bcls 30 sumner 
Griffin Washington, joiner, 27 st lawronce 
Griffin William E, fisherman, long bland 
Griffin William II, on tow boat, h 1 riot 
Griffiths John, stucco worker, 7^ chirk 
Griffiths S & M, englisfa goods, 23 free, h 21 J free- 
Grimes John, laborer, 2 plum 
Grinnell William II, shoemaker, C E feny village 
GriswoM Virgil, dealer, 155 comm'I, h 5 south 
Grohsarth Charles, watchmaker, h<U 33 brown 
Gross Granvillo M, clerk, bds american houso 
Gross J II C, clerk, loo commercial, bds american houso 
Grover Abel, mason, rear 83 brackett 
Grovcr Alpheus E, sollier, 119 Congress 
Grover Amos, trader, 41J co:.g;c-i 


Grover Miss Annie, tailorcss, bds 21 mayo 
Grover Thomas J, shoemaker, rear 18 north 
Groves John, 10 abyssinian court 

Hermann Gruxtal, Wholesale and Rotail Dealer in 
Embroideries, Laces, German Worsteds, Corsets, Dress 

- Trimmings, Hosiery, Gloves, Under Garments, and a great 
variety of Fancy Articles, Xo. 10 Clapp's Block, Congress 

Gruntal Hermann, dry goods, 10 clapp's block, bds U S ho'tel 
Guilford Elijah, railroad employe, 14 tato 
Guilford Joseph, steam engineer, 15 dark s 

See Gilford 

Gulliver Andrew, tinsmith, 2CS fore- 
Gulliver Charles, laborer, 268 foro 
Gulliver Charles E, tinsmith, 2oS fore 
Gulliver Frank, laborer, 3S Cumberland 
Gulliver John, stevedore, 34 India 
Gulliver Joseph, laborer, 1 abyssinian court 
Gulliver Owen, soldier, 110 congress 
Guptili Humphrey, cooper, 37 india 
Gurney Charles S, baker, SSJ brackett 
Gurney Mrs Jane II, 65 dark 
Gurney Joseph S, mason, C E ferry village 
Gustafen John C, mariner, 17 ccnter 
Guthrie Michael, laborer, rear 1G larch 
Gwynn George, 6$ union wharf, h 105 Cumberland 
Gwynn Holland, 40 oxford 

HACKER JEREMIAH, near back cove village 

Hackett Sam! W, eating house, com'l, opp P S ft P R R depot 

Hademan John I), soldier, SO oxford cor stone 
Hadlock Smith C, fisherman, peak's Island 
Hafey Thomas, laborer, 1 cobb's court 
Haggarty Michael, laborer, 38 union 
Haggett Benjamin S, trader, 499 congress 
Haggett Frank E, soldier, 20 smith 
Haggett Samuel F, butcher, 10 hill 
Haggett William, butcher, 473 congress 
Haggett William F, chairmaker, 20 smith ^ 


Hague Israel, trader, 14 salem 

Haines Allen, counselor, 74 middle, h 143 $ state 

Haines Edward P, watchmaker, 12S middle, h 197 cumberPd 

Haines Mrs Elizabeth C, IS brattle 

Haines Mrs Ezekiel, 21 tate 

Haines Miss Hannah, 375 congress 

Haines William L, on eastern express, 197 Cumberland 

Haynes Abraham C, pattern-maker, rear 74 york 

Haynes Elizabeth It, 57 franklin 

Haynes Jane, school teacher, 57 franklin * 

Haynes Sarah A, dressmaker, 57 franklin 

Halcrow Lawrence, trader, 123 fore, h 110 fore 

Hale Charles K, soldier, 110 confess 

Hale Edwin, trader, h 11 elm 

Hale Frederick, book-binder, bds 3 oak 

Hale Joseph, (Yeaton &) ship broker, 111 corn 1 !, h 92 state 

Hale Joseph, truckman, 110 congress 

Hale Lorenzo D, soldier, 110 congress 

Hale Mrs Mary, 11 elm 

Haley Albert, U S navy, 21 pine 

Haley Mrs A P, super' dent home for indigent females, 15 elm 

Haley Benjamin F, shoemaker, 21 pine 

Haley C Jesse, painter, libby's corner 

Haley Daniel, cooper, libby's corner 

Haley James, laborer, 6 salem lane 

Haley James, laborer, rear 41 cotton 

Haley John, soap boiler, emery nr danforth 

Haley Michael, laborer, 5o monument . 

Haley Patrick, seaman, S pleasant 

Haley Patrick, laborer, £0 sumner - • 

Haley Thomas J, umbrella maker, 6 tinkham's court 

Haley William J, milk man, 8 montreai 

Hali Amata W, jeweler, 27 green 

Hall Bryant A, carpenter, 2 dow 

Hall Byron F, boarding house, 30 india 

Hall Charles B, lieut U S army, 151 Cumberland 

Hall Charles B, painter, S3 Cumberland 

Hall Charles C, carpet dealer, 131 middle, h 39 winter 

Hall Chas H, constable, 154 exchange, h 151 Cumberland 

Eall Cambridge B, cook, 29 hammond 


Hall Dana Bf, soldier, 19 neal 

Hall David, merchant, h 37 high 

Hall David N, soldier, 5 Washington 

Hall Edward, sea captain, 44 atlantic 

Hall Edward W, school teacher, 15 preble 

Hall George, lumber dealer, 42 chestnut 

Hall Isaac A, steam engineer, bds 30 India % 

Hall James, civil engineer, ii8 brackett 

Hall James N, botanic physician, 7 Washington 

Hall Mrs Joel, 11 park 

Hall John, woodsawycr, bds 214 fori 

Hall John H, (N P Richardson & Co) 203 com'l, h 40 federal 

Hall Joseph B, secretary of state, 11 church 

Hall Maria L, dry goods, 100 middle, h 15 myrtle 

Hall Paul, wood dealer, 185 commercial, h_74 Cumberland • 

Hall Samuel M, confectioner, 90 vaughan 

Hall Silas P, soldier, 5 Washington 

Hall Simeon, surveyor of lumber, h 15*2 Cumberland 

Hall Stephen, painter, bds 66 clark 

Hall Stephen D, 05 exchange, h 23 park 

Hall Waldron A, cordwainer, bds 5 Washington 

Hall William, U S navy, 24? congress 

Hall William, jr, laborer, rear 213 fore 

Hall William A, mariner, 30 india 

Hall William E, 11 park 

Hall William S, sea captain, 43 chestnut 

Hall William W, car repairer, 16 mount fort 

Hall Winslow, keeper powder magazine, 15 prebla 

Hallaghan James, watchmaker, S neal 

Hallahau John, teamster, rear 1 union 

Halliday Mrs Elizabeth, at 168 congress 

Hailovan John, laborer, 31 smith 

Hallo well Henry F, soldier, 33 portland 

Hallo well Ralph, trader, store 12, h 33 portland 

Hallo well Samuel S, machinist, 6 portland 

Hamm Charles H, cooper, h 40 adams 

Ham George C, blacksmith, 00 fore 

Ham William L, soldier, opp 52 monument 

Hamblen Edward, 143 commercial, h 41 state 



Hamblen Lorenzo, mason, 81 nunjoy 
Hamblen Wm, mason, 25 atlantic 
Hamblen Wm, jr, bricklayer, 25 atlantic 
Harablm Edward K, laborer, 3:) federal 
Hamblet Charles, paper hanger, h emery nr spruco 
Hamblet John D, brickmaker, oS-i congress 
Hamilton Ambrose, shipmaster, Cape Elizabeth ferry village 
Hamilton Chas, (H, Knight & Sons) 6 gait block, h 61 high 
Hamilton Charles E, soldier, 4 pine 
Hamilton Mrs C B, 4 pine 

Hamilton Eben, sea captain. Cape Elizabeth ferry village 
- Hamilton Jas F, (11, Knight & Suns) 6 gait block, bds 51 high 
Hamilton Mrs Jane, at 60 Washington 
Hamilton Jonas, master mechanic G T R R, 87 oxford 
Hamilton Robert, laborer, 20 spring 
Hamilton William, brass worker, bds 82 federal 
Hamilton William J, teamster, 44 adams 
Hamilton William P, soldier, 4 pine 
Hamlen Francis A, clerk, 8 tyng 

Hamlen James n, lumber dealer, 293 commercial, h 53 park 
Hamlin Edwin R, master mechanic Y & C R B, 25 alder 
Hamlin Miss Mary E, at 7 portland 
Hamlin Sumner, clerk, at 96 free 
Ilammett Miss Eunice, dressmaker, 256 congress 
Hammett John G, clerk, 256 congress 
Hammond Miss Elizabeth, bds 19 india 
Hammond Oilman, cabinet maker, rear 7 salem 
Hammond John, seaman, 25 danforth 
Hammond Malcolm F, clerk, 431 congress 
Hammond Thomas, merchant, h 375 congress 
Hammond Thomas, jr, h 63 park 
Hammond William, merchant, h 431 congress 
Hanagan Thomas, laborer, center 
Hancock Richard, stone cutter, bds 61 sumner 
Haney Mrs Betsey, domestic, 23 south 
Hankard William H, grocer, 29 center -^ 

Hankersou Geo M, ambrotypbt, 161 middle, bds 89 danforth 
Hankerson John, coppersmith, 29 danforth 
Hainan Jeremiah, laborer, 4 freeman's lano 


Hanlan Patrick, moulder, 7 madison 

Hauley James, laborer, 70 Washington 

Hanley Thomas, laborer, cotton court 

Hanna George F, soldier, 9G brackett 

Hanna Peter, shipmaster, 28 tyng 

Hannaford Edward, clerk, bds 23 casco 

Hannaford Joseph J G, clerk, 2 congress place 

Hannaford Robert, laborer, 76 green 

Hannaford Samuel S, cabinet maker, 2 congress place 

Hannan Hugh, laborer, 28 pleasant , 

Hanscom Miss Irene, at 20 chestnut 
- Hanson Miss Annie, at IS spring 

Hanson Asa, hd bcrlin mills whf, h 352 congress 

Hanson Charles H, U S navy, 21 munjoy 

Hanson Elbridge M, painter, 5 mechanic 

Hanson Miss Eunice, SS state 

Hanson Ezekiel II, soldier, 100 congress 

Hanson Frank B, clerk, 352 congress 

Hanson Frank B, truckman, lOG congress 

Hanson Gardner F,(Boyd &) rigger, franklin whf, h 17 franklin 

Hanson George A, provisioned 17 franklin 

Hanson Henry, stone cutter, 16 portlaml, h rear 77 brackett 

Hanson Jas H, principal boys' high school, h 371 congress 

Hanson Josiah, car builder, h 21 munjoy 

Hanson J W, plow manufact'r, 13 portland, h westbrook point 

Hanson Mrs Lorenzo I), h 57 high 

Hanson Moses, apothecary, westbrook point, h 4S portland 

Hanson Nancy, carpet maker, 25 winter 

Hanson Robert, truckman, 100 congress 

Hanson Mrs Samuel, 62 freo 

Hanson Vcranus C, 140 middle, h IS spring 

Hardcubrook John X, mariner, knight's village, C E 

Hardenbrook Nelson, ship carpenter, knight'l village, C E 

Harding Geo M. architect, 04 middle, h 373 congress 

Harding Mr3 Noah, bds 405 congress 

Hardy Cyrus II, soap boiler, 24 monument 

Hardy John, boiler maker, 9 waterviile 

Harford Ezra T, caulker, h 50 middle 

Harford Wm H, caulker, C E ferry village. 



Hargadon Roger, laborer, S cantoa 
Harking Mrs Mary, 98 1 dan forth 
Harking Thomas, laborer, 24 pleasant 
Harlow Alfred G, printer, bds 30 brown 
Harlow Edward, trader, 220 fore, h 40 federal 
Harlow Mrs Eliza G, 30 winter 
Harlow Lazarus, trader, 220 tore, h 49 federal 
Harmon Aaron F, steam engineer, 8 beach 
Harmon Albion, cooper, forest street cor congress 
Harmon Benjamin W, long island 
Harmon Mrs Charles C, 24 sumner 
Harmon Ebenezer, mason, 61 winter 
Harmon George A, watchmaker, bds 101 oxford 
Harmon George F, joiner, 101 oxford 
Harmon Mrs Harriet M, 11 brown 
Harmon James II, printer, 101 oxford 
Harmon James O, mason, 78 dark 
Harmon John G, blacksmith, 98 fore, h rear 5 boyd 
Harmon John N, cooper, grove st, rear 
Harmon Lorenzo D, trader, 19 myrtle 
Harmon Phineas F, junk store, 40 portland, bds 15 parm 
Harmon Mrs Priscilla, rear 5 boyd 
Harmon Silas B, blacksmith, rear 5 boyd 
Harmon Sylvanus, mason, 34 pine 
Harmon Theodore F, cooper, libby's corner 
Harmon Thomas, 124 spring 
Harmon William, trader, 42 portland, h 15 parris 
Harmon William T, mason, CI winter 
Harmon Zebulon K, (Bradford &) 88 exchange, h 8 cedar 
Harnden Dennis, laborer, 11 bank 
Harper Charles, mariner, rear 11 middle 
Harndl Charles, U S raw, with John Bell 
Harrigan Mrs Margaret, 3"> cotton 
Harriugton Nathaniel, sea captain, C,E ferry village 
Harrington William, peak's island 
Harris Mrs Abigail, 12 neal 

Harris Albion F, (Harris Bros) S01 ior<i t h 25 park 
Harris Augustus, truckman, 3:} hampshirc 
Harris Berg. F, (Harm Bros) 202 for?, bds prebio house 


Harris Charles G, clerk, bds 12 neal 

Harris Charles M, clerk, bds 58 north 

Harris Edward N, clergyman, 123 spring 

Harris Mrs Elizabeth A, 17 winter 

Harris Frederick R, hats and furs, 71 exchange, h 344 congresi 

Harris George, cooper, 24 Cumberland 

Harris Horace C, truckman, 2 park 

Harris James, clerk, h 3 cotton 

Harris James, cooper, 22 Cumberland 

Harris James F, joiner, bds 12 neal 

Harris Mrs Jane, 14 summer 

Harris Joseph, wool puller, 10 portland 

Harris Joseph P., steam engineer, 1 hancock 

Harris Lydia A, school teacher, bds 30 free 

Harris Mra Mary, at 23 merrill 

Harris Mrs Sarah, bds 13 cross 

Harris Stephen, trader, store 127, h 07 oxford 

Harris Willard W, (Woodbury &:) 115 commercial, h $ wiimo; 

fiarrison John, trader, 15 fore 

Hart Mrs Clara I, 264 congress 

Hart II B (& II M) dealer in wool, 14 porthnd, h 5 brown 

Hart II M (II B &) dealer in wool, 14 portland, h 211 cumber 

Hart Hanson M, senior, 7 brown 

Hart H Mitchell, soldier, 211 Cumberland 

Hart John H, soldier, 76 \ suraner 

Hart John W, shoemaker, 76 J sumner 

Hart Mrs Margaret, 6 spring 

Hart Michael, laborer, 30 union 

Hart Mrs Sarah, 78 dark 

Hart Thomas A, soldier, 76 J sumner 

Hart William J, fisherman, 70 1 sumner . / 

Hart William G, policeman, 81 brackett 

Hartford Alexander, teamster, 2 tjrng 

Hartford Solomon H, soldier, 13S brackett 

Hartman Larry, laborer, Cumberland above Washington 

Hartshorn Mrs Abigail, at 26 watenrille 

Hartshorn Frederick A, soldier, 16 a salem 

Hartshorn William, railroad builder, 16 salem 

Hartshorn William L, marine engiueer, 16 salem 


Harvey Charles, laborer, rear 37 Washington 

Harvey Horace, trader, 35 middle 

Harvey Horace, jr, clerk, 35 middle 

Harvey Noah, joiner, 20 cross 

Haskell Aaron A, locomotive engineer, 16 temple 

Haskell Alexander N, clerk, 7 fore 

Haskell Alexander P, truckman, westbrook point 

Haskell Alfred, clothing store, 162 fore, h 52 winter 

Haskell Alfred K, cooper, rear 23 beach 

Haskell Alfred J, machinist, bds 14 atlantic 

Haskell Mrs Alice, rear 27 st lawrenco 

Ilaskoll Amos, 52 winter 

Haskell Chas H, (Shaw, II & Richardson) 147 com'l, h 65 free 

Haskell Cyrus W, mariner, rear 7 monument 

Haskell George, sea captain, 14 atlantic 

Haskell George P, blacksmith, 46 york 

Haskell George W, truckman, 77 york 

Haskell Isaac, at 14 atlantic 

Haskell Josiah M, mason, h 30 waterville 

Haskell Moses M, clothier, 2 exchange, h GO federal 

Haskell Mrs Rebecca, 3G waterville 

Haskell S B, deputy coll internal rev, 92 conVJ, h 67 dazLforth 

Haskell Thomas M, mason, h 3 cedar 

Haskell Thos L, clerk Argus office, bd3 3 cedar 

H iskell Thomas L, trader, 20 gray 

Haskell William, sea captain, 7 atlantic 

Haskell William M, sea captain, E ferry village 

Haskens Edward Pj laborer, 49 Cumberland 

Wm. P. Hastings, Manufacturer of and Dealer in Reed 
Or^an.«, Seraphines, Melophines, and Melodeous, >io. S9 
Federal St., (aver old post office). 

listings Wm P, 89 federal, h lincoln cor wilmot . 

Hasty Andrew, joiner, bds 1*9 Cumberland 

Hasty Daniel, laborer, rear 15 tyns 

Hasty Dennis, laborer, 2S Cumberland 

Hasty Mrs Eunice, 7 dark cor summer 

Hasty John, shipmaster, h 72 york 

Hasty Joseph F, cooper, 10 dark 

Hasty Nathaniel, cooper, 7 dark cor rammer 


Hatch Anthony S, car repairer, 5 atlantio 

Hatch Caleb S, sexton state st church, £3 brackett 

Hatch Charles, laborer, 30 Washington 

Hatch David S, joiner, I7*salem 

Hatch Frederick, blacksmith, 171 commercial, h 5 high * 

Hatch Frederick W, ornamental painter, lincoln st 

Hatch Rosea H, clerk, bds 5 high 

Hatch John H, painter, 17 silem 

Hatch Thaddeus S, oyster house, 115 exchange, bds 27 franklin 

Hatch Trafton, roadmaster P S & P B R, bds 6 tyng 

Hatch Walter, K & P B tl conductor, 15 pino 

Hutch Walter S, joiner, 13 summer 

Hatch William, blacksmith, 23 portland,h 11 pine 

Hatch William, jr, truckman, h o "M." st 

Hatch William II II, jeweler, 141 middle, h lincoln 

Hatch Woodbury, painter, C E ferry village 

Hausaltcr Augustus, clerk, 3 tato 

Havncr Miss Lizzie, at 23 elm 

Hawe* Alfred M, oyster dealer, 71 middle, h 10 vine 

Hawes Mrs Susan W, 23 graj; 

Hawkes Charles M, book-keeper, 23 elm 

Hawk? Edward, stone cutter, h foot wilmot 

Hawkes Edwin J, soldier, 37 oxford 

Hawkes Ezra, jr, deputy 'marshal, 10 wiimofc 

Hawkes Hamilton, clerk, 217 Cumberland 

Hawks James R, joiner, 219 Cumberland 

Hawkes Mrs Martha R, 217 Cumberland 

Hawkes Grin, clerk, bds 26 free 

Hay Appleton, cordwainer, 1C3 Cumberland 

Kay Edward, clerk, 203 congress 

Hay George S, landlord freeman house, 43 middle 

Hay Henry H, druggist, cor free and middle, h 140 cumberl'd 

Hayes Abner, currier, bds 47 portlaod 

Hayes Charles C, clerk, 110 middle, h 25 wilmot 

naves Charles II, soldier, 5 peach 

Hayes Daniel, laborer, rear 21 center 

Hayes Edward, ship carpenter, 20 middle 

Hayes Franklin S, ticket agent, 47 oxford 

Hayes George, 90 state 



Hayes George N, (Stevens &) wool dealer, prove, h 38 portland 

Hayes Henry H, wool puller, bds 38 portland 

Hayes Mrs Ilonora, 29 middle 

Hayes James, laborer, 40 cotton 

Hayes John G, hatter, 7 market square, h 93 oxford 

Hayes John 0, soldier, 93 oxford 

Hayes Matthew, railroad employe, 49 Washington 

Hayes Michael, laborer, Dl Washington 

Hayes Peter, at 5 winthrop 

Hayes Stephen, seaman, 20 middle 

Hayes Thos B, (Steele &) 110 middle, h 90 state 

Hayes Timothy B, laborer, 22 hanover 

Hayes Timothy, laborer, rear 90 danforth 

Hayes William, soldier, 22 hanover 

Hayden Kev Wm B, pastor swedenborgtan ch, h 11 winter 

Hazeltine John P, clerk, bds 241 congress 

Dr. John* IT. Heald, Dentist, No. 175 Middle Street, 
• near Junction of Federal Street 

Heald John II, dentist, 175 middle, bds preble house 
Heald John S, deputy marshal, bds 20 myrtle 

Dkntistry. — Dr. Jostati He ALT), Xo. 241 Congress 
Street, first duor east of first Parish Church. 

Heald Josiah, dentist, 211 congress 

Healow William, waiter, pieble house 

Hearley Timothy, boiler maker, 4 larch 

Beam George, (& Litchfield), procer. 41 st lawrence 

Hearsay Augustus, eclectic physician, 160 exchange 

See Hersey 

Heath J F, U S navy, bis U S hotel 

Heath Jonathan M, city clerk, 215 Cumberland 

Heath Laban, clerk, bd^ it lawrence house 

Hedge George T, trader, 30 federal, h 23 franklin 

Hedman Mrs Sally, 89 ipring 

Hellehen James, clock repairer, 20 India 

Henderson John A, trader, 66 green 

Henderson Mrs Naomi A, 74 Sumner 

Heuegan Bin Mary, rear 41 cotton 


Henley Benjamin, sea captain, Capo Elizabeth ferry village 

Henley Benjamin F, sea captain, Cape Elizabeth ferry village 

Henley Edmund S, sea captain, Cape Elizabeth ferry village 

Henley George F, school teacher, C E ferry village 

Henley John, seaman, 37 1 fore 

Henley William, seaman, 90 danforth 

Hennesy William, harness maker, 1S1$ oxford 

Henry Charles, fish dealer, 17 vine 

Henry Mrs Elizabeth, 5 Cumberland 

Henry John, carriage maker, 10 brattlo 

Henry John, soldier, 127 congress 

Henry Robert B, sausage maker, 40 portland 

Henry Thomas, seaman, rear 20 Washington 

Henson Mrs Rhoda, hampshire court, rear 13 Hampshire 

Herbert James, landlord Canadian House, 49 fore 

Herbert James, plasterer, bds 23 york 

Herbert John, laborer, 23 york 

Herbert John, U S navy, 49 fore 

Herbert Matthew, at 49 fore 

Herbert Thoma=, joiner, 23 york 

Herrick Daniel C, 23 hampshire 

Herrick Israel A, 102 federal, h 10 temple 

Herrick Joshua, overseer Fort Scammel, h 107 congress 

Hersey Elias, patent roofing, union, h westbrook point 

Hersey Henry W, bouk-kcej-.-r, G I depot, h 43S congress 

Hersey Mrs Lydia, 106 brackett 

Hersey Seth B, (Woodman, True A, Co) o4 middle, h Gl middle 

Hersey, Fletcher & Co., (formerly Smith, Horsey & 
Co.,) Importers, Wholesale Grocers and Commission Mer- 
chants, No. 15'J Commercial Street, Head of Union Wharf. 

Hersey T C, (Fletcher & Co) VjO commercial, h 130 danforth 

Heseltine Benjamin A B, locomotive engineer, 11 fore 

Heseltine Charles T, joiner, 25 atluntic 

Heseltine James E, clerk, 9 moulton, h 71 J brackett 

Heseltine Nathaniel S, joiner, 24 adams 

Heseltine William G, locomotive engineer, S st lawreuce 

Hewe* John, laborer, 10 danforth 

Hewes William II, mariner, l>0 Cumberland 




Hezelton Mrs Amandr., 12 portland 

Hezelton Samuel, hack driver, bds 12 portland 

Hickes James, brickmaker, 11 brattle 

Hickes William D, barber, 2-4 Cumberland 

Hicks Gordon M, student, C vine 

Hicks Nathaniel C, blacksmith, 111 brackett 

Hickey Dennis, blacksmith, 3S union 

Hickey Mrs Honora, 94 danforth 

Higgins Mrs Bridget, 23 center 

Higgins E, jr, lunch saloon, york and cuiftb ilepot, h 93 oxford 

Higgins Elijah L, machinist, 4G Cumberland 

Higgins Mrs Elizabeth, 79 brackett 

Higgins Mrs Ellen F, 3 spruce 

Higgins Francis, pattern maker, 20 st lawrence 

Higgins John, shipmaster, 13 salem 

Higgins John G, architect, 26$ brackett 

Higgins Miss Julia M, dressmaker, bds 13 green 

Higgins Miss Lizzie, dressmaker, 25 india 

Higgins Melvin W, printer, lincoln 

Higgins Micah, steamboat clerk, 33 winter 

Higgins Milton M, teamster, 56 franklin 

Higgins Patrick, laborer, 43 york 

Higgins Patrick, laborer, 10 center 

Higgins Simeon H, keeper of the City Alms House 

Higgins Stephen, cabinet maker, oo franklin 

Higgins William I*, machinist, 3 salem 

IfrrfiT & D\*er, Commission Merchants, and Dealers in 
all kinis of Cooperage, No. 2 j Union Wharf. 

K. O. IIlullT. J. w. DYEB. 

Hight Edward G, (& Dyer) 2\ union whf, bds elm house 

Htght Henry II, clerk, 17 india 

Highter Oliver, so! tier, 2 hilborn's court 

Ililborn Gilbert K, brakeman, B k M R R, h IS brackett 

Hilborn Ira, joiner, rear I summer 

Hilborn Mrs Mar/, nt CO Cumberland 

Hilborn Seth B, trader, 358 congress, h 15 greon 

Hill James B K, sea captain, bds 6 middle 

Hill John A, (L J Iliii & Co) spice mills, 9S green, h 1 brattle 

Hill Jonathan, tin and sheet iron worker, 2 hilborn's court 


Hill Joseph, shipmaster, 50 winter - 

Hill Luther J, (& Co) spice mills, 93 green, h 30 green 

Warren F. Hill, Dealer in Watches, Clocks, Jewelry, 
Pocket and Table Cutlen', Silver and Plated Ware, Fancy 
Goods, Mirrors, Toys, Optica! Instruments, Spectacles, Eye 
Glasses, Opera Glares, Spy Glasses, Thermometers, Combs, 
Fort Monnaies, Scissors, Razors, Strops, Ladies' Work 
Boxes, &c, &c. Watches, Clocks, and Jewelry carefully 
repaired. Xo. 46 Exchange Street. 

Hill Wan-en F, jeweler, 40 extliangs 

Hiller Benjamin F, seaman, 4 monument 

Hiller Edward, U S navy, 3 lafayette 

Hiller Edward, teamster, 4 monument 

Hiller James B, painter, 4 monument 

Hillman George D, 173 middle, h 24 winter 

Hillman Horace B, sea captain, 1 church 

Hillman John F, painter, 68 rntmjoy 

Hilton A B, (W T Kilborn & Co) 1 free st blk, h 59 franklin 

Hilton Albany F, shoemaker, rear 27 merrill 

Hilton John, 41 pleasant 

Hilton Joseph If, clerk, bds american house 

Hilton Wilmot W, watchmaker, 215 fore, h 6 brown 

Hindle Charles C, beer brewer, bds 3 neal 

Hindis James, beer brewer, 3 neal 

Hinds Ambrose, steamboat baggage master, 24 stunner 

Hinds Benjamin F, clerk G T B B, 72 sumner 

Hinds Edward, 24 snmner 

Hinds Michael, coachman for P H Browj, 99 spring. * 

Hines John, laborer, 17 center 

Hines John, laborer, 10 plea-ant 

Hines Michael, cooper, cotton court 

Hines Owen, laborer, 2 freeman*! lane 

Hines Thomas, laborer, 4 freeman's lane 

Hinkley Cyrus P, iron founder, 46 york 

Hinkley Henry K, lighthouse clerk, 31 exchange, h 122 cumb 

Hinkley Joseph T, printer, 59 federal 

Hinkley Rufns II, 270 commercial, bds 35 Spring 

Hitchingi George F, street contractor, 27 hampshirs 

Hobart Sylvester, grocer, 59 brackctt 

Hoben John, seaman, 30 sumner 


Hobbs Edwin H, baggage master, (P S & P R B) bds 18 pino 

Hobbs, Cfiask &• Co, Wholesale Dealers in Teas, Groce- 
ries, and Provisions. No. 185 Tore Street, head of Central 


Hobbs John P, (Hobbs, Chase & Co) 1S5 fore, bds 105 brackett 

Hobbs Joshua, (Hobbs, Chase & Co) 1S5 fore, h 105 brackett 

Hobbs Joshua B, soldier, 105 brackett 

Hobbs Orren, freight, conductor, 44 chestnut 

Hobson Almon L, 203 commercial, h 86 state 

Hobson Charles If, carpenter, st John st 

Hodgdon Charles W, truckman, 14 neal 

Hodgdon David, 306 congress, h 13 dow 

Hodgdon George, teamster, bds 31 parris 

Hodgdon George L, trader, libby's corner 

Hodgdon Joseph, clerk, 5 elm 

Hodgson Edward W, harness maker, 152 exchange 

Hodson Edward W, harness-maker, rear 61 brackett 

Hodgkins Mrs'Abigail, at 31 sumner 

Hodgkins Mrs Ann, 11 india 

Hodgkins Charles II, upholsterer, 11 india 

Hodgkiri3 Chipman, 20 india 

Hodgkim Edward, baker, 7 congress place 

Hodgkins Mrs Mary, roar 252 Cumberland 

Hodgkins Nathaniel, mariner, lime noar post olfico 

Hogan Henry P, soldier, 23 melbourne 

Hogan Jacob, laborer, 28 merrill 

Hogan Thomas, laborer, 7 freeman's lar.e 

Hoit Mrs Arabella, 10 Washington 

Hoyt Benjamin G, soldier, 40 Washington 

Holt George H, soldier, 32 munjoy 

Hoyt James D, baker, 40 Washington 

Hoit James E, carpenter, 24 monumeut 

Hoyt John, baker, 40 Washington 

Hoit Mr3 Joseph, r^ar 20 st lawrence 

Hoit Joseph B W, boarding-house, 10 munjoy 

Hoit Lemuel T, at 5i Bumnet 

Hoit Keuben, joiner, 54 sumner 

Hoit William II, joiner, bd* 32 mnnjoy 


Holbrook Israel, laborer, bds 34 pino 

Holbrook Mrs Lizzie, 29 winter 

Holcomb Mrs Sarah, bds at western exchange 

Holcomb Wellington, landlord western exchange 

Holden Aaron, joiner, 63 oxford 

Iloldcn Aaron B, judge municipal court, 49 wilmot 

Holden Aaron L, joiner, 29 mayo 

Holden Charles, president inut ins co, 102 middle, h 15 wilinot 

Holden George II, printer, 70 franklin 

Holland Barney, laborer, 69 Washington 

Holland Charles II, brass finisher, 6 st lawrence 

Holland Henry J, steam engineer, 3 brackett 

Holley Martin, laborer, 32 york 

Hollivan Patrick, lunch saloon, G new franklin 

Hollohan Michael, laborer, 6 Cumberland place 

Uollowood Ira, laborer, 330 commercial 

Hollowood Peter, laborer, 32 york 

Holmes Miss Annie D, bds 19 india 

Holmes Charles F, shoemaker, bds 40 hanover 

Holmes Charles W, mariner, rear 33 foro 

Holmes Daniel C, seaman, 16 tyng 

Holmes FJeazar, jr, joiner, 45 brackett 

Holmes James K, mason, 7 peach 

Holmes John E, joiner, 45 brackett 

Holmes Joseph, trader, 64 danfortb, h 134 brackett- 

Holmes Lucy, tailoress, 37* oak 

Holmes Marcus, joiner, 1 hemlock 

Holmes Mrs Mary, 37 £ oak 

Holyoke Kobcrt, hd portland bridge, h 40 winter 

Homan Elihu T, carpenter, rear 23 Washington 

Home for Aged Indigent Women, ct»r elm and oxford 

Homer Mrs Mary Y, 112 Washington 

Hone James, laborer, 9 freeman's lane 

Hood Daniel, merchant, 121 commercial, h 157 congress 

Hoole Miss Anna, 19 state 

Hoole Miss Sarah, 43 franklin 

Hooper Ca-per, trader, 15 hampshiro 

Hooper Mrs Catharine, 46 chestnut 

Hooper Charles T, painter, bds 45 chestnut 


Hooper Franklin, oystcrman, bds 44 brown 
Hooper John K, 45 chestnut 

Hooper Oren, (J Crockett & Co) 12G exchange, bds 203 cong'3 
Hooper Orlando, soldier, IS Hampshire 
Hooper Rosina, trader, 75 fore, h 15 hampshiro 
Hooper Miss Sarah W, bds 399 congress 
Hooper Mrs Susan L, 8 hill 

Hope Mutual Loan Company's office, 144 middle 
Hopkins Mrs Elizabeth, 21 oxford 
Hopkins John, sea captain, 21 oxford 
Hopkins Samuel R, currier, bds 24 parris 
Hopkins T, (At wood &) 52 com'l, h 1 ashland avenue 
Hopkins Thomas, seaman, rear 5 brackett 
Horan Miss Catharine, at 5 madison 
noran Thomas J, laborer, 15 larch 
Horr Henry J, soldier, 9 essex lane 
Hon* John R, painter, 17 neal 
Horr Joseph, fisherman, long island 
Horr William, rock blaster, 9 essex lane 
Horrie William, book-keeper, 55 green 
Horrie William, iron founder, 8 deer 
Horton Mrs Abigail, 7 green 
Hortou John G, U S navy, 2 monument 
Horton Joshua, trader, 137 congress, h 2 monument 
Horton Mrs Relief, 8 dow 
- Hortou Rums, jr, presid't manuf's and traders 1 bnk h 33 state 
Hosack Charles, sidewalk paver, 25 tyng 
Hosack Girard A, soldier, 25 tyng 
Hossack Thomas, laborer, 31 smith 
Houghton Lewis W, physician, b'2 brackett 
Houston Albert, roasoo, 12 gray above state 
Houston Alexander, tinsmith, 228 Cumberland 
Houston Frank I), painter, 249 Cumberland 
Houston John, laborer, b2 vaughan 
Houston Simon W, blacksmith, ti canton 
Houston Thomas, pig dresser, cor vaughan and brackett 
Hovey Edwin S, counselor, 30 exchange, h 50 saleia 
Hovey John M, hair dresser, 298$, bds 301 congress 
Hovey M, intelligence oilice, 303 congress 


Howard Abner, grocer, 216 congress, h 8 oxford 
Howard Charles B, stove dealer, 54 pearl 
Howard David, tinsmith, rear 24 congress 
Howard Edward 13, 35 exchange, h pearl 
Howard F A, stove dealer, 29 market square 
Howard John, locomotive engineer, bds 25 fore 
Howard John L, 35 exchange, h 68 oxford 
Howard Joseph, (& Strout) counselor, 91 middle, h 24 state- 
Howard Thomas W, clerk, 53 fore 
Howard William I!, clerk, bds 8 oxford 
Howe Asa C, (Shirley $z) grocer, IS market sq, bds 24 green 
Howe Mrs Apollo, 207 Cumberland 
Howe Mrs Caroline, 207 Cumberland * 

Howe Charles IT, civil engineer, 48 pearl 
Howe Edward, merchant, h 16 cros3 
How Mrs Eliza, 4 bancock 

Howe Geo M, photographer, 112 middle, bds 16 cross 
Howe James, ale and porter house, CI portland 
Howe James L, shipmaster, 6 atlantic 

Howe Jeremiah, com merchant, 25 commercial, h 43 oxford 
Howe John M, steam engineer, 10 alder 
How Joseph, sea captain, h 4 hancock 
Howe Lucius T, clerk, 10 cross 
Howe William C, postoffice clerk, h 351 congress 
Howes Elijah, trader, 137 fore, h 24 chestnut 
Howell Amos E, provisioner, 125 exchange, h 26 wilmot 
Howley Michael, laborer, $0 union 
Howley James, porter, 16 smith 
Hubbfi Alexander, merchant, h 32 federal 
Hubbs Harriet II, school teacher, h 19 wilmot 
Hubbs William II, sailing master I" S nary, 13 wilmot 
Hubbs William L, clerk, 32 federal 
Hubbard George B, mariner, 29 york 
Hubbard Miss Mary E, at 17 elm 
Hubbard Philip, hostler, city hotel 
Hubbard Miss Sarah F, 12 south 
Hubbard Stephen, joiner, C E ferry village 
Huckins Mrs Elizabeth, 29 green 
Huckins William, cabinet maker, 29 green 


Hudson George, confectioner, 256 congress 

Hudson John B, salesman, 54 exchange, h 41 federal 

Hudson John B, jr, orn'l painter, 27 market sq, bds 41 federal 

Hudson Robert, woodsawyer, greenleaf near fox 

Hudson Samuel H, sea captain, 52$ state 

Hudson William II, seaman, rear 9 middlo 

Huff Samuel, paver, 23 alder 

Huff Samuel, jr, soldier, 23 alder 

Hughes John B, eclectic physician, 3 temple, bds 13 plum 

Hughes Martin, soldier, 54 dark 

Hughey Robert G, fishmonger, 09 congress 

Hull Mrs Deborah C, at 12 monument 

Hull John T, clerk, 12 monument 

Hull Robert, soap and candle factory, 57 green 

Hull Robert I, clerk, 2S atlantic 

Hnlton Charles H, mariner, 25 pine 

Hume Manson, shipmaster, 11 brackett 

Humphrey Asa, musical instrument maker, 15 alder 

Humphrey Charles E, clerk, 02 pearl 

Humphrey Eugene, register of probate, h 11 garden 

Humphrey Franklin, hair dresser, 60 franklin 

Humphrey Mrs II R A, millinery, 342 congress 

Humphrey Henry S, soldier, 19 canton 

Hunneweli Franklin L, soldier, 14 poplar 

Hunneweil Mrs Patience, 14 poplar, 

Hunt Mrs Eunice, h 17 green 

Hunt George S, 111 1-2 commercial, bds U S hotel 

Hunt John M, rock blaster, 11 peach 

Hunt Richard K, (& Jewett) 310 congress, h 3 parris 

Hunt Sanford F, bread-cart driver, 4 quincy 

Hunt Miss Sylvia P, at 42 preble 

Hunt William II, clerk, 3 parris 

Huntress Miss Elizabeth F, 31 pine 

Huntress Geo 11, (& Co) painter, 16 union, h 16 vine 

Huntress James, soldier, 31 pine 

Huntress John E, painter, 16 vine 

Huntress Silas B, painter, 16 union, h 16 vino 

Hurd Luke W, trader, 803 congress, h 31 oak 

Hurd William L, mariner, 33 oak 


Hurley Alexander J, ship carpenter, 37 india 

Hurley Mrs Amelia, 14 poplar 

Hurley James, railroad employe, 20 mountfort 

Hurley Jeremiah, laborer, 35 cottoa 

Hurley Michael, laborer, rear 20 Cumberland 

Hurley Nelson, stevedore, 52 foro 

Huse William, city marshal, GO oxford 

Hussey Mrs Catharine B, 329 congress 

Hussey Erastus B, baggage master GTRR,h74 Cumberland 

Hussey Henry B, locomotive engineer, 7 waterville 

Hussey Mrs Sarah M, 38 state 

Hussey Miss Sarah S, housekeeper, 11 state 

Huston Albert, mason, h 18 gray 

Huston Alexander, tinsmith, 290 congress, h 228 Cumberland 

Huston Benjamin, wool puller, grove near portland 

Huston Paul, cordwainer, 7 vine 

Huston Stephen, currier, grove near portland 

Hutchins Mrs Ann E, 23 brown 

Hutchins Lewis S ? trader, 290 congress, h 23 brown 

Hutchins Seth C, moulder, 4 brown's court 

Hutchinson Mrs Caroline M, rear 34 winter 

Hutchmson Charles, ship carpenter, 130 brackett 

Hutchinson Mrs Elizabeth, rear o spring 

Hutchinson Frederick A, marine engineer. 21 tyng 

Hutchinson Harvey E, U S navy, 130 brackett 

Hutchinson Isaac, shipmaster, 10 tyng 

Hutchinson J F, tinsmith, 3 middle 

Hutchinson James H, shipmaster, 6 garden 

Hutchinson John, shipmaster, 11 quincy 

Hutchinson Samuel, 34 winter 

Hutchinson Stephen, mariner, 34 winter 

Hutton Frank, trader, bds 22 waterville 

Hyde Mrs Augusta M, at 12 it lawrence 

Hyde Mrs Catharine, 22 center 

Hyde Mrs Catharine F, 3 spring 

William A. Hyde, Manufacturer of and Dealer in Sperm, 
Lard, and Whale Oil, and Sperai Candles, Manufactory, No. 
68 Canal Street. Store, 208 Fore Street. 

Hyde Wm A, oil dealer, 20S fore, h 23 brackett 


Hyland Thomas, joiner, rear 8 york 

ILSLEY MRS ALICE, 18 spruce 
Ilsley Alvin B, sash maker, 16 anderson 
Ilsley Arthur L, carpenter, 10 dark 

Benjamin Ilsley, No. 85 Union Street, carries on Cab- 
inet Making Business, in all its branches, in a workmanlike 
manner. Housekeeping Furniture, manufactured by him- 
self, and warranted to give satisfaction. Particular atten- 
tion paid to Undertaker's Work, and all other Jobbing 
Work. Old Sofas, Chairs, and Mattresses repaired and .Fur- 
niture not ou hand manufactured at short notice. 

Ilsley Benjamin, cabinet maker, 35 union, h 23 elm 

Ilsley Benjamin, jr, cabinet maker, 21 elm 

Ilsley Caleb B, box maker, bds 21 elm 

Ilsley Charles 1\ editor Courier, bds 33 brackett 

Ilsley Cornelius, cabinet maker, 96 oxford 

Ilsley Cyrus II, clerk, 31 state 

Ilsley Edward If, clerk, 31 state 

Ilsley Edwin R, joiner, 5 monroe place 

Ilsley E H C, (Marrett. Poor & Co) 85 middle, bds 39 danforth 

Ilsley Mrs Elizabeth R, 21 gray 

Ilsley Enoch B, soldier, 87 spring 

Ilsley Ferdinand I, joiner, 5 monroe placo 

Ilsley Frederick, shipmaster, 53 cprin^ 

Ilsley Henry, notary public, h 39 danforth 

Ilsley Horatio, pastor west c ngregationa] ch, h 5 hemlock 

Usley Jeremiah, cabinet maker, h 23 elm 

Ilsley Joseph, (& Son) painter, 869 commercial 

Ilsley Joseph, pension agent, 36 exchange, bds 39 spring 

Ilsley Leonard M, upholsterer, bds 21 elm 

Ilsley Nathan, hay dealer, 2 12 fore, bds 21 elm 

Ilsley Nathaniel, joiner, bds 60 winter 

Ilsley Robert, deputy collector customs, 31 state 

Ilsley Samuel, teamster, 11" danforth 

Ilsley Stephen M, joiner, bramhaU cor raughan * 

Ilsley Theophilus, joiner, h S uranroe place 

Ilsley William, clerk, b Is western exchange hotel 

Inch Henry, laborer, 14 hammond 


Ingalls Mrs Betsey, 26 pine 
IngalU Isaiah, truckman, 2G pine 
Ingalls Robert, farmer, bds 3 neal 

Ixoersoll & Son's Eating Saloon, 77 Middle Street, Fox 
Block. Meals at all hours of the day and evening. 

Ingersoll Isaac, (& Son) eating house, 77 middle, h 127 cumb'd 
Ingersoll Richmond II, eating house, 77 middle, h 8 laurel 
Ingersoll Thomas, sea captain, 127 Cumberland 
Ingraham Charles II, railroad conductor, 22 smith 
Ingraham Charles P, 13 commercial whf, h 16 park 
Ingraham Darius H, counselor, 101 middle, bds 74 vork 
Ingraham E K, (& Co) fancy goods, 170 middle, bds 16 pearl 
Ingraham Edward, IS commercial whf, h 7 plum 
Ingraham Eliza R, at 46 atlantic 
Ingraham George T, city messenger, h 40 chestnut 
Ingraham Holt, trader, IS commercial whf, h 22 smith 
Ingraham Mrs Mary, h 3 ingraham's court 
, Ingraham Octavius C. soldier, 22 smith 
Ingraham Samuel P, 74 york 

Ingraham William H, fancy goods, 170 middle, bd3 64 free 
Inman Henry, licut U S army, bdi 33 high 
Innes Charles G, landlord casco hou^e, peak's island 
International Bank, 10G middle 
International House, corner exchange and congress 
Irish Wm B, carpenter, 120 brackets 
Irving William, shoemaker, 10 st lawrenco 
Irwin Mrs Frances E, washerwoman, 5 essex lane 
Irwin William F, soldier, 5 cssex lane 

JACK JAMES, h bradley's corner 

Jack Thos S, (Geo Trefethen & Co) 6 coml whf, b. 41 watcr'l 

Jackman Joseph S, carpenter, 57 pearl 

Jackson Albert, painter, 52 pearl 

Jackson Miss Apphia, 31 brown 

Jackson Alonzo W, confectioner, 23 st lawrence 

Jackson Benjamin M, grocer, 73 york, h 6 tyng 

Jackson Charles, in the army, 11 myrtle 

Jackson Charles A, soldier, 21 st lawrenco 


Jackson Daniel W, pastry cook, 11 myrtle 
Jackson George E B, (Deblois &) 59 exchange, h 8 pine 
Jackson Hiram, meat vender, rear 45 chestnut 
Jackson Hiram S, 2 mcrrill's court 

Jackson Isaac (Phinney &) 233 commercial, h 230 cumberl'd 
Jackson Jeremiah, blacksmith, rear 40 chestnut 
Jackson Kobert, soldier, 0-i monument 
Jackson Samuel H, soldier, 138 brackett 
Jackson Mrs Susan, f.t 21 st lawrenco 
Jackson Valentine R, 11 myrtle 
Jacobs James, laborer, C E ferry village 
Jacobs John E, 10 India 
Jacobs John G, trader, 219 foro 
Jacobs William V, 414 congress 
James Hiram, ship joiner, back cove village 
James John W, soldier, 37 hanover 
James Thomas, mariner, 7 freeman's lane 
James William D, tailor, 15 boyd 
Ju ]ues James 0, trader, 21 temple, h 30 myrtle 
Jefterda George, carriage trimmer, bds 320 congress' 
Jefferds Grauville, carriage trimmer, bd3 326 congress 
Jcffers Robert, laborer, 9 center 
JeftU Benjamin F, seaman, 4 danforth 
Jenks Miss Mary, at 67 Cumberland 
Jenkins Edward H, steam engineer, 2 bramball 
Jenkins Mrs Elizabeth, 4 j inmner 
Jenkins John, laborer, 11 center 
Jenkins Michael, laborer, 15 salem lano 
Jenkins Oliver, carpenter, 32 green 
Jenkins Peter, maltster, 123 congress 
Jenningi James, (& Mean) 29 pleasant, h 9 seal 
Jensen Charles machinist, 243 Cumberland 
Jen is William II, pnbluhing agent daily Argus, h 23 chestnut 
Jewell Thomas, laborer, 332 commercial 
Jewett Albert, shipmaster, 11 gray 
Jewett George, merchant, 01 pleasant 
Jewett James M, (Hunt &) Jio congreas, h 3 p arris 
Jewett Jedediah, collector of customs, h (.7 spring 
Jewett John, railroad conductor, westbrook point 


Jewett Moses C, railroad employe, 24 brackett 

Jewett Samuel, cooper, libby's corner 

Johu Alexander, fisherman, peak's island 

John Ansyl H, fisherman, long island 

Johnson Andrew J, soldier, 79 spring 

Johnson Charles, soldier, 9 beach 

Johnson Charles, mason, bdfl 3 carlton 

Johnson Charles William, soldier, 9 beach 

Johnson Daniel, joiner, 73 brackett 

Johnson David, steam fireman, 7 deer 

Johnson David B, stoker, bds 41 foro 

Johnson Kbenezer, grocer, 16 brackett 

Johnson Edwin L, painter, rear 3 state 

Johnson Mrs Eliza A, GO fore 

Johnson Francis M, sea captain, 80 dan forth 

Johnson George C, marine engineer, 37 melbourae 

Johnson George W, mariner, 89 danforth 

Johnson George \V, barber, 13 india 

Johnson Gordon, teamster, bds 15 atlantic ' 

Johnson Greeley II, clerk, 29 pine 

Johnson Miss Harriet J, 8 high 

Johnson Henry B, mariner, 1 high street court 

Johnson Henry D, mariner, 22 Cumberland 

Johnson Henry N, seaman, 26 lafayette 

Johnson Hiram A, carpenter, 17 Washington 

Johnson Horace H, hair dresser, 80 middle, h 10 1-2 plum 

Johnson Isaac, carpet cleanser, C abyssinian court 

Johnson Isabella P l (Drinkwater, Trow &.Co) 103 middle 

Johnson James, white was her, 4 hancock court 

Johnson James B, steam fire engine maker, 11 federal 

Johnson James H, fisherman, C K ferry village 

Johnson James M, book-kee] er, 17 mechanic 

Johnson Jeremiah P, shoemaker, rear 47 brackett 

Johnson John, laborer, rear 11 middle 

Johnson Jonathan R, steam engineer, 19 fore • 

Johnson & Chkjckbt, No. 204 Congress Street, keep 
constantly for sale a full assortment of Provisions and Fam- 
ily Groceries of the very best quality. OooU delivered in 
all parts of the city free of expense. 


Johnson Joseph, (ft Chenery) trader, 294 congress, h 8S spring 

Johnson Joseph, hackman, 1 appleton block, 312 congress 

Johnson Joshua, peak's island 

Johnson Lewis C, seaman, 40 Cumberland 

Johnson Mrs Lucinda, peak's island 

Johnson Miss Mary, nurse, 14 casco 

Johnson Mrs Martha, 27 1-2 sumner 

Johnson Nathaniel, jr, seaman, 8 tinkham's court ' 

Johnson Miss Nellie, tailoress, bds 27 1-2 sumner 

Johnson Peter, rigger, 37 sumner 

Johnson Mrs Sarah, 79 spring 

Johnson Mrs Sarah, nurse, 14 casco 

Johnson Miss Sarah S, school teacher, bds 6 hill 

Johnson Simon, wood dealer, 110 brackett 

Johnson S I\ joiner, 24 exchange, h 52 salem 

Johnson Theodore, carver, 55 franklin 

Johnson Walter D, truckman, 4 monument 

Johnson Walter R, dentist, 220£ congress, h 62 winter 

Johnston Charles A, soldier, 12 spruco ** 

Johnston Mrs Mary Ann, 12 spruce 

Johnston Richard B, soldier, 12 spruce 

Jones Mrs Anna T, 37 free 

Jones Mrs Antoinette, 7 abyssinian court 

J me* Benjamin W. fruiter, 115 fore, h 36 chestnut 

Joaei Mrs Bridget, 5 plum 

Jones Charles H, seaman, rear 48 state 

Jones I>a:.icl S, clerk, 61 north 

Jones Da\: !, bill collector, at 17 waterviile 

Jones Kdvnud, lamp maker, 6 union 

J >r.*s IMward, jr, seaman, 5 anion 

.1 *. ••> 1 1 1..- ..:n R, trackman, 7 - vau^han 

Jo: : e« Fi incii L, captain U S army, 17 waterville 

Jones G A, clerk, G T depot, h 31 sumner 

Jones George W, printer, 82 exchange, bds 13 plum 

Jones Henry A, (Blake, Jones & Co) 137 comm'l, h 40 state 

Jones Jesse II, tlour inspector, 35 comm'l, h 11 quiacy 

Jones John, seaman, rear 4$ State 

Jones John J, seaman, 5 union 

Jones John M, potter, 87 green 


Jonc3 John N, truckman, 7 north 

John Wixslow Jones, Packer of and Wholesale Dealer 
in Hermetically Sealed Meats, Vegetables, and Fruits of all 
kinds, No. 20 Union Street £ Brown's Block). Factory at 
Congin Falls, Westbrook. 

Jones John "Winslo.v, preserved meats, &c, 20 union 
Jones Josiah, seaman, 11 merrill 
Jones Levi J, cooper, 4 fa )rton place 
Jones Miss Lucy C, boarding-house, 7i park 
Jones Martin, blacksmith, 23 India 
Jones Miss Mini S, at 20 smith 
Jones Oliver, soldier, 57 fore 
Jones Otis C, teamster, bds 7 north 
Jones Reuben, porter, bd* 31 Cumberland 
Jones Robert P, shoemaker, adaui3 
Jones Thomas F, 49 state 

Jones Thomas R, merchant, 117 commercial, h 56 park 
Jones Warwick C, machinist, 78 vaughan 
Jones Wesley, machinist, 8 bramhallj 
Jones William, sailmaker, >7 green 
Jones William, seaman, 9 Chatham 
Jones William A, steamboat waiter, 7 abyssinian court 
Jones William B, stone cutter, 33 Washington 
Jones William H, mason, st John st 
Jones William J, seaman, 26 luf.ivette 
Jones William T, landlord union boose, peak's island 
Jordan Albert, -wool pallet, forest street 
Jordan Alvin, mason, 120 bracket! 
Jordan Mrs Anna, 61 winter 
Jordan Benjamin, farmer, C E, h 1 summer 
Jordan Mrs Benjamin, 6 neal 
Jordan Mrs Calvin, forest street 
Jordan Charles, ship builder, h 40 york 
Jordan Charles E, soldier, IS w inter 
Jordan Charles H, mason, forest street 
Jordan Charles H, express wagoner, rear 3 state- 
Jordan Charles W, soldier, 21 India 
Jordan Mrs C W, worsteds, 31 market Square, h 19 fie-3 
Jordan David B, painter, 20 north 


Jordan Dennis, carriage maker, 25 portland, h 15 hanover 

Jordan Dexter, flour dealer, h 41 middle 

Jordan Pomiuicus, locomotive engineer, 20 mountfort 

Jordan Edward, baker, h 2 sumner 

Jordan Mrs Eliza, 19 wilraot 

Jordan Mrs Elizabeth F, 40 york] 

Jo/dan Mrs Ellen F, school teacher, IS winter 

Jordan Frederick B, harness maker, 293 congress, h 27 pnrria 

Jordan Foster, steam engineer, 35 center 

Jordan Gardner, GS york 

Jordan Henry, clerk, bds CI winter 

Jordan Hiram C, soldier, 108 braekett 

Jordan Horatio N, truckman, 21 india 

Jordan James, hackman, 88 federal 

Jordan James, at 21 india 

J. & B. Jordan, Manufacturers of Harnesses of all de- 
scriptions, and Dealers in Saddles, Bridles, Whips, Solo 
Leather, Trunks, Valises, &c., 293 Congress St. J. & B. J. 
k^ep constantly on hand the largest and finest assortment 
of the above named goods, together with a full assortment 
of the deferent articles usually found in a Saddler's Store, 
made in the most workmanlike manner and will be sold on 
reasonable term*, for Cash or approved credit. All kinds 
of Horso Clothing on hand and made to order. 

Jordan John, (Sc B) saddler, 20S congress, h bradley's corner 

Jordan Jonathan, (Sawyer &) stabler, 39 limo 

Jordan Leonard G, soldier, IS winter 

Jordan Mrs Lucy, Jordan's court, rear 3 state 

Jordan Michael, hack driver, 12 silver - 

Jordan Richard L, house builder, 113 congress 

Jordan Rufus, 17 pine 

Jordan Sidney F, tolo^rapher, bds 49 middle 

Jordan Thomas, hackman, rear 9 plum 

Jordan William, baker, hi? winter 

Jordan William P, captain U S army, 18 winter 

Jordan Winthrop S, (Cobb &) 191 commercial, h 18 hi^h 

Jose Charles E, crockery ware, 160 fore, h 45 high 

Jose Horatio N, 194 fore, h 40 high 

Jose Mrs Mark E, 883 congress 

Joselyn Moses, truckman, portland near lowoil 


Joseph Benjamin, hand carter, 5 fox 
Joseph Benjamin, jr, steamboat waiter, 5 fox 
Joseph Mrs Patty, at 4 ingraham's court 
Josephs William W, clerk, 33 hanover 

KAIN BERNARD, plasterer, 23 hanover 

Kain Mrs Catharine, 23 hanover n 

Kaler Daniel, laborer, roar 41 cotton 

Kalcr F W, (Bosworth, K & Co) 152 middle, bds 33 danforth 

Kaler II S, (& Co) 134 middle, h 7 boyd 

Kaler John, laborer, 4 danforth 

Kane Dennis, laborer, bds 58 Washington 

Kane John, laborer, 8 salem lane 

Kane John, U S navy, 2 bradbury's court 

Kane Miss Margaret, saleswoman, bds rear 14 brackett 

Kane Patrick, laborer, 5 bank 

Kane Thomas, gardener, rear 90 danforth 

Kanoy Michael, laborer, back cove village 

Kas :y James, soldier, h 312 congr jsa 

Kavanagh Jolin, laborer, lalem lane 

Kavamgh John, laborer, 16 adaras 

Kavanagh Martin, hostler, 10^ montgomery 

Kavanagh Patrick, teamster, 24 york 

Kavanagh Peter, peddler, bds sailor's home 

Kearney John, laborer, 6 larch 

Kearnon Mrs Ann, 8 green 

Kearuon James E, seaman, 8 green 

Keating Enos, clerk, 4 Chatham 

Keating John, laborer, 6 mari m 

Keating Patrick, laborer, mariun 

Keating Mrs Sarah, 25 york 

Keuzer David, shipma-ter, 39 stato 

Keazer David, jr, mariner, 39 sta:e j 

Kea/.er James K, shipmaster, 39 stato 

Keeble William, hackman, 40 portland 

Keely Mrs Kliza,15 tyng 

Kecly George, trader, 10$ india 

Keenan Martin, laborer, 26 york 

Kcene James, jr, gating hon^e, milk 


Kehcw George L, painter, rear 25 st lawrence 
Kehoo Carrol, cabinet maker, ashlaud avenue ,near vine 
Keith Mrs Eliza W, at 13 brattle 
Keith James, seaman, 20 center 
Keith Timothy L, machinist, 3 spruce 
Kelley Edward, soldier, rear 101 danforth 
Kelley George \V, piano-forte maker, 2 deer 
Kelley James, painter, 11 hamraond 
Kelley James II, mariner, 32 pleasant 
Kelley Jerry, laborer, rear 213 fore 
Kelley John, laborer, 9 Cumberland place 
Kelley John, laborer, 45 dark 
Kelley John, spar-maker, 00 Washington 
Kelley John, tailor, 14 danforth 
Kelley John, gardener, 11 willow 
Kelley Mrs John W, 9$i danforth 
Kelley Dr J Clawson, 229 £ congress 

Kelley J L, (& Co) varnish maker, 288 congress, h 12 green 
Kelley Lawrence, laborer, 117 congress 
Kelley Mrs Margaret, 11 hammond 
Kelley Martin, laborer, rear 29 mountfort 
Kelley Mrs Mary, G tinkham's court 
Kelley Matthew II, machinist, 2 poplar 
Kelley Michael, laborer, CO Washington 
JCelley Michael, tailor, 35 franklin 
Kelley Patrick, boiler maker, 27 merrill 
Kelley Patrick, soldier, rear 29 mountfort 
Kelley Patrick, laborer, bds 247 fore 
Kelley Patrick, laborer, 4 salem lane ' 
Kelley Patrick, laborer, 24 pleasant 
Kelley Ralph, shipbuilder, 27 york 
Kelley Robert, laborer, 7 india court 
Kelley Thomas, laborer, bds 7 brackctt 
Kelley Thomas, laborer, rear 20 Cumberland 
Kelley Timothy, sol ii-'r, CO Washington 
Kelley Timothy, soldier, 10 larch 
Kelley Timothy, laborer, rear 49 adams 
Kelley William M, mariner, 2 york 
Kellogg Harriet, Caroline, and Julia, boarding house, 15 free 


Kellogg Joseph M, 203 congress 

Kelsey James, truckman, burnham st, near libby's corner 

Kelsey John, painter, C hemlock 

Kemp Jeremiah H, blacksmith, rear 23 preble, h 30 portland 

Portland Agricultural Warehouse and Seed Store. 
The subscribers now oiler for sale all kinds of Grain, Field, 
Garden, and Flower Seeds; elso Pure Peruvian Guano, 
Superphosphate of Lime, Pondrette, and other Fertilizers, 
together with a general nssortment of Agricultural Tools, 
Wooden Ware, Trees, Plants. Bulbs, fro., fro., at Wholesale 
nnd Retail. Kb*. 7, 8, 9, and 10, Ciry Hall Building. 


Kendall Hosea, (& Whitney) old city hall, h rear 6 chestnut 
Kendall J A, (Chadbournc, K & Co)_6G middle, h 119 Oiford 
Kendall Mrs Mary, at 7 smith 
Kendall William H, seaman, 7 ?mith 
Kendrick Daniel, clergyman, 14 carlton 
Kenevick Bartholomew, laborer, waterville 
Kenevick Mrs Julia, at 9 waterville 
Kenevick Patrick, laborer, 10 adama 
Kenevick Richard, laborer, 1- freeman's lano 
Kennard Franklin S, mason, I qaincy 
Kennard Richard W, at J C Brooke', h 8 quincy 
••Kennedy David, laborer, rear 104 danforth 
Kennedy Mrs Ellen, 12 sumner 
Kennedy George, moulder, 34 north 
Kennedy Michael, teamster, 1o cotton 
Kennedy Michael, stone cutter, rear Hi brackett 
Kennedy Patrick, laborer, 80 sumner 
Kennedy Stephen, shoemaker, 30 tore 
Kenney Albert G, clerk, bds 00 federal 
Kenney Charles, provisioner, bds 40 middle 
Kenney Michael, laborer, 16 a lams 
Kenney Patrick, cook, 52 monument 
Kenney Patrick, laborer, 19 cantou 
Kenney Stetson, provisioner, 3 city market 
Kenney Thomas, laborer, rear 40 Washington " 
Kenney Wentworth B, sea captain, C E ferry village 
Kenney William H, (& Co) provisioner, 2 warren market 
Kenney William, provisioner, 8 city market, h 37 wilinot 


Kent Mrs Elizabeth N, 96 high 

Kent Reuben, baker, 107 fore, h 40 park 

Kenworthy George E, clerk, 74 brackett 

Kenworthy Mrs G E, dressmaker, 71 brackett 

Keof James, railroad employe, rear 27 mountfort 

Keof Lawrence, railroad employe, 82 sumner 

Kerrigan Andrew, 10 poplnx 

Kerrigan Mrs Catharine, 10 poplar 

Kerrigan Mrs Mary, 14 hammond 

Kerrigan Owen, railroad employe, 8 poplar „ 

Kerrigan Patrick, laborer, 14 union 

Kerrigan Patrick, teamster, 2S Cumberland 

Kerrigan Patrick, laborer, 14 hammond 

Kerrigan William, laborer, 10 larch 

Kerrtvan David, laborer, 98 Washington 

Kerrivan Michael, laborer, 9 pleasant 

Kidder Howell, grocer, 23 market square, bds elm houso - 

Kidder James D, grocer, 2S market square, h back covo 

Kidder John, clerk Daily Advertiser, bds elm house 

Kilboro Sylvanus C, mason, heath st near boyd 

W. T. Kilborn- & Co., Wholesale and Retail Dealers in 
Carpeting* and Upholstery Goods, Nos. 1 and 2 Free Street 


Kilborn W T, (& Co) carpet dealer, 1 free st blk, h 92 brackett 
Kiibourn Misses Hannah and Mary A, 14 spring 
Kilby Christopher, shipmaster, back cove villago 
Kilby William, joiner, G5 brackett 
Kilfeder Bobert, tailor, rear 9 plum 
Kilgorc Albert, locomotive engineer, bds port Ian '4 houso 
Kilgore Caleb, 3"> melnourne 
Kilgore John, hostler, 35 melbourno 
Kilgore Joseph, stabler, 63 franklin 
-Kilgore Mr3 Sarah, at 3 middle 
Kilian Mrs Catharine, at 62 Washington 
Killday John, laborer, 6 york 
Kiilday Mrs Maria, 21 york 
Killorau Philip, laborer, 21 pleasant 
Kilyan Patrick, laborer, 10 pleasant 


Kimball Alfred M, printer, 225 Cumberland 

Kimball Alvin, mail agent, bds 3 india 

Kimball Augustus A, soldier, 8 india court 

Kimball Mrs Charles, 167 Cumberland 

Kimball Charles C B, baggage master, G T R, h 14 india 

Kimball Charles F, artist, 137} middle, bds 10 mechanic 

Kimball Charles 0, founder, 253 Cumberland 

Kimball Chas P, carriage manufr, 17 proble, h 127 cumber'd 

Kimball Daniel D, moulder, 8 india court 

Kimball Edgar B, amhrotypist, 00 pearl, rear 

Kimball Edward L, broker, bda central house, lime 

Kimball Franklin C, soldier, 7 brattle 

Kimball George K, book-binder, 107 Cumberland 

Kimball George K, stage driver, 60 pearl, rear 

Kimball Henry, (Locke &) dentist, 117 middle, h 55 york 

Kimball James M, carriage dealer, 30 i congre.?3, h 1 parris 

Kimball Mrs James, 110 Cumberland » 

Kimball John, stair builder, \'J mechanic 

Kimball John II, iron founder, 7 brattle 

Kimball John II, flour dealer, 22 cross 

Kimball Lyman N, carpenter, 24 temple, rear h 16 alder 

Kimball William, merchant, h 147 Cumberland 

\V>:. A. Kimball & C<>., Commission Merchants, and 
Wholesale Dealers in flour, Grain, Groceries, Teas, &c, 
No. G3 Commercial Street. 


Kimball William A, (& Co) GO commercial, bds 111 fore 

Kimball William K, P clerk, h 04 oxfot I 

Kimball William G, stair builder, woodford'fl corner 

Kinby John, laborer, 13 inarion 

Kincaid David W, carpenter, C:ipe Elizabeth ferry village 

Kincaid William, joiner, Cape Elizabeth ferry village 

Krxa, Butler & Thoblow, Packers of Pork, and 
Wholesale Dealers in Flour, Corn, Dressed Hogs, Pork, 
Lard, Hams, Butter, Cheese, &C, 2w. 10 j Commercial St., 
near head of Union Wharf. 


King A S, (K, Butler & Thur'ow) 105 com'!, h 2 appleton blk 
King Cyru? S, printer, 106} middle, h 1j0 dauforth 


King James A, seaman, 13 hancock 
King Jairus K, house builder, 4 high court 
King Marquis F, photographer, 84 middle, h 83 green 
King Martin, laborer, 6 dan forth 
King Patrick, laborer, 104 danforth * 

King Richard, soldier, stetson's lane 
King Samuel II, trader, SI green, h S3 green 
King William A, carriage trimmer, bds 12 portland 
Kingsbury Benj, jr, (McCobb &) 65 exchange, h 3S oak 
v Kingsbury George, blacksmith, 16 hancock - 
Kingsbury John, hotel-keeper, 203 congress 
Kingsley Paul, soldier, 6 hammond 
Kinney Edward J, soldier, 76 green 
Kinney Patrick, mason, 70 green 
Kinsman George L H, lamp repairer, 3S dark 
Kinsman John, gas fitter, 40 union, h 135 spring 
Kirby James, laborer, 133 congress 
Kirby Matthew, laborer, 9 watervillc 
Knapp Charles P, shipping master, 130 fore, h Yl\ fore 
Knapp Mrs Dolly, 8 deer 
Knapp Kdmund B, 130 fore, h 172 congress 
Knapp Jona M, shipping master, 130 fore, h. 40 atlantic 
Knapp Samuel, brakeman, S3 Uidia 
Knight Albert L, mastic roofer, 34 pine 
*» Knight Mr* Angella, 6 congress place 

Knight Benjamin, carpenter, 2D india 
Knight Benjamin, joiner, 32 mayo 
Knight Charles A, mariner, Cape Elizabeth ferry village 
Knight Charles B, ship carpenter, knight's village, C K 
Knight I) J, 122 bracket! 
Knight Daniel, wagoner, rear 31 oxford 
Knight Daniel 1\ teamster, rear 31 oxford 
Knight Kben, ship carpenter, back cove Tillage 
Knight Edward, melodeon manufacturer, bds 07 free 
Knight Mrs Eliza W, dressmaker, 29 elm 
Knight Ferdinand M, painter, 0t brackett 
Knight Frank B, upholsterer, bds 2 f J india 
Knight George B, cabinet maker, 32 parril 
Knight George II, merohant, h 58 state 


Knight Henry, trader, h 26 stimncr 

Knight Henry, soldier, 22 suraner 

Knight Henry, house carpenter, back cove village 

Knight Isaac, grocer, 18 middle, h 101 fore 

Knight J B, (Hamilton, K & Sons) 6 gait blk, h 86 danforth 

Knight Jabez M, 43 £ state 

Knight James W C, cooper, 106 brackctt 

Knight John B, packer of meats, 70 york 

Knight John-H, 6 gait blk, bds So danforth 

Knight Moses Y, clerk, 20 oxford 

Knight Nathaniel, terminer, 12 brattle 

Knight Noah B, cooper, Cape Elizabeth ferry village 

Knight Mrs Reuben, 22 india 

Knight Robert, trader, 20 oxfurd 

Knight Robert W, ship carpenter, knight's village, C E 

Knight Mrs Sabrir.a, 4 deer 

Knight Samuel A, mason, 29 parcis 

Knight Stephen D, boat builder, 43J state 

Knight Stephen If, eating boose, 50 anion, h 40 sumner 

Knight Thomas E, ship builder, knight's village, C E 

Knight William, 69 spring 

Kno-.vhuid William P, cabinet maker, 27 franklin 

Knowles James S, peddler, back cove, we?tbrook 

Knowlton James K, pattern maimer, 4 garden 

Knox Mrs Mary, 8 low 

Kotzschmar Hermann, music teacher, bis U S hotel 

Kyle Joseph, trader, h 2j4 con^rr^!* 

Kyle Samuel, lunch saloon, 6S middle, h 73 franklin 

Kyle Thomas, laborer, 8 abyssinian court 

Kyne Michael, laborer, rear 11 center 

Kyne Mrs Maria, stetson's lane 

Kyne Patrick, soldier, 11 center 

LABOY ROPOLPH, seaman, 4 brown's court 
Ladd Cyrus J, soldier, 44 salem 
Laid Cyrus K, head C E bridge, h 44 salem 
Ladrigau William, pipe layer gas co, h bank 
Lahan Jeremiah, soldier, 5 hancock court 
Laitea Lemuel W, trader, 3G3 congress, h 24 green 


Lako Miss Caroline, dressmaker, bds 20 mountfort 
Lamb C S, junk store, 40 portland, h libby's comer 
Lamb Dr H A, 233} congress, bds 19 india 
Lambert Joseph L, provisioner, 8 warren market 
Lambert Zaccheus, Ltone cutter, vaughan, cor pine 
Lanagan Edward, seaman, 16} brackett 
Lanahan James, laborer, C spring 
Lanagan Lorenzo F, joiner, 25 green 
Lanagan Michael, boiler maker, 22 hancock 
Lanahan William, at 10 oxford 
Lanahan William, jr, laborer, rear 20 mountfort 
Lancaster Mrs Klizabeth, 14 lafayetto 

H. Warren' Lancey, Importer of and Dealer in Ilard- 
ware and Cutlery. Constantly on hand a good assortment 
of Domestic and Foreign Hardware and Cutlery, Houso 
Trimmings, including Gia-s, Nails, &c, also, Haying Tool*, 
Wholesale and Retail. New Biock, Nos. 21 and 23, Limo 

Lancey H Warren, hardware, 21 lime, h 13 spring 

Lancey John, bds 51 fore 

Landers Christopher, iron moulder, 38 gray 

Landers John, 23 spring 

Lao Jers John, moulder, 33 gray 

Laoders John, clerk, preble house 

Landers Michael u mouliier, 38 'gray 

Lano- Charles B, joiner, 57 franklin 

Lane Claudius M, truckman, 59 oxford 

Lane Mrs Elizabeth, S2 chestnut 

Lane John W, truckman, 58 franklin 

Lane John W, merchant, at U S hotel 

Lane P, (& Little) dry goods, 133 middle, h 7 cedar 

Lane Thomas, laborer, 274* fore 

Lane William, joiner, CO oxford 

Lang Edward, machinist, westbrook point 

Lang Henry C, planter, westbrook point 

Lang Izates V, joiner, westbrook point 

Lang Joseph B, mastic "roofer, 252 Cumberland 

Lang Mrs Miriam, 2 Stevens' place 

Laug Samuel W, railroad employe, westbrook point 


Lang Sewall, trader, 7 vernon court 

Lang William, sea captain, 16J salem 

Langmaid Albert M, blacksmith, portland cor lowell 

Langmaid John, tailor, 27 federal 

.Larkin Andrew, ship carpenter, 26 pleasant 

Lark in Mr3 Bridget E, 129 congress 

Larkin Francis, biker, 20 Cumberland 

Larkin Mrs Martha, 2 cobb's court 

Larkin Mr3 Patrick, 12 larch 

Larkin Philip, captain U S army, 2 cobb's court 

Larkin Mrs Susan, 5 cobb's court 

Larrabee Crosby J, picture dealer, 32 myrtle 

Larrabee Benjamin, 30 oak 

Larrabee Benjamin 2d, surveyor of lumber, 1 cedar 

Larrabee Daniel F, stabler, 4 ramner 

Larrabee George II P, c, r j franklin 

Larrabee John A, 16 stone 

Larrabee John S. 86 salem 

Larrabee Levi, mariner, 27 cotton 

Larrabee Mrs Lydi.i L, at 5 lafayette 

K/J. D. Larrabee, Dealer in Ei i^rarmgs, Artists' Ma- 
terials, Picture Frames, &o., No. 69 Exchange St. 

Larrabee Robert J D, 69 exchange, h 32 myrtle 
Larrabee Samuel \V, lumber dealer, h 53 middle 
Larrabee William D, joiner, 41 atlantio 

Latham Cyrus, machinist, rervr 26 atlantio 

Latham George M, fisherman, peak's island 

Latham George \Y, machinist, b4l 27 fore 

Latham Nathaniel, long island 

Latham Simon P, long island 

Lavelle Patrick, laborer. 14 Cumberland 

Lawless Mrs Mary, 50 monument 

Lawless Patrick, laborer, 82 sumner 

Lawrence Franklin, clerk, 2"»1 Cumberland 

Lawrence Nathaniel, brickraaker, 609 congress 

Lawrence Mrs Susan N, 38 chestnut 

Lawrence Thomas K, soldier, 35 chestnut 

Lawaon Peter, mariner, 52 monument 

Leach Albert Q, (& fiobinson) dry foods, 81 middle, h 9 smith 


Leach Lewis F, seaman, 25 canton 
Leach William B, laborer, 20 canton 
Learned Mrs Rebecca II, 103 oxford 
Leary Daniel, laborer, 2 bank 
Leary Dennis, laborer, 25 india 
I Leary James, teamster, 5 pleasant 

Lb A THE & Gore, Manufacturers of and Dealers in Bar 
and Fancy Soaps, of all qualities, suitable for shipment, man- 
ufacturers', or family use, and neatly put up in all variety 
of packages to suit the trade. We solicit your attention to 
our goods before purchasing* For sale, wholesale and re* 
tail, by grocers generally throughout the State. Works, 
corner Summer and Canal Streets* 

II .the John D, (& Gore) 75 summer, h 2 salcm . 
Leavitt Charles, laborer, rear 15 danforth 

F. A. Leavitt, Sail Maker, Wklgery's Wharf. All 
orders promptly executed and with fidelity. Particular 
attention given to making Tents, Awnings, ecc. 

Leavitt Francis A, sailmaker, widgery's whf, h 15 myrtle 

Leavitt Henry J, clerk, bds 37 pleasant 

Leavitt James A, carpenter, 9 cedar 

Leavitt James W, merchant, widgery's whf, h 44 state 

Leavitt James W, joiner, 55 green 

Leavitt Mrs Jane, 133 oxford 

Leavitt J H, clerk r 31 exchange, bds 37 pleasant 

Leavitt John, 37 pleasant 

Leavitt John F, farmer, st John st 

Leavitt Joseph, soldier, 37 pleasant 

I. .. .*: Joseph, shipmaster, 37 pleasant 
> Leavitt Josef h B, tatlmaker, 27 waterville- 

Leavitt Samuel R, custom house oiiicer, 3 sherbrooko 

Leavitt William, shipmaster, 35 danforth 

Leavitt William, clerk, back cove village 

Leavitt William H, carpenter, 10 vino 

J,ce Henry, clerk U S hotel 

Lee Mrs Mary, 14 mayo 

Lee Richard, (Simonton &) central wharf, h 10 myrtla 

Lee Thomas, laborer, 2 su inner 
ft Legrow Elias, stabler, 37 lime, h 24 stone * 


Legrow Roscoo A, clerk, 118 brackett 

Leiden Mrs Mary C, rear 11 york 

Leighton Adam, (Loring &) 10 warren market 

Leighton Adrial W, stone cutter' 11 middle 

Leighton Alvin S, carpenter, 15 dark 

Leighton Andrew, 12 city market, h 159 Cumberland 

Leighton Andrew H, stone cutter, 70 sumner 

Leighton Charles IT, marketman, 11 middle 

Leighton David H, stone cutter, 310 congress 

Leighton Frank, ec.tiug house, rear 84 federal 

Leighton George Vs r , stone cutter, bds 11 middle 

Leighton Ichabod W, 2 union wharf, h 10 park 

Leighton James N, h 12 boyd 

Leighton Jeremiah, house carpenter, 37 federal 

Leighton Jonathan B, carpenter, 12 boyd 

Leighton Lemuel W, grocer, 24 green 

Leighton Lorenzo, machinist, 50 brackett 

Leighton Otis, joiner, 22 salem 

R. LEicnTON', Jr., Dealer in Meats. Poultry, and Country 
Produce, Tar.-, Coffee, Sugars, Spices, Tobacco, Soap, Fish, 
Pork, Lard, Cheese. Batter, Eggs, Onions, Sweet Potatoes, 
Apples, &c. All k:!!'!s of Country Produce sold on Com- 
mission. Goods delivered in all parts of the city free of 
charge. No. 15 Silver Street, opposite Warren Market. 

Leighton Robert, jr. grocer, 15 silver, h westbrook 

Leihey James, waiter international house 

Lernont Adam, teamster, 43 north 

Lemont Ezekiel C, carriage maker, preble, h 34 parris 

Lemont George W, truckman, 43 north 

Lemont John F, soldier, 43 north 

Lenfest Nicholas H, ship carpenter, bds 6 tyng 

Lenfesty Mrs Susan, danforth near vaughan'i bridge 

Lenham Albert, cooper, bds rear 9 plum 

Lenhain James, bill poster, rear 9 plum 

Leonard Levi A, seaman, 42 adams 

Leonard Thomas, gardener, at 74 park 

Leonard Thomas, porter, rear 90 danforth 

Leonard Thomas, farmer, westbrook point 

Leopold John II, steam e::^ineer, 8 york 

l.e Prohon E P, physician and French consul, 7 south 


Leslie Mrs Abigail, 19 noal 

Leslie James Vv r , soldier, 19 neal ■? 

Levccque Frank, laborer, 52 york 

Levy Joseph, merchant tailor, 95 exchange, h 23 Hampshire 

Lewis Mrs Abigail C, 4 spruce 

Lewis Albion G, landlord union house, 2 india 

Lewis Andrew C, (Trask &) 27 market square, h 5 boyd 

Lewis Edward S, clerk, 135 oxford 

Lewis Mrs Kilen, 53 foro 

Lewis George F, dealer in preserved provisions, bds 161 fore 

Lewis Henry P, cook, 109 Washington 

Lewis Jacob T, 1 free st block, h state corner spring 

Lewi* Jo!i!i M, long island 

Lewis Jothata G, joiner, 13 hampshire 

L^wis Russell, merchant, 4 central whf, h 26 atlantio 

Lewis Samuel, steamboat steward, 79 Cumberland 

Lewis Simon J, porter, 17 smith 

Lkwis & Smith, Manufacturers of and Dealers in Cloth- 
ing, Xo. 171 Fore Street. Particular attention given to 
custom work. 


Lewis Tbaddeua C, (& Smith) clothier, 171 fore, h 213 curub 

Lewis William J, machinist, 39 hanover 

Libby Mrs A': igail, at 1G iincoln 

Libby A Mlson, jr, jdtner, 3$ salcrh 

Libby Albert, blacksmith, 38 adami 

Libby Alphens, trader, 196 fore, h 37 state 

Libbj Alvah, 33 exchange, h SS state - 

Libby Ar.irow, butcher, b 607 congress 
1 Libby Arthur, 11 watervillo 

Libby Art'-ir, soldier, rear 13 north 

Libby Benjamin, joiner, 32 elark 

Libby Bradford, caulker, 52 york 

Libby Charles F, soldier, 112 Washington 

Libby Charles M, locomotive engineer, IT rnunjoy 

Libby Charles S, painter, b Is 3*} lalem 

Libby Daniel F, blacksmith, 4 rnunjoy 

Libby David, blacksmith, 595 congress 
k Libby David F, joiner, 13 spruce 



Libby Dorville, freight master, G T R B, 21 smith 

Libby Edmund, (C J Walker 6 Co) 46 union, h 20 hanover 

Libby Edmund P, cooper, portland near lowell 

Libby Francis 0, (H J Libby & Co) 2 free st block, h 92 free 

Libby Franklin G, soldier, rear IS north 

Libby Franklin S, blacksmith, bds rear 252 Cumberland 

Libby Franklin S, blacksmith, 14 vesper 

Libby George, farmer, libby's corner 

Libby George H, soldier, 11 hanover 

Libby Gilbert G, shoemaker, bds 99 federal ■ 

Libby Granville, carpenter, 20 dark) 

Libby Miss H D, dressmaker, 33S congress 

Libby Harrison J, ( & Co) 2 free st block, h 387 congress 

Libby Henry, mariner, 23 cotton 

Libby Horace B, joiner, 10 tato 

Libby Hosea I, mason, 22 spruce 

Libby Isaiah, trader, 1 spring place 

Libby J B, (H J Libby &'Co) 2 free st block, h 3S9^congresi 

Libby James, provisioncr, 212 congress 

Libby James B I, wagoner, 22 spruce 

Libby James I, (Estes &) 11 central whf, h 3 middle 

Libby James X, joiner, cherry it 

Libby John S, fanner, 22 spruce 

Libby John T, joiner, 3* salem 

Libby John W, edgejool maker, 258 fore, h 11 hanover 

Libbey Joseph, hay dealer, hd union wharf, h 60 pleasant 

Libby Joseph, shoemaker, 200 congress 

Libbey Joseph E D, hty dealer, 60 pleasant 

Libby Joseph F, carriage maker, prcble, h 31 alder 

Libby Joseph P, paper box maker, H-4 middle 

Libby Lorenzo D, laborer, Stevens's court 

Libby Mrs Lydia, rear 13 north 

Libby Major S, (& Co) stove dealer, 33 exchange h 19 dow 

Libby Matthias, joiner, 69 franklin 

Libby Mrs Matthias, 19 winter 

Libby Miles T, 33 exchange, bds 88 state 

Libby Milton, railroad employe, C tynj 

Libby Mrs Miriam, 11 chestnut 

Libby Nahura, mason, It 20 cedar 


Libby Orlando, joiner, 21 winter 

Libby Richard M, truckman, 25 oxford 

Libby Roscoc G, soldier, 17 alder 

Libby Samuel, trader, 362 congress 

Libby Samuel, blacksmith, 16 lafayette • 

Libby Samuel B, soldier, 1 spring place 

Libby Seth B, boot fitter, 37 1 franklin 

Libby Simon, blacksmith, 17 alder 

Libby Simon If, house builder, henry st 

Libby Storer, carpenter, 72 dark * % 

Libby Sumner, blacksmith, h grove near portiand 

Libby Miss Susan, 17 dark 

Libby Thomas L, sea captain, 13 church 

Libbey Washington, joiner, 17 carlton 

Libby William, joiner, bds 78 spring 

Libby William F, carpenter, knight's village, C E 

Libby William F, soldier, libby's corner 

Libby William II, truckman, 40 munjoy 

Light House office, 31 exchange 

Lincoln Edward R, sailmaker, bds 31 federal 

Lincoln George S, clerk, bds U S hotel 

! Lincoln RoyaJ/bds 27 danforth 

Lincoln Royal W, local editor Press, 27 danforth 

Lincoln Samuel, trader, h 31 federal 

Lindsay Mrs Mary N, 1C2 brackett 

Lindsay William, 21 brackeit 

Ling Sylvanus, livery stabler, corner lime end milk 

Lir.eham Daniel, laborer, rear 213 fore 

Lineham Gerritt, laborer, rear 213 fore 
• Liscomb Mrs Elizabeth, 61 franklin 

Litcomb Johu J, steamboat captain, 2S smith 

Litchfield George C, grocer, 121 congre:* 

Little A, (Lane &) dry goods, 133 middle, h 7 brown 

Little Charles F, 235 Cumberland 

Little Charles H, clerk Advertiser cilice, h 21 winter 

Little Eugene E, dry goods, 319 congress, h 24 brown 

Little Francis D, merchant, custom h whf, bds preble hovta 

Little Hall J, merchant, 43 high 
N Little Ualler, boarding-hootc, 13 plum , . 


Little Miss Hannah, tailoress, 181 1 oxford 
Little J R, assistant surgeon I) b nary, 8 state 
Little Mrs Josiah S, 70 state 
Little Mrs Keziah, 3S state 

S Little Lizzie F, (Cochran &) millinery, 355 congress 

Little William P, insurance broker, 31 exchange, h <13 pearl 
Littlefield Albert E, machinist, bds 12 spring 
Littlefield Baruch, railroad baggage master, h 36 brown 
Littlefield Benjam'n, trader, 45 Cumberland, h 151 congress 
Littleficld Benjamin If, landlord Cumberland house, 83 green 
• Littlefield Charles shoemaker, 210 Cumberland, h 76 dark 

Littlf.fiklt) Brothers, Central Street, between Fore 
and Commercial Streets. Bouse, Ship, and Ornamental 
Carvers and GiM^rs. Ur fen received from abroad attended 
to with caro and prompt:i-js>. 

Littlefield Clias H, (Littlefield Bros) hi central whf, h 13 mid 

Littlefield Charles S, (Chase, L & Co) 175 middle, h 60 cumb 

Littlefield Elijah, steam and pas fitter, 12 spring 

Littlefield Francis A, (LittlefUM Bros) hd cent'l whf, h 10 high 

Littlefield Frank II, (Chase, L & Co) 175 middle, bds 69 cumb 
Littlefield George C, (ft Wilson) 2-> york, h 42 york 
Littlefield Jesse L, soldier, 12 >?ring 

Littlefield J>jhn B, at 151 co:\rr-<s 

Littlefield Mrs Margery, 10 mid lie 

Littlefield Mrs Mary B, 17 portland 

Littlefield Xahum, ship carver, h I central whf, h 10 hiVh 

Littlefield Xahum, jr, (Littlefield Bros) hd ceut'I whf, h 10 high 

Littlefield Sewall, tinsmith, bds 10 a Jams 

Littlefield William E, carpenter, 32 Washington 

Littlehale Isaac M, soldier, 23 hampshirt 

Littlejohu Asa D, sea captain, C E ferry village 

Littlejohu Charley shipmaster, 3i watervillo 

Littlejohn John, fisherman, lon^ island 

Littlejohn John, seaman, 26 cotton 

Littlejohn Nathan, mariner, C E ferry village 

Littlejohn Kichard, fisherman, long island 

Liverraore Mr3 Hannah, at 23 st lawrenco 

Loan Edward, laborer, C E ferry village 

Lobdell Charles, cooper, h libby's corner 


Lobdell Edward, reason, bdfl 10 ncal 

Loche Fred J, soldier, 51 spring 

Locke Adomram J, (& Kimball) 117 middle, b 44 clark 

Locke Elbridgo W, dentist, 37 wilmot 

Locke Homer F, (& Co) 5 deering block, h 20 cedar 

Locke J G, carriage maker, 1SS Cumberland 

Locke John, soldier, 20 cedar 

Locke William, (& Co) 6 deering block 

Locko Worthiogtoo S, in the army, h Slcumberland 

Lockhart Mrs Abigail, 31 parris 

Lockhart Daniel V II, soldier, 34 parris 

Lodlng Michael, laborer, 102$ federal 

Logan David, laborer, 3 bradbury'a conrt 

J. imbard Benjamin R, laborer, C E ferry village 

Lombard lira Eleanor, 7 beach 

Lombard George H, joiner, ingraham's lane (rear 74 york) 

Lombard Jane D, corner federal and pearl 

Lombard Lewis \V, soldier, ingraham's lane (rear 74 york) 

Lombard Loring, cooper, 7 beach 

Lombard Nathan, carpenter, guilford's court 

Lombard Theodore H, soldier, 7 beach. 

Long Alonzo E, seaman, 130 Washington 

Long Eliakim, blacksmith, lo»3 Washington 

Long Mrs Honora, 2 danforth 

Long John F, steam engineer, 63 sumner 

Long Martin, laborer, 2 silver 

Long Zadock, jr f 20 gray 

Longfellow Alexander \V, chief U S coast survey, h westbr'k 

Longfellow Henry W, V S coast survey, bds preble house 

Looby M or, 117 congresa 

Loomer E Iward, ship carpenter, 4 ores? 

Loomer George, 66 J bracket! 

Looney Bartholemew, ship carpenter, 6 salem lane 

Looney Mrs Hannah, 00 monument 

Looney Patrick J, carpenter, 21 york 

Looney Timothy, (J S navy, CO monument 

Lord Charles A, editor Christian Mirror, h 127 congress 

Lord Charles II, seaman, 3 fore 

Lord Daniel, (J & D) 133 commercial, h 51 pearl 


Lord Elbridge G, seaman, rear 77 brackett 

Lord Frank, clerk, 9 clapp's block, bds 46 winter] 

Lord George, shipmaster, 3 fore 

Lord Henry P, city treasurer, 18 willow 

Lord John, clerk, bds 51 pearl 

J. & D. Lor.D, Commission Merchants and Wholesale 
Dealers in Flour and Provisions, 133 Commercial Street. 


Lord J, (& D) 133 commercial, bds 51 pearl 

Lord John D, com merchant, 1£ union whf, h 157 Cumberland 

Lord & Crawford, (Successors to Hamblin & Craw- 
ford), Commission Merchants, and Wholesale Dealers in, 
West India Goods and Groceries, Tea, Pork, Lard, Salt, &C-, 
No. 143 Commercial Street. 


Lord John N, (& Crawford) 1*43 commercial, h 71 state 
Lord Major, lumber dealer, 37 commercial, h 1 st lawrenco 
Lord Samuel 1>, carriage maker, 37 t pine 
L rd Samuel J, clerk, o smith 
Lord William C, westbrook point 
Lord William G, carpenter, 18 middle 
. Lord William L, laborer, rea/ 77 brackett 
Lorette Mrs Adeline, 11 free 
Lorette Obadiah, soldier, 11 free 

Loring Francis, bootmaker, 115 exchange, h 21 franklin 
Loring George, trader, 169 congress 
Loring George, slater, 22 watcrville 
Loring George, mariner, 20 cedar 

LomilTO, Ross & Co.. Commission Merchants, Ship Chand- 
lers, and Dealers in .Ship and Cabin Stores. No. 73 Com- 
mercial Street. 


Loring Henry, (L, Ross & Co) 73 commercial, h 49 spring 

Loring John, grocer, Ml exchange, h 84 green 

Loring John E, U S navy, 6 Hampshire 

Loring Mrs Lydia, 5 hampshire 

Loring Prentiss, at Press office, 3 h green 

Loring Reuben B, (& Leighton) 10 warren market, h 13 silver 

Loring Thomas G, apothecary, 121 exchange, h 83 Oxford 


Loring William H, soldier, 13 sumner 
Lothrop Ansyl, 134 fore, h 57 middle 
Lothrop George E, polisher, bds 2 park 
Lothrop Robert L, blacksmith, bds 2 park 
Lothrop William, varnisher and polisher, 2 park 

Wm. W. Loth nop, (formerly K. Shaw & Co), Manufac- 
turer of and Dealer in Boots, Shoes, and Rubbers, No. 68 
Middle Street. Boots an 1 Slices made to order. Repairing 
done in tho neatest manner. 

Lothrop William W, M middle, bds 15 high 

Load leeinh, soldier, 37 preen 

Load Mrs Nancy, 37 green 

Lou J Mrs William, 10 mayo 

Lou gee A F, carpenter, bds sailor's home 

Loogee L O, (H J Libby & Co) 2 free st blk, bds U S hotel 

Love James, truckman, 5 commercial 

Love William II, soldier, 5 commercial 

Lovell F D, (H C Lovell & Son) 129 middle, bds 203 congreii 

II. 0. Lovell & Sox, Dealers in Foreign and Domestic 
Dry and Fancy Goods, No. 129 Middle Street. 


Lovell Henry C, (& Son) 120 middle, bds 203 congress 

Lovell Henry C, jr, in the army, 203 congress 

Lovell J K, (Barrows &) 34 portland, bds 36 portland 

Lovell Mrs Priscilla T, rear 57 brackett 

Loveitt Daniel W, truckman, 161 Cumberland 

Loveitt Edward W, soldier, 101 Cumberland 

Loveitt George F, clerk, 09 harapshir© 

Loveitt John, (Uh dealer, 103 commercial, h 161 cumborhind 

Loveitt Simon A, soldier, 101 Cumberland 

Lovejoy Aaron W, carpenter, 1 walker's court 

Lovejoy Charles H, joiner, 1-0 spring 

Lovejoy Charles N, moulder, 23 nmnjoy 

Lovejoy Lemuel M, joiner, 25 pine 

Lovejoy William H, joiner, h corner spring and emery 

Lowering Joseph T, pastor park, st ch, 28 winter, cor spring 

Low John W, clothier, 117 fore, h 33 middle 


£owe Edward, laborer, 35 cotton . , 

Lowe James E, laborer, rear 147 fore 

Lowell & Senter, Watch Makers and Dealers in 
Watches, Chronometers, Jewelry, k and Fancy Goods. No. 
64 Exchange Street. 


Lowell Abner, (& Senter) jeweler, 64 exchange, h 39 pearl 

Lowell Ann E, 153 congress 

Lowell Cyrus, (D Clark & Co) 119 middle, bds 122 cumberlM 

Lowell Edward H, expressman, 153 congress 

Lowell Eleanor, 153 congress 

Lowell Mrs Elizabeth, 153 congress 

Lowell Eunice and Caroline, 4$ federal 

Lowell Charles H, express wnqoncr, 89 vaughan 

Lowell Frank H, soldier, 11 elm 

Lowell George W, shoe dealer, 240 congress 

Lowell Isabella G, 153 congress 

Lowell James B, carpenter, 15 munjoy 

Lowell Mrs Julia, 11 elm 

Lown George, boat builder, 27 brackett 

Lowrey Charles, U S navy, rear 101 danforth 

Lowrey James, Laborer, 6 cobb's court 

Lowrey James, U S navy, rear 101 danforth 

Lowrey James, stevedoje, 30 waterville 

Lowrey John, U S navy, rear 101 danforth 

Lowrey John jr, U S navy, rear 101 danforth 

Lowrey William, soldier, 2 silver 

Lowrey William, stevedore, 30 waterville 

Lucas John B, clerk, 23 atlantio 

Lucas Thomas, dry goods, 125 middle, h 324 congress 

Lucas William, cooper, 19 neal 

Luce Mrs Miriam B, lincoln st ] 

Lucen Alexander, rear 131 congress 

Lucy Charles W, confectioner, 01 exchange, h 75 federal 

Ludkins Martin V, seaman, 6 ingruham's court 

Ludkin3 Richard, fisherman, $ ingraham's court 

Ludkins William H, seaman. 6 ingraham's^coort 

Ludwig Gardner, physician, 6 brown 

Lufkin S B A, salesman, bds 26 free 


Luf kin William S, trader, 14 commercial whf, h 9 federal 

Ltmt Benj F, (J R Lunt & Co) 108 middle,* bds U S hotel 

Lunt Charles H, joiner, 559 congress 

Lunt Delevan, laborer, back cove village 

Ltint George W, lumber surveyor^lO beckett 

Lunt Jeremiah, blacksmith, back cove village 

Lunt J R, (& Co) apothecary, 108 middle, h 9_spruce 

Lunt John S, farmer, back cove 

Lunt Noah N, joiner, 119 brackett 

Luscomb George K, grainer, 14S} exchange, h 115 oxford 

Lutz Edward R, brass worker, bds'82 federal 

Lyden Nicholas, laborer, 29 center 

Lyford Samuel L, joiner, 148 J exchange, h 199 congress 

Lyman S R, 115 commercial, h 50 free 

Lyman T R, (& Marrett) 115 commercial, h 90 state 

Lynch Benjamin M, mariner, 54 salem 

Lynch John, laborer, 5 hancock court 

John Lynch & Co., "Wholesale Grocers and Commission 
Merchants, Granite Stores, 139 Commercial Street, (Oppo- 
site head of Widgery's Wharf ). 


Lynch John, (& Co) 139 commercial, h 55 state 

Lynch Michael, trader, 275 fore 

Lynch Michael, railroad employe, 273 fore 

Lynch Michael, laborer, 90 Washington 

Lynch Patrick, 2 bank 

Lynch Thomas, (J Lynch & Co) 109 commercial, h 8 winter 

Lynch Timothy, teamster, 60 Washington 

Lynch William, teamster, 2 cne* 

Lynds James, laborer, 60 monument 

Lynes William, U S navy, 3 crow 

Lyons James, carpenter, dyer'* lane 

Lyons Thomas, blacksmith, 11 maple 

MACDONALD FRANCIS, coal mine a^t, 194 forc/h 21 high 

Mace John A, hackmnn, lime near federal 

Machin H T, dour dealer, 1 gait block, h 395 congress 

Machin W N, 395 congress 

Mack Andrew, sea captain, 11 fore 


Mack Andrew E, mariner, 11 fore 

Mack Charles F, locomotive engineer, 13 fore 

Mack David, oysterman, bds 99 federal 

Mack John, laborer, lime near post office 

Mack Patrick, laborer, 58 Washington 

Mackin Joseph F, soldier, 8 walker's court 

Mackin Michael, teamster, 95 danforth 

Mackin Patrick, cordwainer, 8 walker's court 

Mackin Thomas J, joiner, 8 walker'3 court 

Macpherson Robert J, lieut U S army, 35 bracket* 

Madtgan Dennis, laborer, 9 dow 

Madigan John, laborer, bds 9 dow 

Muguor Thomas, mariner, 3 cushman's court 

Magner William, seaman, 3 cushman's court 

Mahan Michael, laborer, 4 hammond 

llahaney Patrick, laborer, 6 york 

Mahaney Patrick, laborer, 48 monument 

M.'.har Mrs Margaret, 2o cotton 

?•!.-'.. anoy Dennis, laborer, 27 hammond 

Mahoney Jeremiah, laborer, 11 tyng 

llahooey Patrick, laborer, bds 27 hammond 

Maine State Press, 82£ exchange 

Maiiie Temperance Journal, office 64 middle # 

Malangh John, 4 york 

Malangh Patrick, marble worker, 4 york 

Malangh William, clerk, 4 york 

Haley Edward, 4 salem lane 

Malcy Edward, laborer, 10 center 

Maley John, soldier, 25 center 

Mallard James, laborer, 14 danforth 

Mallard Thomas, laborer, bds rear 7 eesex lane 

Ma! ley William, laborer, rear 11 york 

Malloy James, laborer, 104 Washington 

Malloy John, laborer, 2G york 

Malloy John, laborer, stetsou'3 lano 

Malloy John, laborer, 2 poplar 

Malloy Michael, laborer, 7 york 

Malloy Michaul, laborer, rear 5 madison 

UaUmoy Mrs Margery, 30 federal 


Maloncy Maurice, laborer, 10 fox 

Maloney Patrick, laborer, 30 union 

Malyer Philip, laborer, 12 larch 

Manahan Mrs Bridget, 9 danforth 

Manahan John, soldier, C oxford 

Mangin Patrick, laborer, 65 Washington 

Mann Mrs Rebecca, at 8S Cumberland 

Manning Mrs Ann, 70 Washington 

Manning Charles F, sutler, U S army, 1 park place 

Manning Mrs Mary, rear 22 center 

Manning Michael, soldier, 4 brown's court 

Manning Prentice C, clerk, 12 tyng 

Mansfield Edward, trader, ill congress 

II insfield Ellis, teamster, 111 congress 

Mansfield Joseph W, saddler, 174 middle, h 2 parris 

Mansfield William, mariner, Cape Elizabeth ferry village 

Mantine Augustus H, mariner, 4 bradbury's court 

Mantine Charles, seaman, 60 fore 

Manuel Mrs Alice, 5 poplar 

Manuel George D, laborer, 9 Hampshire 

Manuel Philip, mariner, greenleaf rear 10 hammond 

Manuel Mrs Sophia S, 9 Hampshire 

Manufacturers & Traders' Bank, 203 fore 

Marble Benjamin, tailor, h 2 congress place 

Marble Lawsoo M, clerk elm houso 

Marble Mr* Marin L, 22 adams 

March Charles K, capt U S army, 10 franklin 

Mariner Charles H, joiner, 75 franklin 

Mariner Frederick W, truckman, 7 beach 

Mariner James, 7 beach 

Mariner John B, currier, H dow 

Mariner Joseph, farmer, Cape Elizabeth ferry village 

Mariner Mr* Louisa M,4j green 

Mariner Silas, ?ea captain. Cape Elizabeth ferry Tillage 

Mariner Silas H, sea captain, Cape Klizabeth ferry Tillage' 

Mariner William D, painter, 5 beach 

Mark Gabriel, (G Sc G) cutler, 140 exchange, h 30 st lawrene* 

Mark George A, student, at 11 monument 

Mark Godfrey, (G & (J) cutler, HO exchange, h 14 monument 


Marks Bartholomew, ripper, 5 tato 

Marks Mrs Dorah, 58 york, cor stato 

Marks Jeremiah, clerk, Thrasher & Co, free st blk, bds 58 york 

Marks John jr, carriage painter, 17 preblc, bds 5S york 

Marks William M, printer, 62 exchange, bds 5S york, cor state 

Markey Thomas, trader, 12 exchange, h 253 fore 

Markley Thomas, gardener, rear 133 fore 

Marquis George, newsman, h 88 brackett 

Marr Augustus D, (Marr oro*) 181 middle, bds 207 congress 

Marr Dennis J, truckman, 3 hancock 

Marr John, laborer, 8 pleasant 

Marr John N, trader, h 207 congress 

Marr Joseph, mariner, Cape Elizabeth ferry village 

Marr Llewellyn M, (Marr Bros) 181 middle, h 207 congress 

Marr Pierce, mason, 6 adams 

Marr Sylvester, clerk, rear 25 green 

Marrett Daniel, 20 park 

Marrett Edwin A, dry goods, 5 temple, bds 64 free 

Marrett James S, (Marrett, Poor & Co), 85 middle, h 29 park 

Marrett Orlando M, (Lyman &) 115 commercial, h 57 spring 

Marsh Edward V, U S navy, rear 27 merriil 

Marsh George, tinsmith, bds sailor's home 

Marsh John, laborer, rear 79 brackett 

M irsh Stephen, salesman, 2 hanover 

Marshall Cornelius R, provision packer, bds 76 Washington 

Marshall Horatio, ass't superintendent portland co, h 30 munjoy 

Marshall James G, machinist, bds 30 munjoy 

Marshall Thomas, laborer, 5 walnut 

Marshall William H, soldier, 76 Washington 

Marston Alexander, teamster, 23 smith 

Marston Andrew J, U S sappers and miners, 91 oxford 

MarstOO Mrs Frederick A, 35 st lawrenco 

Marst m George W, music teacher, bds 2G free 

Marston John M, policeman, 91 oxford 

Marston John W, trader, 29 wilmot, h 52 oxford - 

Marston Joseph L, soldier, 23 smith 

Marston Parsons O, fisherman, long island 

Marston Samuel II, cook, 24 1 Cumberland 

Marion Mr3 Susannah F, at 91 oxford 

Sco Mastln 


Martin Enoch, carriage maker, 83 federal, h 52 vilmot 
Martin George W, capt II S army, 18 parris 
\ Martin Joseph N, locomotive engineer, 9 middle 
Martin Michael, laborer, 2 maple 
Martin Michael, jr, stone cutter, 2 maple- 
Martin Patrick, shoemaker, rear 213 foro 
Martin Patrick, laborer, Cumberland near larch 
Martin Mrs Pbebe, 7 hancock court 
Martin Robert 11, teamster, 34 high, cor spring 
Martin Seth, carpenter, st John street 
Martin William, rigger, franklin whf, h S\ sumner 
Martin William, trader, 17 York, bds 2 maple 
Marwick Charles E, trader, 50 federal 
Harwick Edward A, shipmaster, 5 green 
Marwick Mrs Hannah, 50 federal 
Masketi Thomas, mariner, 76 sumner 
Mason Mrs Charlotte W, 24 middle 
Mason Daniel W, soldier, 24 middle 
Mason David, carriage maker, bds 5 boyd 
Mason Edward, druggist, 177 middle, bds 30 free 
Mason Mrs Eleanor P, rear 17 mechanic 
Mason George A, fruit dealer, 308 congress 
Mason George W, mason, 7 salem 
Ma :; Mrs Rai nab, 194 congress - 

M - D James M, hatter, 21 parris 
Ma*on Jonas W, soldier, rear 17 mechanic 
Mason Joseph 15, Iteam engineer, 5 mayo 
Mason Mrs Lorenzo D, S India 
Mason Mi** Lacy, IS hanover 
Mason Samnel, joiner, 5 boyd 
Mason Samnel, carriage maker, bds 5 boyd » 
Mason Seth C, apothecary, h 03 franklin 
Massey Dari I, seaman, 2 brown's court 
Massej Godfrey, steam engineer, 8 fox 
Mastiu George B, spar maker, 11 st lawrenco 
See Marston 

Masterton John B, baker. 8 fremont 
'Matthews James, soldier, 2 willow 
Matthews Jonathan 13, ilour dealer, 20 pearl 


Matthews Samuel, joiner, 93 oxford 

Matthews Stilson S, barber, 5 poplar 

Matthews Thos R, (& Turner) joiner, 31 pleasant, h 16 winter 

Matthews William, sailor boarding-house, 2 willow 

Matthews William, trader, 114 fore 

Matthews , (from Canada), bangs's island 

Matthias Solomon, cigar maker, 23 exchange, bds city hotel 
Maverick Charles, mariner, 33 Washington 
Maxfield Ferdinand A, joiner, bds 14 mayo 
Maxficld Mrs Lizzie, 12 spring 
Maxwell Cornelius, peak's island 
Maxwell John, 20 hampshire 
Maxwell Johu S, 29 hampshire 
Maxwell Joshua, merchant, h 73 spring 
Maxwell William A, seaman, 17 poplar 

May Jeremiah M, fanner, 9 tinkham's court .*> 

Mayberry Edward, carpenter, 27 Washington 
Maybcrry Mrs Sarah, 6 spruce 
Mayberry Stephen P, knight's village, C E 
, Mayberry William, laborer, 2 plum 
Mayberry William, knight's village, C E 
Mayers John, trader, 16 pleasant 
Mayers Mrs Mary, 16 pleasant 
Mayers Mrs Sarah, fancy goods, 369 congress 
Mayhew Nathan, 12 st lawrence m 

Maynard Augustus M, stair builder, 7 anderson 
Mayo Albion W, blacksmith, 15 salem 
Mayo Alphonso A, mariner, 64 york 
Mayo Asa, cooper, 7 salem 
Mayo Ephraim, laborer, 116 Washington 
Mayo Joeiah, cooper, knight's village, C E 
Mayo Thomas, expre-sman, 116 Washington 
McAleer Mrs Catharine, rear 29 mountfort 
McAleer John, laborer, 8 ndams 
McAleer Patrick, laborer, rear 29 mountfort 
McAleney John, saddler, 119 federal, h 14 pleasant 
McAlcney William, harness maker, 119 federal, h 18 cotton 
McAlister Charles L, confectioner, 1 oxford 
McAlister George, weigher and gauger, 16 gray 


JIcAlister Henry F, brushmaker, bds 21 brown 
McAlister Stephen H, laborer, 1 oxford 
McAlinun David, sea captain, st John st 
McAndry Mrs Mary, 8 center 
McAndry P, shoemaker, 2 brown's court 
| McAnnaney Michael, soldier, 33 Cumberland 

IMcAuley John, laborer, 11 willow 
McBride John, laborer, 49 Washington 

McBride Michael, overseer at Brown's sngar house, h 32 union 

McBride Ncal, laborer, bds 3 freeman's lane 

McCafTerty James, laborer, 110 congress 

McCatTerty John, trader, 83 fore 

McCatTerty Kcil, grocer, 21 york 

McCallum Dennis, laborer, 7 Cumberland place 

McCallum James, soldier, 23 green 

McCallum John, laborer, 243 fore 

McCallum Philip, railroad employe, rear 29 mountfort 

McCann Daniel, soldier, 7 cobb's court 

McCann Paul, laborer, 7 cobb's court 
, I McCann Thomas, laborer, stetson's lane 

McCann William, laborer, 279 commercial 

McCann William, laborer, 6 freeman's lane 

McCarty Andrew, laborer, 7$ york 

McCarty Miss Bridget, at 29 smith 

McCarty Mrs Catharine, at 15 commercial 

McCarty Charles, soldier, rear $6 brackctt 

McCarty Dennis, laborer, 7 center 

McCarty Dennis, laborer, 8 silver 

McCarty Dennis, laborer, 7 poplar 
r* McCarty Mrs Ellen, 5 center 

McCarty Florence, laborer, franklin near fore 

McCarty Go >rge, teamster, l'l fore 

McCarty J, trader, b.U 6 silver 

McCarty Jeremiah, stevedore, 9 center 

McCarty Michael, laborer, 31 smith 

McCarty Moses, seaman, 7 center 
"McCarty Patrick, laborer, 4 danforth 

McCarty Thomas, railroad employe, 330 commercial 

McCarty Thomas, laborer, stetson's lane 



McCarthy Charles, jr, clothier, 179 fore, bds American house 

McCarthy Florence, cooper, 61 dark 

McCarthy James H, provisioner, 9 -warren market, h 6 silver 

McCarthy Michael, laborer, rear 15 tyng 

McCarthy Michael, 23 temple, h roar 41 chestnut 

McCarthy Timothy, laborer, cotton court 

McCarol Henry, laborer, 6 ingraham's court 

McClare Charles, mariner, 19 york 

McClusky Michael, laborer, C adatns 

McClusky Robert, railroad employe, 20 poplar 

McClusky Thomas, laborer, stetson's lane 

McCobb James T, {St Kingsbury) 65 exchange, h 42 park 

Mc Colin m Barney, laborer, 10 freeman's lane 

McCoilum George, soldier, 10 freeman's lane 

IfcColhitn John, laborer, 10 freeman's lane 

McColIam Thomas, seaman, 13 sumner 

McCollnm William, laborer, 10 freeman's lane 

Mc Connie k Mrs Hannah, 7 danforth 

McCormick Ju!m, porter, 3S anion 

McCormick John, laborer, 24 hammond 

McCormick Joseph, U S navy, 13 danforth 

McCormick Neal, woodsawyer, 13 danforth 

McCormick Thomas, laborer, 31 hammond 

McCoy John," fancy goods, 13 market square, h 5 church 

McCrackin Samuel, laborer, 5 cobb's court 

McCrink Hugh, laborer, 33G commercial 

McCrink James, laborer, 330 commercial 

McCue John, teamster, 60 fore 

McCnlloch Coleby, clerk, 41 middle 

MeCulloch George, trader, 4 maple' 

McDaid Mrs Catharine, rear 9 st Iawrence 

McDermot Michael, fisherman, 99 congress 

McDennot Patrick, laborer, danforth nr vaughan's bridge 

McDermot Patrick, laborer, 12 danforth 

McDennot William, laborer, 99 congress 

McDonald Allen, joiner, 3 peach 

McDonald Angus, joiner, bds 99 federal 

M Donald Daniel, 9hip carpenter, 3 marion 

McDonald Dagald. bds 3 marion 


McDonald George F, soldier, 20 stone 
McDonald Miss Hannah, tailoress, bds 12 south 
McDonald Jerome B, sea captain, 11 it lawrence 
McDonald John, seaman, 4 Cobb's court 
McDonald Marshal, trader, C4 dapfortb, h 1G winter 
McDonald Michael, joiner, 11 marion 
McDonald Moses, counselor, 105 middle, h 75 state 
McDonald William, grocer, 16 dow 
See Macdonald 

McDonnell Andrew J, mariner, 78 sumner ' 
McDonnell Mrs Catharine, 2 Cumberland place 
McDonnell John, soldier, 2 Cumberland placo 
McDonnell Michael, laborer, 2 Cumberland place 
McDonnell Michael, fishmonger, 13 larch 
McDonnell Michael, laborer, greenleaf nr 8 hammond 
McDonnell William J, grocer, 125 federal, h lo dow 
McDonnell William, joiner, 8 montgomery 
McDonnough Felix, laborer, 9 silver 
McDonnough James, shoemaker, 11 Cumberland 
McDonough James, laborer, 4 maplo 
McDonough John, laborer, 24 york 
McDonough John, laborer, 3 Cumberland placo 
McDonough John, laborer, 251 fore 
M Donnough Mrs Mur^'aret, 11 larch 
McD nnough, Michael, laborer, 9 silver 
McDonnough Michael, boiler maker. 4 larch 
McDonnongh Thomas, trader, 247 fore 
MeDonongh Thomas, laborer, rear 163 fora 
McD mongh Thomas, mason, 32 Cumberland 
McDowell James, hand eartman, 21 chapel 
McDowell James E, cooper, w franklin 
McD..:.. CUarl i R, sea captain, 11 Chatham 

McD time Mrs Hannah, at 27 i.ifayetto 
McD utile Robert, mariner, 5»j f^re 
McElaney Jolin, laborer, 41 york 
McKlmv Juhn, laborer, 22 center 
McEwan George, jnnk c >Uac( >r, 20 Washington 
Met wan John, seaman, > tukesbury'e court 
McEwan Thomas, fish curcr, 3 Lincoln 


McEwih John, soldier, 3 broom's court 

McFarland Mrs Ann, at 6 larch 

McFarlane George, soldier, 23 green 

McFeat Jas, accountant for Liverpool steamships, bds 85 state 

McGallagher Miss Bridget, 10$ pleasant 

McGee Miss Elizabeth, tailoress, bds 14 pleasant 

McGee Henry, laborer, 111 congress 

McGee J6hn, 17 danforth 

McGee John, trader, 117 congress 

McGee Michael, laborer, 17 danforth 

McGee Michael, laborer, 53 Washington 

McGee Thomas, soldier, 4 brown's court 

McGill Peter, laborer, rear 17 mcchanio 

McGilvery Johu W, (Ryan & Davis) 161 comra'l, h 2S tyng 

McGilvery, Ryajt, & Davis, Commission Merchants, 
Ship Brokers, and Dealers in Ship Stores and Chandlery, 
Duck, Cordage, Chains, Faints, Oils, Naval Stores, &c., 
No. 161 Commercial Street, head of Union Wharf. 

McGilvery William, (Ryan & Davis) 161 commercial 

McGinniss Mrs Sarah, 10 poplar 

McGinnUs Thomas, porter U S hotel 

McGlaugklin Patrick J, laborer, 1 union 

McLaughlin Mrs- Ann, 14 danforth 

McLaughlin Charles, (& Co) 84 commercial, h 61 park 

McLaughlin James, trader, 295 fore, h 13 pleasant 

McLaughlin Mrs Lois, at 47 chestnut 

McLaughlin Miss Nancy, 94 danforth 

McLaughlin Patrick, laborer, 52 dark 

McGlinchy Andrew, trader, 123 congress • 

McGiinchy Mrs Hannah I>> 23 center 

McGlinchy Henry, trader, 07 commercial, bis 140 fore- 

McGlinchy Hugh, 9 st lawrence 

McGlinchy James, trader, h 24 cotton 

McGlinchy James, brewer, 89 commercial, h 62 danforth 

McGlinchy James, machinist, 5 hampihiro 

McGlinchy John, seaman, 9 st lawrence 

McGlinchy Michael, laborer, 26 cotton 

McGlinchy Patrick, trader, 140 fore 


McGoIdrick Mrs Catharine, 8 tinkham's court 

McGowan John, blacksmith, 4 carlton place 

McGowan John, clothier, 17 fox 

McGowan Michael, soldier, 54 dark 

McGowan Patrick, boiler maker, 15 fox 

McGowan Thomas, carpenter, 20 poplar 

McGowan Thomas, laborer, freeman's lano 

McGowan Terence, trader, lil congress, h 17 fox st 

McGowan Terence, jr, U S navy, 17 fox 

McGowcrin Deuni% soldier, 11 pleasant 

McGrath Edward, laborer, 7 bank 

Me Grain James, laborer, 7{ canton 

McGrath Michael, stono mason, f>2 dark 

McGrath Patrick, soldier, 36 cotton 

McGregor Charles J, seaman, 20 mountfort 

McGregor George N, U S navy, 183 congress 

McGregor M, sea captain, C E ferry village 

McGregor Stephen J, mariner, 68 york 

McGuire Barnard, laborer, 2 poplar 

McGuire Dennis, laborer, 8 freeman'* lane 

McGnire James, mason, 7 Washington c 

McGuire John, laborer, 99 danlbrth 

McGuire Patrick, laborer, 11 salem lane 

McGuire Roger, lather, rear 27 mountfort 

McGuire Boat, proTisioner, 18 Washington 

Mclotire John M, lea captain, C E ferry village 

Mclotceh Charles, mason, 146 Cumberland 

McKalo John, porter preble house 

McKay Alexander, mason, 6.3 Washington 

McKecknie Mrs Lois, 6 spruce 

A. M. McKesxet's Picture Gallery, 122 Middle Street. 
Photographs, lla.ll >type Pictures on Glass, Melanotypes, and 
all other types an I style i that ara made by any artist. Copy- 
ing from Daguerreotypes, Portraits, or any kind of Pictures 
done at ihort notice, small Pictures and large. Particular 
attention paid to taking children. Call and see. 

McKenney A M, photographer, 122 middle, n 115 oxford 

McKenney Charles D, teamster, 3 hill 

McKenney Pavid, 6 hanover 

McKenney ^Eleazar, < v & Co) 200 fore, h 62 spring 


McKenney James, blacksmith, 8 trite] 

McKenney John, blacksmith, bds 3 tate 

McKenney Orrin, soldier, 7 dow 

McKenney Paul, laborer, C E ferry village 

McKenney Thomas, trader, 425 eon/press, h vernou court 

McKenney William, wharf builder, h 7 dow 

McKenney William IT, painter, bds 7 dow 

McKenney Winthrop, laborer, C E ferry village 

McKcnsey James, shook maker, knight's village, C E 

McKenzio James H, gardener, 12 peach 

McKenzie Mrs Susan. 01 simmer 

McKenzio William H, soldier, 12 peach 

McLellan Mrs Arthur, GO state * 

McLellan Arthur, teller mannf *n and traders' bank 

McLellan Charles E, soldier, 4 locust 

McLellan Ebon, merchant, 11 plum 

BIcLeHan George, cooper, h 4 locust 

McLellan Henry, at 17 park 

McLellan Jacob, merchant, h 38 danforth 

McLellan Mrs Lucy, h 17 park 

McLellan Mrs Thomas, at 8 plum 

McLellan William, piano-fortes, 140 exchango 

McLellan William, at 33 hampshire 

McMahan Edward, truckman, 8 freeman's lane 

McMahan James, laborer, 3 freeman'-? lane 

McMahan James, U S navy, 8 freeman's lane 

McMahon James, teamster, 8 spring 

McMahon John, saddler, 8 spring 

McMahon Philip, shoemaker, 30$ Washington 

McMahon Thomas, U S navy, 8 freeman*! lane 

McMain Lawrence, laborer, 15 Cumberland 

McMann Martin, laborer, cotton court 

McMann Michael, laborer, 10 danforth 

McMann Owen, laborer, 9 neal 

McMann Patrick, iron founder, 24 hamplhiri 

McMann Thomas, laborer, cotton court 

McMann Thomas, laborer, 2G2 fore 

McMannamuu Barnard, ma e on, 5 larch 

McMasters Mrs Helen, 13 saleni lane 


MoMasters William, loldier, 13 sa!em lani 

McXabb Jarae3 A, provision sealer, bds 49 middle 

McXabury Andrew, laborer, 43 sumner 

McXally Michael, laborer, 10 pleasant 

McNeil John, tailor, 14 federal 

McNeil Roderick, porter, IS pleasant 

McXellis Mrs Catharine, 43 center 

McNeills John, teamster, 12| danforth 

McNeills John, laborer, 2 york 

McNeills, Patrick, laborer, 2 york 

MoNamara John, laborer, 2 freeman's lane 

McNamara Timothy, laborer, 07 danforth _. 

McNem&n Mrs Ellen, stetson's lane 

McNoltj John, soldier, 24 Cumberland 

McXulty John, laborer, rear 15 Cumberland 

McOrison Miss Sarah, tailoress, 82 vaughan. 

McQuade Patrick, laborer, 32 york 

McQui Patrick, fishmonger, rear 8 york 

McQuarrie Angus, joiner, 1 brown's court 

McQuarrie Daniel, ship carpenter, bds 247 fore 

McRae Alexander, soldier, 23 cedar 

McShea Patrick, laborer, cotton court 

Mr Shea Patrick, railroad employe, 60 monument 

McShea Mrs Sarah, 50 monument 

McVano Charles, farmer, long island 

McVanc John, jr, fisherman, long island 

McVicar Mrs Jane. 23 cotton 

Meagher Richard, ma-on, 6 freeman's lane 

Means Anthony C, chairmaker, 48 oxford 

Moans Joseph A, ship carpenter, IS smith 

Means Robert 1 1 , r, 16 tyng 

Meat ihlj naster, S5 oxford 

Means William C, joiner, rear 100 exchange, h 21 willovr 

Clears John, (Jennings &) 29 pleasant 

Mechanics' Bank, 71 exchange 

Mechanics' Hall, corner congress and ca*c© 

Megquier Benjamin C, joiner, 2S portland 

Megquier Mrs E N, fancy goods and millinery, 173 mlddll 

See McGuire 



Mellen George L, h 14 boyd 

Melody Mrs Bridget, 1 Cumberland place 

Melody John, laborer, rear 119 congress 

Melody Patrick, soldier, 20 Cumberland 

Melody Thomas, soldier, 1 Cumberland place 

Mercantile Library Association, lOGj middle 

Mercantile Reading Rooms, 82 exchange 

Merchants' Bank, 36 exchange 

Merrill Abraham, currier, S2 green 

Merrill Adams, 35 st lawrenco 

Merrill Albert, counselor, 30 exchange, bds internationT house 

Merrill Albert J, hay dealer, 47 commercial, h 6 boyd 

Merrill Albert ?, spring corner emery 

Merrill Miss Amanda, at,18S Cumberland 

Merrill Andrew A, ship carpenter, back cove village 

Merrill Benjamin B, plumber, bds 30 india 

Merrill Charles B, lieut-col in 17th regiment, h 70 state 

Merrill Charles F, coffee roaster, bds 17 J fore 

Merrill David S, expressman, 85 lore 

Merrill Dudley L, stable keeper, 22 pleasant 

Merrill Edward P, soldier, IS federal 

Merrill Edward T, boots and shoes, 11G middle, bds 35 st law 

Merrill Eliphalet II, 63 state 

Merrill Mrs Eunice, 17£ fore 

Merrill Miss Eunice, nurse, bd3 10 portland- 

Merrill E S, clerk,, bds elm house 

Merrill Franklin, silversmith, bds 212 congress 

Merrill George H, printer, 30 oxford 

Men-ill Henry, 305 congress 

Fancy Goods House, Wholesale, Horatio Merrill, 131 
Middle- Street, (up stairs). Silk r Twist, Buttons, Bindings, 
Threads, Pins, Needles, Cutlery, Edgings, Stationery, Tape, 
Lacings, Elastics, Belts, Combs, Suspenders, Toys,«c. 

Merrill Horatio, fancy goods, 131 middle, h COG congress 
Merrill Mi a s Ida, tailoress, bds 17 mechanic 

I. D. Merrill & Co., Plumbers and Coppersmith?, No. 
27 Union Street. 


Merrill I D, (6 Co) coppersmith, 27 union, h 104 bracket* 


J. Ambkope Merrill, Dealer in Watches, Jewelry, and 
Military Goods, 130 Middle Street 

Merrill J Ambrose, 130 middle, fa 1G high 

Merrill James L, lumber dealer, 8 central whf, h 142 spring 

Merrill John C, provision sealer, 3 fremont place 

Merrill John M, mariner, 1 stetson's court 

Merrill J C, clerk American house 

Merrill Joel W, expressman, 21 brown 

Merrill Mrs Joseph, 31 hampshire 

Merrill Joseph, clerk, 03 franklin 

Merrill Joseph K, lumber, 200 commercial, h 222 Cumberland 

Merrill Joseph T, carpenter, 25 smith 

Merrill Joseph W, teamster, 17 parris 

Merrill Joshua, clerk, 1$ preblo 

Merrill Leonard, harness maker, 1 hemlock 

Merrill Lorenzo, baker, bds 3 Washington 

Merrill Miss Louisa, bds 9 mountfort 

Merrill Mrs Mary Ann, 5 salem 

Merrill Miss Mary W, 2 peach 

Merrill Meldon J, mariner, 35 st lawrence 

Merrill Moses, wharfinger, central whf, h 35 chestnut 

Merrill Moses C, joiner, 5 peach • 

Merrill Orville W, soldier, 142 spring cor emery 

Morrill Otis C, constable, office central house, h 3 Washington 

Merrill Mrs Pauline, bds 5 smith 

Merrill Seward, bridge builder, 20 park 

Merrill Sylvanus 1>, coppersmith, 27 union, h lincoln st 

Merrill Rev S II, pastor bethel church, h IS federal 

Merrill Misses S S and M B, 01 spring 

Merrill Thomas II, physician, 23 watervillo 

Men-ill William Clark, peddler, rear 7 monument 

Merrill William F, carriage painter, 20 portland 

Merrill William G, sutler 13th regiment, h 16 monument 

Merrill William M, ship builder, back cove village * 

Merrill Wm P, (Hill & Co) spice mills, OS green, h 1 brattle 

Merrill William P, treasurer telegraph co, CO winter 

Merrill William Y, at 45 danforth 

Merritt Winthrop S, mariner, 15 fore 

Morrow Jefferson, painter, S willii 


Merry Geo A, hair dresser, under elm house, h lincoln nr pear 

Merry John, cabinet maker, 42 wilmot 

Merry man Mrs Elizabeth, 101 exchange 

^leserve Curtis, bank watchman, 4 stone 

Meserve Mrs John L, 37 pearl 

Meserve John L, jr, clerk, 37 pearl 

Meserve Lincoln K, clerk, 37 pearl 

Messer Frederick G, merchant, 60 danforth 

Messinger Edson W, clerk, bds monroe st 

Metcalf II, portland corner green , 

Metcalf Henry, seaman, 29 india 

Miles Benjamin C, soldier, 3 carlton place 

Miller Charles A, coppersmith, portland nr libby's corner 

Miller Damef W, 90 commercial, bds 42 pleasant 

Miller Rev Eugene, pastor st dominie's church, h 34 state 

Miller Granville D, eating saloon, 117 federal 

Miller James F, captain U S army, 42 pleasant 

Miller James T, machinist, bds preblo house 

Miller James P, brickmaker, 58 Cumberland 

Miller John, bds 20 free 

Miller John S, dyer, 35 india 

Miller Joseph P, landlord albion house, 117 federal 

Miller Mrs Mary, 7 atlantic 

Miller Nathaniel J, col int rev, 92 coram'], h 42 pleasant 

Miller Nathaniel J, jr, 90 commercial, h 59 state 

Miller Peter, fresh fish dealer, 32G commercial 

Miilett Alonzo M, clerk, 55 federal 

Millett Amos L, clerk, 6 vernon court 

Miilett Charles, blacksmith, 10 montgomery 

Millett Charles C, clerk, 19 pine 

Miilett Daniel W, general com and collection agent, 55 federal 

Millett Edwin P, corn and Hour, 4 mouiton, h 25 tato 

Millett James II, clerk, 55 federal 

Millett Thomas B, clerk, 55 federal 

Milligan James, soldier, 7G green 

Milligan Patrick, marble worker, 7o green 

Milliken Alexander, 4 tyng 

Milliken Alexander, shipmaster, h 6 middle 

Milliken Arthur, farmer, near bradley's corner 



Miliiken Miss Caroline T, 4 park placo 

Miliiken Charles, soldier, 4 bracket! 

Miliiken Charles, book-binder, 3 tolman placo 

Miliiken Charles, cooper, ltbby's corner 

Miliiken Chas D, clerk, Thrasher & Co, free st blk, bds 26 free 

Miliiken Charles L, mariner, 20 munjoy 

Miliiken Charles R, (W &) 113 commercial, h CS danforth 

Miliiken Eben W, shoemaker, bds 26 muujoy 

Miliiken Mrs Eunice, rear 76 brackett 

Millikeii Mrs F, 4 park place 

MHKken Frank II, confectioner, 4C*V oxford 

Miliiken George, clerk, bds 3"> hampshire 

MUHken Goo II, clerk, Thrasher & Co, free st blk, bds 26 free 

Miliiken Ge^r^e S, soldier, 22 India 

Miliiken James E, ass't secretary of state, 3 tolman place 

Miliiken John S, clerk, bds 20 free 

Miliiken Jo^iah, 66 danforth 

Miliiken Mrs Mahala, 5 beach 

Miliiken Melville C, music teacher, rear 11 mechanic 

.Miliiken Seth M, (True &) 141 commercial, h 63 danforth 

Miliiken Mrs Ursula S, 22 india 

Miliiken Weston F, (& C R) 113 commercial, h 3S winter 

Miliiken William II, Hour dealer, 127 spring 

Miliiken William V, C E terry Tillage 

Mi - Mrs Catharine, 43 center 

Mills David, furrier, 11 spruce 

Mills Jacob, glazier, 18 dark 

Mills Joseph X, soldier, IS dark 

Mills William, machinist, o hancock 

Mills William R, soldier, 16 dark 

Minan Jeremiah, laborer, rear ';••; fore 

Minott John If. ': - ler, I -, bds 37 brown 

Misner Charles G, moulder, bds tyng 

Mitchell Ammi E. tin l< r, 176 fore, h 61 high 

Mitchell Ammi R 2d, printer, bds 39 middle 

Mitchell B F, carpenter, 45 fore 

Mitchell Charles H, dry g •■ U dealer, 41 state 

Mitchell Charles R, blacksmith, bds 12 casco 

Mitchell Cyrus, laborer, 3 abyss in ian court 


Mitchell Daniel, seamaa, 1 spring 

Mitchell Daniel, seaman, 6 abyssinian court 

Mitchell Daniel S, photographer, 4 sumner 

Mitchell David G, clerk, 77 brackett 

Mitchell Ebon M, bonnet bleacher, bds 12 casco 

Mitchell Mrs Eliza P, 87 state 

Mitchell Mrs Elizabeth B, 79 brackett ' 

Mitchell Ephr&im, joiner, 4G adams 

Mitchell Geo JI, (& Co) tinsmith, 120 fore, h 17 franklin 

Mitchell Granville P, dry goods, 129 middle, h 8 parris 

Mitchell Henry A, (G H Mitchell & Co) 120 fore, h 38 adams 

Mitchell Henry F, clerk, 82 sumner 

Mitchell Henry G, policeman, 34 atlantic 

Mitchell James R, super't of burials, 184 congress, h 9 chapel 

Mitchell James S, confectioner, 23 preble, bds 12 casco 

Mitchell John R, painter, lime near middle 

Mitchell John R S, photographer, i4 federal 

Mitchell Joseph F, brakeman, P S & P B R, 77 york 

Mitchell Lewis, shipmaster, h 10 atlantic 

Mitchell Mrs Mary, 415 congress 

Mitchell Mrs Mary, housekeeper, 52 free 

Mitchell Mrs Margaret J, b 61 high % 

Mitchell Milbury S, brass worker, bds S2 federal 

Mitchell X I, dry goods, 127 middle, h 2 prospect 

Mitchell Patrick, boiler maker, 7 danforth 

Mitchell Robert, sailmaker, 100 Cumberland 

Mitchell Robert E, clerk, 127 middle, bds 2 prospect 

Mitchell Mrs Sally H, 153 spring 

Mitchell Sewall, truss hoop maker, 34 atlantic 

Mitchell Thomas, mariner, 1 union 

Mitchell Thomas, ship carpenter, C E ferry village 

Mitchell William C, 23 high 

Mitchell William G, lieut U S navy, 23 high 

Mitts Charle?, moulder, 25 danforth 

Mitts George F, shoemaker, 24»j Cumberland 

Mitts John D, eating saloon, 112 federal, h 222 Cumberland 

Moffatt Mrs A, shirt manufactu'r p 27 market sc^bds 10 vrilmot 

Monday Mrs Ann, 119 congress 

Monroe Edward C, carpenter, Hi midJIo 

See Munroe 


Montgomery Archibald, policeman, rear 5 mechanic 

Montgomery Charles \V, spar maker, 11 st lnwrence 

Montgomery John A, salesman, 8 exchange, h 1 montgomery 

Moody Charles, 1SG congress, h 117 Cumberland 

Moody Charles F, soldier, rear 5 Cumberland 

Moody Mrs Charles R, rear 5 Cumberland 

Moody Charles T, clerk, 15 munjoy 

Moody Ebcn T, mason, st John street 

Moody Enoch, proprietor observatory, 12G congress 

Moody Franklin C, (Dole &) o gait's blk, h 45 franklin 

Moody John W, seaman, l'2o Cumberland 

Moody Miss Mary, 37 green 

Moody Sylvester C, brakeman, rear 6 Cumberland 

Moody William H, stoker, bds portland house 

Mooney John, mariner, C E ferry village 

Mooney Peter, laborer, 10 fox 

Mooney S S, hair dresser, 1 U S hotel, h 6 smith 

Moore Edwin, lieut U S army, 12 Cumberland 

Moore Ephraim, watchman, h 18 lafayette 

Moore Ferdinand, at J B Moore's, 9 vine 

Moon Rev Henry D, pastor of central congre'l ch, h 6 corltoa 

Moor* James B, (& Son) trader, 149 fore, h 9 vine 

Moore James H, (J B Moore & Son) 149 fore, h 9 vine 

M*.>re Jonathan, grocer, 16 hanover 

M ion Rtchar 1, blacksmith, rear 3 cross 

Moon Samuel C, stone cutter, 131 Cumberland 

Morau Edward, laborer, rear 183 foro 

Monin John, laborer, rear 213 foro 

Morao John, laborer, 127 congress 

Morau William, laborer, 127 congress 

MorJougli John If, pastor st lawrence st ch, bds 11 atlantta 

A. P. Mono ax, Dealer in all kinds of Family Groceries, 
Provisions, and Vegetables, No. 290 Congress Street. 

Morgan A P, provisions and groceries, 200 congress, h 17 elm 
Morgan Charles F, soldier, 1 bradbnry's court 
Morgan John, confectioner, bds 1 bradbnry's court 

Morgan Jonathan, counselor, iimo near poat oilica 
Morgan Mrs Mary, 10 lafayette 
Morgan Patrick, laborer, rear 60 ycrk 


Morgan Robert K, soldier, 1 bradbury's court 
Morgan Mrs Sarah, 1 bradbury's court 
Morgan Thcophilus P, soldier, 6 montgomery 

Morrill Charles S, provision sealer, 19 sumner 

Morrill Mrs Charlotte, 19 sumner 

Morrill Edwin, trader, 185 congress, bds 203 congress 

Morrill Enoch 0, trader, 24 st lawrence 

Morrill Franklin, pedler, 17 mechanic 

Morrill Miss Helen, school teacher, bds 151 Cumberland 

Morrill Jedidiah N, ICG commercial, h 12 park 

Morrill John II B. hair dresser, rear 02 Washington 

Morrill Jonathan S, stevedore, rear 62 Washington 

Morrill Moses, trader, 204 fore, h 95 state 

Morrill Paschal, tailor, 103 oxford 

Morrill William G, provisioner, 6 city market 

Morris Chas J, (Phinney, Green & Co) 9 com'l, h 12S brackett 

Morris George T, painter, bds 50 chestnut 

Morris Jame3 II, expressman, bds 36 york 

Morris Lewis, seaman, 41 fore ' - 

Morris Win E, recorder of municipal court, h 43 brown 

Morris William T, trader, S3 york, h 36 york 

Morrisey Mrs Catharine B, 4 spring 

Morrisey Henry, mariner, 4 willow 

Morrisey John, seaman, 50 chestnut 

Morrisey William, laborer, 39 cotton 

Morrison Charles J, hackman, bds 29 sumner 

Morrison Daniel, 29 sumner 

Morrison Daniel, jr, carpenter, 20 wilmot 

Morrison James II, U S navy, 2 bra Ibury's court 

Morrison Mrs Jane, 57 dark, cor peach 

Morrison John, joiner, 85 preen 

Morrison John L, painter, 65 green 

J. W. C. MoitBiSOJ & Co., Manufacturers of and Dealers 
in Picture, Portrait, and Looking Glass Frames. No. 26 
Market Square. Plain arid Ornamental, Gilt, Black Wal- 
nut, and Rosewood Mouldings. -Also, a complete assort- 
ment of Photographic Materials constantly on hand. 

Morrison J W C, photog'b materials, 26 market sq, h 12 green 

Morrison Patrick, laborer, bds 11 union * 


Morrison Peter, gardener, h 151 spring 

Morrison Robert K, engineer U S navy, 57 dark, cor peach 

Morrison Thomas, mariner, 29 sumner 

Charles Morse. M. I)., Physician for Catarrh, Bron- 
chitis, Asthma, Consumption, and all affections of the Throat 

and Lungs, by Cold Medicated Inhalation, and other reme- 
dies. Corner of Smith and Congress Streets. Entrance 
No. 2 Smith Street. 

Morse Charles, physician, 2 smith, cor congress 

Morse Chas A B, (S N Beale & Co) com whf, k 80 brackett 

Morse Charles E, painter, 1 carlton place 

Morse Edward II, carriage painter, 2:$2 Cumberland 

Morse Edward S, draftsman, with Portland Co, bds. 33 winter 

Morse Frank II, (Cooper &) provisiouer, 12 milk, h 12 vine 

Morse Geo F, draftsman, with Portland Co, bds 20 free 

Morse Henry I, joiner, 3 stetson's court 

Morse James, mariner, 10 walnut 

Morse James D, at II L Davis's bookstore, bds 3 oak 

M^rse Joshua C, (Greenough &) 20 market sq, h 13 casco 

Morse John B, joiner, 19 stone 

Morse Lorenzo D, soldier,- 10 brattle 

Mor e Mrs Mary A, at 5 mayo 

Morse Nathan, joiner, arsenal st 

M >rse Nathaniel \Y, grocer, 81 sumner, h 33 wfirren 

Morse Robert L, shoe dealer, union, h 97 Cumberland 

Morse Buggies S, 4"> dan forth, cor park 

Morse Mrs Sarah, 1 es-.ex lane 

Morse Mrs Sarah N, 19 Washington 

Morse William, fisherman, rear 7 monument 

Morse William II, salesman, 54 middle, h 25 gray 

Morse William L t joiner, 17 Washington 

Morse William T, brake man, 2 middle 

Morton David, 16 free 

Morton Henry P>, sea captain, S munjoy 

Morton Mrs Mary T, at 16 vesper 

Mosely William A, at casco iron foundry, h back cove village 

Moses Abraham T, tinsmith, 6fl oxford 

Moeee Alfred, bds 5- dark, cor pine 

Mosefl Andrew J, soldier, 3 carlton 


Mose3 George G W, soldier, S3 dark, cor pine 

Moses Jos L, raanuf jeweler, 74 middle, bds international house 

Moses Joshua P, blacksmith, h libby's corner 

Moses Rufus, blacksmith, 310 congress, h 88 dark, cor pine 

Mosher Aug, (A A J) corn mer, 255 com'], h wood ford's cor 

Mosher A J, (Augustus &:) com mer, 255 cora'l, bds 3G alder 

Mosher Mark, ship carpenter, C E ferry village 

Motley Mrs Rachel If, 50 pleasant 

Moulton Allen B, (C Rogers & Co) 107 comm'l, bd3 U S hotel 

Moultou Charles F, shoe dealer, 52 union, h 6 veraon court 

Moulton David, merchant, back cove, westbrook 

Moulton Edward, fisherman, 54 fore 

Moulton Enoch, harness maker, 23 myrtle 

Moultou George C, gas fitter, bds 12 spring 

Moulton George F, soldier, 11 free 

Moulton George W, 19 i market sq, h 26 elm 

Moulton Greenleaf, (& Co) 81 commercial, bds preble house 

Moulton Joseph, back cove, westbrook 

Moulton Miss Martha H, bd* st lawreuce houso 

Moulton Mr> Mary A, dye house agent, 11 free 

Moulton Solomon, ship carpenter, 6 hemlock 

Moulton William, president Cumberland bank, h 31 high 

Mountain Robert, laborer, 6 oxford 

Monntfort Mrs Caroline, 111 Washington 

Mountfort Edward P, truckman, 13 monument 

Mountfort James, trader, 1 mountfort 

Mountfort James E, fisherman, 13 monument 

Mountfort Joseph, shipmaster, 32 frauklin 

Mountfort John E, hostler, bds 13 monument 

Moxey J C, hair dresser, 37 exchange, h 4 tolman place 

Hngford Augustus, tanner, grove near portland 

Mugford Peter, stair builder, fa 14 mayo 

Mulcahay Mrs Catharine, 43 york 

Mulcahay Michael, laborer, rear 47 ndains 

Mulcahay William, seaman, rear 43 york 

Muldounay James, tailor, 72 green 

Muldrooney Patrick, laborer, 2S union 

Mnlhern Daniel, soldier, 6 spring 

Mulhern Mrs Nancy, 5 spring * 


Mullens Mrs Catharine, 1G salem lane 

Mullens John, trader, 3 center 

Muller Rev E, pastor st dominie's church, h 34 state 

Mullen Thomas, laborer, 20 mountfort 

MulKns Edmund, laborer, stetson's lane 

Mullins Martin, laborer, 2 freeman's lane 

Mulnix Andrew, tinsmith, 13 green 

Munger Charles D, law student, 101 state 

John W. Mungeh, Counselor at Law, — Marine, Fire, and 
Life Insurance Apency. Removed from the old stand Mid- 
dle Street to 100 Tore" Street, head of Long Wharf. 

Munger John W, counselor, 16G fore, h 101 state 

Munrpc John, wharf builder, 1 eastern promenado 

Munroe John, wharf builder, 6G Washington 

Sec Monroe *? 

Munsey John IT, clerk, bds 27 chestnut 

Munsey S C, sailmaker, commercial whf, h 27 chestnut 

March Albion P, shoemaker, bds 14 parris 

Munch George W, (Gammon &) eating house, 89 exchange 

March Henry E, stone cutter, 82 oxford 

Murch Joseph I, trader, 291 fore 

March Josiah, cordwainer, 152 exchange, h 28 myrtle 

March Joshua C, Laker, 15 hanover 

March Morgan, laborer, 12 hammond 

March Oren, cabinet maker, rear 23 pino 

Murch M:*s Rebecca, pleasant place 

Murch Sumner C, printer, 28 myrtle 

Murphy Andrew, steamboat hand, 02 Washington 

Murphy Miss Ann, 1 center 

Murphy Charles 0, carpenter, bds 49 middle 

Murphy Daniel, capt Casey's office, h 20 wilmot 

Marphj Dennis, laborer, hd union wharf 

Murphy Mrs Ellen, canton 

Murphy Franc!*, trader, 181 fore 

Murphy James, laborer, 12 hammond 

Murphy James, U S navy, 53 foro 

Murphy Mrs Jane, 52 Washington 

Murphy Jeremiah, soldier, 11 pleasant 

Murphy Jeremiah, laborer, back cove village 


Murphy Jeremiah H, seaman, 23 federal ] 

Murphy John, soldier, 230 fore 

Murphy John, laborer, 334 commercial 

Murphy Jolm, laborer, 20 smith 

Murphy John, laborer, bds sailor's home 

Murphy John II, clothier, ISO fore, bd3 250 fore 

Murphy John B, laborer, 53 fore 

Murphy John W, seaman, 53 fore 

Murphy Martin, laborer, 15 danforth 

Murphy Michael, laborer, bank 

Murphy Michael; U S navy, 230 fore 

Murphy Michael J, soldier, 32 pleasant 

Murphy Myers, teamster, US danforth 

Murphy Oliver, fishmonger, rear 24G congress 

Murphy Patrick, 239 fore 

Muq hy Patrick, laborer, 54 monument 

Murphy Patrick, laborer, 450 congress 

Murphy Peter, laborer, 53 Washington 

Murphy Peter, laborer, 17 larch 

Murphy Peter, trackman, &3 fore 

Murphy Robert H, soldier, 150 Cumberland 

Murphy Robert H, laborer, 53 fore 

Murphy Thomas, steamboat hand, 20 smith 

Murphy Thomas, soldier, 24 pleasant 

Murphy Thomas, laborer, 2t> yprk 

Murphy William, railroad employe, 20 mountfort 

Murphy William II, soldier, 24 pleasant 

Murray Andrevr, fishing skipper, C E ferry village 

Murray Mrs Catharine, at 2 tukesbury's court 

Murray Dennis, teamster, 35 cotton 

Murray Edward, laborer, 30 Washington 

Murray Henry John, British Consul, 30 exchange 

Murray Hugh, brickmakcr, portland near lowell 

Murray James, laborer, 3 bank 

Murray John, provi.sioner, 15 commercial 

Murray John, laborer, 52 monument 

Murray John, laborer, 27 wilmot 

Murray Mr-; John, 5 commercial 

Murray Michael, trader, 40 wa>hingU>A 


Murray Michael, moulder, 98 Washington 
Murray Michael, porter, rear 25 chestnut 
Murray Owen, laborer, I bank 
Murray Samuel S, laborer, 11 sumner 
Murray Thomas, 53 Washington 
Murray Timothy J, apothecary, 41 chestnut 
Murray William, hostler, portland house 
Musgrave Mrs Margaret, seaman's home, 02 foro 
Mussey Charles, merchant, bds preble house 
Mussey Daniel, trader, bds 30$ congress 
Mussey John, 121 middle, h 41 danforth 
Myers Peter, blacksmith, 1 essex lane 
Myers Thomas, hostler, bds 1 es>ex lane 
Myrick Solomon, landlord United States hotel 

NASH A L, millinery, 12 clapp's block, h 65 franklin 
Nash Charles B, (F &) stove dealer, 174 fore, h 19 high 
Kash D W, (0 M &) stove dealer, 6 exchange, h 127 spring 
Nash Daniel F, h 65 franklin 

F. &C. B. Nash, Successors to Josephus Nash, New Blo'k, 
No. 174 Fore Street, head of Long Wharf, Dealers in Fur- 
naces, Ranges, Parlor, Cooking, Air Tight, and Caboose 
Stove-, Pumps, Sheet Lead, Lead Pipe, Fire Frames, Caul- 
dron Kettle?, Sink?, Ovens, Ash and Boiler Months. Also, 
manufactures tud Keeps constantly on hand, a good assort- 
ment of Custom Tin Ware, Qalley Furniture, and Kitchen 
Ware. Tin, Sheet Iron, and Lead Work done at short no- 

^ tice. 

Nash Freedom, [k Co) stoves, 174 fore, h 22 high 
Nash Josephus, 174 fore, h 30 danforth 

0. M. & D. W. Nash, Dealers in Cooking, Parlor, and 
Ship Stoves; furnaces, Pumps, Lead Pipe, Tin Ware, &c, 

&c. No. t> Exchange Street. 

Kash Oliver M, (Ac D W) stove dealer, 6 exchange, h 8 park 
Kash Samuel A, stove dealer, 35 exchange, h 10 brown 
Kason David, soldier, 2 braekett 
Nason Klisha P, grocer, 12 Washington, bJs 4i india 
Na.«on James E, ri^-^or and stevedore, 2S oxford 
Nason Jolin, ship carpenter, 2 bracket! 


Nason Richard, truckman, 35C congress 

Nason Sidney S, truckman, at 356 congress 

Kaylor William, painter, 30 sumner 

Neagle John, laborer, rear 115 congress' 

Neal Alvin, rigger, franklin whf, h 6 st lawrence 

Keal Ansyl, soldier, 6 walker's court 

Neal John, counselor, 30 exchange, h 83 state 

Keal John, laborer, rear 115 congress 

Neal John W, car repairer, 14 Lafayette 

Neal Parmenio W, surveyor of wood, 20 winter . 

Neal William, wool puller, 19 alder 

Needle Woman's Friend Society office, under U S hotel 

Nellis Mrs Elizabeth, 77 york 

Nell is James, teamster, 99 congress 

Neliis Neal, teamster, 54 monument 

Nelson Alexander, joiner, rear 13 lafayetto 

Nelson Andrew, painter, 14 Chatham 

Nelson Andrew, rigger, G3 fore 

Kelson Benjamin F, printer, Argus office 

Kelson Henry L, soldier, 9 york 

Nelson Henry N, weighing clerk, portl'd sugar house, h 9 york 

Nelson John W, laborer, 31 mayo 

Nelson Niles, rigger, C E f^rry village 

Nelson William II, sexton federal st church, h r 14 chestnut 

Nelson William H, painter, 45 india 

Nepean William, cook, 13 merrill 

Ncsmith I C, paymaster in the army, h 15 preble 

Newbegin David H, shipmaster, IS stone 

New begin Edward D, mariner, 18 stone 

Newbegin Mrs Sarah, at 18 stono 

Newbold Mrs Ellen, 13} green 

New^jOLab Caleb K, cooper, bds 12 summer 

Newell Charles H, last maker, bds 4 locust 

Newell James N, soldier, 17 cotton 

Newell J B, joiner, 17 cotton 

Newell Lcndell R, soldier, 17 cotton 

Newhall MiS3 Susan J, 59 spring 

Ncwhall Watson, agt powder mills, 27 exchange, h 59 middle 

Newman Edward, sheet iron worker, 210 fore 


Newman Frank, printer, bds 60 spring 

Newman John W, cabinet maker, h 25 willow 

Newman Mrs Mary A, 143 congress 

Newman Samuel, cabinet maker, C ha t ham 

Newman Thomas, teamster, portland near alms house 

Newman Thomas, laborer, 23 india 

Newman Thomas, machinist, bds 22 India 

Newman AVilliam P, piano-forte maker, 9 Chatham 

Newton Horatio G, physician, 12 wilmot 

Newton William L, boot maker, 28 nanover 

Nichols Mrs Amos, 9 wilmot 

Nichols Charles E, seaman, 4 ingrahnm's court 

Nichol* Charles N, blacksmith, bds sailor's home 

Nichols Mrs Elizabeth, rear 43 chestuut 

Nichols Frederick W, merchant, h 106 federal 

Nichols F \V, hair dresser, 152 fore, h vine 

Ktchols Herbert J, 5 mayo 

Nichols James B, shipmaster, 69 york 

Nichols John D, railroad employe, back cove village 

Nichols Mrs M J, millinery, under U S hotel, h 106 federal 

Kiehols N Gilman, apothecary, 37 middle, h 38 franklin 

Nichols Simeon, machinist, bds sailor's home 

Nichoh Thomas, 5S winter 

Nickcrson Arthur J, mariner, 62 monument 

Nicker-on Christopher, seaman, 15 Washington 

Ni:ker<ort Miss Deborah, tailored, bds rear 241 congress 

NickerMjn Elisha, stone cutter, bds 61 sumner 

Nickerson John E, seaman, 23 sa.lem 

Mottl I>. NiCKF.Rfox, Commission Merchant, Ship 
Broker, and Dealer in Dried and Pickled Fish. Freights 
and Vessels procured at nh<>rt notice. Oflice*N\l j-j Com- 
mercial Street, (upstairs). •» <■ 

Nirkerson Moses B, merchant, 03 commercial, h 46 franklin 

Niles Benjamin H, window cleanser, 2 abyssinian court 

Niles Chailcs W, leaman, 21 canton 

Niles Mrs Harriet C, house cleanser, 2 abyssinian court 

Niles Stephen, at 21 canton 

Noble Arthur, merchant taiJor, 169 middle, h 27 watervillo 

Noble Bcnj F, (& Co) lumber dealer, 53 corain'I, h 47 north 


B. F. Noble & Co., 53 Commercial Street, Dealers In 
Lime, Flour, and nil kinds of Lumber usually kept ia a 
Lumber Yard. Also, Door?, Sashes, and Blinds. 


Noblo Eleazar B, at 47 north 

Noble Isaac, laborer, 151 spring 

Noble Nymphas B, com mer, 2 gait's block, h 45 atlantic 

Noble Stephen, wood sawyer, 70 green 

Koble Win, (B F & Co) lumber dealer, 53 com'l, h 1 quebec 

Nolan Bartholomew, laborer, 94 danforth 

Nolan Edward, laborer, 23 union 

Nolan John, laborer, 07 danforth 

Nolan Peter, laborer, 9 tyng 

Nolan S, trader, 27 center 

Kolett Peter, mariner, 613 congress 

Koonan Thomas, trader, h 8 Washington 

Nor cross Charles S, locomotive engineer, 41 center 

KorCTOM Mrs M E, at 35 spring 

N r : ■-« William H H, brakeman, bda 41 center 

Norrii Edward .1, upholsterer, 7 smith 

Korrfe John, soldier, 4 tinkham's court 

Korrifl Mrs Mary, 7 smith 

Norton Albert, carpenter, 33 moutreal 

Norton Benjamin, soldier. 7 montgomery 

Norton Benjamin A, soldier, 7 montgomery 

Norton Mrs Catharine R, 33 Washington 

Norton Charles P, clerk, bds 33 moutreal 

Norton Edwin A, merchant, 79 commercial,, h 84 state 

Norton George L, soldier, 31 Washington 

Norton Joseph, soldier, 33 montreal 

Norton Stephen H, painter^ 73 federal, h 31 montreal 

Norwood Elias, peddler, 11 Lowell street 

Nott Eliphalet, treasurer of P S & P R R, h heury st 

Noweil Cyrus, book-keeper at Walter Corey's, h 45 oxford 

Nowell Henry, clerk, h 36 federal 

Nowlan James, trader, 13 center 

Noyes Abial T, tailor, 64 pleasant 

Noyes Alvin A, soldier, 32 oxford 

Noyes Charle?, laborer, 32 oxford 


Koyes Charles H, tinsmith, bds 32 oxford 

Koyes Daniel P, (Cobb &) blacksmith, 179 com'l, h 14 state 

Noyes David F, (J Smith & Co) leather belting, 144 middle 

Koyes Edward A, clerk, portland savings bank, bds 40 high 

Koyes Frank, army, 40 high 

Koyes George \V, mason, cherry ncarlibby's corner 

Koyes Henry C, upholsterer, 8 Chatham 

Koyes Hosea I, painter, 34 federal * 

Koyes James, (Bailey &) 63 exchange, h laurel near pearl 

Koyes Jefferson, h 70 oxford 

Koyes John, walk layer and pnver, 29 Washington 

Koyes John H, t eamster, portland near state 

Koyes John II, blacksmith, 13 Washington 

Koyes Joseph C, SG middle, h 40 high 

Koyes Pierce B, trader, 54 sumner, h 23 fore 

Koyes Smith VV, trader, h 10 cedar 

Koyes Stephen, painter, 86 fore, h 34 federal 

Koyes Stephen, jr, soldier, 34 federal 

Koyes Ward, peddler, Gl brackett 

Noyes William E, boiler maker, 42$ munjoy 

Koyes William T, joiner, 6 bramhall 

Nugent John, laborer, 22 york 

Natter Edward, clerk, bda 20 free 

Natter Joseph H, bank clerk, bds 2G free 

Natter Miss Josephine, bds 11 hanover 

Nutting George S, attorney, 11C»$ exchange, h 39 parris 

OAKES BENJAMIN F, soldier, 13 atlantic 
PBoyk Mrs Mary, pleasant 

Q'Brtao Augustine, clerk, bd* 35 pearl 

O'Brioa Daniel, laborer, danforth near raoghan*! bri ! Ji 

O'Drion Daniel, laborer, 30 union 
O'Brien Dennis, laborer, 10 (ox 
O'Drion Dennis, laborer, 10 oxford 
O'Drion Mrs Hannah, II pleasant 

O'Drion Jeremiah, laborer, 101 danforth 
OT.rion Mrs Joanna, 01 danfi rth 

O'Drion John, laborer, 5 pleasant 

O'Brion John, railroad employe, 20 mountfort 


O'Brien John, laborer, 22 hancock court 

O'Brion John, laborer, Chatham st 

O'Brion Patrick, soldier, 22 center 

O'Brion Patrick, laborer, bds 11 union' 

O'Brion Patrick, laborer, 48 monument 

O'lirion Thomas W, merchant, h 35 pearl 

O'Brion Timothy P, 57$ fore 

O'Brion William, laborer, rear 86 brackett 

O'Brion William, soldier, 16 salem Ian© 

Ocean Insurance office, 27 exchange 

0' Council Richard, laborer, 14 union 

O'Connor Barnard, machinist, 17 danforth 

O'Connor Daniel, laborer, rear 8S brackett 

O'Connor Dennis, tailor, 96 federal' 

O'Connor Hugh, hostler, 11 bank 

O'Connor John, soldier, rear 8S brackett 

O'Connor Kent, cordwainer, 17 danforth 

Id Fellows 1 Halls, 288 congress and 88 exchange 

Odion Leonard H, hackraan, 10 cross 

O'Donnell Bartholomew, laborer, 127 congress 

O'Donnell Mrs Catharine, 2 maple 

O'Donnell Dennis, laborer, 30 Cumberland 

O'Donnell Dominic, laborer, 11 center 

O'Donnell George, currier, 45 fore 

O'Donnell Hugh, wig manufacturer, 25 temple 

O'Donnell James, laborer, rear 07 danforth 

O'Donnell James, counselor, 122 middle, h 16 pino 

O'Donnell John, porter, elm house 

O'Donnell Mrs Mary, 262 fore 

O'Donnell Mrs Mary, 11 center 

O'Donnell Michael, soldier, 7 danforth 

O'Donnell Michael, laborer, stetson's lane 

O'Donnell Morgan, laborer, 06 monument 

O'Donnell Neal, laborer, 16 salem lane 

O'Donnell Patrick, laborer, 2 maple 

O'Donnell Patrick, laborer, 23 center 

O'Donnell Mrs Sally, 50 monument 

O'Donnell Valentine, railroad employe, 50 monument 

O'Donnohue John, clothier, 201 fore 


0' Flaherty Owen, laborer, 13 poplar 

O'Flinn Patrick, cooper, 1 cobb's court 

O'Freil Mrs Margaret, 6 cobb's court 

O'Freil William, seaman, 6 cobb's court 

O'Haran David, laborer, 11 pleasant 

O'Haran John, porter, 11 plea-ant 

O'Haran Michael, laborer, 32 union 

O'llayer Martin, soldier, 11 pleasant 

O'llea Thomas, laborer, 2 plum 

O'Hearn Mrs Ann, 21 union 

0' I learn John, stevedore, 21 union 

O'Keif John, laborer, 16 tate 

Oldall John, file cutter, 3o lime, h 13 casco 

Olcson Charles W, soldier, 121 spring 

Oleson John, oil clothing store, 134 fore, h 121 spring 

Oliver Alfred S, tug boat master, 5 watcrville 

Oliver Frederick, shipmaster, 67 york 

Oliver John C, cabinet maker, S4 sumner 

Oliver Mrs Mary, rear 23 commercial 

Oliver Mrs Mary, 5 waterville 

O'Melchoir Patrick, laborer, bds 217 fore 

O'Xeil Mrs Catharine, at 8 freeman's lana 

O'Neal Charles, trader, 35 sumner 

O'NeO Cornelius, soldier, york \ 

O'Xeil Cornelius, laborer, 14 union 

O'Neal James, laburer, 279 commercial 

O'Neal James, laborer, 6 spring 

O'Neal John, trader, 03 dan forth 

0'N>al John, laborer, rear 14 onion 

O'Neil Michael, soldier, rear 14 unioa t 

O'Neal Patrick, grocer, 104 danforth 

0'N»ni Patrick, teamster, b is 33 york 

O'NVii Patrick, laborer, 8 freeman's lane 

O'Neal Mrs Susan, 2 cobb's court 

O'Neil Timothy, laborer, 9 york 

O'Kagan John, laborer, 6 pleasant 

O'Bagan Mrs Mary, 5 plea-ant 

Ordway Frank, clerk, 70 spring 

Ordway Gcor-e I, book-keeper, 167 middle, h 30 federal 


Ordway Mr3 Reuben, 70 spring 

Orphan Asylum, 26 myrtle 

Osborne Mrs Mary C, 15 mayo 

Osborne W C, distiller, bds 20 high 

Osgood AB,CE ferry village 

Osgood Abram, jr, farmer, bds 111 fore 

Osgood Amos L, civil engineer, bds 14 peach 

Osgood Andrew A, provisioner, city hall, h 16 cedar 

Osgood Charles, cooper, bds 35 brown 

Osgood Charles H, dentist, 8 clapp's block, bds preble house 

Osgood Charles II, physician, 159 congress 

Osgood Mrs Dorcas, 15 lufayetto 

Osgood Elbridge G, joiner, 60 brackett 

Osgood Miss Emily S, music teacher, 12 brown 

Osgood Sirs Francis, 2 mechanic „ 

Osgood James, hack driver, 55 fore 

Osgood John P, sign painter, bds 16 cedar 

Osgood Mrs Joshua 13, 159 congress 

Osgood Thomas, tanner and currier, 101 green 

good William B, grocer, 15 Lafayette 

O'Shaughenessey Michael, laborer, rear 22 center 

O'Sullivan Patrick, teamster, 22 brattle 

0:is George H, plane maker, 22 simmer 

Otis H G, clerk, bds 22 sumner 

Oils Isaac, grocer, store and house 11 smith 

Otis John, mariner, 10 fremont 

Otis Mrs Ruth, at 22 sumner 

Ott Frederick, cook, preble house 

Owen Cotton, h 69 state 

Owen Edward, painter, C2 monument 

Owen Edwin C, trader, 25 exchange, h 69 state 

Owen Frank, rear 7 mechanio 

Owen George, painter, 11 pleasant 

Owen George, merchant, 31 winter 

Owen John, laborer, 117 congress 

Owen John \V, (& Dunning) grocer, 55} danforth, h 16 state 

Owen Joseph, book-keeper, 4 spruce 

Owen Joslah, baggage master, A&KB B, h 31 franklin 

Owen Mrs Sarah, 4 spruce 


Owen Thomas, laborer, G7 cotton 

Oxnard Mrs Ann M, 5 park 

Oxnard Charles, (& Edward P) US comm'l, bds 40 danforth 

Oxnard Edward, merchant, h 40 danforth 

Oxnard Edward 1\ /Charles &) US comm'l, h 41 winter 

Oxnard Frank S, soldier, 402 congress 

Oxnard John, merchant, 402 congress 

Oxnard Mr? Stephen, 5 park 

Oxnard William, merchant, h 43 spring 

PACriECO ADOLPHUS L, machinist, bds 44 india 

Packard Albion K, seaman, 23 lafavette 

Packard C C, shoe store, 207 fore 

Packard Hczekiah, book store, 61 exchange, h 400 congress 

Packard Robert, stone cutter, bds 14 mayo 

Packard Samuel B, bookseller, 01 exchange, 400 congress 

Paddock Thomas, com mer, 03 commercial, bds preble house 

Page Mrs Frances E, 68 brackett 

Page George, painter, 10 pearl 

Page Henry F, painter, 14 carlton 

Pag* Ira, seaman, 21 green 

Page Mrs Julia A, at 17 $ foro 

Page Mrs Octavia, at 31 hampshire 

Page Richard, teaman, 77 brackett 

Page Mrs Bath, 21 green 

Paine Abner, trader, 70 green 

Paino Miss Ann M, 10 spruce 

Paino Charles C 1\ cooper, 10 maple 

Paine Franklin, potter, westbrook point 

HtxftrL. Paink& Co., (formerly William C flow & 
Co.,) Dealers in Coal, Wood, and Roofing Slate. No. 2 7 
Commercial Street, opposite Smith's Wharf. 


Paino Henry L, (Sc Co) coal and elate*, 207 coml, h 11 smith 
Paine James, soap manufacturer, westbrook point 
Paine Mrs Jane, 'j portland r 

Paine John, cooper, 39 oak 

Paine Joseph, cooper, 34 middle 


Paint Miss Lucinda, at 2 II Cumberland 

Paine Mrs Mary, 5 brown's court 

Paine Marshall, cooper, hd central whf, h 207 Cumberland 

Paine N S, [& Co) 135 commercial, bds international house 

Paine Miss Phebe, 10 spruce 

Paine Richard, currier, 43 green 

Paine Richard II, soldier, 43 green 

Paine Mrs Ruth T, 65 state 

Paine William, musfo store, 179 middle, h 205 Cumberland 

Paine Wm 0, lieut U S engineers, 31 exchange, h 44 park 

Paine William M, painter, 93 brackett 

Palacie Bernardino, machinist, 9 bramhall 

Palmer Benjamin, cook, 1 poplar 

Palmer Henry, laborer, wilmot court, rear 23 wilmot 

Palmer J S, 137} middle, h grove street 

Palmer John E, bonnet dealer, 144 middle, h So oxford 

Palmer John T, sea captain, 21 wilmot 

Palmer Moses G, millinery, 144 middle, h S5 oxford 

Palmer Richard L, painter, 19 temple, h 12 mechanic 

Parcher Samuel F, soldier, 13 st lawrenco 

Parker Alvin L, kerosene oil works, brackett cor pine 

Parker Charles H, mariner, 130 spring 

Parker Benjamin H, blacksmith, 21 myrtle 

Parker Edwin, grocer, 15 silver, h 16 india 

Parker Elbridge G, machinist, bds 3 salem 

Parker Eleazar 11, stabler, 30 india, bds st lawrence house 

Parker Mrs Ellen, 25 brackett 

Parker Gardner M, joiner, bds 7S spring 

Parker George, mariner, C E ferry village 

Parker II B, clerk, bds american house 

Parker John E, brass founder, 4 Stevens' placo 

Parker John W, 19 tate 

Parker Mrs Keziah G, 53 oxford 

Parker Kingsbury E, steamboat pilot, congress nr alms house 

Parker Mrs Man- Ann, pleasant placo 

Parker Nathaniel W, soldier, 23 hampshire 

Parker Patrick, gardener, Li dark 

Parker Reuben, fishmonger, 170 corn'l, h cushman nr dark 

Parker Mrs Susan, at 8 to\ 


Parker Thomas, grocer, 279 fore, h 9 9 spring 

Parker William, brickrnaker, congress nr vanghan 

Parker William, long island 

Parker William A, foreman iron foundry, 66 pleasant 

Parker William F, upholsterer, 14 S exchange, h 30 hanover 

Parks Asa, cordwainer, 15 mechanic 

Parks Mrs Elizabeth, 412 congress 

Parks Matthew, laborer, G waterville 

Parks Patrick, laborer, 6 watcrvillo 

Parks William, laborer, 21 york 

Parks William, overseer atlantic whf, 6 waterville 

Parritt John W, ship carpenter, C E ferry village 

Parrs John, cook, 4 abyssinian court 4 

Parsons Alex, apothecary, cor middle and cross, h 12 chestnut 

Parsons Charles, mariner, peak's island 

Parsons Charles W, peak's island 

Parsons George, mariner, long island 

Parsons Mrs Hannah, peak's island 

Parsons Henry, fisherman, peak's island 

Parsons James, fisherman, peak's island 

Parsons James 0, machinist, 13 st lawrence 

Parsons John S, fisherman, peak's island 

Parsons Joseph B, sailxnaker, 8} sumner 

Parsons Marston, long island 

Parsons Miss Mary, 9 adams 

Parsons Mrs Nancy B, 170 ccngres3 

Parsons Samuel N, clerk, SJ sumner 

Parsons Samuel S, sea captain, 20 adams 

Parsons Thomas B, teacher of navigation, h 12 deer 

Partington Joseph, cook, 3 mayo 

Partridge Misa K G, millinery, 5 free st blk, bds 4 cotton 

Partridge Joseph G, teamster, rear 5 st lawrence 

Partridge Nathan, moulder, rear 18 caaco 

Partridge William P, brakeman, rear 81 oxford 

Patrick Miss Ellon, capmaker, bds 13 salem cor clurk 

Patrick Stephen, mason, at 32 Washington 

Patten Mrs Celia M, 72 Cumberland 

Patten Edward M, auctioneer, 21 exchange, h 30 park 

Patten Edward T, (S Patten & Sun) 301 comme'l, bds 65 park 


Patten Stephen, (& Son) 301 commercial, h 55 park 
- Patterson Miss Eleanor, dressmaker, 412 congress 
Patterson Mrs Elizabeth, 412 congress 
Patterson George, stoker, bds portland house 
Patterson James G. sea captain, 29 portland 
Patterson William B, stone cutter, 3 spring street placo 
Patterson William J, U S navy, 36 Washington 
Payson Charles, cashier merchants' bank, h 9 gray 
i Payson Edward, farmer, residence back covo 

IIe.yry M. Payson, Stock and Exchange Broker, Stocks 
and Bonds bought and sold, uncurrent money exchanged, 
&c., &c. No. 32 Exchange Street. 

Payson Henry M, broker, 82 exchange, h 10 gray 

Peabody II C, (Holden &) counselor, 34 lime, bds 49 wilmot 

Peakes Nathaniel H, wharfinger, 7 eastern promenade 

Pearce William A, plumber, 124 exchange,^ 8 park placo 

See Pierce and Peirce 

Pearl Cyril, clergyman, 557 congress 

Pearson Charles H, cooper, 7 park placo 

Pearson Mrs George, 69 franklin 

Pearson Henry S, watchmaker, 38 exchange, h 10 locust 

Pearsox & Smith, Bakers, Xo. 15 Willow Street, Man- 
ufacture and keep constantly on hand all kinds of Bread, 

Cakes, and Pastry. Families supplied, in any part o( the 
city, on the most reasonable terms. Family Flour of tho 
best brands always fur sale. 


Pearson Jacob, (& Smith) baker, 15 willow, h 6 plum 

Pearson Jamas S, pattern maker, bds 49 sumner 

Pearson John, 07 franklin 

Pearson Joseph S, teamster, bds 40 adams 

Pearson Mrs Blehitable, 6 montgomery 

Pearson Moses, silversmith, 238 congress, h 6 locust 

Pearson Nath'l, (Garish &) 74 exchange, bds 7 locust 

Pearson William, joiner, 49 sumner 

See Parsons 

Pease Kphraim W, soldier, 102 danforth 

Peaslce Amos, gas titter, we.-tbrook point 

Peasleo Daniel A, mail agent, 21 middle 



Pecia Peter B, woodsawyer, 10 lafayctte 

Peck Mrs Olivia, 11 peach 

Peirce Roger N, counselor, at 10 cross 

Pendleton George, mariner, 28 middle 

Pcnly Charles, trader, 31 middle, h 42 middle 

Pennell Albert P, baggage master, P S & P B B, h 8 salem 

Pennell Anthony H, seaman, at 6S fore 

Pennell Benjamin, lieut U S army, 30 brovra 

Pennell Charles, trader, h 63 Cumberland 

Pennell Charles, hair dresser, bds american house t 

Pennell Charles J, provisioner, 3?G congress, h 10 elm 

Pennell Edward, salesman, 107 fore, h 20 franklin 

Pennell Edward G, provisioner,'386 congress, h 10 elm 

Pennell Edwin, soldier, 10 elm 

Pennell Mrs Eliza, 4 cross 

Pennell Mrs Francis, 10 elm 

Pennell John M, gas fitter, st John st 

Pennell John X, on railroad, 18 munjoy 

Pennell Jonathan, teamster, back cove village 

Pennell Leonard H, joiner, S3 Cumberland 

Pennell Mrs L C, 3 applcton blk, rear 312 congress 

Pennell Mrs Rebecca, 18 munjoy 

Pennell Richard C, custom house officer, 22 elm 

Pennell Robert, turnkey county jail, monroe st 

Pennell Thomas, (Martin &) ^3 federal, h 34 chestnut 

Pennell Thoa, sheritf, office city gove'nt building, h monroe %t 

Pennell Thomas M, sea captain, 50 winter 

Pennell William L, Steam engineer, 47 pleasant 

Pennell Woodbury, mason, 10 elm 

Penney Augustus, trader, To green 

Penney Leonard, cooper, h portland, cor lowell 

Perkins Benjamic, si lewalk layer, h 229 Cumberland 

Perkins Benj A, (J \V P & Co) 66 commercial, h 74 freo 

Perkins George W, soldier, H tate 

Perkins Henry W, soldier, 23 meibourue 

J. W. Perkins cV Co., Wholesale Dealers in Medicines, 
Paints, Oils, Dye Stuff*, Cam] hene, Burning Fluid, Ap Eh- 
ecaries' Glasi Ware; Brushes, Sign Painters 1 Materials, &c 
Ko S$ Commercial btroet. 




Perkins John W, (& Co) 86 commercial, li 57 danforth 

Perkins Leonard J, confectioner, 289 congress 

Perkins Robert R, (& Brown) 300 congress, h 7 atlantic 

Perkins Samuel E, 86 fore, bds 32 danforth 

Perley Jonas II, merchant, 166 commercial, h 135 danforth 

Perley Joseph II, (& Russell) 112 commercial, h 7S oxford 

Perley Martin, clerk, bds 135 danforth 

Perry A L, clerk, C E ferry village 

Perry Charles, clothier, 72 middle, h 46 brackett 

Perry Daniel 0, physician, h 71 free 

Perry E N, hat store, 151 middle, h 6S freo 

Perry Francis, blacksmith, bds 49 middle 

Perry George L, mason, 16 carlton 

Perry John, laborer, h 18 J Washington 

Perry John C, licut U S army, 88 dark 

Perry John P, clerk, bds 64 freo 

Perry Joseph, porter preble house 

Perry Joseph A, lieut U S army, 25 pine 

Perry L, clerk, l>d^ amcrican house 

Perry Moses E, hermetical provision packer, 9 church 

Perry William S, pastor St Stephen's church, h 8 brown 

Peters George C, teller in canal bank, h 45 wilrnot 

Peters William W, joiner, 66} summer 

Peterson David, U S navy, rear 23 commercial 

Peterson John, laborer, sebastopol, hampshire st 

Peterson Manuel, trader, 95 fore 

Pettes Charles, shoemaker, rear 20 Washington 

Pettes Mrs H Q, 11} atlantic 

Pettes Mrs John E, rear IS atlantic 

Pettie Henry, seaman, ingraham's lane, rear 76 york 

Pettie Hezekiah, joiner, C K ferry village 

Petty John, laborer, 2 sumncr 

Pettigrew John, stoker, 37 hanover 

Pettingell Albion C, soldier, 5 beach 

Pettingell Andrew J, shipmaster, 8 tate 

Pettingell Augustus C, sea captain, 13 tato 

Pettingell Daniel, trader, h 36 middle 

Pettingell George A, soldier, 3 dark 

Pettingell James, sea captain, 13 tate 


Pcttingell John F, steam engineer, 8 beach 

Pettingell Leonard Augustus, soldier, 3 dark 

Pettingell Mrs Mary, 3 dark 

Pettingell Oren F, 28 brown 

Pettingell Mr3 Sarah, 97 Cumberland 

Pettingell Stephen, trader, long island 

Pettingell Mrs Susan, rear 2G atlantic 

Pettingell William, stove dealer, 2S brown 

Pettingell William H, clerk, 2S brown 

Peyret Henry, billiard saloon, 105 federal, h 14 mechanic 

Phelps H Nelson, soldier, 35 Lammoncl 

Phenix John C, pattern maker, 57 brackett 

Philbrook Charles G, ship carpenter, 55 york 

Philbrook Daniel M, trader, 11 Washington 

Philbrook Lysander V, freight conductor, G T R, h 9 mnnjoy 

Philbrook Mrs Rachel, 11 Washington 

W. S. Philbrook, Manufacturer of Water and Harness 
Casks, Tanks, Cisterns, Barrels, Kegs, and Buckets. At 
the old cooperage of Sam' 1 Chase & Son, Plum Street, be- 
tween Fore and Commercial Streets. 

Philbrook Wm S, cooper, hd widgery's whf, h 14 smith 

Phillips Albert 0, brakeman B & M R R, bds 5 salem 

Phillips Caleb IT, billiard marker, bds 5 salem 

Phillips John Edward, clerk, 414 congress 

Phillips John F, baggage master B & M R R, bds 5 salem - 

Phillips Lowell G, book-binder, ";3 exchange, h 2*2 stato 

Phillips Walter F, apothecary, 149 middle, h 14 pine 

Phillips Warren, ornamental painter, h 45. oxford 

Phillips William II, joiner, 328 commercial, h 22 brackett 

Phinney Mitt Abbie F, dressmaker, 10 gray 

Phinney A II, (Ac Co) stove dealer, 171 mid lie, h 44 prebl* 

Phinney Clement, (Green & Co) 00 commercial 

Phinney Edmund, (& Jackson) 23S commercial, h back cove 

Phinney Edward, laborer, 5 cobb's court 

Phinney Hugh M, moulder, bdl 44 preble 

Phinney John, laborer, 10 center 

Phinney Mrs Margaret, 4 4 preble 

Phinney Mrs Mary A, at 5 Cumberland 

Phinney Patrick, laborer, 3 freeman's lane 


Phinncy Stephen, bread dealer, 160 Cumberland 

Pickard Alexander, gardener to J M Wood, h 30 franklin 

Pickard Chas W, Transcript pub, 82 exchange, h 9 franklin 

Pickard Edward L, clerk, 87 spring 

Pickard Mrs Ruth, rear 31 oxford 

Pickard S T, # publisher Transcript, 82 exchange, bds 55 spring 

Pickering Manthano, school teacher, 2 carlton 

Pickett Benjamin W, slip builder, C E ferry village 

Pidgin John P, trader, bds 8 mayo 

Pierce Adams T, gas fitter, bds 1 cedar 

Pierce Mrs Aim L, 283 congress 

Pierce Charles W, lumber surveyor, 270;com'l, h 16 i high 

Pierce Ebenezer L, joiner, h 25 mayo 

Pierce George P, ship joiner, oak near congress 
_ Pierce Henry, watchman, back cove village 

Pierce Hiram, 53 north ' 

-Pierce Jesse K, sea captain, 27 mayo 

Pierce Lewis, counselor, 64 middle, h 5 pine 

Pierce Mrs Prisciila B, 37 parris 

Pierce Samuel A, (Dyer &) trader, 171 foro, h 74 spring 

Pierce Stephen M, joiner, 121 brackett 

Pierce Sylvanus J, moulder, 37 parris ' 

Tierce Thomas S, laborer, 9G Washington 

See Pearce and Peirce 

Pierpont William, blacksmith, 5 india court 

Pike Mrs Clara A, rear 15 tyng 

Pike Jeremiah K, in U S army, 8 Iowell 

Pike John B, hair dresser, 224 Cumberland 

Pillsbury Albert L, stage driver, 42 Cumberland 

Pillsbury Miss Lizzie, tailoress, bds 30 brown 

Pingree Aaron W, stove worker, h 79 oxford 

Pingree Luther F, pattern maker, h rear 27 green 

Pinkham James, railroad brakeman, 10 st lawrence 

Piper William, rigger, 43 sumner 

Pittee W'illiam, seaman, 13 melbourno 

Pitts Mis3 Sarah K, dressmaker, 31 salem 

Plaisted Samuel P, telegraph repairer, 69 green 

Plimpton Elias M, merchant, h 4 deer 

Plunirnei Mrs Abigail, 25 myrile 


Plummor Albert C, clerk, 22 oxford 
Plummer Arthur, bds 101 brackett 
Plummer Charles, painter, 101 brackett 
Plummer Charles If, black 6 white smith, 12 union, h 47 mid 
Plummer Daniel, joiner, 23 willow 
Plummer Miss Eliza J, at 129 oxford 
Plummer Henry A, soldier, 20 parris 
Plummer Hiram T, blacksmith, 25 myrtle 
Plummer Lorenzo, upholsterer, bds Win II Plummer'5 
Plummer Moses I, trader, 151 fore, h 40 federal 
Plummer Miss Olivia, tailoress, bds 25 brown 
Plummer Peter W, carpenter, 23 willow 
Plummer William H, crier of the courts, h portland nr alms h 
Plummer William P, locomotive engineer, 7 hancock 
Poland Alvin S, carpenter, 19 Washington 
Poland Joshua, machinist, 10£ atlantic 
Pollster George, ship carpenter, back cove village 
Pollster Sewall, railroad employe, back cove village 
Pollster Stillman, shook maker, back cove village 
Polleys John, mariner, 26 Washington 

Pollock George W, steam engineer, 16 pleasant] , 

Pollock George W R, U S navy, 16 pleasant 
Pornery Mrs Priscilla N, 5 state 
Pond Henry W, trader, 42 federal 
Poole Calvin, truckman, 107 green 
Poole Miss Eunice, 151 Cumberland 
Poole James, truckman, 6° sumner 
Poole Nathaniel, hackman, 13 preble 
Poole Thomas, laborer, 28 pleasant 
Poole William B, mariner, C E ferry village 
Poole William L, saiimaker, 4 sumner 
Poor Benjamin, rigger, 5 middle 
Poor Charles, rigger, 5 middle 
Poor Charles H, rigger, 5 middle 
Poor David N, fisherman, peak*i island 
Poor Edwin B, clerk, bds 84 free 

Poor Frederick A, (Marrett, Poor k Co) 85 midile, h 31 park 
Pope Frederick C, clerk, bds 155 Cumberland 
Poor James V, machinist, 11 Atlantic 


Poor John A, counselor, bds prcble house ' 
Poor Samuel V, machinist, bds 11 atlantio 
Poor Thomas H, (Crosman &) 75 middle, bds preble house 
Porter A W, (Kenney & Co) 2 warren market bds S5 brown 
Porter Edward W, engineer fire steamer Xo 1, 341 congress 
Porter Miss Harriet B, school teacher, bds 227 Cumberland 
Porter Ilenry, woodsawycr, 15 salem lano 
Porter Miss Isabella II, at 227 Cumberland 
Porter John, soldier, 5 brackett 
Porter John H, mason, 15 salem lane 
Porter Mrs Rebecca, 4 horton place 
Porter Mrs Sophronia", at 227 Cumberland 
Porter Mrs S W, 14 gray 
Portland Band's Room, 19£ market square 
Portland Dispensary, 101 middle 
Portland Kerosene Oil Co's office, 194 fore 
Portland Mutual Fire Insurance Co's office, 102 middle 
Portland Transcript, office 82 exchange 
Potc Daniel M, U S navy, 7 mountfort 
Poto Mrs Dorcas, 85 brackett 
Pote Mrs Eliza J, bds 30 brown 
Pote George, clerk, bds 7 mountfort 
Pote Ilsley I, soldier, 7 mountfort 
Pote Increase, turner, 7 mountfort 
Poto Jame3 M, soldier, 7 mountfort 
Pote William P, mariner, 7 mountfort 
Potter Barrett, counselor, h 44 free 
Potter Charles, clerk, bds 49 middle 
Potter George, U S navy, 80 Washington 
Potter Mrs Rosella, 80 Washington 
Ponlain Joseph Victor, seaman, greenleaf near fox 
Powell James, teamster, back cove village 
Powell Jesse, sailmaker, 6 federal 
Powell Thomas, mariner, 17 summer 
Powers James, seaman, 3 bank 
Powers James, jr, soldier, 3 bank 
t Powers John, laborer, rear 63 Washington 

Powers John, seaman, 59 suinner 
Powers Richard, laborer, portlani near green 


Powers Samuel, shoemaker, rear 49 adams 

Pratt Mrs Alvin P, 29 myrtle 

Pratt Benjamin F, pattern maker, h 29 oak 

Pratt Mrs Elizabeth, at 2 middle 

Pray Francis E, custom house officer, 1 carlton 

Pray Peter, soldier, 13 larch 

Preble Miss Alice, 72 dauforth near tate 

Preble Edward E, U S navy, 72 danforth near tate 

Preble William P, clerk U S district court, h 307 congress 

Prentiss, Artemas, 59 Cumberland ' - 

Prentiss A S, mason, C E ferry village 

Prentiss Ebenezer S, gardener, 21 neal 

Prentiss George M, barber, 30 gray 

Prentiss James, corn measurer, hill street 

Prescott Joseph D, draughtsman, bds 4 locust 

Presley William, laborer, 10 pleasant 

Presley William, laborer, 16 hammond 

Presley William, laborer, 11 willow 

Press, newspaper, daily, S2 1-2 exchange 

Pressey Mrs Hannah, 4 congress place 

Pressey Patrick, laborer, 10 fox 

Preston William H, scenic artist, bds american house 

Pridham James H, soldier, 62 sumner 

Pridham Mrs Lucy, 62 sumner , 

Prime John, mariner, rear 6 summer 

Prince Allen G, carpenter, 46 federal 

Prince Albion, tailor, at 54 middle, h 16 winter 

Prince Charles, clerk, 64 Cumberland 

Prince Charles L, carpenter, 24 cedar 

Prince Edward B, clerk, 81 spring 

Prince Ellen R, school teacher, bds 49 spring 

Prince Frederick A, soldier, 16 winter 

Prince Frederick A, captain steamer Montreal, h 61 high 

Prince Miss Isabella G, boarding-«chool (Home lust) 52 free 

Prince James H, express o:Tiee, 84 exchange, h 3J myrtle 

Prince John K, book-keeper, bds 108 spring 

Prince Miss Mary G, boarding-school, 52 free 

Prince Paul, wood dealer, Lincoln corner wilmot 

Prince Samuel N, sea captain, 47 pearl 

Prince Mrs Sophronia, 108 spring 

196 poktt*a". t t> dtufcto nr, 

Prindle Edward, soldier, 12 spring 

Prindle Jas E, British & Am expr's ag't, GOexch, h 52 brack't 

Prindirgust Michael, moulder, 23 beach nr commercial 

Proctor Frederick, 107 congress 

Proctor Jeremiah, inspector of fish, long whf, h 1 salcm 

Proctor John C, real estate agent, 7 church 

Proctor John E, soldier, 107 congress 

Proctor John F, salesman, 56 middle, bds 7 church 

Proctor Miss Sarah, 20 india 

Pudor C Ferdinand, physician, 72 free 

Puffer Mrs Sarah C, at 19 hancock 

Pullen David P, in the army, h portland nr libby's corner 

Tulsifer Roscoe, truckman, bds 2 stevens's place 

Purcill John, carpenter, 13 fcx 

Purinton George H, teamster, 1 stone 

Purinton John, trader, 183 fore, h 165 Cumberland 

Purinton Nathaniel L, grocer, 187 fore, h 86 oxford 

Purinton William II, clerk, bds 165 Cumberland 

Purinton William H, 84 danforth 

Purinton Mrs Winslow H, westbrook point 

Purington J M, postomce clerk, bds city hotel 

Putnam Artemas, grocer, 54 spring, h 1 cotton 

Putnam George M, clerk, 1 cotton 

Putnam William L, counselor, 74 middle, bds U S hotel 

Putney Mrs Mary A, 96 brackett 

QUIGLEY JAMES, boiler maker, 55 Washington 

Quiraby George A, clerk, bds international house 

Quinby Albus R, harness maker, 327 congress, h 40 oak 

Quinby Alonzo H, soldier, 29 green 

Quinby Cyrus, upholsterer, 16 alder 

Quinby Frederick A, U S deputy marshal, 53 high 

Quinby Jacob, cordwainer, C52 congress 

Quinby John, commission merchant, h 6 elm 

Quinby John, (Allen &) 93 commercial, h 212 congress 

Quinby Johnson M, house carpenter, 21 tyng 

Quinby Mrs Mary, 53 brackett 

Qainby Phineas P, physician, office international houso 

Q"uinby William M, captain U S army, 352 congrssi 


Quincy Albert, painter, 25 mayo 

Quincy Mrs Ann, 50 park 

Quincy Miss Caroline M, 13 brattle 

Quincy Miss Helen M W, 13 brattle 

Quincy Henry, variety store, 223 fore, h 44 pleasant 

Quincy Horatio G, 5 federal 

Quincy Mrs Mary G, 24 sumner 

Quincy William A, book-binder, h 10 monument 

Quincy William J, clerk, 13 myrtle 

Quinn Bartholomew, laborer, 332 commercial , 

Quinn Francis, laborer, 22 york 

Quinn James, (Delano &) 6 new franklin, h 53 Washington 

Quinn Mrs Mary, rear 6 york 

Quiningham Mark, laborer, 1 brown's court 

Quirk John, laborer, 41 north 

RACKLEFF JAMES, merchant, bds 43 state 

Racklyft Benjamin, laborer, bds 30 portland 

Racklyft James B, bonnet bleacher, 30 portland 

Racklyft J L, counselor, 74 middle, bds church st 

Racklyft Miss Julia E, 3 south 

Hackly ft Mrs S, 3 south 

RadclifT Mrs Frances E, 67 york 

Badfofd Lincoln, merchant, 37 pearl 

Radford William, 27 elm 

Radford William J, cooper, 27 elm 

Rady James, railroad employe, 29 mountfort 

Rady John, trader, 15 Cumberland 

Radoux Francis, at 262 congress 

Rae Mrs Ann, C9 spring 

RaiYerty Matthew, laborer, 1 cobb's court 

RalVerty Thomas, lamplighter, 18 Cumberland 

Rafter Daniel, clerk, 23 Washington 

Rafter Edward, laborer, 22 spring 

Rafter Thomas, porter, 52 dark 

Ragan Mrs Bridget, 29 center 

Ragan Daniel, laborer, 29 summer 

Ragan Jamej, 17 tato 

Ragan James, laborer, 11 larch 


Ragan Jeremiah, laborer, 29 sumncr 

Ragan Jeremiah, laborer, 21 pleasant 

Ragan Patrick, laborer, rear 24 pleasant 

Ragan Thomas, laborer. 28 Cumberland 

Ragen James, laborer, rear 24 pleasant 

Ragen James, laborer, 3 brown's court 

Ragen John, mason, knight's village, C E 

Ragen Peter, laborer, 17 center 

Ramsay Joseph B, hack driver, 1S4 Cumberland 

Ramsay Henry, teacher, 9 deer 

Ramsay William, 9 deer 

Ramsdell Alfred, on steamboat, h 19 willow 

Ramsdell Mrs Marcia, boarding house, 32G congress 

Ramsdell William, trader, 114 brackett 

Rarasell F A, moulder, 1 Stevens's place 

Rand Bartholomew, grocer, 96 danforth 

Rand Eliza II, millinery, 315 congress, bds 339 congress 

Rand Edward M, counselor, bds 38 park 

Rand Miss Elizabeth C, school teacher, bds 98 brackett 

Rind George II, soldier, rear 25 lafayette 

Kand John, counselor, 123 middle, h 3S park 

John F. Raxd, Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Embroid- 
eries, Muslins, Dress Trimmings, Head Dre-ses, Nets, Veils, 
Handkerchiefs, Gloves, and Hosiery, with a complete as- 
sortment of Fancy Goods. No. 6 Clapp's Block, Congress 

Rand John F, fancy goods, 6 clapp's block, h 13 cedar 
Rand John W, joiner, h 19 salem 
" Rand Joseph M, painter, h 6 spruce 
Rand Michael, ship carpenter, 9 commercial 
Rand Micah, rear 25 lafayette 
Rand Nathaniel, clerk, 20 stone 
Rand R S, clerk, bds 272 fore 
Rand Samuel, rigger, 272 fore 

Rand Sumncr C, (Pw Conant & Co) 153 com'l, h 70 spring 
Rand Wm II, brickmaker, congress, near furest st 
Randall Charles B, trader, 12 india 
Randall Charles E, printer, 2 laurel 
Randall Miss Ellen B, bds 77_cumberland 


Randall George A, tailor. 13 wilraot 

Randall George A C, pn inter, h 57 pearl 

Randall George P, joiner, 57 pearl 

Randall Hollis, mason, 8 congress place 

Randall Isaac, trader, back cove village 

Randall Jacob, laborer, 8 Chatham 

Randall John, 126 commercial, h 156 spring 

Randall John F, joiner, 16 st lawrence - 

Randall Joseph, trader, 34 dark 

Randall Joseph P, mariner, bdl 2 st lawrence . 

Randall Joshua F, (& Woodbury) 126 com'l, h C gray 

Randall Orin, 56 fore 

Randall Paoli, (& Son) G5 commercial, h 11 salem 

Randal! Mrs Sarah S, 10 congress place 

Randall Simon F, (P Randall & Son) 65 comm'l, h 9 middle 

Randall Thos, overseer wood repairs at Port'd Co, h 7 garden 

Rawson Charles L, clerk, bds 32 st lawrence 

Kay John J, truckman, 93 brackett 

Ray Stewart, joiner, 34 summer 

Ray Samuel, laborer, 16 adarns 

See Re a 

Raymond Augustus H, soldier, 10 bramball 

Raymond Charles N, bowling alley, 19 temple, h 10 bramhall 

Raymond Maurice, laborer, 144 exchange 

Rea Mr* Albus, 217 congress 

See Rat and Ray 

Read John S, joiner, 5 prospect 

Read Jos W, (R, Crcssey & Co) 119 commercial, bds 11 green 

See Reed 

Ready M II, draper and tailor, 30 middle 

Reardun John, laborer, 5 willow 

Reardon Michael, soldier, 12} danforth 

Reardon Patrick, laborer, rear 27 mountfort 

Reardon William, laborer, 12| danforth 

Reckabite Hall, 334 congress 

Reddy Mrs Bridget, washerwoman, 24 Cumberland 

Redlon Albert, law student, bds 411 congress 

Redlon Benjamin M, lieu: U S army, S2 vaughan 

Redlon Nathaniel, cordwainer, 400, h 411con^res3 


Redlon Nathan K, mason, 135 Cumberland 

Reed Albert, peddler, 41 st lawrence 

Reed Mrs Eunice, 22 hancock court 

Reed Gilman L, joiner, 415 congress 

Reed Griffin D S, 22 hancock court 

Reed Jacob H, bds 34 wilmot 

Reed John, farmer, back cove, westbrook 

Reed Joseph, intelligence oflice, 90 middlo 

Reed Philemon P, 7 prospect 

Reed Thomas B, watchman K&PKR, 125 brackett 

Rood Thomas B, jr, law student, bds 125 brackott 

Reed William G, carpenter, 34 wilmot 

Reed William H, barber, 50 Cumberland 

Reed William H, soldier, back cove village 

Reed William If, joiner, 415 congress 

Reed William II, trader, 133 Cumberland, h 3} deer 

Ai.f.x. T>. Reeves, Tailor and Draper, Army and Navy 
Tailor; Boys' Clothing made and trimmed in the latest aud 
best styles; Cutting done at short notice. No. 98 Exchange 

Reeves Alex D, tailor and draper, 98 exchange, h 117 cumb*l 

Reeves John, seaman, 1 bank 

Rfevta John J W, 49G congress 

Reeves Mrs Margaret W, 429 congress 

Reid Alvar G, clerk albion house, 117 federal 

Reidy John, cooper, orange lane 

Relhan Mrs Catharine G, rear 115 congress 

Remick Herman, machinist, 52 adams 

Remick John, joiner, U N" st 

Remick John C, merchant, westbrook, near woodford's corner 

Remick William F, joiner, 189 spring 

Remorse Francisco, cook, 68 Washington 

Rendall Isaiah, capt U S army, 31 waterville 

Renshaw Arthur W, moulder, 37 atiantio 

Reynolds George, soldier, 27 cotton 

lu 0. Reynolds, No. 0S2 Congress Street, Dealer in 
Choice Family Groceries, from 1829, and will continue, 
mark that. Buys with C.ish, and wants prompt paying and 
discriminating custom only. 



Reynolds L 0, grocer, 3S2 congress, h 66 brackett 
Rhea F M, law student, C4 middle, bds 49 middle 
Rhodes William H, machinist, bds 35 brown 
Rice Mrs Abbie, 27 portland 
Rice Charles II, U S navy, 27 portland 
'Rice Charles M, paper dealer, 21 exchange, h 21 middle 
. Rice David, office tender, dyer's lane 
R#e Mrs Elizabeth, 28 chestnut 
Rico Frederick, rnason, 31 federal 
Rice John, clergyman, 39 st lawrence 
Rice John C, soldier, 37 st lawTence 

Rice N C, (Tyler, R & Sons) 149 commercial, h 78 danforth 
Rico Nehemiah W, 149 commercial, h 69 park 
" Rico Robert, carriage smith, 27 alder 
Rice Stephen, laborer, bds 31 mountfort 
Rico Thomas, carriage smith, 34 preble, cor portland 
Rice Thotna-, U S navy, 31 mountfort 
Rice Thomas, laborer, 31 mountfort 

Rice William, painter, 8 garden 

Rich Andrew J, (S S Rich & Son) 138 exchange, h 37 oak 
Rich Artemas, shoemaker, 323 congress, h 31 brown 
Rich Chas II, cordwainer, 430 congress, h 14 tyug 
Rich Edward II, cook, 65 york v 

Rich Mrs Kunice J, 28 state 

Rich Frank G, printer, 20 stono, 

Rich Gardner, cordwainer, knight's village, C E 

Rich George H, carpenter, 12 saleiu 

Rich Geo \V, clerk, bds 62 pearl 

Rich Marshall N, editor Price-Current, 82 exchange,hl7 stons 

Rich Rishworth, colonel U S army, 52 Salem 

Rich Samuel S, (& Son) 138 exchange, h 02 pearl 

Richards Mrs Ann, 23 danforth 

Richards Benjamin C, truckman, 20 salem 

Riehnrd* Mrs Caroline, boarding house, 64 free 

Richards Charles G, harness maker, h 7 mechanic 

Richards Charlei II, carpenter, rear 29 oxford 

Richards Daniel, teamster, 20 salem 

Richards Edward, at .03 Cumberland 

Richard* Edward R, baker, CI pearl 


Richards Geo R M, shoemaker, 12G fore, h libby-s comer 

Richards Horace R, joiner, 4 park 

Richards Mrs Lavinia, 80 Cumberland 

Richards Samuel, truckman, cor almshouse and portland 

Richards Stephen M, lumber merchant, lo.casco 

Richards Thomas, baker, 5 Washington, h 53 Cumberland 

Richards Thomas T, teamster, 74 sumner 

Richards Wm B, harness maker, 10S middle, h 7 mechanic 

Richardson Mrs Abigail M, 4S spring 

Richardson Charles, 115 commercial, h 138 Cumberland 

Richardson Edward A, barber, 21 waterville 

Richardson Harrison, blacksmith, 23 franklin 

Richardsbn Henry, farmer, 30 gray 

Richardson Israel, merchant, bds 74 park 

Richardson Jacob J, mariner, 131 congress 

Richardson Jacob S, water boat man, 21 waterville 

Richardson Mrs John, 30 green 

Richardson John F, engraver, 84^ middle, bds 26 free 

Richardson Jvhn II, manner, 5 ingraham's court 

Richardson Martha A, at 21 waterville 

N. P. KicirAnnsoN* & Co., Importers of and Dealers 'n 
Motels, Tin Plate, Sheet Iron, Block Tin, Zinc, Wire, &c, 
&c, Japaned and Stamped Wares, Tinners' Machines, &c. 
Also Manufacturers of Stoves and Hollow Ware, 207 and 
209 Commercial Street. 


Richardson N P, (& Co) iron founder, 209 com'l, h 43danforth 
Richardson R M, (Shaw, Haskell &) 147 comme'l, h 64 winter 
Richardson William, long island 
' Richardson William, in the army, 13 wilmot 
Richardson William H S, cook, 5 in graham 's court 
Ricker David B, clerk, 119 commercial, bds araerican house 
Ricker John W, shipmaster, C E ferry village 
Ricker Joseph S, tanner, 80 green 
Ricker Stephen, shipmaster, 4 Stevens's place 
Ricker Wm, turner, hd brown's wbf, h knight's village, C E 
Hideout Albert J, ship carpenter, C E ferry village 
Hideout Miss Bertha, bds 444 congress 
Rideout Mi^s Deborah B, bds 444 congress 
Hideout John A, 2S oak, h 358 congress 


Rideout Nathaniel, car builder, 22 melbourne 

Rider Abigail, 30 north 

Rider Thomas, laborer, 30 north 

Kiggs Elbridge G, farmer, 02 vaughan 

Riggs James, cooper, 129 brackett 

Riggs John H, carver, 5 oxford » 

Riggs Sumner C, painter, 12J brackett 

Riley George B, policeman, rear 15 cedar * 

Riley Mrs Grace, rear 13 hampshire 

Riley John, laborer, 251 fore 

Riley Michael, teamster, 30 union 

Riley Patrick, laborer, 7 larch * 

Riley William, laborer, rear 9 dow 

Bines Mrs Catharine S, rear 5 mechanic 

Rinos David 11, soldier, rear 5 mechanic 

Ring Joseph, harness maker, 25 st lawrence 

Ring Oren, deputy sheriff, office city government building 

Ring Robert, laborer, 26 spring 

Ripley Edwin II, sexton park st ch, 13 free, h rear 17 mechanic 

Ripley Elias, stabler, temple, h 4 prospect 

Ripley Henry W, dry goods, 332 congress, bds 57 high 

II. W. RrpLEY, Dealer in English and American Dry 
Goods, cheap for cash. No. 332 Blake's Block, Confess 
Strtvt. Orders from the Country respectfully solicited and 
promptly filled. 

Blpfoy Nathaniel D, soldier, rear 17 mechanic 

Ripley Rev Thomas B, city missionary, 32 danforth 

Bisech Estcban J, clerk at Portland Co, 1 montgorncry 

Roach Charles \V, stevedore, 52 york 

Boach Edward, hostler, 4 danforth ( 

Bosch Mrs Ellen, 3 cobb's court 

Roach George W\ soldier, 52 york 

Roach John, laborer, rear 240 congress V 

Roach John A J, surveyor, 2 park 

Roach Mrs Mary, at 21 cotton 

Roach Thomas, laborer, rear 8 york 

Boak Peter, laborer, 129 congress 

Bobbins Charles II, painter, 9 beach 

bobbins Samuel, rigger, 11 vernon court 



Bobbins Shepherd K, clerk, bd3 203 congress 

Roberts Mrs Aaron, westbrook point 

Roberts Mrs Abby, 21 brown 

Roberts A H, morocco dresser, bds Win M Allen's, portland 

Roberts Benjamin F, trader, 20 hancock, bds hampshirc court 

Roberts Charles If, book-keeper, bds 9 a cross 

Roberts Charles W, mason, 3 atlantic 

Roberts Eben S, truckman, 18 brattle 

Roberts Edward A, soldier, 1 federal 

Roberts Miss Elizabeth, 80 spring 

Roberts James R S, soldier, 21 brown 

Roberts James S, soldier, 53 green 

Roberts John M, painter, 7 mayo 

Roberta Joseph S, boat builder, hd union whf, h 51 york 

Roberts J C, morocco dresser, bds Wm M Allen's, portland 

Roberts Lemuel S, truckman, G01 congress 

Roberts Mrs Mary, rear 39 oak 

Roberts Nathan D, grocer, corner york and park 

Roberts Nathaniel, glazier, 81 brackett 

Roberts Nicholas B, machinist, bds 13 atlantic 

Roberts Mrs R D, C4 franklin 

Roberts Stillman, provisioner, 24 india, h 9 cross 

Roberts Mrs Thomas, C E ferry Tillage 

Roberts Thomas A, colonel U S army, h 12 congress place 

Thomas F. Roberts, Boat Builder, No. 209 Commercial 
Street. All Kinds of Boats on hand, or made to order at 
short notice. 

Roberts Thomas F, boat builder, 269 commercial, h 4S york 

Roberts Thomas S, trader, 24 india, h 58 north 

Roberts William II, baker, 53 green 

Roberts William II, painter, 25 pleasant, h 12 congress place 

Roberts William W, clerk, 58 exchange, bds 04 franklin 

Robertson Alfred, fruit dealer, 19 cross 

Robinson Albert J, joiner, C E ferry village 

Robinson A K P, sealed provision packer, 1 wilmot 

Robinson Augustus, stationery, 51 exchange, h 20 brown 

Robinson Chas D, freight conductor, G T li B, h 5 east prorue 

Robinson Charles II, steam ergineer, 30 pine 


Robinson Charles P, brickmaker, congress nr alms house 

C. W. Robinson & Co., Dealers in Silks, Shawls, Em- 
broideries, Cotton, Linen, Woolen, and Housekeeping Goods. 
Corner Congress and Preble Streets, under Preble House. 

Robinson Chas W, dry goods, under prcble house, bds H brown 
Robinson David, farmer, 30 center 
Robinson Elijah T F, soldier, 19 poplar 
Robinson Miss Elizabeth E, dressmaker, 87 spring 
Robinson Frank'n, ( C W II & Co) nnder preble h, bds 30 spring 
Robinson Frederick W, 101 middle, h 14 brown 
• Robinson Georgo W W, joiner, C E ferry village 
Robinson Miss Hannah, 171 congress 

Robinson Henry, (& Leach) dry goods, £4 middle, h 40 india 
Robinson Hosea I, 1 portland pier, h 23 high 
Robinson Increase S, broker, 28 exchange, bds elm house 
Robinson I W, riding master and stabler, bds elm house 
Robinson James, trader, 25 preble, h 2 alder 

Merchants' Exchange Eating House, Nos. 17 and 10 
Exchange Street, John Robinson, proprietor, where aD the 
substantiate and delicacies of the season, prepared in the 
nicest manner, may be constantly found. For proof of • 
which citizens and strangers are invited to call. 

Robinson John, eating house, 17 exchange, h 7 milk 
Robinson John, in the revenue cutter, h fore near vino 
Robinson Miss Mary, nurse, 34 high 
Robinson Mrs Mary, 49 india 

Robinson O'Neal W, salesman, 72 middle, bds elm house 


Lancaster Hall, Confectionery, Ice Cream, and Oy^trr 
Room*, corner of Center urid Congress Streets. Meals fur- 
nished at all hours of the day. Engine, Military, and other 
Companies furnished with Dinners, Suppers, or C< 
in a ityle equal to the best Families and parties furnished 
with articles in this line of business. Also manufactures 
Wedding Cake of superior quality, j 


Robinson Richard L, eating house, lancaster hall, h 13 cedar 
Robinson Biohard R, trader, 197 fore, h 60 wiuter 
Robinson Samuel, soldier, 27 summer 
Robinson Mrs Sarah, 13 spruce 


Robinson Thomas F, seaman, 10 poplar 

Robinson Warren, box manufacturer, bds 41 federal 

Robinson William C, joiner, 26 salem 

Robinson William C, physician and surgeon, 260 congress 

W. D. Robinson, Dealer in Books and Stationery, Violin 
Strings, &c, Accordeons and Fancy Articles. No. 20 Ex- 
change Street. 

Robinson W r m D, periodicals, &c, 20 exchange, h 41 federal 

Robinson William H, policeman, 77 free 

Robinson Woodbury, clerk, bds 41 federal 

Robison John, seaman, rear 21 commercial 

Robison Robert I, 17 new franklin, bds preble house 

Rogers Alpheus G, (G M Moulton & Co) 81 com'l, bds 27 state 

Rogers America B, baker, h 10 mechanic 

Rogers Charles, (& Co) 107 commercial, h 27 stato 

Ro-ers Charles B, 27 state 

Rogers Cummings, house carpenter, back cove village 

Rogers Daniel \V, baggage master, G T R R, beb 40 oxford 

Rogers Edmund, 40 oxford 

Rogers Edmund M, 40 oxford 

Rogers Mrs Eleanor, 111 Washington 

Rogers John, trader, 19 york 

Rogers John T, 129 commercial, h 64 danforth 

Rogers Rufus D, seaman, 47 york 

Rogers Spencer, joiner, 29 watervillo 

Rolf Mrs Benjamin, 132 brackett 

Rolf Benjamin, jr, (C F &) 287 congress, h 12 hanover 

Rolf Benjamin 3d, painter, hd central whf, h 17 atlantic 

Rolfe Charles, merchant, 72 brackett 

Rolfe Charles E, clerk, bds 72 brackett 

Rolf Charles H, U S navy, 5 cedar 

Rolf Chas P, (Benj &) 287 congress, h 5 cedar 

Rolf George, laborer, 5 brackett 

Rolf John S, painter, at 17 atlantic 

Rolf Mrs Nancy, 110 brackett 

Rolf Samuel, druggist, 143 middle, h 4G state 

Rollins & Bond, Merchant Tailors, and Dealers In 
Clothing and Famishing Goods, Nu. 95 Middle Street;, op- 
posite head of Plum Street, 



Rolf William, painter, 17 atlantic 

Rollins Nathan C, (& Bond) 95 middle, h 25 parris 

Rollius Oliver C, clerk, international house 

Rome James, brickmaker, 9 hemlock 

Rooncy Bernard, laborer, 21 center 

Roony James, machinist, mayo 

Roony John M, sexton, laurel 

Rooney Michael, U S navy, 31 center 

Rooney Patrick, 9 mayo 

Roony Patrick, laborer, 6 danforth 

Rooncy Timothy, laborer, 25 cotton 

Roorke Felix, laborer, 17 larch 

Roorke Owen, laborer, rear 7 spring 

Roscoe George E, seaman, 22 Washington 

Rose George, hack driver, 11 prospect 

Rose John, mariner, 5 tate 

Rose John, mariner, 18 state 

Ross Alanson, hair dresser, 42 wilmot 

Ross Charles W, printer, 29 mayo 

Ross David jr, mason, 11 canton 

Ross Duncan M, mason, 7 salem 

Ross Miss Elizabeth, 13 dark 

Ross George E, (Loring, R & Co) 73 com'I, bds 190 congress 

Ross George H, leather varnisher, 21 alder 

Ross Henry G, mason, h 21 alder 

Ross Mrs Jane, boarding house, 7 brackett 

Ross John, laborer, 65 Washington 

Ro-s John C, mason, 100 congress 

Ro«s John E, shoemaker, 74 franklin 

Ross John E, ?hr*emaker, rear 318 congress 

Ross John H L, U S navy, 11 canton 

Ro ; s Joseph, laborer, back cove village 

Ross Joshua G, soldier, 16 casco 

Ro.-s Leonard, confectioner, 12 casco ' 

Ross Mrs Margaret E, 1 wilmot court 

Ross Mrs Polly, 16 casco 

Ross Robert, monument near 41 st lawrence 

Ross William, sea captain, 25 york 

Ross William, (& Stnrdivant) 73 commercial, h 190 congress 

Ross William, junk dealer, 23 Washington, h C lafayette 


Ross William, jr, (Lorin?, R & Co) 93 com'l, h 40 atlantic 

Round-. Mrs Catharine B, 327 congress 

Rounds George H, 64 pearl 

Rounds Miss Hannah, dressmaker, bds 2 cotton 

Rounds H B, dressmaker, 105 middle 

Rounds Joseph A, mason, bds 6 do\v 

Rounds Samuel, wood and coal, 30 commercial, h 6 boyd 

Rounds Mrs Sarah, 6 dow 

Rowe Alexander H, station agent, western depot, h 63 york 

Rowe Charles B, locomotive engineer, 17 fore' 

Rowe Ellery W, truckman, 20 spruce 

Rowe Henry, carpenter, 11 Lafayette 

Rowe James, landlord mariners' house, 108 fore 

Rowe Mrs Lucy, at 64 sumner 

Rowe Roscoe, hostler, city hotel 

Rowe Thomas, laborer, 54 monument 

Ruby Isaiah B, laborer, 1 hancock court 

Ruby Reuben I, porter, 15 sumner 

Rngg Benjamin B, hostler, 14 temple 

Rugg Joseph P, machinist, 193$ congress 

Rngg Mrs L N, 194 congress 

Rumery Joseph, clerk, 11 portland 

Rumery Lawreston, joiner, st John street 

Rumery Sam'l, (& Burnham) 3 new franklin, h 202 congress 

Rnndlett Mrs Mary E, at 5 chestnut 

Runnells Mrs Deborah, nurse, 28 st lawrence 

Rush Mrs E If, governess Female Orphan Asylum, 24 myrtle 

Rush Thomas, laborer, 26 Cumberland 

Russell Albert, joiner, 10 hanover 

Russell Dora B, dressmaker, 101 middle, bds 29 danforth 

Russell Mrs Elizabeth, at 6 india court 

Russell Ezra, joiner, h 10 hanover 

Russell John, carriage maker, 317 congress, h 11 casco 

Russell John, jr, superintendent PS&PB R, h 43 stato 

Russell John H, printer, 55 oxford 

Russell John W, (Perley &) 102 commercial, h 44 pearl 

Russell Joseph H, hostler, rear S Washington 

Russell Joseph P, painter, stevens's court, rear 23 wilmot 

Russell Moses, joiner, 40 pearl 


Joseph Russell, Carrmcro and Sleigh Manufacturer, 
corner Congress and Oak Streets. Always on hand a gen- 
eral assortment of Carriages, Sleighs, Sec. Repairing dono 
in all its branches. 

Eusscll Joseph, carriage maker, 335 congress, h 7 high 

Russell Thomas C, mariner, 64 north 

Ryan John, seaman, 34 cotton 

Ryan John, hostler, bds 20 cross 

Ryan Mrs Mary, 22 ycrk 

Ilyan Martin, eating saloon, 123 federal, h rear.246 congress 

Ryan Michael, laborer, 53 Washington 

Ryan Patrick, laborer, bds 58 Washington 

Ryan Thomas, laborer, 5 Cumberland place 

Ryan Thomas, laborer, cotton court 

Ryan Washington, (McGilvery, R & Davis) 161 com, h 4 high 

SABINE WILLIAM A, fruit dealer, 19 exchange, h 26 high 

Saddler William, cordwainer, rear 3 cross 

SafTord Mrs Emily F, 10 winter 

Saflbrd James, stabler, 9 new franklin 

SaOord James M, lieut U S army, 35 high 

Saflord Jeremiah, woodsawyer, 2 cross 

SafTord William F, merchant, h 35 high 

SafTord William If, soldier, 14 winter 

Fi.xe ITor?ks. arid every description of Fashionable Car- 
riages, Including Calashes, Barouches, and close Coaches, 
ahvays-in excellent order, may be had at all timet, at the 
LIv< ry Stable ot* Charles Sager, Oak Street, 2d door west 
of Con crress Street. Strangers aud others are respectfully 
invited to call. 

Sager Charle*, stabler, 24 oak, h 5 deering 
Salmond David P., clerk G T depot, h 25 smith 
Samples Gabriel, U S navy, 131 congress 
Samples James II, laborer, at 83 Washington 
Sampson Charles, at masonic hall, h 22 monument 

Sampson* & Cow ast, 'Ship Chandlers, and Dealers fa 
Cordage, Duck, Oakum, Sheathing Paper, Paints, Varnish, 
Naval Store-*, &C. Also, Scrap Iron, and ail kinds ct* Paper 
and Oakum Stock. No*. 10 and 20 Commercial Wharf. 




Sampson Micah, (& Conant) 20 commercial wharf, h 41 oak] 

Sampson Mrs Phebc, at 4 cross 

Sampson Thomas, laborer, 36 union 

Sampson William S, joiner, 2 tate 

Sanborn Appleton, mason, bds 22 spruce 

Sanborn Frederick G, lieut U S army, 58 york 

Sanborn J S, (0 L Sanborn & Co) 55 exchange, bds U S hotel 

0. L. Sanborn* & Co, (late Sanborn & Carter), Publishers, 
Booksellers, Stationers, and Manufacturers of Room Paper. 
■ No. 55 Exchange Street. 

Sanborn L, (& Co) bookseller, 55 exchange, bds U S hotel 
Sanborn Stephen, h westbrook point 
Sanderson Mrs Mary, 24 cotton 
Sands Charles B, blacksmith, h westbrook point 
Sands Cyrus F, on Steamer Favorite, h 39 middle 
Sands Nathan W, machinist, 8 vine 
Sanford George, peak's island 
Sargent Edward 1', laborer, bds 25 fore 
Sargent Mrs EH, 2 st lawrence 

Sargent Fitz E, fish dealer, 102 commercial, h 14 st 
Sargent Henry, (Skillings &) 11 com 'I whf, h 13 watcrviilo 
Sargent Herbert R, captain U S army, 23 sumner 
Sargent John, custom house officer, h 47 franklin 
Sagent Mrs Sarah E, 47 franklin 
Sargent Simeon, stone cutter, bds 30 india 
Sargent William H, fish dealer, h 13 munjoy 
SastrorT Charles H, at 3 ingraham's court 
Sastroflf Mrs Frances, dressmaker, 3 ingraham's court 
SastrofT Stephen C S, soldier, 3 ingraham's court 
Savage James, steam engineer, stetson's lane 
Savago William II, com mer, 33} commercial, bds 27 spring 
Savillo George II, steam engineer, 66 york 
Savings Bank, Canal Bank building 
Sawyer Abel, shipmaster, h 145 Cumberland 
Sawyer Abraham, fishmonger, 6 canton 
Sawyer Albert, laborer, 9 beach 
Sawyer Albion, carpenter, 33 fore- 
Sawyer Alonzo W, soldier, rear 114 brackett 
Sawyer Amos K, carriage maker, h 1W Cumberland 


Sawyer Andrew S, shoemaker, 37 brown 

Sawyer Charles, shipmaster, 20 myrtle 

Sawyer Charles E, wood and coal, 302 com'l, h 34 york 

Sawyer Charles H, telegrapher, 37 brown 

Sawyer Eben E, sailmaker, bds 35 brown 

Sawyer Eben F, joiner, 24 alder 

Sawyer Edward, truckman, h dyer's lane 

Sawyer Edward H, soldier, 2o mcrrill 

Sawyer Edwin, pastry cook, 78 oxford 

Sawyer Miss Ellen, bds 52 chestnut 

Sawyer Enoch, blacksmith, hd central whf, h 9 franklin • 

Sawyer Mrs Fanny, 43G congre-s 

Sawyer Francis M, tinsmith, 5 peach 

F. 0. Sawyer, Cooper and Inspector of Fish, Nos. 31 
and 32 Long Wharf. 

Sawyer Francis 0, long wharf, h 3 state 

Sawyer PYcderick A, soldier, 25 hanover 

Sawyer George A, teamster, 9 beach 

Sawyer George F, machinist, 35 fore 

Sawyer George W, soldier, 18 brattle 

Sawyer Greenleaf, trader, 5 exchange, h 48 st lawrence 

Sawyer Mrs Hannah, tailoress, 24 alder 

Sawyer Isaac, tinsmith, 2 essex court 

Sawyer J nines L>, confectioner, 110 exchange, h 3 fremont pi 

Sawyer Joel M, poldier, 2 essex lane 

Sawyer J W, (& Shepley) 27 long wharf, h 41 brackett 

Sawyer John, fanner, peak's island 

Sawyer John B, shipmaster, h 25 merrill 

Sawyer John M, woodsawyer, 4 turner 

Sawyer Joseph H, uv* Jordan) stabler, 39 lime 

Sawyer Joshua, brass worker, bds 82 federal 

Sawyer Mr* Lots, at 5 anderson 

Sawyer M.irk P, comb finisher, 63 dark 

Sawyer Mrs Mary C, 25 hanover 

Sawyer Mrs Margaret, 22 center 

Sawyer Merrick, stone cutter, rear2Sl commercial 

Sawyer Moses K, tanner and currier, 13 carlton 

Sawyer Paschal M, dentist, 3 mayo 

Sawyer l'hilip W, seaman, £0 merrill 


Sawyer Samuel H, trader, 124 Cumberland 
Sawyer Mrs Sarah, 41 pleasant 
Sawyer Simeon M, carpenter, 1 anderson 
Sawyer Thomas J, machinist, 1 15 congress 
Sawyer Thomas L, fish inspector, h 14 vine 

Sawyer & Whitney, Dealers in tho various descriptions 
of Wood and Coal, including the best qualities of Lehigh, 
Red and White Ash, and Lorbcrry Goals; also. Cumberland 
Coal, a superior quality for smith's use. (Coal kept under 
cover). Office, Commercial Street, head of Maine Wharf, j 


Sawyer Thomas T, (& Whitney) 80 com'l, h 115 Cumberland 
Sawyer T T, millinery, 48 middle 
Sawyer Walter B, shoemaker, bds 40 hanover 
Sawyer William, at &7 oxford 
Sawyer William, farmer, back cove village 
Sawyer William C, clerk, h 8 laurel 
• Sawyer William H, tinsmith, IS brattle 
Saxon l)enni% coachman, bds lol spring 
Sax ton Dennis, laborer, 1 center 
Saxton John, laborer, 92 danforth 
Scagell Thomas, laborer, rear 1S3 fore 
Scagell William, tobacconist, 40 exchange, h 4 parris 
Scales Miss Eunice, dressmaker, bds 30 brown 
Scammon Daniel F, joiner, 16 dark 
Scammon Ezra, railroad empMye, buzzell's hill, C E 
Scammon Francis D, carpenter, buzzell's hill, C E 
Scammon Richard S, baker, 103 congress 
Scammon Stephen, railroad employe, buzzell's hill, O E 
Scamman Edward A r colonel in army, li 27 pearl 
Scannell Timothy, cooper, orange lane 
Scholfleld Thomas, moulder, rear 27 st] 
Schoonmaker Edward G, soldier, 82 federal 

Chables J. Schumacher, Fresco and Banner Painter, 
No. 144 Middle Street, Hanson's Block. N. B. ' He is pro- 
pared to execute work in any port of the country, 

Schumicher Ch&rtei J, 141 middle, h 100 Cumberland 
Schwartz John C, saw filer, 35 lime 
Scolley Oliver, carpenter, 57 fore 



Scollcy Patrick, laborer, 50 monument 

Scott Baxter, farmer, diamond island 

Scott Charles, soldier, 23 salera 

Scott Henry M, policeman, emery near spruce 

Scott John, hostler, 43 center 

Scott John, soldier, 90 braekett 

Scott Josiah B, cashier canal bank, bds 74 park » _ 

Scott Lafayette W, peak's island 

Scott William II, tinsmith, bds 21 brown 

Scott "William S, tanner, bds congress near alms houso 

Sears James L, blacksmith, 205 commercial, h 10 beach 

Seavey Charles C, clerk, 140 Cumberland 

Seavey James I>, insurance agent, h S4 oxford 

Seavey Joseph, joiner, knight's village, C E 

Seavey Marcian, homeopathic medicines, 92 exch, h 140 cumb 

Sebago Lake Ice Co's office, 34 exchange 

Sellar William, soldier, 31 smith 

Senato John, drayman, h 27 sumner 

Senate William, sea captain, knight's village, C E 

Senter Mrs Andrew G, 13 wilmot 

Scntcr William, (Lowell &) 64 exchange, h 10 locu3t 

Sowall William W r , soldier, 5 mechanic 

Seymour Henry D, soldier, 5 braekett 

Shack ford George, truckman, 2S salem 

Sb&ckford Jesse, truckman, 2S salem 

Shack ford Imfus, homeopathic physician, 17 brown 

Shailcr Lev Wm II, pastor first baptist ch, h 29 pearl 

Bhanaghan Patrick, laborer, 8 salem lano 

Shapley Mrs Eunice, at 33 smith 

Sharp Hamilton, laborer, rear 7 spring 

Sharp William, ibip carpenter, 7 tatc 

Shattuck Jacob P, fanner, back cove village 

Shangneaaay John, laborer, 15 danforth 

Shaw, merchant, h 5D frco 

Shaw Albert E, clerk, 20 federal 

Shaw Alpheus, 27 spring 

Shaw Andrew J, billposter, h pleasant street place 

Shaw Benjamin, clerk, 166 commercial, bda 20$ spring 

Shaw Benjamin M S, gardener, 63 york 


Shaw Charles, cordwainer, C E ferry village 

Shaw Charles E, lieut colonel U S army, 34 dark . 

Shaw Charles E T, bill poster, 31S congress 

Shaw Charles R, soldier, 15 high 

Shaw Daniel \V, soldier, 34 brown 

Shaw David F, trader, 2S5 fore, h 8 alder 

Shaw Eaton, state liquor commissioner, 188 fore, h 15 high 

Shaw Edward, 102 middle, h 177 Cumberland 

Shaw Edwin, stoker, bds 9 munjoy ■ 

Shaw, Haskell & Richardson", "Wholesale Grocers and 
Commission Merchants. No. 147 Commercial Street. 


Shaw Eleazar C, (S, Haskell & Kicha'sn) 147 com'l, h 14 high 
Shaw Frank; mariner, 25} spring 
Shaw Frederick A, merchant, 7G spring Tea Company, Importers of and Dealers in Fresh 
Teo3, Coffee, Chocolate, &c, No. 135 Middle Street. 

G. C. Shaw, Proprietor. 

Shaw George C, 135 middle, bds 12 south 

Shaw George II, look-binder, bds 47 chestnut 

Shaw George W, harness maker, 47 chestnut 

Shaw Henry B, ( W II Shaw & Son) 95 comme'l, bds 6 winter 

Shaw J P, hat dealer, 130 middle, h cor vaughan andbowdoin 

Shaw Jason II, clerk, At & St L depot, h st John st 

Shaw John, laborer, 104 fore 

Shaw John II, locomotive engineer, 31 atlantic 

Shaw John L, chaise trimmer, rear 81 federal, h 19 elm 

Shaw John M, soldier, 318 congress 

Shaw John M, soldier, 15 cotton 

Shaw Joshua S, hose maker, rear 81 federal, h 19 elm 

Shaw Lewis M, cooper, kilborn's court, rear 04 brackett 

Shaw Luther II, train master G T depot, h 67 Cumberland 

Shaw Nathaniel, 31 brown 

Shaw Reuel, truckman, rear 56 winter 

Shaw Sumner E, railroad employe, 9 munjoy 

Shaw Thomas W, blacksmith, 16 new franklin, h 23 union 

Shaw Thomas, grocer, 155 commercial, h 58 pleasant 

Shaw William C, musician, rear 56 winter 


Shaw William E, 188 fore, bds 15 high 

Shaw William H, (& Son) grocer, 95 commercial, h 5 winter 

Shaw William M, at china tea store, h 12 south 

Shea Nicholas, 9 state 

Shea William, portland pier, h 1 willow 

Sheaf William E, machinist, 7 munjoy 

Shed Henry D, joiner, 7 cotton 

Shehan Cornelius, laborer, 9 Cumberland place 

Shehan James, laborer, 2 franklin 

Shehan John, laborer, 25 brackett 

Shehan John, laborer, rear 101 spring 

Shehan John J, laborer, 2 franklin 

Shehan Mrs Mary, 25 brackett 

Shehan Thomas, mariner, 5 pleasant 

Sheldon George, rear 183 fore 

Shenard Charles S, mariner, C E ferry Tillage 

Shenehan Thomas, teamster, 58 Washington 

Shepherd & Co., Commission Merchants, and Whole- 
sale Dealers in American Manufactures, and English, 
French, and German Fancy Goods, No. 142 Middle Street. 


Shepherd P, (& Co) 142 middle, h 250 Cumberland 
Shepherd Richard, shipmaster, 27 fore 
Shepley Ether, counselor, 84 middle, h 74 state 
Shepley George F, general in U.S army, h 72 park 
ShepWy L I», (Sawyer &) 27 I - g whf, h 34 park 
Sherbum Mrs John H.rear 9 ;. 

Sherman J D W, (Deering & Co) 87 com'l, bds preble houst 
Sherman Thomas B, book-keeper, bds international house 
Sherri hn James C, stucco worker, 123 spring 
Sherrid&D John, trader, 77 green 
Sherri!:vn Martin, teamster, 59 summer 
Sherridan Patrick F, steamboat hand, 93 spring] 
Sberridan Mrs Susan, 14 larch 
Sherridan William H, clerk, 45 fore 
Sherry John F, hair dresser, 12 market sq, h 7 bramhall 
Sherry Feter, morocco dre.^er, grove near portland, rear 
Sherry Thomas, 7 br&mhall 

Sherwood Edward F, counselor, llCJ" # exchange, h 23 park 


Sherwood George, sea captain, 11 vino 

Sherwood George P, capt U S army, 28 park 

Sherwood Uezekiah, sea captain, 1 Stevens's place 

Sherwood William R, civil engineer, 28 park 

Shield Ilerfry D, mason, 108 brackett 

Shields Charles F, boiler maker, 42 munjoy 

Shields Mrs Mary. 12 mayo 

Shields Michael, laborer, 29 middle 

Shirley Arthur, 17 federal 

Shirley George If, 17 federal 

Shirley J C, (& Howe) grocer, IS market sq, bds elm house 

Shoeing Gustavus, clerk, 19 cotton 

Short Charles J, stone cutter, 67 franklin 

Short Mrs John H, 3 hancock 

Short Joseph, visiting officer, 67 franklin 

William E. Short, Widgery's Wharf, Dealer in Mack- 
erel and Dried Fish. 

Short William E, cooper, widgery's whf, h 1 middle 

Short William K, jr, clerk, bds i middle 

Short William II, machinist, 3 hancock 

Shu 'tied' A K, commission merchant, 1} union whf, h 46 free 

Shurtleff Alcnzo £, teamster, 88 spring 

Shurtleff Aretas, grocer, 6 long wharf, h 35 winter 

Shurtleff Simeon, wood dealer, 160 commercial, h 125 spring 

A. & S. Siitrtleff & Co., Manufacturers of and Whole- 
sale Dealers in Boots, Sh . Rubbers, Leather, and Shoe 
Manufacturers' Goods, No. W Middle Street, (over Wood- 
man, True & Co's). 


Shurtleff Sylvan, (A & S & Co) 56 middle, h 60 brackett 
Shute Joseph r ' truckman, 575 congress 
Silk John, laborer, 2 freeman's lane 
Silsby Mrs Elizabeth W, 145 spring 

Silsby E, (C A Donnell & Co) 118 fore, h back cove village 
Silvadore Jose, seaman, 13 fox 
Silvadore Joseph, caulker, 4} Chatham 
Silvadore Joseph L, caulker, 4} Chatham 
Simmons Edward W, painter, h 6 state 
Simmons Frank, sculptor, 30 exchange 



Simmons George C, soldier, C stato 

Simmons Mrs Isabella, 3 marion 

Simmons Mrs Thankful, 11 prospect 

Simmons William E, lieut U S army, 6 state 

Simms Hugh W, porter, rear 25 lafayctto 

Simonton Charles E, soldier, 61 york 

Simonton Eben \V, joiner, C E ferry village 

Simonton Mrs Hannah, C E ferry village 

Simonton Mrs Hannah W, 71 spring, below state 

Simonton James, spar maker, 20 danforth 

Simonton Jo-cph, mariner, C E ferry village 

Simonton The.*, ($c Lee) hd central v.hf, h C E ferry villago 

Simonton Thomas B, joiner, 45 green 

Simonton William II, spar maker, ul york 

Simpson George, seaman, rear 8 Washington 

Simpson John A, U S navy, 64 north 

Simpson Mrs Julia A, 109 green 

Simpson Mrs Nancy, 109 green 

Simpson Tristram, baker, 27 franklin 

Simpson Wells, overseer Fort Gorges, bds st lawrence house 

Sinclair John, baggage master, G T depot, h 13 st lawrence 

Sinnott Thomas, trader, 25 sumner 

SLscho Isaac, freight conductor, G T R R, h 7 middle 

Slsk James, clothier, 165 fore, bds 95 danforth 

Sisk Michael, laborer, 95 danforth 

Skillin Charles I>, U S navy, 4 mrrill 

Skillin Charles T, joiner, 471 con 5 

Skillin John jr, machinist, 12 fedei it 

Skillin Joseph T, private watchman, i merrill 

Skillin Oti.s II, soldier, 471 congress 

SkiUin Mr* Surah D, 471 congress 

I Sumner W, ship carpenter, 15 portiand 
ins Nathan, ship carpenter, h C E ferry village 
Skill ag« Adam S, earpenter, 37 oxford 
Shillings Albert C, soldier, 18 summer 

Skillin<;s *y Sak<-;fnt. Wholesale and Retail Dealers In 
Lobsters, Fresh and Tickled Fish. No. 11 Conuneroial 



Shillings Charles P, (& Sargent) 11 eomn&'l whf, h 4 Chatham 


Shillings Mrs Dorcas, 20 hancock 

Skillings Ebenezer, laborer, 1 hancock court 

Shillings Edward P, ship carpenter, 18 summer 

Skillings Mrs Elizabeth R, 27 elm 

Skillings George A, barber, 20 hancock 

Skillings Gibeon, brickmaker, 9 lowell 

Skillings John M, sea captain, 95 Cumberland 

Skillings John J, machinist, 16 lincoln 

Skillings Lothrop L, mason, h 31 oxford 

Skillings Mrs Margaret, 93 Cumberland 

Skillings Mrs Nancy R, rear 6S york 

Skillings Nathan L, cooper, C E ferry village 

Skillings Robert F, peak's island 

Skillings Silas, laborer, westbrook point 

Skillings Simeon, peak's island 

Skillings Simeon, at 3 cotton 

Shillings Simeon 3d, carpenter, h 46 munjoy 

Skillings Mrs Statira, 16 mountfort 

Skillings Stephen, truckman, 3 walnut 

Skinner Charles, stonecutter, 34 Washington 

Skinner Joseph B, fisherman, 25 beach 

Slade Junes P, coffee grinder, 212 congress 

Slater Mrs James, 2 hancock 

Slater James F, express messenger, 2 hancock 

Slater John M, sea captain, 2 hancock 

Siaven John*, tailor, 66 fore 

Sleeper Jas P, corliu moke 111 exchange, h rear 411 congTeti 

Slight George C, waterman, 33 sumner 

Sliney Edward, blacksmith, 30 lafayette 

Sloane George, U S navy, 6 oxford 

Small Alexander, trader, h 204 congress 

Small Miss Angela A, principal "Willis" school, bdi 92 oxford 

Small Artemas C, ship carpenter, 114 brackeit 

Small Artemas C, jr, U S navy, 114 brackett 

Small Arthur M, city gauger, 121 commercial, h 14 sumner 

Small Caleb S, shoe dealer, 11 market square, h 20 hanover 

Small Charles, machinist, 6 laurel 

Small Charles E, soldier, 114 brackett 

Small Clement P, joiner, 7 tinkham's court 


Small David, joiner, 6 tinkham's court 

Small Mrs Deborah, 80 Cumberland 

Small Eben 11, butcher, C cushman's court 

Small Edward, book-binder, 66 pearl 

Small Edward P, shoemaker, 77 york, h Capo Elizabeth 

Small Everett B, beef packer, bds 114 brackett 

Small Frederick IT, expressman, bds cor lincoln and pearl 

Small George E, receiving teller at casco bank, h 9 high 

Small George li, 27 Washington 

Small George M, 78 commercial, fa 33 franklin , 

Small Henry C, sea captain, 20 center 

Small Miss Irene, tailoress, bds 9 parris 

Small James, shoe dealer, 77 york, h Capo Elizabeth 

Small Jacob, mason, 25 beach 

Small John C, clerk, bds american house 

Small John D, blacksmith, rear 8 salem 

Small John T, (Bolton &) carpenter, 15 sprue© 

Small Joseph B, soldier, rear 45 chestnut 

Small Miss Mary E, portland near green 

Small Oliver, blacksmith, 3G salem 

Small Peter II, trader, 8 hancock court 

Small Samuel, assessor, 92 oxford 

Small Samuel jr, cashier Cumberland bank, h 42 free 

Small Mrs Sarah, 20 dan forth 

Small Mrs Sarah, 8 hancock court 

Small William, piano maker, h corner pearl and lincoln 

Small William B, soldier. 3 essex Jane 

Small William H, currier, back cove village 

Smarden Geor-e H, salesman, 54 middle, bds 6 cross 

Smardea Richard \V, baker, 14 quiucy 

Smarden Samuel, trailer, 5 cross 

Bmardea Samuel E, dork, bds 5 cross 

Smart Benjamin F, stone cutter, lincoln near frankiin 

Smellapo George \V, soldier, ^t3 parris 

Smart Hiram F, printer, 24 smith 

Smith Aaron B, (\: Boyd) 317 congress, h 10 casco 

Smith Albert, hardware dealer, 4;J franklin 

Smith Albert J, U S navy, 25 elm 

Smith Alexander P, sea captain, 11 chapel 


Smith Araory C, soldier, rear 63 Washington 

Smith Amos, eating house, 14 exchange 

Smith Archibald, box maker, 33 Hampshire 

Smith Augustine D, carpenter, 18 parris 

Smith A M, (Lewis &) 171 fore, h3S federal 

Smith Benjamin F, daguerreotypist, 91 middle, h mechanic 

Smith Charles, sailor boarding-house, 115^ foro 

Smith Charles, trader, 117 fore 

Smith Charles, shoemaker, 23 federal 

Smith Mrs Charles B, 10 parris 

Smith Charles M, joiner, 11 quincy 

Smith Charles W, grocer, 10 silver, h 7 willis 

Smith Mrs Clarinda, 2 york place 

Smith Daniel B, long island 

Smith David, cordwainer, 16 hancock 

Smith Edward H, telegrapher, 22 myrtle 

Smith Elbridge G P, carpenter, lincoln near franklin 

Smith Mrs Elizabeth, 8 chestnut 

Smith Francis A, cabinet maker, 149 congress 

Smith Frank M, soldier, 13 cotton 

Smith Franklin, pile driver, 22 Washington 

Smith Frederick G, stone cutter, 225 Cumberland 

Smith Freeman, trader, 30 portland, h 6 parris 

Smith F A, grocer, 19 silver, h 13 pine 

Smith F J, olllce No 14 international h, resides in westbr'k 

Smith George, coal merchant, 187 fore, h 11 boyd 

Smith George A, wheelwright, 177 commercial, h 76 oxford 

Smith George W, merchant, h 22 myrtle 

Smith Gustavus, soldier, 8 congress place 

Smith Gustavus A, soldier, 25 elm 

Smith Mrs Hannah S, 22 brown 

Smith Harrison W, soldier, 2o elm 

Smith Harry C, U S engineer corps, bds 8 car'ton 

Smith Mr3 Helen L, 45 1 pleasant 

Smith Henry B, parched com dealer, 293 congresi 

Smith Henry M, soldier, 24 chestnut 

Smith Hezekiah, printer, 13 U M" street 

Smith Hiram, sea captain, 19 willow 

Smith Horace A, soldier, 25 elm 


Smith Isaac, cordwainer, bds st lawrence house 
Smith Isaac, (Yeaton &) fish dealer, 64 com'I, h 14 vine 
Smith James, soldier, 5 pleasant 
'Smith James B, baker, forest street 
Smith James IT, joiner, 23 parris 
Smith Mrs Jane, 5 pleasant 
Smith Jeremiah E, carriage maker, 4G preble 
Smith Mrs Joanna S, housekeeper, 33 center 
Smith John, 3 appleton block, rear 312 congress 
Smith John, rigger, rear 33 cotton 
Smith John, laborer, 8 spring 

Smith John, millinery, 328 congress, h rear 312 congress 
Smith John A, clerk, bds 11 boyd 
Smith John P, hair dresser, 13 cotton 
Smith John W, soldier, 67 Washington 

Machine Cards and Leather Belting. Jonathan 
Smith & Co, 144 Middle Street. Postoffice address, Port- 
land or Lcwiston. For sale, as above, Belt Leather, Side3 
and Backs, Roll Skins (Calf), Lace Leather, Cement, Copper 
Rivets, and Burs. 


Smith Jonathan (& Co) leather belting, 144 middle 

Smith Joseph, painter, 13 dark 

Smith Joseph D, carpenter, 126 spring 

Smith Joseph L, railroad conductor, h 1 pine 

Smith Jot ham C, piano-forte maker, 25 elm 

Smith J !, shoe store, *9 middle, h 21 brown 

Smith Mrs Julia A, at 115 oxford 

Smith Lewis B, custom house officer, 15 carlton 

Smith Levi W, cabinet work, 20 willow 

Smith Lyman N, (& Coles worthy) feD oxford, bds 32 myrtle 

Smith Manasseh H, counselor. 71 exchange, h 51 Btdl* 

Smith Ma&asseh, counselor, 71 exchange, h 61 state 

Smith Mr* Maria, 13 cotton 

Smith Mrs Martha E, 38 Washington 

Smith Mary, dressmaker, 40 middle 

Smith Mar}- E, millinery, 828 congress, h rear 312 congress 

Smith Michael, eating .house, C ; J commercial 

Smith Michael, soldier, 12 talem lane 

Smith Moses C, moulder, rear 12 parris 


Smith Mrs Nancy, 225 Cumberland 

Smith Oscar S, 75 franklin 

Smith Robert E, painter, 13 dark 

Smith Sarah, nurse, 3 spruce 

Smith Mrs Sarah M, 5 dow 

Smith St John, 270 commercial, h 35 spring 

Smith Stephens, surveyor of lumber, 27 1 parris 

Smith William, eating house, comm'l op P S & V R R depot 

Smith William, carpenter, 249 Cumberland 

Smith William E, book-binder, 30 middle 

Smith William F, cook, 33 smith 

Smith William H, provL-ioner, 67 fore, h 12 federal 

Smith William J, (Pearson &) 15 willow, h fremont place 

Smith William S, coal dealer, 1S7 fore, bds 11 boyd 

Smith Winsor 13, soldier, Id parris 

Snodgras3 Thomas, harness maker, bds 53 green 

Snow Jade, 57 york 

Snow Temple, tinsmith, bds 65 green 

Snowman John I), machinist, 20 waterville 

Snowman Merrill, machinist, at 6 vine 

Snowman Mrs Sarah, 5 vina 

Snowman Thos, engineer steam fire engine Cumb, 224 cong 

Sognier John, seaman, 8 fox 

Somerby Abial, ticket master Boston railroads, h 71 park 

Somerby B C, teller canal bank, h 84 spring 

Somerby Charles E, clerk, 30 pleasant J 

Somerby Samuel M, painter, S mayo 

Somers Michael, coachman, 53 Washington 

Somers Pierce, laborer, 51 Washington 

Scper John, wood sawyer, 101 congress 

Soule Adoniram J, soldier, 20 mouutfort 

Soule Charles, fisherman, h 14 cotton 

Soule Enoch, seaman, rear 125 congress - 

Soule George, laborer, C E ferry village 

Soule John A, seaman, It cotton 

Soule Josinh, mariner, 46 federal 

Soule Mrs Lois D, 56 fore 

Soule Samuel, joiner, 7 quincy 

Soule Stillman, joiner, 10 st lawrenee- 


Soule Thomas W, mariner, 21 foro 

Soalo Timothy D, trader, 23 mayo 

Soule Weston J, seaman, 30 sumner 

Soule William F, carpenter, rear 125 congress 

Soule William G, clerk, 91 commercial, bds 32 st lawrence 

Soule William H, soldier, 46 federal 

Southard Wm L, 73 commercial, h woodford's corner 

Souther Mrs Deborah, 30 pleasant 

Souther John B, morocco manufacturer, grove rear portland 

Souther Lendcll S, painter, 30 pleasant 

Souther Miss Mary G, at 30 pleasant 

Spanish Consulate, 203 congress 

Sparrow Charles A, clerk, 74 middle 

Sparrow G Fontaine, soldier, 5G north 

Sparrow John, superintends portland co's works, h 6G winter 

Sparrow Thos J, architect, 95£ exchange, h 3 church 

Warren Sparrow, Life, Fire, and Marine Insurance 
Agent. Office, No. 74 Middle, corner Exchange Street, op- 
posite Post Office. 

Sparrow W, insurance agent, 74 middle, h woodford's corner 

Sparrow William, seed store, 18 union, h 50 north 

Spaulding Albert S, soldier, 10 tate 

Spaulding John D, joiner, 10 tate 

Spaulding John K, soldier, 10 tate 

Spaulding Merrill S, druggist, 10 tate 

Spear Ebea A, soldier, 33 alder 

Spear II, ship timber dealer, C E ferry villagd 

Spear James, truckman, h 104 Washington' 

Spear Moses, oy>terman, 44 brown 

Spear Pearl S, superintendent sailor's home, india cor middle 

Spelman Jeremiah, soldier, 8 pleasant 

Spencer John, cook. It* smith 

Spencer Joseph, mariner, 9 abysMnian court 

Sprague Ezra, lient U S army, h 29 elm 

Sprague J B, hair dresser, at prcblo house, h 329 congress 

Spragae Mrs Sophia, 2'J elm 

Sprague Wallace, hair dress jr, 10 pearl 

Springs Daniel, seaman, 28 Washington 

Spring Andrew, 151 commercial, a 136 danforth 


Spring Frederick A, soldier, 136 danforth 

Spring Samuel E, 151 commercial, h 131 danforth 

Spring William G J, soldier, 2 india court 

Springer Mrs Joseph, 62 brackett 

Stackpole Alfred, teamster, 17 bcckett 

Stackpolo C A, 117 commercial, lives in Gorham 

Stackpole Greenleaf, physician, 174 middle, bds elm housa 

Stackpole Mrs Sophia, 30 center 

Stacy George, cigar maker, knights' village, C E 

Stafford Miss Caroline, 251 Cumberland 

Stafford James, stabler, ft franklin, h 52 fore 

Stanford Ezekiel M, ship carpenter, h 9 beach 

Stanorth John A, soldier, 9 fore 

Stanorth Joseph F, painter, 9 fore 

Stanley Abial II, clerk, 192 fore, h 13 hanover ■ 

Stanley Charles K, clerk, 192 fore, bds 7 hanover 

Stanley James, laborer, rear 23 commercial 

Rtfus Stanley, Wholesale Grocer, also Sole A^ent for ^ 
State of Maine for M. Fisher & Co.'s Stock, Pale, and Am- 
ber Ales. No. 102 Fore Street. 

Stanley Itufu*, grocer, 192 fore, h 7 hanover 

Stanton Joseph, seaman, rear 43 york 

StanwOOd Charles, blacksmith, monument nr 41 st lawreuce 

E. L. Stanwood, Ship Druggist and Apothecary, corner 
of Fore and India Streets. Medicine Chests furnished and 

Stan wood Edwin L, apothecary, 10 india, h 25 fore 

Stanwood Frederick, clerk, bds 25 fore 

Stanwood Gideon L, shipmaster, 99 oxford 

Stanwood Henry, edge tool maker, 9 mountfort 

Stanwood Mrs Mary G, bds 99 oxford 

Staples Charles, (& Son) rear 10 york, h 45 pleasant N 

Staples Charles 2d, blacksmith, 13 congress place 

Staples Charles, jr, (CS& Son) rear 10 york, h 455 OOOgresi 

Staples Charles A, clerk, bii 49 middle 

Staples Charles B, sailing master U S navy, 5 wilinot 

Staples Charlea H, painter, 13 congress placo ■ 


Staples Clark II, moulder, 22 mechanic 

Staples Cyrus, (& Chamberlain) 173 commercial, h 15 cedar 

Staples Edward P, blacksmith, 22 adams 

Staples James, edge tool maker, 60 pleasant 

Staples James F, machinist, 07 oxford 

Staples James S, printer, 96 and 102 middle, h 37 federal 

Staples Jotham M, blacksmith, h 303} congress 

Staples William D, blacksmith, b Is 22 adams 

Starling Abraham T, diamond Island 

Starling Alpheus G, fisherman, house island 

Starling Miss Emily H, 20 lafayette 

Starling James II, peak's island 

Starling John, fishmonger, house island 

Starling John T, peak's island 

Starling Josiah, fisherman, peak's island 

Starling Josiah, jr, peak's island 

Starling Luther A, fisherman, peak's island 

Starling Robert T, fisherman, peak's island, 

Starling Seth, fisherman, peak's island 

Starling Mrs Washington, at 25 lafayette 

Starling William A, peak's island 

Starbird Albert M, printer, 102 mid lie, bds 14 hanover 

Starblrd Frederick W, 10 moulton, bds 11 vine 

Cleansing and Repairing. — Tho Establishment for 
Clean-in:', Repairing, and Pressing Gentlemen's Garn tits, 
Ko. 287 Congress Street, has now been in operation about 

two years, and the rush of customers ha« demonstrate 1 that 
it* usefulness is appreciated by our citizens. Those who 
wish to practice economy will please call on the proprietor, 
George b. Starbird, 2d door above tho Treble- House* 

Starbird George B, tailor, 2S7 congress, h 14 hanover 
Starbird Henry H, mason, 21 spruce 
Starbird William H, printer, bds 14 hanover 
Starr George H, British vice consul, 30 exchange, h SO spring 
State Antony, truckman, 4 beach 
State Mis* Mary, housekeeper, 18 pleasant 
Staten Mr3 Martha J, If mount fort 
Steadfast Henry, railroad employe, 41 sumner 
Steadfast James, mason, 41 sunnier 
Steadfast Thomas, barber, 4 suuinor 


Stearns Marshall, bricklayer, bds 8 carlton 

Stebbins Rev Horatio, pastor 1st unitarian church, h 55 high 

Steele Eben, (& Hayes) 110 middle, h 417 congress 

Steele Joseph, jeweler, bds 35 green 

Steele William, jeweler, 137 1 middle, h 35 green 

Steele William A, printer, bds 6 tyng 

Stephenson Albert, (Stephenson & Co) 121 com, bds 33 pleas't 

Stephenson Alexander B, (S & Co) 121 commercial, h 9 green 

Stephenson Alexander H, barber, bds 100 Washington 

Stephenson Henry, 3S pleasant 

Stephenson Mrs Louisa, 100 Washington 

Stephenson William II, cashier mechanics bank, h 67 state 

Stetson Mrs Elizabeth A, 3 stetson's court 

Stetson John G, counselor, 91 middle, bds american house 

Stevens Albert A, truckman, 8 Chatham 

Stevens Albert B, (Cloudman, S & Co) 163 com'l, h.21 brown 

Stevens Augustus E, (& Co) 146 commercial, h 35 stato 

Stevens Benj, lumber merchant, 2GS commercial, h 3G free 

Stevens Benjamin, 307 congress, h Cumberland corner preble 

Stevens C A, photographer, 12} market sq, h 41 oxford 

Stevens Charles, clerk, bds 46 chestnut 

Stevens Charles W, soldier, 21 canton 

Stevens Cyrus D, carriage manufacturer, 50 preblo 

Stevens Daniel, blacksmith, 13 atlantic 

Stevens Darius B, mason, 110 spring 

Stevens David, ship joiner, 6 Stevens's place 

E. C. Stevens & Sox, Merchant Tailors, No. 07 Middle 
Street, keep constantly on hand a good assortment of Fash- 
ionable Goods, of the most desirable fabrics, and at the most 
reasonable Prices for Cash. They also make up Garments, 
of materials sent to them, in the most fashionable and work- 
manlike manner. Cutting garments attended to as usual. 
Particular attention will be paid to the most approved 
changes of Fashions, which they have, made arrangement* 
to receive every month. 

Stevens Eben C, (& Son) tailor, 07 middle, h 23 wilmot 
Stevens Ebenezer S, merchant tailor, 07 middle, h 11 boyd 
Stevens Edward, steam engineer, westbrook point 
Stevens Mrs Eliza M, at 21 iudia 
Stevens Mrs Esther, 415 congress 



Steven9 Frederick W, joiner, C E ferry village 
r Steven3 George Bf, 90 federal, h 12 parris 
Steveii3 George W, tailor, 23 wilmot 

Stevens Gorham L, dentist, 8 clapp's block, bds 203 congress 
Stevens Granville M, (A E Stevens 6 Co) 146 commercial 
Stevens Henry, ship joiner, 3 stetson's place 
Stevens Isaac, lunch saloon, 27 temple 
Stevens Jabcz, shipmaster, h SO preblo 
Stevens Jabez M, blacksmith, 307 congress, h S4 Oxford 
Stevens James W, currier, 5 hill 
Stevens John M, postoffice clerk, 9-i oxford 
Stevens Joseph M, truckrann, 1SS congres3 
Stevens Joshua, (& Co) coul dealer, 100 com'l, h 18 wilmot 
Stevens Joshua, chaise trimmer, bds central house 
Stevens Leander, exchange coffee house, h 100 Cumberland 
Stevens Mrs Lucy, at 4 oak 
Stevens M Luther, school teacher, 1 boyd 
Stevens Nathaniel, wool dealer, grove st, h 47 portland 
Stevens Robert, wool puller, 16 green 
Stevens Samuel H, mail agent eastern railroad, 99 stato 
Stevens Thomas C, port warden, 121 commercial 
Stevens Tristram, ship joiner, 5 stevens's place 
Steveu3 Mrs William B, 5 hanover 

Stevens YVm E, (Bibber & Co) iron founder, 100, h 41 green 
Stevens William II, clerk, bds 5 stevens's place 
Stevens Wm W, (X P Richardson fie Co) 209 com, h 29 spring 
Stewart Ernma, rear 34 north 
Stewart Jame3, joiner, grove near portland 
Stewart Sidney, clerk, 18 franklin 
Stewart Mrs Sophia, 7 abyssinian court 
Stewart Timothy E, mason, 6 tate 
Stewart William II, 345 congress, h 6 bramhail 
See Stuart 

Stickney George, clerk, bds 3 south 

Stickucy Henry B, commission mer, hd long whf, h 16 willow 
Stickney James II, machinist, 16 willow 
Stickney Joseph II, expressman, bJs 209 Cumberland 
Stickney Nicholas, 33 center 
Stid worthy John, trader, 11 chapel 


Stiles Charles, soldier, 78 sumner 

Stiles Charles E, machinist, 28 salcm - 

Stiles James, woodsawyer, at 78 sumner 

Stillings David, sexton 1st pariah church, h 6 alder 

Still ings William A, printer, bds 6 alder 

Stilson Charles II, conductor G T R R, h 52 adanis 

Stilson Ira, sexton 2d parish church, h 23 myrtle 

Stilwell John, mariner, C E ferry village 

Stinchcorab John, foreman portland iron works, h 37 atlantic 

Stinchficld Woodbury, grocer at C E, h 464 congress 

Stinson Alexander, spar maker, rear 2 brackets 

Stinson William B, joiner, 69 oxford 

St John William, laborer, dyer's lane 

Stockbridge Edward A, book-binder, 55 exchange, h 9 garden 

Stockman Charles W, last maker, 29 Washington 

Stockman Mrs Dolly, 8 plum 

Stockman William, trader, knight's village, C E 

Stoddard Alfred M, harness maker, oak near congress 

Stodder Mrs Enoch, 1 fore 

Stokes Thomas, soldier, 101 confess 

Stone Alvah C, book-keeper, bds 20 free 

Stone Frederick W, soldier, 10 atlantic 

Stone George W, ship carpenter, C E ferry village 

Stone John, in the army, h grove near portland 

Stone John P, (Babb &) grocer, 49 portland, h 3 brattle 

Stone William F, lieut U S army, 1G atlantic 

Stoneham P W, window shades, 16?} middle, bds 49 middle 

Stoneham T F, window shades, 16SJ middle, h 15 smith 

Stoppel Xaver, artist, 40 union 

Storer Frederick, (Storer, Cutler & Co) 53 middle, h 5 oak 

Storer George L, (Cutler & Co) 58 middle, h 70 free 

Storer Horace P, 141 danforth 

Storer William, farmer, bangs's island 

Storrs C D, clock repairer, 13 tato 

Stover Benjamin W, teamster, congress cor alms house 

Stover Joseph W, landlord international hon.'e 

Stover Theophilus, trader, 2 milk corner silver 

Stowell Bufus, locomotive engineer, 3 eastern promenade 

Stratton William P, seaman, rear 23 commercial 


Strong Daniel, truckman, 71 Washington 

Strong George, soldier, TJ washingtou 

Strong William, carriage painter, bds temple cor congress 

Strout Charles W, joiiier, 25 pleasant, h 2 hanoTer 

Strout Ebenezer, SO danforth 

Strout Edwin, wheelwright, 551 congress 

Strout Joshua F, sea captain, C E ferry Tillage 

Strout Levi, mason, C E ferry village 

Strout Sewall C, counselor, M middle, h 80 danforth 

Strout Solomon, joiner, rear 2u2 Cumberland / 

Strout Stuart A, printer, 82 exchange, h 18 spruce 

Strout William D, cooper, C E ferry village 

C. K. Stuart, Mason and Builder, No. G8 Clark Street. 
Prompt and strict attention paid to Jobbing, such as setting 
Ranges, Furnaces, and Boilers; and all kinds of work, in 
the line of Masonry and Plastering. 

Stuart Charlc3 H, mason and builder, 68 dark 

See Stewart 

Stubbs Charles K, soldier, 79 spring x 

Stubbs Mrs Nancy, 7 winter 

Stubbs Samuel W, machinist, 10 mechanic 

Stump John, trader, 113 fore, bds 110 fore 

Sturdivant Addison C, 4 gray 

Sturdivant Cyrus (Rosi &) 73 commercial, fa 4S free 

Sturdivant David, butcher, back cove villago 

Sturdivant H L, book-keeper, bds 7 park 

Steidivant Isoac F, sea captain, bds preblo house 

Sturdivant Lewis J, joiner, 5 park 

Sturtevant Charlea F, boot maker, bds 40 hanover 

Sturges George B, soldier, 22 canton 

Sturgcs Urs George B, 22 canton 

Sturges Henry B, U S navy, 22 canton 

Subit Predo'k, prof French language, 310 congress 

Sullivan Daniel, laborer, 13 york 

Sullivan Daniel, laborer, 25 center 

Sullivan Dennis, soldier, C cobb'3 court 

Sullivan Mrs Helen, rear 5 spring 

Sullivan James, laborer, 15 hancock 

Sullivan James, laborer, rear 120 rongress 


Still i van James, laborer, rear 49 adams 

Sullivan Jeremiah, teamster, 6 pleasant 

Sullivan Jeremiah, laborer, stetson's Iano 

Sullivan John, laborer, 5 hancock court 

Sullivan John, laborer, 23 center 

Sullivan John, seaman, 39 fore 

Sullivan John P, trader, 274 fore 

Sullivan Mark, seaman, stetson's lane 

Sullivan Mrs Mary 0,^.0 pleasant 

Sullivan Michael, laborer, 9 danforth ■ - 

Sullivan Michael, laborer, 1 tinkham's court 

Sullivan Michael, seaman, 25 center 

Sullivan Michael J, clock repairer, 7 center 

Sullivan Michael M, soldier, 7 center 

Sullivan Patrick, laborer, 22 center 

Sullivan Thomas, laborer, 25 india 

Sulton Michael, stone cutter, rear 13 casco 

Sumner Mrs Henrietta, 9 federal 

Suss Jacob, cabinet maker, 22 pearl 

0. A. Scs?kract, Manufacturer of and Dealer in Hats, 
Caps, and Furs. No. 120 Middle Street. Cash paid for all 
kinds of Shipping Furs. 

Susskraut G. A, hats and furs, 120 middle, h 123 Cumberland 

Swascy Geo S, billiard saloon, 23 market sq, h 1S2 congress 

Sweeney John, trader, 152 commercial 

Sweeney Matthew, laborer, 80 sumner 

Sweetsir Alvin D, bonnet bleacher, 312 congress, h 7 mayo 

Sweetsir Miss Anna A, music teacher, bds 3 carlton 

Sweetsir P>enjamin, railroad employe, 10 summer 

Sweetsir Bcthucl, trader, 33 foro 

Sweetsir Mrs Betsey, 22 mechanic 

Sweetsir Charles, 3oldier, 33 fore 

Sweetsir Mrs Eliza P, 30 mayo 

Sweetsir Francis, apothecary, 17 market sq, h 103 Cumberland 

Sweetsir Jacob, eating saloon, 7 india 

Sweetsir James S, stabler, 2'J7 commercial 

Sweetsir John, 7 neal 

Sweetsir Major H, houscwright, h 15 pine 

Sweetsir Martin If, teaman, 33 fore 


Sweetsir Richmond H, hostler, bds 7 india 

Sweetsir Samuel, merchant, 67 Cumberland 

Swcctsir Mrs Sarah S, 8 hill 

Swett Mrs Abigail, 31 sumncr 

Swett Albion, cooper, bds 9 brattle 

Swett Miss Augusta E, tailorcss, bds G st lawrenco 

Swett Benjamin F, express messenger, 19 hancock 

Swett Mr3 Dorothy, 9 brattlo 

Swett Miss Ellen, at 9 cedar 

Swett Ferdinand M, ship carpenter, back cove, village 

Swett Franklin B, cooper, bds Sbrattlo 

Swett George L, postoflice clerk, 9 chestnut 

Swett George T, caulker, back cove village 

Swett Mrs Jane, rear 15 cedar 

Swett Jeremiah, horse dealer, 57 Washington 

Swett John, express messenger, h ISO congress 

Swett John, soldier, 99 green 

Swett John N, clerk, bds 165 Cumberland 

Swett John W, joiner, 161 congress 

Swett Jonathan, caulker, 7 fremont place, r 3S federal 

Swett Leonard F, eating saloon, 83 federal, h 4 Washington 

Sweat L D' M, counselor, 117 middle, h 81 stato 

Swett, cooper, st John street 

Swett Richard II, shoemaker, 25 atlantio 

Swett Mrs Rufus, 33 3umner 

Swett Samuel, mariner, 50 chestnut 

Swett Samuel, caulker, 6 fremont place 

Swett Mrs Sarah, 19 hancock 

Swett William H, hack driver, 72, h 11 federal 

Swett William H 2d, express clerk, 57 Washington 

Sylva Joseph, seaman, rear 21 commercial 

Sylva Joseph, laborer, 37 foro 

Sylvester Abner, steam engineer, 30 Washington 

Sylvester Hn Deborah, 22 pleasant 

Sylvester Eliphalet, jaak collector, 10 ftdami 

Sylvester Georgo S, house builder, 27, h 22 pleaisnt 

Sylvester Joseph, seaman, rear 8 center 

Sylvester William, fisherman, CO fore 

Symcnds Joseph, trader, his brown 


Symonds Joseph W, law student, bd3 18 brown 
Syms John B, hostler, 35 parris 

TAGGAKT MICHAEL, laborer, cotton court 

Talbot Chas J, surv'r cfport, Custom House, h 241 congress 

Talbot Elbridge I\ sea captain, 46 sumner 

Talbot Frederick W, 51 commercial, h C E ferry village 

Talbot Iliram, clerk, franklin, near oxford 

Talbot Jairas, blacksmith, 84 federal, h 129 oxford 

Talbot Thomas II, licut colonel in the army, h quincy st 

Tallaghan Edward, laborer, cotton court 

Tangny Dennis, laborer, 52 Washington 

Tanner George, waiter, 41 sumner 

Tanner George, jr, soldier, 41 sumner 

Tanner James, soldier, 41 sumner 

Tanner Kobert, plasterer, 21 cotton 

Tanner William II, soldier, 41 sumner 

Tape William, seaman, 16 south 

Tarbox George W, painter, 8 munjoy 

Tarbox Newel, (Gordon & Co) 03 exchange, h 137 bracket*. 

Tarr Daniel A, mariner, 10 tyng 

Tarr David A, shipmaster, 7 park 

Tarr Harmon H, shipmaster, 8 tyng 

Tasco David, seaman, 12 mountfort 

Taylor Alex, blacksmith, 50 commercial, h 5 st Lawrence - 

Taylor Alfred, locomotive engineer, rear 7 cssex lane 

Taylor Andrew L, truckman, 4 bramhall 

Taylor Geo K, teacher boys' grammar school, nr east cemetery 

Taylor Mrs Hannah, 34 high 

Taylor Henry L, stabler, 30 india, bds 17 india 

Taylor Howard, clerk, st lawrence house 

Taylor John, landlord st lawrence house, 30 india 

Taylor John, laborer, 76 sumner 

Taylor Joseph P, eating house, 51 fore 

Taylor Mrs I.ydia M, 25 Washington 

Taylor Miss Rath A, dressmaker, 78 vanghan 

Taylor Samuel L, seaman, 78 vaugban 

Taylor Thomas, stevedore, bds 22 watervillo 

Taylor William, blacksmith, 50 commercial, h 5 st lawrenc/ 


Taylor William A, (Cheney &) 206 congress, h 2 bill . 

Taylor William H, fisherman, 1 summer 

Teague Samuel, pile driver, back cove village 

Tebbets Benjamin F, teamster, libby's corner 

Tebbets Francis, trader, 635 congress, nr libby's corner 

Tebbets Franklin, in the army, h knight's village, C E 

Tebbets George H, mason, h 64 dark 

Tebbets Ira, cordwainer, knight's village, C E 

Tebbets Rufus, trader, 601 congress 

See Tibbets 

Teheran David, laborer, 11 pleasant 

Telegraph Oflice, corner exchange and middle 

Tenbrocck William C, counselor, 130 middle, bd3preble house 

Tennent George, blacksmith, h 19 cotton 

Tewksbury James M, soldier, 2G merrill 

Tewksbury Samuel H, physician, 10 brown, bds U S hotel 

Thatcher Miss A H, 2 deeiing . . 

Thatcher Mrs Jane, at 42 chestnut 

Thatcher Miss S B, 2 deering 

Thaxter George B W, harness maker, 35 hanover 

Thaxtcr John B, chaise trimmer, 64 federal, h 200 congress 

Thaxter Joshua, -vvatchmau N Y steam't co, h 35 hanover 

Thaxter Martin W, harness maker, 29 gray 

Thayer A S, medical student, 3 appleton block, congress 

Thayer Ludo, railroad contractor, 20 myrtle 

Thayer Mrs Solomon, 121 Cumberland 

Thayer William, salesman, h 20 oxford 

Thomas Mi<s Betsy, bds C state 

Thomas C, clairvoyant physician, 233$ congress 

Thomas Charles, mariner, 1 peach 

Thomas Charles, omnibus driver, bd.5 city hotel 

Thomas Charles M, shoemaker, 200 congress 

Thomas C \\\ physician, \ r > exchange, bds 63 India 

Thomas Mrs D T, co pleasant 

Thomas Edward II, attorney, at 53 india 

Thoma3 Klias, merchant, 4j exchange, h 53 India 

Thomas Elies, 2d, clerk, 61 danforth 

Thomas Mrs Eunice If, at 50 chestnut 

Thomas Georgo A, counselor, 40 exchange, bds 63 India 


Thomas Ilenry G, capt U S army, CI danforth 
-Thomas John, mariner, 19 Washington 
Thomas John, whitewashes rear 97 congress 
Thomas John H, painter, 54 pearl 
Thomas John W, at 53 india 
Thomas Joseph, haekman, 2 chestnut 
Thomas Merrill, shoo cutter, 43 brown 
Thomas Philip, fisherman, 6 walnut 
Thomas Walter H, soldier, 143 spring 
Thomas William E, shipmaster, 30 pleasant 
Thomas William F, mariner, knight's village, C E 
Thomas William W, president canal bank, h CI danforth 
Thomas William W, jr, counselor, CI danforth 
Thomes Chas D, (Chase &)22 com'l whf, h 4 fremont place 
Thomes Edward, farmer, h libby's corner 
Thomes Randolph C, clerk, h gray cor winter 
Thomes Mrs Sarah, 8 haucock 
Thomes William II, in meal business, h 2S cedar 
Thompson Alfred, bonnet bleacher, 310$, h rear 411 congress 
Thompson Chns W, steamboat clerk, h G E ferry village 
Thompson Christopher C, laborer, 23 beach near commercial 
Thompson Corydon, sea captain, rear 21 oxford 
Thompson C E, hosiery and gloves, 154 middle, bds elm house t 
Thompson Daniel B, seaman, 4 tyng 
Thompson David, beef packer, h near libby's corner 
Thompson Eben, soldier, 7 brackett 
Thompson Edwin, joiner, 21 hanovcr 

Thompson Edwin L R, soldier, 5 brackett 

Thompson Mrs Eliza, 2 bradbury's court 

Thompson Enoch M, marble worker, 11 pearl, bds 11 wilmot 

Thompson Ceorgo, blacksmith, bds 13 plum 

Thompson George P, ship carpenter, C E ferry village 

Thompson James B, carriage maker, 17 beekett 

Thompson John D, boot maker, 31 middle 

Thompson John J, machinist, 35 atlantio 

Thompson Joseph, hand carter, 9 plum 

Thompson Joseph, hostler, 4 hilborn's court 

Thompson Joseph, jr, laborer, bds 9 plum 

Thompson Joseph, jr,' stove dealer, 15 church 

Thompson Joseph P, book-keeper, 73 com*!, bds 177 congresj 


Thompson Joseph R, custom inspector, h 11 wilmot 

Thompson Joseph W, store keeper, 117 foro 

Thompson Joshua B, soldier, 17 dark 

Thompson M E, cigar maker, 93 federal, h rear 312 congress 

Thompson Nath'l-Y, shoemaker, 340 com'l, h 7 brackett 

Thompson Peter S, carpenter, bds 21 hanover 

Thompson Mrs Susan, rear 27 center 

Thompson Timothy B, cooper, h libby's corner 

Thompson William, seaman, 12 mountfort 

Thompson William, sea captain, 30 suraner 

Thompson William, baker, 13 lafayette 

Thompson Zenas, jr, chaise trimmer, 1C3 Cumberland 

Seo Tompsou 

Thorn Greenleaf, trader, 337 congress 

Thorndikc Benj F, pub Me Temp Jour, 64 middle, h 31 solera 

Thorndike John B, spar maker, h 86 salem 

Thorndike Joseph P, sea captain, f 26 adams 

Thorn dike J Henry, shipmaster, 26 adams 

Thorndike William, 31 salem 

Thorndike William R, seaman, 2G adams 

Thornley John, clerk, G T depot, bds 25 smith 

Thornton David, sea captain, IS deer 

Thornton Joshua, shipsmith, 34 Washington 

Thornton Thomas, laborer, 9 larch 

Thorp P, sutler Fort Preble, h 17 cross 

Thrasher Chas F, boots and shoes, 43 union, h IS franklin 

Thrasher S B, (& Co) dry goods, 4 free st blk, bds preble house 

Thurlow Cyrus, (King, Butler fit) 1G5 commercial 

B- TncRST05,rul)lisher of Maine Teachrr, a $1 monthly; 
Portland Price Current, a $3 weekly: Proprietor C< rnmer- 
eial Nowi Room, and execute* POINTING of evei 

.criptkm. 83 Kxchnngo Street, Counting Booui 2d ftl 

Thurston Brown, printer, 62 exchargc, h 12 carlton 
Thurston ChArle3 B, soldier, 12 carlton 
Thurston Charles P, naval architect, 46 foro 
Thurston Edward, traier, pottland pier, h 10 eumncr 
Thurston Geor-go H, in revenue service, 3 silver 
Thurston 6aorg6 S, trader, 79 york, h 15 salem 
Thurston GUman, teamster, 31 parrifl 


Thurston Mrs Hannah, at 46 foro 

Thurston Mrs Jane P, IS tyng 

Thurston John, surveyor oflumber, 46 fore 

Thurston John R, fisherman, 64 sumner 

Thurston Lewis L, soldier, 81 parris 

Thurston Mrs Mary, 31 parris 

Thurston Samuel, truckman, bds 31 parris 

Thurston Samuel, in the army, 33 brackett 

Thurston Stephen R, clerk, 161 com'l, h monroo place 

Thurston William, shoo dealer, 85 york, h 1 beach 

Thurston William T, mariner, bds.l beach 

Tibbet3 Charles, broker,'bds 13 plum 

Tibbets Samuel P, carpenter, 61 Cumberland 

See Tebbets 

Tierncy James, woodsawyer, 103 congress 

John Tierney, Silver and Brass Plater, No. 19 1-2 
Market Square, (up stairs), opposite old City Hall. Car- 
riage, Sleigh, and Harness Trimmings plated with neatness 
ana dispatch, and at tho lowest possible prices. Door 
Plates, Pew Numbers, Silver and Brass Letters, &c., con- 
stantly on hand. 

Tiorney John, silversmith, ID 1-2 market sq, h 12 pleasant 

Tierney John, laborer, 13 fox 

Tierney Matthew, laborer, 24 center 

Tighc Dennis, soldier, greenleaf near fox 

Tigho Martin, laborer, greenleaf near fox 

£'ilden Henry B, 206 fore, h 52 franklin 

Tilley Mrs Kate, washerwoman, 114 brackett 

Tilton Charles A, stone cutter, lincoln near wilmot 

Timmons Charles E, shoemaker, bds- 9 peach 

Timmons Ucnry, laborer, 9 peach 

Timmons Henry G, teamster, 6 peach 

Timmons William S, currier, bds 9 peach 

Timmony Charles, hostler, 123 congrcis 

Timnoy Bridget, domestic, 10 spruce 

Tingley George, tinsmith, C E ferry village 

Tinker Miss Elizabeth, at 60 chestnut 

Tinker Georgo II, soldier, CO chestnut 

Tinker John, mariner, C E ferry village 

Tinkham Mr3 Franklin, 54 state 


Titcoinb Mrs A S, 07 york 

Titcomb IIoline3 B, music teacher, deering near henry 

Titcomb John A r clerk, bds 39 spring 

Titcomb Lewis H, apothecary, store 373, h 377 congress 

Titcomb Miss Louisa, 453 congress 

Tobey Daniel, teamster, rear 41 cotton 

Tobey Enoch G, clerk, 3 stono 

Tobey George W, locomotive engineer, 4 hancock 

Tobey John, laborer, 23 union 

Tobey Mr* Martha, 3 stono 

Tobey Peter, laborer, 39 cotton 

Tobie Charles M, tanner, bds 7S green 

Tobie Elbridge, tanner, 73 green 

Tobin Miss Bridget, at 8 montgomery 

Tobin Fletcher, mariner, 122 congress 

Tobin James, haekman, 8 green 

Tobin James, hostler, 3 cushnian's court 

Tobin Patrick, trader, 213 foro 

Tobin William, soldier, 8 green 

Todd George H, joiner, 30 portland 

Todd Isaac, seaman, 31 center 

Todd James, 134 middle, h 19 cross 

Todd James, seaman, 31 center 

Todd James T, burnish gilder, bds 15 cros3 

Todd John M, hair dresser, 74 middle, h 6 lincola 

Todd Mrs Mary, 97 oxford 

Todd Mrs Mary, 31 center 

Todd Royal B, clothier, 92 middle, bds 49 middle 

Todd William, burnish gilder, bds 15 cross 

Todd Wiiliam G, oys:er trader, h 19 pearl 

J. 0. Tolford, & Co., Dealers in Silks, Shawb. Em- 

'broideries, Linens, Housekeeping Goods, &e. No. 6 Frea^ 
Street Block. 


Tolford John G, dry goods, G free- st block, h 48 brackett 

Tolford Mrs Joahna, 7 free street block 

Tolford Timothy IJ, 6 free streot block, h 1CS COngre&l 

Tolman Alexander M, soldier, 6 casco 

Tolrnan Charles C, under Uocaitei hall, h 47 brackett 


Tolman Misses Jano A and Eliza E, 390 congress 

Tolman Mrs John, 6 casco 

Tolman Thomas F, postofHce clerk, IS monument 

Tomison, Mrs Elizabeth, 28 oxford 

Tomkins Andrew, harness maker, 10 winter 

Tomlinson Mrs Mary, 29 green 

Tompson Andrew W, expressman, 23 parris 

Tompson John A, truckman, 58 franklin 

Tompson Miss Mary L, teacher, bds 5 dow 

Tompson William, trackman, 58 franklin 

Toomey John, laborer, 2 york 

Toomey Mrs Margaret, at 50 monument 

Toomey Martin, railroad employe, 50 monument 

Toomey Patrick, laborer, rear 101 spring 

Topping Miss Mary, domestic, 37 free 

Tarry William, tanner, 10 vernon court 

Torsey Mrs Fanny, shoe binder, 115 exchange 

Totman Horace, eea captain, 13 middle 

Totmaa John F, soldier, 13 middle 

Toaro George, mariner, 22 hancock 

Towle Daniel II, soldier, S6 dark 

Towle Henry, cordwainer, SG dark 

Townsend Mrs George, 10 casco 

Townsend Henry G, hydropathic physician, 71 free 

Townsend John R, 37 oak 

Townsend Joseph, joiner, rear 13 middle 

Townsend Lysander, baker, rear 2 essex lane 

Townsend Mary Jane, tailoress, 347 congress, h 69 winter 

Townsend Nathaniel, mason, bds 22 spruce 

Townsend Rodman, clerk, at 12 peach 

Tracy John, tinsmith, 251 fore, h 88 dauforth 

Tracy Thomas, farmer, 122 dauforth 

Tracy William, soldier, 123 danforth 

Trainer Peter, laborer, rear 43 york 

Trask Charles II, soldier, 127 brackctt 

Trask Cyru*, boot fitter, 16 stone 

Tra.nk Georgo F, soldier, 127 brackctt 

Trask John B, cabinet maker, 127 brackctt 

Trask Joseph A, (oc Lewis) photographer, 27 market aquare 

PORTLAND DIRECTORY. 239 Peter H, hair dresser, 130 middle, \\ 6 park 
Trask Samuel, merchant, 105 middle, h 25 free 
Tread well Mrs Caroline, 2 hall's lane 
Treat Mrs Mary, 23 tyng 
Treat Miss Margaret II, tailorcss, 23 tyng 
Trefethen Charles E, house island 
Trefethcn Clifford J, soldier, 12 bramhall 
Trefethen E Albion, soldier, 75 brackett 

George Trefethen & Co., Wholesale Dealers in Fish 
of all kinds, No. 6 Commercial Wharf. 


Trefethen Geo, (& Co) fish dealer, 6 com whf, h 43 st lawrence 

Trefethen Henry, house island 

Trefethen Henry, jr, peak's island 

Trefethen Joseph, waterman, 75 brackett 

Trefethen John L, U S navy, 12 bramhall 

Trefethen Wm S, landlord montreal house, peak's island 

Trickey Benjamin L, joiner, 40 pan-is 

Trickey Henry, ship builder, h 33 parris 

Trickey Henry S, soldier, 33 parris 

Tripp Henry D, slater, 94 brackett 

Tripp John, laborer, 94 brackett 

Tripp William, carpenter, bds 25 fore 

Trott Mrs Anna, 57 fore 

Trott Daniel, peak's inland 

Trott George, peak's island 

Trott Henry P, peak's island 

Trott John T, peak's island 

Trott Samuel, peak's island 

Trott Thomas B, peak's island 

Trott William B, peak's island 

Trow Hannah, housekeeper, 459 congress 

Trow Mrs Hannah, 46 adams 

Trow K, (Drinkwater, T & Co) 103 middle, bds IS pearl 

Trowbridge Benjamin F, sailmaker, C E ferry village 

Trowbridge Charles, soap manufacturer, h 123 brackett 

Trowbridge Charles I, moulder, 1J>| alder 

Trowbridge Charles 6, soldier, 120 brackett 

Trowbridge tdw ft, (L I & Sou) 91 portland, h 10 mcclianio 


Trowbridge Elisha, (& Sou) 91 portland, h 9 mechanic 
Trowbridge Nathan S, machinist, C E ferry village 
Trowbridge William S, painter, 11 mechanic 
True Mrs Abby C, at 23 atlantic 
True Calvin E, shoo dealer, h 8 garden 

True & Millikkn, Wholesale Grocers and Commission 
Merchants, No. 141 Commercial Street. 


True Daniel W, (& Miliiken) 141 commercial, h 47 gray 

True David J, patent implements, 229 congress 

True Ebenezer, blacksmith, 23 portland, h 43 oak 

True Edward, (Stevens, Bibber & Co) 100 green, h 67 green 

True Elizabeth N, dry goods, 295 congres3 

True George W, clerk, lincoln near franklin 

True John, merchant, h 139 Cumberland 

True John H, clerk, bd3 139 Cumberland 

True Jouathau S, (\V D T & Co) 126 middle, bds 43 oak 

True J G, (& Frothinrhani) 157 commercial, h 29 chestnut 

True Mrs Samuel, 3 s-;uth 

True Samuel A, (Waldron &) 4 union wharf, h 7 gray 

True William D, (& Co) shoe store, 126 middle, h 20 hanover 

True William E, iron founder, bds 67 green 

Trueworthy Freeman, hackman, bds 370 congress 

Trandy Carleton A, fruit dealer, 21 franklin 

Trundy William, fanner, C E ferry village 

Tucker Ansel, railroad conductor, h 24 high 

Tucker Ansel C, 24 high 

Tucker Charles B, brass founder, bds st lawrence houso 

David Tcckeb, Book, Card, and Job Printer. Nos. C5 
and 71 Exchange Street, corner of Middle Street, Tricing 
of every description executed at short notice- 
Tucker David, printer, 71 exchange, h 9 wilmot 
Tucker George A, mariner, C 11 ferry village 
Tucker George W, express wagoner, 8 India 
Tucker Mrs Harriet, 12 peach 
Tucker Joshua, mariner, 12 Chatham 
Tucker Luther P, (& Webster) 109 middle, b 33 oxford 
Tucker Payson, railroad clerk, Boston depot, h 3 high court 


Tuckerman Kev Oliver P, minister at largo, 12 south 

Tukey Benj. hair dresser, 159 middle, h 33 chestnut 

Tukey Franklin, carpenter, 21 north 

Tukey Frederick 0, painter, 12 quincy 

Tukey Frederick S, railroad employe, 210 congress 

Tukey J G, (Breed &) 60 union, h 245 Cumberland 

Tukey Mrs Martha, 78 spring 

Tukey Rufus, printer, h 204 congress 

Tukey Mrs Sarah, h 25 franklin ^ 

Tukey Miss Surah J, school teacher, bds 78 spring 

Tukesbury B F, draw-tender A & St L bridge, 13 Washington, 

Tukesbury George D, soldier, 13 Washington 

Tukesbury John C, shoe dealer, 155 fore, bds 8 pearl 

J. Ttkesbury & Co., Dealers in Boots, Shoes, Leather, 
Hats, Caps, &c, Xo. 155 Fore, corner Lime Street. 

Tukesbury Jonathan, shoe dealer, 155 fore, h 8 pearl 
Tukesbury Leonard F, soldier, 13 Washington 
Sec Tewksbury 

Turley James, laborer, 7 india court 
Turner Aaron, trader, 49 oxford, bds 75 franklin 
Turner Mrs Almira, at 174 Cumberland 
Turner Charles B, cigar maker, 164 congress 
Turner Ebenezer, ship carpenter, C E ferry village 
"Turner Edward, soldier, 7 st lawrenca 
Turner Ezekiol, ship carpenter, C E ferry village 
Turner Mrs Gcc^^i, 10 middle 
Turner Georgo \V, bds 19 middle 

Turner Henry, U S sappers and miners, 60 dark cor spruce 
Turner Henry M, bda 19 middle 
Turner Floit l\ OS middle, h 2 quincy 
Turner Hugh, 7 s: lawreace 
Turner John, moulder, bds 33 york 
Turner John, trader, 49 oxford, h 75 franklin 
Turner Roscoe W, clerk, 9 clapp's block, bds 51 pearl 
Turner William, ship carpenter, C L ferry village 
Turner Wm Q, (Matthews &) joiner, 31 plea-ant, h 19 tjng 
Turnmore Edward P, tra ler, 69 fore, h o hampshira 
Tuttle Edward, rope maker, is talem 
Tuttle George R, joiner, u X " near arsenal 


Tuttle Jarae3 W, blacksmith, 6 montgomery 

Twiss Daniel, Indian doctor, 13 portland, h 79 portland 

Twitchell Alvin, shoemaker, 18 wilmot 

Twitchell Miss Ellen M, dressmaker, 379 congress 

Twitchell Geo H G, engineer, 4 church 

Twitchell & Champlix, Commission Merchants, and 
Dealers in Flour and Provisions, 85 Commercial Street, op- 
posite Thomas RIock. 


Twitchell John Q, (& Champlin) 55 com'l, bds preble house 
Twitchell Llewellyn, soldier, hyde's court 
Twitchell Richard E, mason, hyde's court 
Twitchell Thos E, ( Davis, T & Chap) 82 com'l, h 379 congress 
Twitchell Mrs W F, 28 chestnut 
Twombly Frederick, bds 36 green 
Twombly Leonard W, trader, 39, h 36 green 
Twombly Lorenzo S, landlord American house, 159 foro 
Twombly William G, piano maker, 27 lime, h 43 federal 
Tyler Alexander, 149 commercial, bds 45 state 
Tyler G, bds U S hotel 

Tyler G C, (& Buckram) leather dealer, 31 union, bds 64 free 
Tyler Miss Miriam, dressmaker, bds 14 parris 
, Tyler Miss Sally, 45 state 

Tyler, Rice & Sons, Dealers in Hides, Leather, and 
Oil, 149 Commercial Street. 

Tyler Sam'l, (Rice & Sons) 149 commercial, h 45 state 
Tyler Mrs Sarah, 8 neal 


Underwood Bcnj, shoe dealer, 146 middle, h 66 free 

Underwood Henry, bonnet bleacher, bds henry 

Union Hall, entrance 87 free 

Upham Edward E, (& Son) llour mills, 194 com'l, h 7 deering 

Uphara Edw R, portl'd milling co, 194 com'l, bds 43 dauforth 

Upham James C, telegrapher, 11 franklin 

Upton Henry H, sea captain, C E ferry village 

Usher Ellis R, seaman, 22 Salem 

Usher Jefferson R, junk dealer, 22 salem 

V S Court Room, new custom house building 


S Light House Office, 31 exchange 
U S Marshal's office, new custom house building 

VALENTINE LAWRENCE, wool poller, grove, in rear 
Valentine Lawrence, laborer, 23 green 
Van Alfred, mariner, rear 131 congre-3 
Vanhorn Cornelius, seaman, 52 middle 
Vanhorn Cornelius, jr, works for portland co, h 1 sumncr 
Van do Sande Louis, ins broker, 27 exchange, h 181 cumbe'd 
Van Stane Wellington, musician, 2G alder 
Van wart Samuel, grocer, 2S adams 
Varney C R, stable keeper, 7 silver, h 157 Cumberland 
Varney E, sewing machines, 11 clapp's blk, bds iaterna'l house 
Varney Edward P, painter, 9 silver 
Varney Mrs Harriet, 9 silver 
Varney Harriet E, millinery, 124 middle 
Varney Isaac H, shipmaster, 52 Cumberland 
Varney Oliver, fisherman, 102 brackett 
Varney Oliver F, soldier, 102 brackett 
Varnum P Fox, flour dealer, 144 commercial, h 70 brackett 
Vanghan Ansel L, lumberman, 70 pleasant 
Vanghan Mrs Hannah, at 29 waterville 
Vaughan Miss Olivia S, 140 danforth 
Vanghan William H, hatter, IS adams 
Veazie Miss Frances E, bds 3 alder 
Verrill Benjamin F T joiner, 20 pearl 
Verrill Byron D, counselor, 117 middle, bds 30 grcca 
Verrill Miss Frances II, seamstress, bds 3 india 
. Verrill Miss Nellie L, at 105 green 
Verry John II, water boatman, 13 sumner 
Versory Johu, brnshmaker, 2S union 
Vickery Isaiah, buazelTa hill, C E 
Vining Mrs Betsey, CG franklin 
Vining Mary J, dressmaker, cor pearl and federal 
Vinton Warren H, (& Dennett) counselor, 64 middle 
Virgin William, colonel U S army, 119 oxford 

Virtue, Yobstoh & Co., Publishers of American and For- 
eign Illustrated Publications, Branch Office 161 Hid 
(Up Stairs). P articular attention paid to Binding, A. Wood- 
ward, Managing Agt Subscribers having removed will 



WADE L CLIFFORD, law student, bds 74 park 
Wade Richard, laborer, 33 sumner 
Wade Mrs Mary, 6 canton 
Wade Patrick, laborer, bds 76 green 
Wade Peter, laborer, bds 70 green 

Waite Albert H, (Goold &) 117 commercial, bds 21 st lawrence 
Waite Albion K P, mariner, II chapel 
Waite Alexander If, caulker, back cove village 
Waite Edward, merchant, h 21 st lawrence . 
Waite Edward, painter, C3 fore 
i Waite Edward F, clerk, bds 21 st lawrence 
Waite Edward J, painter, 15 winter 
Waite John, harbor master, h 210 congress 
Waite John A, caulker, bds 5 fore 
Waite Reuben, caulker, h 5 fore 

Waite Bufus II, harness-maker, 95 federal, h 1 laurel st 
Waite S B, crockery, &c, 62 union, h S cascc* 
Waite Mrs Stephen, h 31 pearl 
Waite Thomas B, trunkmaker, 210 congress 
Wakefield Miss Eunice, 21 mechanic 
Wakefield Miss Susan, 21 mechanic 
Walden Charle3 A, (& Caldwell) 48} union, h 30 atlantio 
Walden Daniel, seaman, 1 church 
Walden George, shoemaker, bds 21 brown 
Walden George, lieut revenue cutter, hCE 
Walden Green, captain U S revenue service, h C E 
Waldron A P, trader, 212 commercial, h 213 Cumberland 

Waldron & True, Manufacturers of Premium Ground 
Bock Salt, and dealers in Flour, Corn, Meal, Rye, Oats, 
Cracked Corn, Short3, &c. Nos. 4 and 5 Union Wharf. 


Waldron F A, {&■ True) ground salt, &c, 4 union whf 

Waldron Howard D, shoemaker, 86 brackctt 

Waldron Isaac, clerk, portland, near alms house 

Waldron Mrs Mary, 111 brackctt 

Waldron Silas II, trader, 13 chestnut, h 25 elm 

Waidrou Silas II, jr, soldier, 2-3 elm 

Waldron William II, shoemaker, 8T brackctt 

Walrlrnn William TT vJr mannfaMiirAr h AO nIp.T_-.itit 


Walker Alonzo, 4 walker's court 
• Walker Alexander, ship carpenter, IS salem 
Walker Alfred, freight conductor G T R R, h 9 east promenade 
Walker Benjamin F, beer brewer, 25 alder 
Walker Chas, major U S army, 65 green, cor portland , 
Walker Charles J, (& Co) 48 union, h 122 spring 
Walker Colling wood Q, stoker, 25 waterville 
Walker Daniel, 145 spring 
Walker Mrs Eleanor H, 122 spring 

Walker Rev George L, pastor state st cliurch, hr4G2 congress 
Walker James, joiner, 60 sumner 
Walker James, joiner, IS burnham 
Walker John, laborer, rear 20 Cumberland 
Walker Joseph, merchant, 103 commercial, h 44 high 
Walker Joseph, 122 spring 
Walker Joseph E, lieut U S army, 23 casco 
Walker Joseph J, (& Co) 360 commercial, h 99 brackett 
Walker Lowell V, locomotive engineer, 3 eastern promenade 
Walker Mrs Lucinda, 231 Cumberland 
Walker Mrs Mary, 456 congress 
Walker Moody F, merchant, 97 brackett 
Walker Nathan, lieut U S army, st lawrence house 
Walker Nathaniel, 23 casco 
Walker Nathaniel B, V S navy, 23 casco 
Walker Nathaniel K, soldier, 122 spring 
Walker Thoma?, stevedore, 13 york 

Walker Wm H, (J J W & Co) 3G0 commercial, h 457 congress 
Wall Mrs Elizabeth, 8 york 
Wall Michael, trader, 36 Washington 
Wall Michael, sad Her, 1 federal 
Wall Peter, clothier, 101 fore 
Wall Thomas, laborer, 116 danforth 
Wallace Bradley, sea captain, back cove village 
Wallace Charles C, farmer, 2 canton 
Wallace Mrs Cornelia, 64 dark 
Wallace David B, long island 
Wallace Elisha W, soldier, 2 canton 
Wallace Enoch, sea captain, h 5 lafayette 
Wallace Margaret A, domestic, 3 stetson's court 


Wallace Prescott, peak's island 

Wallace Russell II, farmer, 2 canton 

Wallace William, boatbuilder, h 45 utlantic 

Walsh Edward, shoe store, cor lime and federal, h 7 deer 

Walsh Mrs Hannah M, rear 114 brackett 

See Welch 

Walton John T, joiner, 45 federal 

Walton Mark, cabinetmaker, 38 sumncr 

Ward Albert P, bds 40 high 

Ward Daniel, ship carpenter, bds 263 foro 

Ward Daniel, trader, 3 danforth 

Ward George K, clerk, portland house 

Ward Miss Hannah, bds 23 brown 

Ward Henry, seaman, 46 portland 

Ward Mrs Henry, grove near westbrook lino 

Ward Jacob, landlord portland house 

Ward John, laborer, 97 congress 

Ward John, laborer, 2 poplar 

Ward John, laborer, 103 congress 

Ward Josiah C, joiner, 10 lafayetto 

Ward Mrs Julia, nurse, 31 center 

Ward Manassoh, trader, 115 congress 

Ward Mr3 Mary B, 46 high 

Ward Michael, laborer, 103 congress 

Ward Michael, stone mason, rear 103 congress 

Ward Patrick, shoemaker, 105 congress 

Ward Patrick C, shoemaker, 105 congress 

Ward Patrick J, polisher and varnisher, h 18 north 

Ward William S, elmwood nursery, office 119 exchange 

Ware Ashur, judge U S district court, h 57 frco 

Ware Charles F, painter, lime near federal 

Ware Lyman C, harness maker, 25 chestnut 

Wark Mrs Ann, 7 york 

Wark Ralph, laborer, 7 york 

Warner D Greely, printer, bds 13 dow 

Warner Nathaniel, upholsterer, 13 dow 

Warner Peter, seaman, 22 center 

Warner William, seaman, 22 center 

Warren Amos G, accountant, 26 monument 


Warren Benjamin Franklin, shoemaker, bds 62 federal 

Warren; Charles A, 73 Cumberland 

Warren George, merchant, 3 exchange, h 72 state 

Warren George II, clerk, at 1-13 Cumberland 

Warren John, laborer, GO fore 

Warren John B, britannia worker, westbrook point 

Warren John G, 22 state 

Warren John H, painter, at 143 Cumberland 

Warren Mrs Mary, 13 smith. 

Warren Mrs Nathaniel, 50 high 

Warren Samuel, 27 brown 

Warren Timothy, laborer, 8 marlon 

Warren William, 6Utler 5th Me reg, h 60 north 

Wasgatt Bufus, marine engineer, rear 27 elm 

Waterhouse Charles H, joiner, C E ferry village 

Waterhouse Charles K, clerk, 19 fore 

Waterhouse David, clerk, 9 salem 

Waterhouse Miss Eliza, tailoress, rear 47 brackctt 

Waterhouse G, overseer of painting, port'd co, h 193 congress 

Waterhouse Mrs Hannah, 9 salem 

Waterhouse Mrs Israel, h 157 Cumberland 

Waterhouse Mrs Jacob T, 11 chestnut 

Waterhouse Joshua, boat builder, 23 winter 

Watcrhouio Joshua W, (Emery &) 153 middle, h 3C park 

Waterhouse Nathaniel, clerk, forest st 

Waterhouse Peter B, joiner, westbrook point 

Waterhouse Prentiss M, machinist, 3S watcrvillo 

Waterhouse Robert, soldier, 24 pino 

Watcrhouso Samuel, distiller, 75 york 

Waterhouse Samuel, clothier, 167 fore, h 15 federal 

Waterhouse S, lumber merchant, h 150 Cumberland 

Waterman Mrs Clarissa, 7 brackett 

Waterman Frederick, stoker, 7 brackett 

Waterman afiai Lucinda B, boarding house, 19 India 

Railboad IIorsK, opposito the P. S. &P. It. It. Depot, 
on the European plan. Travelers will find this a comfort- 
able and convenient residence daring their sojourn In this 
city. Charges very reasonable, M. \\ atkuma.v, Proprietor* 

Waterman M, landlord railroad house, opposite boston depot 


Waters Mrs Catherine, 2G pleasant 

Waters John T, boarding house, 1 Chatham 

Watson William, mariner, 4 tukesbury's court 

Watts Miss Deborah, 44 india 

Watts John F^ shipmaster, 29 sumner 

Albert Webb & Co., Dealers in Corn, Flour, and OaU, 
Nos. 168 and 170 Commercial Street, head Merrill's wharf 

Webb Albert, (& Co) 168 commercial, bds preble house 

Webb Charles, mariner, 103 congress 

Webb Charles D, quartermaster U S army, 21 casco 

Webb Daniel C, landlord fulton house, 108 federal 

Webb Eli, fanner, h 21 casco 

Webb George D, soldier, 29 Washington 

Webb John W, cook, 1 poplar 

Webb Mason G, (Bradley &) SS commercial, bds 21 CftSOO 

Webb Nathan, (Anderson &) counselor, 9 temple, h 2i casco 

Webb Natkan, 21} free 

Webb Nathan, teamster, bds western exchange 

Webb Samuel D, mail Agent, bds 4 locust 

Webb Stephen M, clerk, bds city hotel 

Webber Mrs Ann M, at 9 hancock 

Webber David, joiner, opposite 52 monument 

Webber Enos, mariner, 2 hiiborn's court 

Webber James M, sea captain, rear 34 winter 

Webber John, watchman G T K R, h 66 sumner 

Webber Joseph F, stoker, C6 sumner 

Webster Mrs Ann, S9 brackett 

Webster Asa T, trader, C E ferry village 

Webster Charles K, student, 13 elm 

Webster Charles T, soldier, 18 danforth 

Webster Eltphalet, insurance agent, 164 fore, h 10 south 

Webster Frederick, at 12 boyd 

Webster George, in 14th regiment, h 18 pearl 

Webster Joseph H, policeman, 4 garden 

Webster Mrs Mary S, IS danforth 

Webster Richard C, house builder, 12 boyd 

Webster Richard S, (Tucker &) 109 middle, bds 177 eongrttf 

Webster Samuel S, 229 congress, h 18 elm 


Weedman James A, steamboat steward, 7 Hampshire 

Weeks Charles F, clerk, bds G4 free 

Weeks Edward, soldier, 5 india 

Weeks Mrs Elizabeth, 4 alder 

Weeks Miss Eunice, at 5 india 

Weeks John, joiner, hrear 17 munjoy 

Weeks Joseph, clerk registry of deeds, bdi 2 cotton 

Weeks Joseph, book-keeper, bd3 5 india 

Weeks Joseph L, ^J F Weeks & Co) 74 fore, h 48 fore 

Weeks Joseph W, soldier, 4 alder 

Weeks Josmia, job wagoner, 7 lincoln 

Weeks Joshua F, trader, (J F Weeks & Co) 74 fore, h 5 india 

Weeks Mrs Martha, 4 turner y 

Weeks Robert M, soldier, 6 india 

Weeks William, trader, h 35 smith 

Weeks William II, joiner, rear 17 munjoy 

Welander Gustavus L, trader, 139 fore, h 2 silver 

Welch Miss Caroline A, domestic, 18 danforth 

Welch Edward, laborer, head union whf 

Welch James, teamster, 22 york 

Welch James, hostler, 6 spring 

Welch James, laborer, rear 15 salera lane 

Welch John, stonecutter, 8 south 

Welch John, laborer, 5 pleasant 

Welch John, laborer, rear 15 danforth 

Welch John, laborer, bds 17 tate 

Welch Malachi, laborer, 4 bank 

Welch Matthew, stonecutter, 8 south 

Welch Maurice, laborer, bds 11 union 

Welch Michael, porter, 5 plum 

Welch Michael, laborer, 11 larch 

Welch Patrick, mason, 16 larch 

Welch Patrick, laborer, 12 larch 

Welch Patrick, laborer, 4 bank 

Welch Patrick, laborer, 4 spring 

Welch Patrick, laborer, C bank 

Welch Peter, laborer, 52 Washington 

Welch Philip, laborer, 30 cotton 

Welch Simon, laborer, 14 center 



Welch Thomas, laborer, 9 freeman's lane 

Welch Thomas, laborer, 20 hancock court 

Welch Thomas, laborer, 7 bank i 

Welch Tliomas, U S navy, rear 15 salem laao 

Welch William, truckmnn, 20 preblo 

Welch William, trader, 2 franklin 

Welch William A, soldier, 5 brackett 

See Walsh 

Weldou Amasa K, ship carpenter, C E ferry village 

Weldon Andrew, C E ferry village 

Weldou Christopher T, lieat U S army, 12C danforth 

Weldon Jamc3, U S navy, 126 danforth 

Weldon John, soldier, 120 danforth 

Weldon Wesley, joiner, C E ferry village 

Weldon William B, soldier, 120 danforth 

Wells John F, railroad employe, bds 25 wilmot 

Wells Miss Lucy, 15 free 

Wells Samuel, at Grand Trunk depot, h 25 wilrnot 

Weill Sumner 1), railroad employe, bds 25 wilmot 

Wells Mrs Thomas, rear 37 Washington 

Wells Walter, lecturer, 15 free v. 

Wendell Geo S, dentist, 135| middle, bds international house 

Wentworth Alonzo, policeman, 34 wilmot 

Wentworth Ebenezer, school teacher, 8 spruce 

Wentworth James S, seaman, 15 sumner 

Wentworth Job, 131 congress 

Wentworth William, jr, cooper, ingrahajn's lane, (r 70 york) 

Wescott Alexander J, mason, 70 green 

Wescott Daniel, machinist, bds 19 india 

Wescott Daniel, carpenter, bd3 14 vesper 

Wescott George L, mason, 20 lincoln 

Wescott Bobert D, blacksmith, 2 church 

Wescott Reuben, machinist, bds 10 India * 

Wescott Reuben; blacksmith, bds 14 vesper 

West Charles F, teamster, 20 stone 

West Congregational Chapel (Trinitarian) 615 congress 

West Manuel, fisherman, 38 union 

Western Exchange Hotel, opposite P S & P R R depot 

Weston Mrs E H, 37 wilmot 

Weston Greenfield, joiner, 41 brown 


Weston Hermon A, cofun-makcr, 432 congress 

Weston John, provisioncr, 81 oxford 

Weston Nathan, provisioncr, 1GS exchange, h 81 oxford 

Thomas IT. Weston & Co, (lata Weston & Keazer), 
Commission Merchants and Flour Dealers, (Willis Block), 
103 Commercial Street. 


Weston Thomas, (& Co) 103'commcrcial, h C4 danforth 

Westwood James II, joiner, st John street 

Weymouth Francis P, machinist, bds 32 india ' 

Weymouth Levi, farmer, 507 congress 

Weymouth Mrs Levi K, forest street ""*. 

Weymouth Wesley D, (Chirk, W & Co) 71 com, h 30 middle 

Whalen John, laborer, 00 congress 

Whalon Michael, laborer, 274 j fore 

Whalen Patrick, laborer, foot stetson's lano 

Wharton James, mariner, 2S middle 

Wharton Joseph, laborer, 23 union 

Wheeler Elisha, jr, eating saloon, boston B B depot, It 3 Wilm't 

Wheeler Mrs II M, 77 free 

Wheeler Miss Mary L, 17 gray 

Wheelock Mrs Abigail, 27 cedar 

Wheelock A P, carriage painter, rear 311 cong, h 27 cedar 

Wheelwright J P, piano tuner, 20 alder 

A. D. Whidpen. Forwarding and Commission Merchant, 
and Dealer in Nova Scotia Wood, Plaster, Lumber, &c., &c. 
No. 6 Union Wharf. 

Whidden Alexander D, 6 onion wharf, ft 127 spring 
Whipple Mrs Frances T, 107 congress 
"Whipple Harrison T, clerk, b U -i '" D Dgresi 

W. W. Whipple, Apothecary and Chemist, Dealer in 
Drugs and Medicines of every variety, No. 21 Market So/r. 
Imported Cigars, all grades. # 

Whipplo Wm W, p.pothccary, 21 market iq, bds 407 congress 

Whitby Mrs Sarah, 20 brattle 

Whitcomb Perry W, cigar maker, 13 pearl 

White Charles If, br.ikejnan, 4 hanover 

White Charles K, carriage maker, bis 1G federal 


White Daniel, woodsawyer, 4 hilborn's court 

White Daniel,, jr, mariner, 77 brackett 

White Datius, brush-maker, 9 market square, h 4 (leering 

White David, painter, 30 oxfor-d . - 

White David, woodsawyer, 20 india 

White Edward, laborer, 97 danforth 

White Francis C, seaman, 52 Cumberland 

AVhite Mrs Hannah, at 52 Cumberland 

White Mrs Harriet, SO north 

White Henry R, eating saloon, 23 middle 

White Henry P, joiner, 567 congress 

White Horatio, cooper, h 35 foro 

White John, carriage maker, 31 portland 

White John B, railroad freight conductor, 4 hanover' 

White John S, lieut U S army, 26 myrtle 

White Joseph H, 6$ union wharf, h S2 york 

White Mrtrion, tinsmith, 127 exchango 

White Richard, laborer, 12 srJem lane 

White Robert S, seaman, 4 bradbury's court 

White TrUtram, team3ter, 14 federal 

White William, carpenter, franklin near federal 

See Wight 

Whiteen Grin B, peak's island 

Whitehall William J, U S navy, 6 walnut 

Whitehouse Benjamin F, ship carpenter, 79 brackett 

Whitehoase Daniel, (Babb &) trader, 44 portland, h 32 greca 

Whitehouse Eben N, mason, 118 brackett 

Whiting Benjamin, eating saloon, 23 silver 

Whiting John, brush-maker, bds 21 brown 

Whiting Mrs Lucretia, at 4 atlantio 

Whitman Mrs Angelia, 340 congress 

Whitman Mrs Mary A, at 26 merrill 

Whitman Mrs Margaret P, bds 21 gray 

Whiteman Thomas B, shoemaker, 15 waterville 

Whitmoro Abraham W, at J W Jones's, union st,h 22 danfortb 

Whitmoro George, carpenter, 8 Chatham 

Whitmore Mrs Mary A, at 11 hancock 

See Whittemoro 

Whitney Ammi, (Kendall &) old city hall, h 54 brackett 


Whitney Andrew H, machinist, bds 3 appleton bl'k, congress 

Whitney Daniel G, (T T Sawyer & Co) 68 comm'l, h 15 vino 

Whitney Mrs Eliza E, 40 hanovcr 

Whitney Miss Eunice W, music teacher, bds 8 carlton, 

Whitney George, clerk, bds 3 oak 

Whitney Mrs Hannah B, 42 parris 

Whitney Louis, railroad conductor, 21 hampshiro 

Whitney Merrill, bds portland houso 

Whitney Nathaniel, joiner, 70 dark 

Whitney Peletioh, trader, 43 exchange, h 31 myrtle 

Whitney Phineas, U S navy, 42 parris 

"Whitney Miss Sarah H, dressmaker, temple cor congress 

Whittemore Stephen, 170 lore 

Whitten Mrs Mary II, 63 brackctt 

Whitten Newton, soldier, 77 spring 

Whitten William M, book-keeper, bds S5 green 

Whittier Mrs Abigail, washerwoman, 5 hilborn's court 

Whittier Charles F, brush-maker, 20 watervillo 

Whittier Mrs Elizabeth A, 12 monument 

Whittier E L, school for young ladies, 349 congress 

Whittier Iloraco, joiner, " N M near arsenal 

Whittier Isaac, carriage maker, bds 9 portland 

Whittier Mrs M F, 20 watervillo 

II. S. Whittier, Apothecary a>id Retail Dealer in Med- 
icines and Chemicals, Nos. 3£$ an i 100 d i gress, junction 
of Free Street. Physicians' Prescriptions will receive 
strict personal attention, and ... I i ith tho purest of For- 
eign and Domestic Medicines and Chemicals. 

Whittier Moses S, druggist, 30S congress, bds 57 high 

Whittier William H, trader, 84 brackett, h 1 peach 

Whittum Albert, carriage black-mi'.: . b Is 12 spring 

Whyley John W, gunsmith, 7 fremont place 

Whyley Samuel, seaman, l'J mayo 

See Willey 

Wickwiro Mrs Mary, at 41 oxf r 1 

Wickwire William C, derk, 41 oxford 

Widbur Francis II, clerk, 13-3 oxford 

Widbur Mrs Surah, 133 oxford 

Wiggin Alfred, machinist, ti onfoni] h rear 252 Cumberland 



Wiggin Mrs Anna W, 70 york 

Wiggin David, rock blaster, 23S Cumberland 

Wiggin Miss Ethelinda, 17 poplar 

Wiggin Mark, joiner, 21 brackett 

Wight John D, seaman, 39 hanover 

Wight Lewis, junk store, 210 fore, bds 13 prospect 

Wight Nathan E, clerk, 3 stetson's court 

Wilbur Anson, tinsmith, bds 6 maple ^ 

Wilbur Augustus, teamster, 98 danforth 

Wilder Henry H, (Wilder Bros) photographer, 90 middle 

Wilder Brothers, Photographers, No. 90 Middle Street. 
Photographs finished in Oil, Water Colors, and India Ink. 

Wilder William T, (Wilder Bros) photographer, 90 middle 

Wildes Thomas, joiuer, lincoln near wilmot 

Wildrage Edward M t 21 danforth 

Wildrage George W, 21 danforth 

Wildrage James A, cooper, 6 1-2 atlantic 

Wilkinson John W, soldier, GO Washington 

Wilkinson William, soldier, 36 Washington 

Willard Benjamin F, stoker, 70 sumncr * 

Willard Benjamin J, pilot, h 13 adams 

Willard Daniel, soldier, 13 sumner 

Willard E G, commission merchant, h 6 cedar 

Willard Mrs Frances, C E ferry village 

Wiliard James L, bootmaker, 11 green 

Willard Thomas J, mariner, 28 1-2 adams 

Willard William, steam tug master, h 34 adams 

Willey George, express wagoner, bds 20 cross 

Willey Mrs Hannah, 75 franklin 

Willey Phin.eas J, cordwainer, 9 parris 

Willey Walter, clerk G T freight office, bds international h 

See Whyley • 

Williams Charles F, steamboat freight agent, h 49 franklin 

William3 Charles II, policeman, rear 22 dark 

Williams Charles L, clerk, 22 casco 

William* Edward, seaman, middle near franklin 

Williams Mrs Fanny E, 102 Washington 

Williams Mrs Frances, rear 76 brackett 

Williams Francis G. seaman. 127 congress 


Williams Frank, teaman, 1 cobb's court . 
Williams George B, joiner, 22 dark 
v Williams GurdoD, manner, h 29 merriU * 

Williams Henry, joiner, 114 brackctt 
"Williams Henry, truckman^bds 9 parris 
Williams Henry, laborer, CO union 
Williams John, merchant, h 47 federal 
Williams John, seaman, rear st lawrenco 
"Williams John D, soldier, 6 cushman's court 
Williams John H, counselor, 117 middle, h 107 congress 
Williams Josiah, stevedore, h IS brackctt 
Yrilliams Levi, sexton free st church, h 22 casco 
Williams Mrs Phebe, 27 franklin 

Williams Peter, watchman, portland co's works, h 25 lafayetto 
Williams Robert, joiner, h 22 chrk 
Williams Robert, jr, freight conductor, 22 dark 
Williams Royal, distiller, h 42 state • 

Williams Samuel S, soldier, 8 tinkham*fl court 
Williams Sanford, ship carpenter, bds 6 tyng 
Williams William, sail maker, h 6 chapel 
Williams Wm II, freight ftgt V S & V R R depot, h 10 summer 
Williams William H, joiner, 42 dark 
Williamson John, inspector, 13 silver 

Willis Henry, ( W & Son) counselor, 34 exchange, h 45 free 
Willis William, (& Son) counselor, 31 exchange, h 43 free 
Wilmot Mrs Jerome, 26 canton 

Wilson Albert M, (Little field &) 23 york, h G7 Cumberland - 
Wilson Archibald, soldier, 7 york 
Wilson Eben, h 40 state 
Wilson George W, hack driver, bdi elm hon e e 
Wilson George H, GTR K employe, h 19 dark 
Wilson Jesse D, machinist, 42 preble 
Wilson Mrs John S, 3 atlantio 
Wilson Mrs Lois P, 30 chestnut 
Wilson Mrs Martha, 100 Washington 
Wilson Miss Mary Ann, at 30 chestnut 
Wilson Mrs Mary J, 2"> middle 
Wilson Richard IS, soldier, 19 dark 
Wilson Mrs Sarah, 43 pleasant 



Wilson Mrs Tobias, 4 oak 

Wilson William, miller, 7 franklin 

Wilson William H, laborer, J B Brown's grounds 

Wilson William L, grocer, 372 congress 

Winchester Augustus D, soldier, 35 prcblo 

Winchester Hiram, h 47 spring 

Winchester William B, mason, rear 43 chestnut 

Wing Eli L, weigher of hay, 175 congress, h 113 oxford 

Wingate Mrs Julia C, 45 spring 

Winn Andrew N, soldier, 20 salern 

Winn Mrs Elizabeth, 20 salem 

Machinery, Steam and Gas Fittings, ccc. — The sub- 
scriber would inform his friends and the public, that he may 
be found at No. 11 Union Street, ready to answer any or lers 
for Steam, Gas, and Water Pipes, Steam and Gas Fitting 
of all descriptions. Will also attend to fitting the above 
for steam or gas. Orders received for Pattern making, and 
Stenm and other machinery, Boilers, Water Tanks, &c. — 
Will devote his persona] attention to arranging and letting 
Engines, Boilers, Shafting, on reasonable terms. . 


Winn Ira,'machinist,'10 union 

Win*hip Amos, butcher, 475 congress, corner grove 

Winship Edmund, provisioner, warren market, h 43 federal 

Win ship William A, teller casco bank, h 30 st lawrence 

Winslow Abba C, tailoress, 36 8 congress 

Winslow Albert, broker, 27 exchange, h 181 Cumberland 

Winslow Alfred B, clerk, bds 31 chestnut 

Winslow Amos, provisioner, 10 city market, h rear 312 cong's 

Winslow Charles, at stone ware factory, westbrook point 

Winslow Daniel, 6 union, h westbrook point 

Winslow Mrs David, westbrook point 

Winslow Mrs Eliza, 4 braibury's court 

Winslow Franklin C, ship carpenter, C E ferry village 

Winslow Frederick, stone ware carrier, westbrook point 

Winslow George, blacksmith, bds 3 turner 

Winslow Henry, painter, 20 brattle 

Winslow Hezekiah, (& Co) bcrlin mills whf, h 2 tohnan place 

Winslow Hiram, soldier, 4 bradbury'fl court 

Winslow Isaac T, mariner, 28 Cumberland 


J. S. WnrSLOW & Co,, Ship Brokers, Commission Mer- 
chants,and Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Manilla Cordage, 
Ship and Family Stores, No. 4 Central Wharf. 


Winslow Jacob S, (& Co) 4 central wharf, h 19 atlantic 
Winslow James, woodsawyer, 2S5 1-2 fore 

Winslow Jas X, agt east'n express co, 80 exchange, h94 state 
Winslow Jeremiah, ship carpenter, 15 dark 
Winslow John T, stone ware manufacturer, westbrook point 
Winslow Joseph L, machinist, 235 fore, h westbrook point 
Winslow Miss Mary J, vest-maker, bds 30 parris 
Winslow Moses, westbrook point 
Winslow Mrs Nathan, 140 danforth 
Winslow Orlando J, soldier, rear 312 congress 
Winslow Miss Sarah K, at 19 atlantic 
Winslow William A, soldier; 4 bradbnry'i court 
W'ish Joseph II, sea captain, barnham st 
Wiswell Henry, tailor, 54 middle, h 71 franklin 
Wiswell Win M, fruit, &c, 303 congress, h 232 Cumberland 
Witham Albion, 123 commercial, bds 61 freo 
Witham Benjamin T, trader, 15 pearl 
Witham Dunham, hair dresser, h 33 india 
Witham EHphalet, soldier, 31 Washington 
Witham EHphalet, soldier, 6 brackett 
Witham Francis, U S :i>ivr, 21 Washington 
Witham Ira, collector of tolls on canal, bds C tyng 
Witham John, soldier, 31 Washington 
Witham Thomas A, mariner, bds -5 temple 
Witherington Mrs Elizabeth, at 4 idami 
Witherington James, laborer, 8 adams 
Withinton Charles II, 20 hampshire 
Wogan Martin, laborer, 49 Washington 
Wogan Patrick, railroad employe, 9 adams 
Wolf John, shoemaker, 88 brackett 
Wolhaupter J W, 194 fore, h 3'3 oak 
Wood Mrs Ann, nurse, 12 dark 
Wood Mrs Caroline II, 59 dark comer ponch 
Wood Charles J, sea captain, 4 st lawrenca 
Wood Edward, 3 peach 
Wood Mrs Elizabeth A, 9 veruon court 


Wood James, tin plate worker, bds 30 india 

"Wood John G, landlord peak's islaud house, peak's island 

Wood John M, railroad contractor, G4, h Co middle 

N. Wood has removed ^froin No. 3, Deering Block, to 
Store No. 135 Commercial Street, where he intends keep- 
ing a large stock of all the popular Patent Medicines of :ho 
day, which he will sell at low prices for Cash. 

Wood Nathan, patent medicines, 135 commercial, h 42 oak 

Wood Nathan II, at 42 oak 

Wood Rufus E, merchant, 10 central whf, bds U S hotel 

Wood Thomas, laborer, rear 23 commercial 

Wood William, physician, 80 free 

Wood William II, broker, 29 exchange, h 53 stato 

Woods Daniel, laborer, stetson's lane 

Woods John, soldier, 9 beach 

Wjx>ds Mrs Mary A, 13 brattle 

Woods Michael, porter, ST commercial, h franklin 

Woodard Kaos, merchant, h 77 spring 

Woodbury Alexander, peak's island 

Woodbury Benjamin, long island 

Woodbury Charles, fisherman, C E ferry village 

Woodbury Charles N, mariner, C E ferry village 

Woodbury F 0, teamster, C7 green 

Woodbury George W, 160 middle, bds 179 Cumberland 

Woodbury Mrs Harriet, 7 mayo 

Woodbury Johu B, shipmaster, C E ferry village 

Woodbury Joseph B, shipmaster, 39 federal 

Woodbury Mrs Martha, at 1G1 Cumberland 

Woodbury Martha D, 43 franklin 

Woodbury Mary, 43 franklin 

Woodbury Mrs Mary, 43 franklin 

Woodbury X L, merchant, 166$ middle, h 179 Cumberland 

Woodbury Nathan P, (& Harris) 145 com*!, h 54 Cumberland 

Woodbury Robert, long island 

Woodbury Samuel, peak's island 

Woodbury Stephen A, mariner, C E ferry village 

Woodbury Thomas, mariner, C E ferry village 

Woodbury Willard II, (Randall &) 136 coru'l, h 19 myrtle 


Woodbury William W, president ocean insurance co, h 12 pino 
Woodman Alfred, (W, True & Co) 54 middle, h 121 oxford 
Woodman Mrs Ann, C Washington 
Woodman Charles, trader, back cove village 

Woodman", True, & Co, Importers and Wholesale Deal- 
ers in Foreign and Domestic Dry Goods Manufacturers and 

Jobbers of Clothing. Xos. 64 and 50 Middle Street. 


Woodman Geo W, ( W, True & Co) 51 middle, h 50 vaughau 

Woodman Mrs Harriet, Vaughan near congress 

Woodman Jabcz C, counselor, 31 exchange, hlS5 Cumberland 

Woodman Jabez C, jr r attorney, 31 exchange, h 2 lincoln 

Woodman N M, old junk store, 2S oak 

Wood side Samuel 0, 5 dan forth 

Woodward Alfred, (Virtue & Co'a ag't) 1C1 mid, h r 99 soring 

Woodward Miss Emily P, tit 38 adaras 

Woodward Oswald, book agent, 99 spring 

Worcester Geo, house builder, VH Cumberland, h 61 pleasant 

Worcester George II, joiner, 15 cotton 

Worcester Horace L, mason, 30 ciark 

Worcester Russell W, joiner, 30 dark 

Worcester Mrs Susan, 61 pleasant 

Worcester Thomas, joiner, Go dark 

Wormwood Ansyl A, hair dresser, 347 commercial 

Wormwood John, truckman, 2 Balem lane 

Wright Mrs Betsey, 8 bancock court 

Wright Christopher, h 34 pearl 

Wright Franklin, printer, 31 pearl 

Wright George, coachman, 10 m to 

Wright George A, secretary ocean insurance co, h 20 state 

Wright John, Bcaman, 87Jcumberlan I 

Wright Kendall, physician and surgeon, 254 oongresi 

Wright Miss Lois K, school teacher, bds 188 congress 

Wright Russell, 30 dark 

Wright Sylvanus S, tsamiter, 20 south 

Wright Thomas, carriage trimmer, 10 preble 

Wyer Charles H, express wagoner, 21 summer 

Wyer David, Lobster dealer, 38 middle 


Wyer George, brewer, 23 summer 

Wyer Mrs Mary E, 115 exchange 

Wyman Alexander, U S navy, rear 23 commercial 

Wyman Charles H, currier, 12 salem ^ 

Wyman David, machinist, 7 eastern promenade 

Wyman Isaiah, corn huller, bds 27 1-2 sumner 

Wymau Lafayette, cigar maker, 76 Washington 

YALE MRS PHEBE J, at 21 lafayette 
Yates Miss Lizzie, tailoress, bds 17 mechanic 
Yeaton Edward T, peak's island 

Yeatox & Hale, Commission Merchants, Ship Brokers, 
Chandlers, and Dealers in Ship and Cabin Stores, Moulron's 
Block, corner Commercial Street and Long Wharf. P:ir;ic- 
ular attention paid to procuring Freights and Charters for 


Yeaton John, (& Hale) 111 commercial, h 39 free 
Yeaton John, U S army, SO spring 
Yeaton Juhn P, teamster, 7 mayo 
. Yeaton John W, (& Smith) fish dealer, 64 com'l, h 12 Iramhall 
Yeaton Jo3eph M, soldier, 3S tree 
York A F, clothier, 132 fore, h 16 1-2 federal 
York Andrew J, carriage painter, 9 portland 
York Mrs Betsey, at 1 carlton placo * 

York Mrs Charles, C E ferry village 
York Charles, locomotive engineer, 13-munjoy 
York Charles E, tanner, grove near portland 
York Chas L, (J S Wiaslow & Co) 4 centr'l whf, h 12 Atlantic 
York Mrs Eliza Ann, 201 congress 
York Mrs Elizabeth, C E ferry village 
York Mrs tanny P, 20 Washington 
York George W, stair builder, 40 oak 
York Jeremiah C, sea captain, C E ferry village 
York John C, (R G York & Son) hd long whf, h 11 ccd.vr 
York John C, shipping master, h 10 garden 
York John L, joiner, 1 carlton placo j 
York John W, postnffico clerk, 12 atlantio 
York Jo. eph H, mariner, C E ferrv village 


York Joseph M, sea captain, back'cove village 

York Jos S, (Adams &) sailmaker, 4 central whf, h 12 atlantio 

York Mrs Mary, 10 J atlantic 

York Reuben G, ship broker, hd long wharf, h 17 winter 

York Robert If, sea captain, C E ferry village 

York William W, (J C York & Son) long wharf, h 11 cedar 

Young Amos C, currier, bds 18 summer 

Young Charle3, seaman, 23 India 

Young Daniel, clerk G T R R, bda rear 7 mountfort 

Young Daniel P, shoemaker, 119 brackett, h 11 " M n 

Young David, blacksmith, 271 commercial, h 13 cross 

Young Dudley, shipmaster, 7S Cumberland 

Young Edwin, stoker, bds S7 green 

Young Miss Elizabeth L, female orphan asylum, 2-1 myrtle 

Young Mrs Hannah S, 7 brattlo 

Young James J, clerk G T R R, h rear 7 mouutfort 

Young Jesse, truckman, £1 vanghan 

Young Josiah J, shoemaker, bds 11 M M M 

Young Miss Mary A, sup't female orphan asylum, 24 myrtle 

Young Men's Christian Association Rooms, 9 temple 

Young William B, spar-maker, st John it 

Zion's Advocate office, S2 exchange 
Zitkov Lewis, 2C'5 1-2 c< \ \ 







Ward 1, Moses Gould; Ward 2, Richard C. Webster; Ward 
3, Samuel W. Larrabee; Ward 4, William L. Putnam; \Vard 
5, Ambrose K. Shurtlen; Ward 6, Thomas 11. Jones; Ward 
7, Wiiiiam H. Plummer. 


Ward 1. Daniel Brown, William A. Winshio, Increase 

Ward 2. Dorvillc Libby, Charles II. Osgood, Bufui B( .;!. 

Ward 3. John Trae, James Bailey, Charles i: 

Ward 4. Sewall Waterhouse, George H. Chad wick, Jamei 

Ward 5." Gardner Ludwi<v Edward H. Davcis, Henry 

Ward 6. Henry Fox. Benjamin Stevens. Jr., Thomas K. 

Ward 7. Jonathan H. Fletcher, Samuel E. Spring, William 
II. Stewart. 

Henry Fox, President. 
Ira J. Batciiei.or, Clerk. 

City CLERK, M. Heath. 

City Treasurer and Collector, Henry P. Lord. 

City Auditor, Munroe A. Bianchard. 
City Messenger, Geo. T. Ingraham. 

A^s!..»>soks. Samuel Small/ William Boss, Sylvester B. 




Ward 1, William Brown. 
u 2, Arthur M. Small. 

" 3, Monroe A.IIlanchard 
" i 4, Josiah C. Shirley. 
11 5, Richard K. Hunt. 
" 6, Robert Osley. 

" 7, Francis K. Tray. 


Ward 1, Robert I. Hull. 

• 4 2, Henry L. Paine. 

" 3, Ira J". Ratchelor. 

11 -i, Samuel Chadwick. 

M 5, William H. Clirtbrd. 

M 6, James F. Miller. 

" 7, Heury P. White. 


The act for incorporating the city was approved bv the 
Governor, February 28, 1832, and was accepted by the inhabi- 
tants, March 20, 1832. 

The number of votes thrown in Liver of the act, was 730 

The number against i*", 496 

The Mayors, with their terms of service, have been as fol- 
lows : 

Andrew L. Emerson, elected 1833. Mr. Emerson deceased 
before the expiration of the municipal year, and 

Jonathan l)OW wag elected to till the vacancy. 

John Anderson, 1833, 1842; 

Levi Cutter, from 1834 to 1840, inclusive; 

James C. Churchill, 1841; 

Eliphalet Greely, 1843 to 1S4S, inclusive; 

James B. Cahoon, 1849, 1850, 1853, 1$M{ 

Kenl Dow, 1851, 1855? 

Albion K. Parris, 1>52: 

James T. McCobb, 1856; 

William Willis, 1857; 

Jedediah Jewett, 1853, 1859; 

Joseph Howard, 1*00; 

William W. Thomas, 1801, 1802. 


Harris C. Barnes, Chief Engineer, 85 Federal St. 
John O. Tukesbury, 1st Assistant, 8 Pearl Street. 
Ezra Russell, 2d As$i*tanl % 10 Hanover Street. 
Spencer Rogers, 3d Assist \nt % 29 Waterville Street. 
Parmenio W. Neal, Ath Assistant, 20 Winter Street. 
Harris C. Barnes, Chairtnan. 
John C. Tukesbury, Secretary. 
There are three Steam, and five Hand Engines; one Hook 
and Ladder, and one Hose Company, included in the De- 
partment, viz; 

Engine House, No. 3-13 Congress Street. 
John L. Shaw, Director; Samuel II. Bell, Assistant Director; 
Sumner C. Fernald, Clerk; J. W. C. Knights, Steward. 
Edward W. Porter, Engineer. 

Engine House, No. 154 Congress Street— adjacent Eastern 

Leonard Penncll, Director; Benjamin F. Nelson, Assistant 
Director; William Henne-ey, Clerk; Charles II. Carl, Steward. 
Thomas Snowman, Engineer. 

Engine House, No. 222 Congress Street, between Pearl and 

Lime Streets. 
John F. Chase, Director; Charles Thome?, Assistant Direc- 
tor; Clerk; William Chase, Steward. 

John Cousins, Engineer. 

Engine J louse, No. 71 Spring Street. 
G. W. True, Director; C. H. Bowker, Assistant Director; 
G. II. Cioyes, Clerk; ]i. M. Crossman, Steward, 

OCEAN, NO. 4. 
Engine House, Brachelt, near P^ach Street. 
Charles H. Rfeh. Director; Edward Hodgkins, At 
Director; Charles 0. Uindle, Clerk. 

Engine House, No. IS Lime Street, near. Milk Street. 
George S. Sylvester, Director; Charles II. Marriner, Assis- 
tant Director; Edward Small, Clerk; Philip Downing, Steward. 

Engine House, No. 11 Monument, corner St. Lawrence Street. 

George H. Dawes, Director; George Gray, Jr., Assistant 
Director; George 11. Griffin, Clerk. 

DIR1G0, NO. 8. 
Engine House, Portland, corner Lowell Street,— near L 'i 
Corner. * 
A. M. Langmaid. Director; James N. Davis Assist 
rector; George VV. Noyes, Clerk: George W. Barnhaxn, Tn - 
*rer; James N. Libby, Steward. 


House opposite, Third Parish Church. 
J. Iff. Jewett, Director; Albert J. Curtis, Assistant Director; 
Samuel A. Knight, Clerk; A. J. Rich, Sttu-ard. 


Charles E. Chase, Director; John M. Dodgro-, Assistant Di- 
rector; A. G. Harlow, Clerk ; George T. Morris, Steward; E. 
K. Ellis, V. C. Hanson, Geo. II. J eflerds, Standing Committee. 


This is a company of minors that run with the Davidson, 
Kor 6. They keep up an organization, and in January elected 
A. II. Jacobs, Director; T. L. Horrie, Assistant Director; F. 
A. Drink-water, Clerk. Not mttk-r \™y. 

The Dtrigo Company and America Hose Company are 
likewise volunteers, receiving no j ay. 

There are Carriages with Hooks and Ladders; one at 343 
Congress Street, and one in City Stable Building, South, near 
Spring Street. Also, spare engines, some 6000b feet leading 
hose, and various implements useful at fires, under the im- 
mediate charge of the Board of Engineers. 



1. Congress, head of India street. 

2. Wilmot, near Congress street. 

3. Cumberland, comer Chestnut street. 

4. Cumberland, near Green -'•'• • '. 

5. Congress, front of Central Church. 

6. Congress, opposite Citsco street. 

7. Federal, corner Exchange street. 

8. Sumner, near Mountfort str< a. 

9. Middle, corner Deer street, (no u«e). 

10. Silver, between Middle and Milk streets. 

11. Union, near Middle street. 

12. Free, corner Center street. 

13. Dan forth, corner Maple .^tr. et. 

14. Brackett, head of I" 

15. Spring, comer Winter street. 
1G. Spring, cornei S itreet. 

17. State, corner Danforth street. 

18. Commereiul street, bead Long Wharf. 

19. Danforth, comer Clark street. ^ 
2". Cumberland, corner Franklin street. 

21. No use— covered over. 

S3. St. Lawrence, corner Monument street. 

23. Ma] ", : . riand street. 

•2 i. Head of State street. 


25. Park, corner Spring street. 

20. Pleasant, corner Center street. 

27. Middle, corner India street. 

28. Federal, corner Franklin street. 

29. Cumberland, corner Pearl street. 

30. Adams street. 

31. Portland, corner Alder street. 

32. Preble, corner Congress street. 

33. Brackett, corner Vanghan street. 

34. York, corner Tate street. 

35. Salem, corner Brackett street. 
30. Brackett, corner Gray street. 

37. Danforth, corner High street. 

38. Exchange, corner Middle street. 
S3. Congress, head of Temple street. 

40. Cumberland, corner Washington street. 

41. Atlantic street. 

42. Oxford, corner Pearl street. 

43. Oxford, corner Cedar street. 

44. Carlton, corner Brackett street. 

45. Lafayette street. 

40. Middle, near Franklin street. 

47. Portland, corner Green street. 

48. Portland street, opposite Alms House. 

49. Cumberland, between Brown and Preble streets 

50. Commercial street, head Widgery's Wharf. 

51. Deer, near Middle street. 
62. Plum, near Middle street. 

53. Free, corner Onk street. 

54. Clark, corner Spruce street. 

55. North, near Melbourne street. 
50. Hammond, near Fox street. 

57. Munroe street, opposite the Jail Hydrant. 

5S. Front Old City Hall, two Hydrants. 

59. Corner Lowell and Buraham streets. 

1. Federal, corner of Franklin street. 

2. Temple, near Clark & Co.'s store. 

3. Market Square, head Preble street. 

4. Middle, corner of India street. 

5. Elm, near Congress street. 
C. In Gils on' a stable yard. 

7. Foot of Hanover ?rr i t. 

8. North, near head of Cumberland street. 

9. State, near Congress street. 

10. Chapel street, at No. 9. 

11. Corner Oak and Congress streets. 

The following plan designates the boundaries of the severa 
alarm districts: 


During the year ending with March, 1862, the losses by firo 
amounted to only S30,150, and for the nine months since, the 
losses have been still less proportionately. For the previous 
decade of years, they were as follows : 




Fires ft Alarms 


$221,000 00 

$107,000 00 



10,400 00 

9,300 00 



205,015 00 

17,320 00 



41,705 00 

12,445 00 



14,tJ95 00 

9,495 00 



94,705 00 

52,015 00 



34,346 04 

15,273 54 

64 - 


25,845 65 

16,890 65 



69,910 6G 

33,013 49 



69,381 07 . 

39,80S ]3 

51 • 


30,150 00 

71,175 00 


$810,813 42 

$383,735 SI 



There are sixteen newspapers and periodicals published in 
this citv, viz: 

The baity, Tri-Weeklv, and Weekly Advertiser, (political 
— Independent), E. O. J. Smith, proprietor. Oilice, 131 Ex- 
change Street, International Hotel Building. 

The Daily, Tri-Weekly, and Weekly Eastern Argu«, (polit- 
ical — Democratic), at 57 Exchange street. John M. Adams i; 
Co., proprietors and publishers. 

Portland Daily Press, Maine- State Pre.^, weekly, (political 
— Republican), at 82 Exchange Street. X. A. Foster & Co., 
proprietors and. publishers. 

Daily Evening* Courier, (general news), No. 26 Lime street. 
Isaac X. fetch, publisher and editor. 

Zion's Advocate, ( Calvin ist Baptist), weekly, at 82 Exchanga 
street. Wm. 11. Shailer and J. W. Colcord, publishers and 

Christian Mirror, (Consregationalist), weekly, at 131 Ex- 
change street. Qparles Augustus Lord, proprietor and editor. 

Transcript, (literary), weekly, at 63 Exchange street, Elweil, 
Pickard & Co., publishers. E. II. Elweil, editor. 

Maine Temperance Journal, weekly, at G4 Middle Street. 
B. F. Thorndike, publisher and editor." 

Pleasure Boat, (miscellaneous), weekly. Jeremiah Hacker, 
proprietor and publisher, 82 Exchange street. 

Portland Price Current and Maine Shipping List, weoklv, 
at 82 Exchange street. Brown Thurston, 'proprietor. M. 
N. Rich, editor. 

Maine Teacher, monthly. Brown Thurston, publisher, E< 
Pi Weston, Editor. 




No. SG Middle Street. Capital, $600,000. 

William W. Thomas, President. Josiah B. Scott, Cashier. 

Directors. — Chas. E. Barrett, Wm, Goodenow, Thos. Ham- 
mond, Wra. Kimball, Wm. W. Thomas, Geo. F. Shepley, one 

Teller.— Benj. C. Somerby. Discount Clerk.— G. C. Peters. 

Discount day, Thursday. 

No. 93 Middle Street. Capital, $600,000. 

Samuel E. Spring, President. Edward P. Gerrish, Cashier. 
Directors. — Samuel E. Spring, N. O. Cram, Nathan Cam- 
ming*, J. B. Carroll, Thomas B. Jones, Eben Steele, Joseph 

Paying Teller, Wm. A. Winship. deceiving Teller, George 
E. Small. Book-keeper, George C. Codinan. 
Discount day, Friday. 

No CO Exchange Street. Capital, $200,000. 

William Moulton, President Samuel Small, Jr., Cashier. 
Directors. — William Moulton, Ashur Ware, James Tod 1, 
Edward II. Daveis, Jonathan Tukesbury, S. P. Shaw. 
Clerk, Joseph H. Sutter. 
Discount day, Monday. 


No. 106 Middle Street. Capital, $025,000. 

St. John Smith, President William E. Gould, Cashier. 

Directors.— St. John Smith, H. J. Libhy, Charles III den, 
Phinehas Sanies, Ezra Carter, Jr., Henry B Hart, N. J 

Teller, Charles Daris, fr. Note Clerk, Bufus W. Peering. 
Book-keeper, Jvn:i>h E. Gilman. 


No. 203 Fore Street. Capital, $250,000. 

Rufus Borton, President Edward Gould, Cashier. 

Directors.— Kufta Norton, Frederick G. ftfesser, A. K. 
Shurtleff, Eleazar MeKenney, Dow, 
Clerk, Arthur McLellau. " 
Discount day, Tuesday. 

270 r O II T L A. M D DI RECTO RV : 


No. 71 Exchange Street. Capital, $100,000. 

Allen Haines, President. AVm. IT. Stephenson, Cashier. 
Directors. — Allen Haines, Daniel Hood, Edward HambUn, 
Thomas S. Abbott, Henry Pennell. 
Clerk, Thomas Browne. 
Discount day, Tuesday. 

No. 30 Exchange Street. Capital, $300,000. 

Pensellaer Cram, Presidant. Charles Payson, Cashier. 
Directors. — Etensellaer Cram, William Willis, Jacob McLel- 
lan, Chas Oxnard, N. W. Rice, John- Lynch, Bufoa E. Wood. 
Clerk, F. B. Gilman. 
Discount day, Tuesday. 

Office, Canal Bank Building. No. 86 Middle Street. 

Phineas Barnes, President. 

Trustees and Board of Managers. — John B. Brown, Oliver 
Gerrish, Allen Haines, Henry B. Hart, Jedcdiuh Jewett, 
Jonas H. Perler. 

Secretary and Treasurer. — Joseph C. Noyes. 

The following statement shows the amount of deposits, and 
ftate of investments, ou the 3d day of January, 1863. 
Deposits. ------ $519,253 75 

Interest Balance, - 8,645 20 

Profit and Loss, - - - - - 1,866 21 

$524,785 22 


General Investments, - - - - $ 26,733 33 

Public Securities, - 176,007 09 

Mortgages, ----- 203,818 40 

Railroad Bonds, - 7,000 00 

Bank Stock, ----- 20,800 00 

Portland Gas Stock, - - .... 5,000 00 

Expenses, - - - - - - 7 J S3 

Premiums, 632 68 

Cash, ------ io,7. CT 

$524,785 29 


Office, No. 102 Middle Street, up stairs. 
Benjamin Kingsbury, Jr., President A. E. Stevens; Vice 
President. Charles Baker, Treasurer. James H. B i tr, 
Trustees,— N. F. Peering, H. C. Barse*, Martin Gore, Eben 


Steele, Charles Davis, Charles Holden, William Willie, Byron 
Greenough, 0. P. Tuckennan, Samuel Rolf, Joseph Libbey. 

The amount of deposits, January 3d, 1863, was $112,915 96 
Number of depositors 1700. 


U. S. Securities, $30,000 00 

Mortgages, ----- 48,190 00 

Bank Stock, ----- 19,170 00 

Portland Gas Stock, - - - - €50 00 

Railroad Bonds, ----- 3,000 00 

Loans on Collateral Securities, - - 10,238 43 

Cash on hand, expenses, &c, - - -- 1,417 43 

$112,015 96 

TAXES TOR 1862. 

The following is a list of the individuals, firms, and estates 
•which have been assessed over one hundred dollars the pres- 
ent year, and the amount to each. 

Adams Chas II 5"s 10 Baxter Wm IT 165 25 

Adams John M& Co 216 00 Beale Samuel X 140 95 

Aitchison Wm 12S 80 Beckett S B 157 15 

Akerman Wm 103 15 Beckett Chas E 131 50 

Allen Wm est 175 50 Bibber Warren A 115 30 

Anderson John est 670 75 Billings Leonard IIS 00 

Anderson John 109 00 Blake Charles 362 85 

Babcock Geo H 105 S5 Blake Jones & Co 274 00 

Bacon David W 83$ 05 l^lanchard Samuel 165 25 

Bacon & Breslin 113 40 Blancfiard Nathaniel 274 60 

Bailor James 10180 Bognn Daniel L 108 65 

Bailey & Xoyes 105 75 Boody Mary B 504 90 

Baker Charles I " ) Bowen Win V 118 00 

Baker Jacob C 108 55 BovdJohn P 473 45 

Barker Bath 135 00 Boyd Wilham 203 15 

Baldwin Wm 1 66 60 Boyd Susau C e=t 264 00 

Bank Canal 9 175 Bradbury Henry 190 90 

" Casco 206 55 Bradford* Freeman 130 15 

. " Merchants 1 306 45 Bra 134 20 

41 of Cumberland V '■ 05 Bradley Wm C 140 B9 

" Man. & rradcrs' 103 00 Bradley James Jr 150 -JO 

" international 146 60 Bradley & Webb 108 00 

Banks I'M^ 1<»4 05 Brazier Harriet P 1"2 60 

Barbour J &C J 216 00 Breed £ Tukey 136 35 

Barbour Charles J 169 B6 Breslin Thomas II 140 95 

Banies Harris C 123 10 Brooks John C 578 35 

1 • DO Brooks Hiram U 2 "•' 

Barrett Charles E 483 85 Browne ["bos est 226 B0 

Barstow George S 149 06 Brown J | 3727 00 

Bartol Geo est 3o2 10 Brown Philip II 198 60 



Brown W & W W 
Burgin Sarah W 
Burgess Alexander 
Burgess Bros & Co 
Butler Alford 
Butler Moses M 
Butler Ralph Jr 
Buzzell John 
Cahoou James B 
Cammett Dudley 
Carleton Sam'l L 
Carroll John B 
Carruthera J J 
Carter Ezra Jr 
Chadbourn Wm G 
Chad wick Thos est 
Chad wick GcoII&\ 

13 i 
Ife 107 

Ccutrai Wharf Proorie 

tary * 770 

Chadwick Wm F ISO 

Chad wick Samuel 190 
Chadwick Wm F & al 

trustees C99 

Chadwick Mary Ann 256 
Chadwick Mary 175 

Chapman O C & Co 229 
Chapman Elbridge 150 
Chase Samuel 490 

Chase .l>\u\ W 103 

. Chase S C & £ P 102 

Chase John 127 

Chase David T 363 

Chase William 703 

Chase Granville M 128 
Chase Sowall C 699 

Chase Semi! C ife Co 195 
Chase Bros & Co 237 

Chase LittloficUl & Co 162 
Choate Eben D 293 

Churchill Edwin 238 

Churchill Edwin & Co 371 
Churchill James M 393 
Clapp Charles Q 1077 

Clapp A W II 202S 

Clapp C Q & A W H 

Trustees 183 

Clapp C Q & A W IL 

Trustees 887 

Clark Bliphalet 25J 

Clark Weymouth & Co 135 
Clifford Nathan 301 

C loudmanSte vena &Co 103 

Cobb Lemuel 
Cobb & Jordan 
Cobb Almira 
Cole Lorenzo D 
Coles worthy S II 
Colligan William 
Conant Alvah 
Conant R O & Co 
Connor John heirs 
Corey Walter 
Corey John R & Co 
Corey Eben 
Co veil Hiram est 
Cram N O 
Cram Chas E 
Cram Rensellaer 
Crocker Ira 
Crocker Enoch est 
Crocker Ellen E 
Cross Leonard 
Crowther J W 
Cummings Nathan & 

Cummings Thomas 
Cummings Augustus 
Cummings Phebe 
Cummtngs Stephen II 
Cummings E L est 
Cummings John B 
Cummings T & J B 
Cummings Freeman G 
Cummings & Brock 
Cummings James M 
Curtis John & John B 
Cushman Rufus 
Cushman Geo H 
Cushman John S 
Dana & Co 
Dana John W 
Dana J W executor 
Dana Israel T 
Daniels Dexter 
Daniels Ebenezer 
Darling M & A P 
Dave is Charles S 
Dave is Edward H 
Davis Geo R 
Davis Charles 
Davis II ill L 
Davis TwitcheU & 

Davis, Baxter & Co 











4 48 





































































4 5 

















1 1 

1 J 



Day Josiah F 209 SO 

Dean* John G est 108 00 

Dearie Henry P 107 20 

Deblois Thos A 417 70 

Deering Eunice 243 00 

Deering N F 35? 30 

Peering H W & A 308 5.3 

Deering Nathaniel 136 00 

Deland Daniel I 11 65 

Dennett Oliver est 263 2") 

Dennis John & Co 111 80 

Dodge Moses 108 55 

Dooley Andrew 140 95 

Donnell John K 115015 

Dow Josiah est 194 40 

Dow Josiah & Son 30 i 50 

Dow Neaf 1000 90 

Dow Jeremiah 104 50 

Drake, Davis Sc Co lii 45 

Dresser Robert 100 45 

Dreiser Alfred M 32* 00 
Drink water David est 171 45 

Dunlap Lois 117 45 

Dunham Rufus 141 74 

Duran William 178 05 

D wight Vv'mT 157 15 

Dver Nathan est 279 45 

Dver Wm W 201 70 

Dver Joseph W 1025 20 

Dver Ansyl L 195 25 

Dyer Mrs L est 121 50 

D v e r I. cm u e L hei rs 117 4' 

Dyer James 1 17 70 
Dver Lydia executrix 20*2 50 


Dver Lydia trustee 
Kd wards Wm E 223 50 

Ed wards Calvin l<»3 15 

Kd wards C & H S Sc Co 189 00 

Elsworth X & Son 
EU worth Nathaniel 
Emerson Stephen 
Emery Nicholas est 
Emory vV Waterhous 
Emery Daniel F 
Emery & Fox 
Emery Mark P 
Evans William est 
Evans Robert 
Evans George 
Farmer Janv s r. 
Farrington Ira P 
Fernald James E 


in 7"> 

100 45 
131 50 
B ' 5 ' '> 
V24 55 
181 45 
443 B0 
116 55 
400 D5 
I 19 "• 
139 50 

751 15 

193 25 

Fessenden Samuel 134 

Fessenden James D 163 

Fessenden Wm P 67:* 

Fickett George 119 

Fickett Isaac 232 

Fitch Lather 330 

Fitch Simon 132 

Fletcher Jonathan H 188 

Fobes Charles 370 

Fobes Albert G 234 

Fog/ Sumner 154 

Fosdick Sophia A 135 
Fosdick Sophia A guar 

dian , 108 

Fox Daniel est 1598 

Fox John est 657 

Fox Henry " in 

Fox Frederick 301 

Fox Lucy J 12 4 

Fox l-.dwar 1 524 

Franklin Wharf Co 64S 

Frost CJ.^rics R C55 

Frost Orange C IIS 

Yv ist Luther E 199 
Frothiughara Si -pheu 

e-t 204 

Fuller A V Sc wife 103 

Furbish Daniel 147 

Furbish 1) H 295 

Furbish Henry C 224 

Gale Stephen 231 

G :rri h Oliver 161 

Crermsh & Pearson 108 

Gerrisb Mary Ann 120 

Uillutpie F. H 116 

Gilraan John T 294 

' >rge 107 

Gibson Chas A 199 

God ! ir>[ Henry 305 

r S N ic E 105 

1 1 ■. »w Wm 20S 

: irtin C7o 

G >rhiim Wm est 135 

Gould Daniel 169 

Colli 1 Moses 1054 

Gould '1 bos O 153 

Gowoll Samuel B 145 

Gray Joseph 159 

K est 688 

Greely Philip est 8 11 

Grcenough Byron 5C8 














Greenough Byron & Co 207 00 

Grit nth § & M 

141 75 

Haines Allen 

243 55 

Hale Joseph 

2S9 45 

Hall Simeon 

174 70 

Hail David 

703 90 

Hall Joel widow 

2<H 60 

Hamilton Edward 

238 15 

Hamblen Joseph H 

223 30 

Hammond Thos 

1570 00 

Hammond William 

308 35 

Hanna Peter 

201 70 

Hanson Samuel est 

651 25 

Hanson Gardner F 

129 60 

Harlow Lazarus 

155 SO 

Hart H B & H M 

228 SO 

Haskell Clias H 

255 70 

Hay H H 

161 20 

Hayes Thos R 

126 10 

Haves John G 

109 80 

Horsey T C 

456 85 

Horse v, Fletcher & Co 707 40 

Holdeu Charles 

604 00 

Holvoke C& B 

10S 00 

Hood Daniel 

302 35 

Horton Rnfus 

275 95 

Horton Rufui heirs 

121 50 

Howe Edward 

103 15 

Howard Joseph 

373 15 

Hubbs Alexander 

105 84 

Hull Robert 

255 70 

Hunt George S 

212 50 

Hunt & Jewett 

102 60 

Hyde William A 

103 90 

Ilsley Isaac est 

2023 65 

Ilsley Alico 

115 80 

Ilsley Joseph 

293 50 

Ingraham Edward 

338 00 

Ingraham Charles P 

255 TO 

Ingraham Samuel P 

124 75 

International St'p Co 1020 00 

Jacobs Wm V 

250 30 

Jewett Sarah 

230 25 

Jewett George 

212 50 

Jones Thos ft 

505 50 

Jones Charles est 

60S 65 

Jones Caroline &Mary 283 50 

Jordan Gardner 

221 95 

Jordan Charles 

1S5 50 

Jordan Elizabeth F 

129 60 

Jordan Wm II heirs 

110 70 

Joso Horatio N 

1207 45 

Jose Mark E est 
Reazer David 
Kelley Ralph 
Kent Reuben 
Kilborn Wm T 
Kilborn Wm T & Co 
Kimball William 
Kimball Jas M 
King Jairus K 
Knight Jabez M 
Knight Geo H 
Knight Isaac 
Lancey II Warren 
Lane John W 
Lane Peter 
Larrabee Benj 
Leathe & Gore 
Leavitt Joseph 
Leavitt Edward M 
Leavitt James W 
Leavitt & Came 
Lewis Jacob T 
Lewis Russell 
Libbv II J & Co 
LibbV II J 
Libbv F O 

das B 
L bby Simon H 
Libby Matthias 
Lindsay William 
Little Hall J 
Little Josiah S est 
Little F D 
Little E E 
Locke & Aiken 
Long Wharf Propriet' 
Lord 6 Crawford 
Lor in g George 
Leavitt & Sargent 
Lowell & Senter 
Lucas Thos 
Lyman S R 
Lyman & Marrett 
Lynch John & Co 
McDonald Moses 
Marrett Edwin A 
McCobb Jas T 
McCobb Henry B est 
Marrett, PooroE Co 
MeGUvery, Ryan & 

Mason Edward 



72 1 








































4 5 

2 1 2 

















-i '- 



B ' 





' 175 



6 ) 





37 6 



-i ' 








I ■ 





4 1 

2 i •. 



I '> 



Maxwell Joshua 617 GO 

McGlinchey James 244 90 

McGlinchey J & P 114 75 

McKonuey Eleazar 752 50 
McKennev Eleazar Sc 

Co 459 00 
Mc Lau^hlin Charles & 


202 50 

McLellan Lucy 

202 50 

McLellan Arthur 


185 oo 

McLellan Thos est 

330 85 

McLellan Seth B 

107 20 

Megqnier B C 

122 05 

Merrill Henry 

648 55 

Messer F G 

325 90 

Miller N J 

6S3 75 

Millett Daniel \V 

104 50 

Mitchell Nathaniel 1 

134 20 

Mitchell Eliza P truste 

e 450 00 

Moody F C 

1*6 85 

Morgan Andrew P 

189 55 

Morton David 

2 C 2 70 

Moulton William 

2171 45 

Moulton Jos W cat 

230 65 

Mountfort Jas 

271 90 

Malnix Andrew 

113 95 

Mangei John W 

1?5 50 

Mussey John 

1879 75 

Myrick Salomon 

271 90 

Newhfttl Susan 

195 -5'> 

Newhall Watson 

578 35 

Ncal John 

710 05 

Norton Edwin A 

710 05 

Noyes Ward 

105 B5 

Noyes Joseph C 

235 45 

Noyes, Weston & Co 

233 65 

Ocean Insurance Co 

41S 50 

Odell Richard est 

270 45 

Osgood Chas II 

992 P0 

Oinard Edward 

897 45 

Oxnard William 

680 95 

Oxnard John 

311 Do 

Palmer M G 

13 S 25 

Parris A K est 

441 45 

Patten Stephen 

128 10 

Patten Stephen Sc Son 167 40 

Payson Henry M 

100 90 

Pearson Gc^ a x - t 

217 85 

Perkins J W & Co 

135 00 

Periey & Russell 

191 7" 

Pcrley Jonas II 

375 85 

Periey nenrvE est 141 75 

Perry Ezra N 163 90 

Perry Chas 200 35 

Peterson Manuel 135 50 

Pettengill Daniel 223 30 

Phinney & Jackson 10-3 05 

Phinney, Green & Go 135 00 

Pierce Ann L 135 00 

Plummer Moses I 176 05 

Plummer Chas M 248 95 

Pomroy Priscilla N 113 40 

Portland Pier Co 216 00 
Portland Steam Packet 

Co 3073 95 

Portland Co 3007 80 

Portl'd Gas Light Co 4368 60 
Portland Mutual Fire 

Ins Co 619 75 

Portland Sugar House 

Co * 49S5 

Potter Barrett 332 

Preble Win P widow 220 

Preble Mary est 2713 
Proctor John C 300 

Pnrinton Wm II 122 

Purinton X L 103 

Quinby Levi widow 151 
Quincy Ann 207 

Racklyft James 352 

Radford Benj . 105 
Radford Lincoln 115 

Ran I John 161 

Randall Job heirs 118 

Randall John 253 

Randall Joshna F 143 

Randall & Woodbury 135 
Km Albns widow 251 

Reed William II 101 

Reeves Margaret W 1^2 
Rico \* C 185 

Richardson Joshna 679 

Richardson Israel 1024 
Richardson N P 853 

Richardson N P <i Co 162 
(son Charles 3^'J 
Richardson's Wharf Co 945 

Kicker Joseph S 
Robinson D Jr 

)□ H I 
Robinson C W & Co 
Robinson F W 
Robisou Robert I 







Rogers Clias 

Rogers Chas & Co 

Rone Samuel 

Koss & Sturdivant 

Rumery & Buruham 

Rumery Samuel 

Rusself John 

Russell Joseph 

Russell John Jr 

Sati'ord William F 

Soger Charles 

Sanborn L eVCo 

Sargent Fitz E ' 

Sawyer Abel 

Sawyer Greenleaf 

Sawyer'Charles E 

Sawyer Merrick 

Scott Josiah B 

Shaw Nathaniel 

Shaw Wm II & Son 

Shaw, Haskell & Rich- 

Shaw John P 

Sh iw SamuelJP 

Shaw Aboer 

Shepperd & Co 

Shepfoy Ether 

Shepley George F 

Shaw Alpheoa 

Shirley George II 

Shuitfcff A K 

Small Samuel jJr 

Smith George 

Smith St John 

Smith WendallP est 

Smith John T 

Smith Joseph L 

Smith Manasseh H 

Smith St Johu & J B 

Sparrow John 

Spring Andrew 

Spring Samuel E 

Spring A & S E 

Stanwood Gideon L 

Staples Ckas & Son 

Stephenson Win II 

Stephenson A B 

Steele Eben 

Steele & Hayes 

Stevens E C 

Stereos A E 

GOO 40 



































































































Stevens A E k Co 
Stewart William II 
Stedworthy John 
Storer Horace P 
Storer & Cutler 

2 r «9 


Sturdivant Addison C 871 

Sturdivant Isaac I' 
Sweetser Major A 
Sweetser ttethuel 
Sweetser John 
Sweat L I) 31 
Svmonds Joseph 
Talbot Tlios II trustee 4^7 
Tenbroeck Lucretiaest 129 
Thomas Elias 1212 

Thomas Elizabeth W 

Thomas Wm W 
Thompson J 11 
Todd James 
Tolford Timothv B 
Tolford J G £ Co 
Tolford John G 
Tolman John widow 
Trask Samuel 
Tnuk Martha e-t 
Trefethen Henry 
True Eben 
True John G 
True J G & Co 
True & Froth in gham 
True J & D W 
Tucker Ansyl 
Tukesbury Jonathan 
Tyier Samuel 
Tyler Alexander 
Tyler, Rice & S-ms 
Underwood Benj 
Union \\ "nan IhopriC' 

UpharaE'E Sr'Son 
Varnura I'hineha^est 
Varnum P Fox 
Waite Edward 
Walker Joseph est 
Walker Joseph 
Walker Moody F 
Walker J J * 
Walker J J & Co 
Ware Ashur 
Warren George 
Warren Nathaniel 


2 5 1 1 
2* 8 





Wnterhouse Samuel 
Waterhouse J W 
"Weeks Joshua F 
Weston Sc Keazer 
Weymouth Levi 
Whitman Margaret P 
Wi I dra ire Ann 
WUiard William 
Williams William 
Willis Thos L heirs 
Willis William 
Willis Charlotte 
Wilson Eben 
Wingate Joshua est 
Winchester Hiram 
Winslow Nathan e.-t 
Winslow Nathan 2d 

Bord David 

Carlisle Mary E 
Clark Frederick W 
Collins Joseph W 
Gushing Lemuel 
Dana Charles B 
Deakfl Chas and wife 
Deering Mary L 
Decring James est 
Duncan Mary W 
Drown Elizabeth J 
Fluent John M 
Fox Horatio 
Gait Alexander T 
Grand Trunk K B Co 6007 
Hall Daniel 190 

Hayes Dennis widow 101 
flobson Joseph J 7'- I 

Kinsman Eliza' th heirs 123 
Libby Eben l vr J 

Little Josiah Jr 121 

Longfellow Samuel 14$ 
Mead Thomas H 122 

Valuation of real estate, IS 

44 personal " 
Number of pulls, - 
Foil tax, 
Per Ceutage. 
Valuation of reai Ctl : 

Valuation of real estate, 1" 
44 personal M 

Polls, .... 
Poll tax, - 
Per Ceutage, 



































































Winslow Hezekiah & 

Co 195 75 

Winslow James N ^4 15 

Wood William 21 J 25 

Wood Rufus E 664 75 

Wood Nathan 126 10 

Wood John M 1462 GO 

Woodbury Win est 479 25 

Woodbury N L 232 40 

Woodbury Sz Harris 121 50 
Woodman, True & Co 765 45 

Woodman Ja'oez C 159 S5 

Woodman Geo W 305 G5 

Wright Christopher 856 95 

Yeaton John 120 70 

Yeaton & Hale 173 20 



Mc Man mis Richard 
Mount fort Silas 
Noble J osepl i 
Owen George 
Palmer Asa 
Potter John 
Plummer K< 
P S & P Railroad Co 
Quinby Moses est 
Rangeley James 
Kay Georgians W 
Richardson Charles 
Robinson O'Neal W 
SowalJ L D 
So wall Samuel E 
Smith F O J 
ficknor W D 
Tyler Daniel est 
Williams Ezra T est 
Wilson Snmael W 
Woodman Mary 
Wood William 
V. ..■•!i Ad.uu 

- - - -$M. 

- 81 90 

- 1 35-100 
a-residenta, $2, 

i persons, 



- $2.00 

- 1 11-100 

101 25 
133 25 
677 70 
103 35 
126 90 
226 SO 
103 05 
947 70 

120 15 
108 00 
216 00 

121 50 

150 60 
147 15 

270 00 
2-3 50 

271 35 
133 85 

14^ 50 
204 GO 
3*3 40 











RATE OX |100j 



$91,741 31 

65 Ctft. 



100,738 15 

Gl c:<. 



114,118 44 

60 ct-'. 



129,937 33 

70 eta. 



126,711 59 

64 ett. 



14S,735 74 

7u cti. 



157,518 16 

So ct.i. 



184,9S3 83 

80 cti. 



197,471 90 

£6 eta. 



205,105 50 

90 CU. 



244,888 60. 

$1 08 



274,352 06 

1 14 



320,919 95 

1 35 


increase in Valuation, 

$9,942,462 00 


increase in Taxes asse 


229,17b 64 


The total amount of the City Debt, at the close of the la»t 
municipal year (March 30, 1802), was $868,699 


Th.e total value of Foreign Exports during the rear 1502, 
wan $4,117,292.08 

The total value of the Imports for the first three quarters 
was $3,458,630 

An abstract of the last quarter, ending with December 31st, 
1862, at the time these statements were compiled, was not 
completed, but will probably bring the amount up to more than 
fcrur millions. 

The total of Foreign Exports during the year 1861, was 

$3,05 >.. 127 

The total of Import?, exclusive of those intended for Cana- 
da, &c., not dutiable, was - $1,456,434 


The total imports of Molasses during the year 1802 were 
38,774 hogsheads, 4,:>55 tierces, 1S4 pnncheODJj, and 1,574 bar* 
rels, containing a total of 5,824,092 tr.-tUons. 

In 1861, tiiC quantity was 4,971,528 gallons. 

In I860, the cmajitity was 6,011,137 gallons. 



The importations of Sugar daring the year 1SC2, were 9,031 
hogsheads, 5,G24 boxe?, 4»io tierces, 202 barrels. 

Total for 1SC1, 82G hogsheads, 508 boxes, 124 tierces. 

Total for 1SG0, G5o hogsheads. 2,286 boxes, 75 tierces. 

Total for 1859, 6,810 hogsheads, 6,609 boxes, 381 tierces. 

Total for four years, 11,122 hogsheads, 14,027 boxes, 1,040 
tierces, 202 barrels. 


The importations for the year 1SG2, were G,542 tons, 6,500 
hogsheads, 1,198 sacks, 57,625 bushels. 

In 1601, the importations were reduced to bushels, 2^5,752; 
from the following places: 

Bonaire, 4G,41G bush. Innsrua, 7,000 bush. 

Liverpool, 55,584 M St, Bartholomew, 2,376 M 

Turk's Island, 55,492 M Marseilles, 32,404 M 

Cadiz, 43,384 " St. Martin's, 4,300 u 

Cagliari, 28,786 M 

Total, 275,751 bush. 


The total quantity of Dry and Tickled Fish brought to this 
port in 18G2, was 35,000 b'ols Mackerel, 46,000 quintals Drr 
Fish, 2,500 bbls Herring, 25.000 boxes Herring, 1,000 barrels 
Pickled Halibut, Cod, and other 5sh. 

Among the Exports to foreign countries, were, Flour, exclu- 
sive of the quantity sent to St. John, N. II., 64,084 barrels. 

Wheat, 676,582 bushels. 

Indian Corn, T,000 bushels. 

Deals, 4,452,092 feet. 

Hogshead Shooksand Heads, 866,206 sets. 

Sugar Box Snooks, 1,050,000. 

Fish (this estimated) value, $500,000. 


The number of vessels which arrived at this port in 1302 
was 3,42$, of which 661 were from forefgu ports. 

The total amount of tonnage belonging to this District on 
thft 1st day of July, 1662, was 133,161 54-j5ths. 


Uenry John Murray, Consul for Her Britannic Majesty for 
Maine, office No. 80 Exchange Street. 

Enrinue Aim, Consul for Her Catholic Majesty of Spain, 
office No. 203 Congress Street. 

K. P. LeProhon, Consul tor the Emperor of France, office 
No. 7 South Street. 




Tho following is a list of the vessels 
during the year 1SG2: 

built in this District 








P. G. Blanchard, 

Ionic, (rebuilt), 




Jane Q. Storer, 


J. Polledo, 

Minnie Traub, 
Hattie S. Emery, 
Ida F. "Wheeler, 
Blue Sea, 
New England, 
Harvest Moon, 
Tiger, (rebuilt), 


In 1 c G I , there were built in the District: 




































5 i - t i 










H. S. Soule, 












Lucy Ellen, 




Ellen Marin, 



Marv C. Mariner, 



" «* 





Hattio E. Wheeler, 








Etta Caroline, 












G. \V. Carpenter. 




Win. Arthur, (rebuilt), 




New Brunswick, 











Steam gunboi 

it, Kinco, 

Total, 7002 

The total tonnage built iu 1500, was 4402 37-05th ? . 




The total amount of tonnage owned in the several Districts 
in the State respectively, on tho 1st of July, 1SC2, was 


Portland, 133,101 54 
Passamaquoddy, 25, 238 35 
Machias, 35,715 3t 
Frenchman'! Bar,37,126 S7 

Penobscot, 64,225 22 
Belfast, 84,0<>7 10 
Bangor, 40,920 :0 
Waidoboro\ 189,027 37 






Total ton?, 













Jedediah Jewett, Collector. 
Robert Dsley, Deputy Collector. 

Kobcrt A. Bird, 
Otis Cutler, 
Leander Valentine, 
Lewis B. Smith, 
Samuel R. Leavitt, 
James Doughty, 
Joseph Dunnell, 
William E. Edwards, 
John Sargent, 
J. R. Thompson, 
James Crie, 
Jeremiah Buxton, 
William Cammett, 
James T. Clark, 
Franklin Sawyer, 
Joshua Dunn, 
Robert P. Jewett, 
Richard C. Penncil, 
O. B. Dorrance, 
C. J. Talbot, 

Warehouse Clerk. 

Weigher, <J auger, and Measurer. 

Inspector of Customs. 

Inspector at Yarmouth. 

Occasional In-poctor of Customs. 



U. S. General Appraiser. 
Surveyor of tho Port. 


S»)ulh /.astern flag Si-ijT for Ships and Barks. 

For 1 Ship, red and white ila£— white up. 

M 2 Ship*, same — red up. 

11 3 Ships, same— white up and a pennant over, i 

u 4 Shins, same — red up and a pennant under. 

11 l Bars, red flay, white square center. 

" 2 Barkl, eame — pennant over. 

44 3 Barks, same— pennant under. 


North Western Staff for Brigs. 
For 1 Brig, blue and -white flag — white up. 
11 2 Brigs, same — blue up. 
" 3 Brigs, same — white up and pennant over. 
M 4 Brigs, same— blue up and pennant under. 
44 any square rigged vessel, class undetermined, a pennant 

on the ship staff. 
44 a vessel at anchor, white flag with anchor, staff determ- 
ining the class. 
M a Government armed vessel, American eusign with black 
ball under. 
All foreign vessels, excepting English mail steamships, repre- 
sented by their national ensign. 

Steamers and Schooners. 
For English mail steamships, French flag with a pennant over 
on the ship staff. 

44 English steamships not carrying the mail, English flag, 
With a pennant over, on the ship staff. 

44 New York steamers, red and white burgee, on the center 
staff. •" 

44 Boston steamers, white burgee with three red bars, on the 
center stuff. 

M Penobscot steamers, white and blue burgee, on center stiff. 

4i St. John and Eastport steamers, red burgee, on center staff. 

44 Kennebec steamers, white burgee, on the center staff. 

44 Revenue Cutters, Revenue flag (stripes running perpen- 
dicularly), on the center staff. 

4< ilerchant schooner, blue burgee, on the center staff. 

44 Vessel ashore, flair at half mast, staff determining the 
class, where practicable. 

44 A vessel wrecked or disabled, two pennants at half mast, 
staff determining the class, where practicable. 
A single white ball hoisted, is signal tor a vessel three miles 
out, requesting a tow boat; two white balls, signal foe 
the same, six miles out; three, for one nine miles out; 
'* four, for one twelve miles out. , 

The distance of steamers Is represented by black balls hung 
out from the base of the ship's staff, — each ball stand- 
ing for half an hour. 
*** When merchants' private signals are furnished to the 
proprietor of the Observatory, they are hoisted instead. 
of the general signal, the staff determining the class of 
the vessels. 

Latitude and Longitude of Portland. 

Our latitude, determined by the U. S. Government, is: 
« deo. sxnr. sr\. 

"New Custom House, 43 39 27 

Longitude of same,' 70 15 40.4. 

Longitude in time of same, 4 hours, 41 min., 02.7 sec 





The highest elevations to which the land rise3 within the 
city's limits, are: 

On Bramhall's Hill, 
On MGnjoy Hill, 

The lowest point on the ridge which separates the 
* -harbor from Back Cove, is at head of Hamp- 
shire Street, 

FT. 10TH8. 

175 .6 



From the true North at the present time (Jan. 1SC3) is 12 
degrees, 4 tenths, Westerly. It has been increasing since 1 7 • : "> ? 
when it was 8 degrees. In 1770, it was S and 1 tenth: in 17b0, 
8.3; in 1790, 8.5; in 1-500, 8.0; in 1810, 9.4; in 1820, 10; in 
1830, 10.6; in 1840, 11.2; in 1850, 11.8; in 1800,12.2; in 1863, 
12.4. In 1S70, it will be 12 7. 


The following is a List of Vessels over 100 Tpn3 Burden, be- 
longii g to the District of Portland and Falmouth, January 
25, 1863. 


Abba Rlancbard 

Alice Y^unard 


Charles S Poonell 


gft Detroit 

Dorcafl Prince 
' D I. Choate 
' Ellen Hood 

Eliphalet Greelj 


Evening Sur 


George Tamer 

ttraco Sargent 

Helios * . 

II S Soulo 


J Bakex 

John O Baker 

John L Dluiock 

John fc Harris 

Kite Dyer 

sir i r s. 
Sylranue Blancbard & al 
Bamnel Burknam & al 
George Skolfield A al 
Fraocii T Purinton A al 
Charles Boutclle A al 
John Randall A rI 
SylvanasC Bianchard Jt 
Bylranui C Blam hard ft 
Daniel L Choate A: al 
Daniel Hood & al 
T R Jones ft als* 
R McManui ft al 
John K D unnell A al 
Ralph Kelley 
Jacob McLellan L. nl 
Cyrus f Pargent ft al 
BenJ Webster it. al 
Clement II Bonle ft al 
Wm Gore \. al 
Beoj itnin Webster & al 
Charles S Penn< II A al 
Geo Skolfteld k al 
Jam.* I, Farmer A: al 
Joseph \V Dyer ft a I 


Tons, 95 th* 



4 ') 











1< 85 





al l-:5 



alj ISfiO 
















77 o 




















" I8M 



• 1669 











o » 



Kittie Floyd 
Ocean Pearl 
P G Blanchard 
Rising Sun 
Sam Dunning 
Samuel falea 
Samuel Locke 

Sylvanns Blanchard 
United States 
William Woodbury 
Young £am 

A'- fceie 

Albion Lincoln 
And i 

Ann;.* W Levis 
A:j fc 'l » 8vx ju 


Bel lH>rrance 


C n < 

Charles Edwin 



C B llmmilton 

I>»rcas C Yeaton 


Elite Whito 

Rllen Stevens 


Oeo S Hunt 


Helen i Frances 


II T Krnnard 

Ionic (rebuilt) 

Jane Q Storer 

John Curtis 


La Ci^-uena 


Lacy F.n^n 

Martha WeaieR 

Mary C Fox 



Joseph Hale k alg 
John E Donnell k al 
D iv id Keazer & al 
Robert Pennelljr k al 
William Douty k al 
Jacob McLellan & al 
S C Blanchard k al 
Chas Richardson & al 
Charles Cashing k al 
Geo Bkolfield & al 
Thus Skolfield & al 
N F De^riu£ k al 
Ammi Storer & al. 
Samuel Chase & al 
Enos Bonis & al 
Jonas II Perley & al 
Sylranos C Blanchard & 
SC Blanchard k al 
J Harwood k al 
Chas S Pennei! & al 
Jacob McLellan & al 
J E Donnell k al 

Paninel Bueknam k al* 
Joseph II Parley k al 
David Bibber & al 
Bhubacl Mcrriuian A al 
Jacob S Winslow k al 
Charles 8 Pen nel 1 ft al 
Gregory, Croston k al 
Charles bliss k al 
Wo P Chase ft al 
Sylvanua C Blanchard k al 
Charles Litthjohn & al 
Orlando M Marrett <5c al 
Thos pennellft al 
Wm Chase k al 
Yeaton ft Halo ft al 
Enos Souls k al 
Geo S Hunt k al 
James L Howe & al 
Samuel Bncknam «fc,al 
Geo S Hunt k al 
Danb'l [food ft al 
A M Dresser k al 
Rufus Cushmao k al 
S C Blanchard Sc al 
Yeaton A: Hale ft al 
C F Sargent <sc al 
Samuel Dunning «fc al 
Sylranus Blanchard k al 
Yeaton ic II lie Sc al 
8 R Lyman k al 
Bamnel Bncknam k al 
Ralph Kelley 
Henry Vox k al 
Joseph U Perley k al 
*j B Mitchell k al 

















: > : 















7 5 



















al 18G1 


2 t 


























IT 4 

B 1 
















1 1837 













2 5 7 






















' 4 






3 i 




is 53 









1*4 4 










41 J 



5" I 





37 1 







Mt Washington 

M L Frank 
New Empire 

Ocean Favorite 

Pilot Fish 


P C Alexander 

Sarah B Halo 

Sierra Nevada 

St Jajro 

S W llolbrook 


White Sea 





Ben Dunning 



C H Kennedy 


Ella Mari3 








Hattie E WbeeW 

II S Emery 

John Bishop 

J i> Lincoln 

J Polledo 


Martha Washington 

Mary C Marriutrr 



M •■{, 1:1. I 

Minn* Traub 
Orison \4arai 
Philip Larrabee 
P R Curtis 
1<- - Into 
!"(.• niaa Connor 
TIi mas Owns 
Wm u Parka 
Young Republic 


John Blethen & al 
Jonas H Perley & al 
Charles Bliss ft al 
David Keazer k al 
A Briggs ft al 
Russell Lewis & al 
Jacob S Winslow ft al 
Geo S Hunt & al 
S C Bl.inchurd k al 
Daniel Merriman ft al 
Yeaton & Hale ft al 
Richard HcHannua k al 
Wm Chase ft al 
John Lynch & al 
Kufus Soole ft al 
Joseph W Dyer ft al 
Jonas II Perley k al 
Jacob S Winslow k al 

B tin g s . 

David Bibber & al 
Ausyl L Luring & al 
Ross «fc Sturdirant k al 
Joseph II Perley «fe al 
Thomas Means k al 
Jacob S Winslow &. al 
Henchman 9 Soulo 
Yeaton & Hale Sc al 
John Yeaton Sc al 
N C Davh & al 
George Haskell k al 
Shirk P Emery k al 
Jacob S Winslow & al 
Yeaton k Uale { al 
Thomas Spear 
Elijah J Piakham Sc al 
Isaac Emery ft al 
John Bishop <fc al 
Arthur B Webber Sc al 
Geo S Hunt k al 
Charles Bliss £ al 
William Anderson & al 
Silas 11 irrin*r 
Geo S Hunt k al 
Chad s M rrinian ft al 
Y«*at<m & Hale .v al 
Win cf.i- flt d 
Edward lYatie'ft al 
Christ ; h r C Daley ft al 
Lemuel EI Stover k al 
James B Lib! y 
Wm H Kinsman ft al 
William Itossft al 
Yea! m k Kale ft al 
Biioon F Randall & al 
Washing^ d Kyan & ul 
Lemuel Col»b k al 
Yeaton & Hale k al I 


Tons. 1 


































































22 1 














IS 46 






















3' '7 





















1 Bo 










l JZ 







IS 50 

:. i 






























C Matthews 
C 11 Junc3 
Electric Light 
Eliza Ellen 
Ellen Merriman 
Ezra F Lewia 
E G Willard 
Fannij Mitchell 
Flying Cloud 
Frunciaco • 

Yn* 1 -Tic Hoed 
Frederic Williams 
O uelje 
O.-jr^o Cr v»k5 
Osorge k E:utly 
Georgia Doering 

Gold Hunter 
G W Carpenter 
B irriet 
Harriet Baker 
Harriet Fuller 
Ifattie Ross 
Hannte VVestbrook 
Helen Dy<*r 
Id i r Wheeler 
James Freeman 

John Adams 

Julia Newell 
J C Brooks 
Lizzie W Dver 

1 icOut 

Lacy Ann 


George H Dow k al 
Joseph Gooding k al 
DaridT Chase ■ 
Micah Sampson k al 
A J Merrill Ac al 
A LI Estes k al 
John Qoddard 
Stephen L Harris k al 
David Keazer & al 
Simeon Curtis k al 
Daniel Bogan & al 

James Freeman k al 
Micah Sampson As als 
Enoch K Noyes k al 
\Vm Ferris & al 
E Waito &c al 
Cyrus Sturdivant & al 
W Ryan k al 
Stephen Orr 
Henry Fox & al 
John Chase k al 
Joseph II Perky k al 
Johu Kenton k als 
Renben Kill ft a1 
Charles A WarrenrA al 
Kliaha Wheeler &. al 
Wm Ross Ac aid 
Joshua Waito k al 
Edward Waits ft al 
Robertson. Dver k al 
Stephen L Harris k al 
Jacob B Pinkham k al 
Micah Sampson k al 
Alcott S Merrimau <fe al 
Thomas Edmonds 
Paul R Thomas k al 
David Keazer k al 
Wm Ross & al 
Wm Ross k al 
Yeaton ft Hale At al 
William Williams k al 
J S Hamlin ft al 
Daniel Bogan k al 
Char!.- Dyer &. al 
James Orr ft \\ 
Elisha Wheeler k al 

Henry Lofing k al 
Joseph II White Ac al 
H J Libby fc al 
Benj Cashing Jc al 
E A Norton k al 
Charles Bliss £ al 
Micah Sampson & al 
Robertson Dyer k al 
•j- o Barnham k al 
Joseph Lnbee * 

David Keeier & al 













































































1 (9 









11 > 















24 9 









































































1- if 

1 • 













Henry Chase 





Reuben G York & al 




Mary K Pierco 






Micah Sampson & al 





Asariah Fogg & al 




N 11 Hall 

CAD Morse & al 




Olive Elizabeth 

Charles Sawyer & al 





Jacob B Pink ham & al 





Churl es Dyer k al 





Phineas V Varnum 




Sarah Ann Roo 

Robertson Dyer ft al 




Barah L Hills 

Edward Waits ft al 




Star Light 

Edward Wafte.ft al 









Stephen Orr 


' 113 


Thomas C Bartlett 

Eliphalet Webster & al 




T Thompson 

Robert Spear & al 





Robert 3 Soale ft el 





Robertson Dyer & al 


• 162 


White Sea 

Norton Stover & al 




"William Arthur 

Robertson Dyer 





Forest City 

Portland Steam Packet Co 





II G Cook 




Harvest Moon 

Jos W Dyer 





Portland Steam Packet Co 




Montreal - * 

Portland Steam Pa :k< : Co 




New Brunswick 

International Steamship Co 




New England 

International Steamship Co 





The foregoing list comprises the ' newels of large tonnage 
owned in the District. The following is a list of resseUno- 
•der 100 tons burden, owned in whole or in part in the City, 
January 2-5, 1663. [The Doths aro not given.] 

Blue Sea 
C EI Kogers 

Klisa BUen 

Etta Caroline 









K A WUUami 









i! irmott 





II >pe 









l- J 






Jas Oarcelon 










John Adam* 


18 S 



Julia tlien 





J V Chaee 





Kate Aubrey 




1 cJ3d 






l Muter 















Lucy Anrt- 
L W Pierce 


JM.iry Lizzie 

Northern Light 
Ocean Bcllo 
Olive Branch 

Free Trader 






Rio DA Norte 

Scarlet Feather 
S'ja Queen 

Six Brother! 


Stan And Stripes 

S W Brown 




Young Sultan 




1840 Northern Light 
1827 Stephen Orr 

ST E AM E it 9. 





























Tiger, Tug, (re-built) 69 
Toot 15 



Uncle Sam, Tug 







The following gentlemen constitute the Board of School 
Committee; viz., 
To serve Iwoytart from April, 1883. — Chas. HoMen, Phtnehai 

Barnes, Henry I\ White, Samuel R. Leavitt, VVm. l>. Little, 

To serve one year from April, 1863. — Wm. R. Shailcr, Joseph 
C. NoyesJ Sylvester B. Beckett, Nathan Webb, Ambrose Gid- 
din^>, Samuel X. Merrill, Monroe A. Blanchard. 

To serve till April, 1S63. — Alexander Burgess, James T. 
McCobb, Geo. F. Emery, Charles B. Merrill, James D. Seavey, 
Charles J. Barbour, Darius II. Ingraham, Jame3 O. Brown, 
B. M. Richardson. 

Alexander Burge?s, Chairman. 

George F. Emery, Secretary. 

The number of persons in tiie city entitled to attend school 
(between the ages of 4 and 21), by 'the return made in June 
fast, was 9,246. 

The number which attended the. schools during the summer 
term of 1862, was not Far from 3,500. 

The whole amount of appropriations for the schools for tho 
year ending in April, lSGo, was $32,192. 

There arc twenty-five schools in the city proper, and two 
npou the islands ; viz., 

UACMtS. * S\L»RT. 

James II. Hanson, Master, ■ L200 

Joseph B. Hanlon, Assistaut, * 500 

Harriet C. Woodman, •' 800 

Sarah A. Gilpatrick, 4( 2'2'j 





Lois K. Wright, Assistant, in charge, 500 

Catharine B. Larrabee, Assistant, 275 

Juiia Woodman, " 250 


Angelia A. Small, Mistress, - 450 

Juliet M. Kendall, Assistant, 275- 

Heleu A. Harford, M ' 200 


George E. Taylor, Ma-ter, 950 

Ellen M. Smith, Assistant, * 250 

Sarah F. Leavitt, Ki 225 


Manthano Pickering, Master, 950 

Eliza M. Manger, A^sista^t, -^ 250 

Theodore D. Bradford , M 250 


Martin L. Stevens, Master, 950 

Harriet F. Larrabee, Assistant, 250 

Melvina F. Sturdivant, ,4 22-^ 

Wary J. Hitchcock, " 225 


Joseph W. Symonds, Master, 720 

Henrietta S.Hay, Assistant, 22ii 


Ellen G. Carer, Mistress, 400 

Marion Merrill, Assistant, i 225 

Harriet L. Little, M 200 


Lydia A. Harris, Mistress, 400 

Sarah B. Titcomb, Assistant, 225 

Harriet A. Dennison, * M 200 


Sarah A. Chamberlain, Mistress, 400 

Mary H. Morrill, Assistant, . 225 

Eiieu Adams, ll OQO 


Ebcnczer Weotworth, blaster, 900 

Sarah S. Johnson, Assistant, 225 


Charlotte A. Putney, Mistress, No. 1, 275 

Sarah T. Moultoo, Assistant, •' 212 

Abbie O. Proctor. •* " 200 

Elizabeth C. Rand, ■ « j~& 





Mary II. Simonton, Mistress, 
' Martha Cumpston, Assistant, 
Emma Wilson, u 

Hannah E. Drinkwater, Mistress, 
Mary A. Greer, Assistant, 
Frances E. Blake, " 
Abby M. Bailey, Mistress, 
Martha A. Owen, . " 
Abby N. Norton, M 
Sarah E. Evans, -Mistress, 
Sarah J. Tukey, Assistant, 
Martha A. Prince, *' 
Frances E. Prindle, " 
Sarah J. Nuttimr, M 
Harriet B. Porter, " 
Mary E. Barbour, Mistre-s, 
Martha E. Kimball, Assistant, 
Isabella C. Blanchard, " 
Emily J. Gray, Mistress, 
Ellen F. Jordan, Assistant, 
Ellen R. Prince, 
Anna M. T. Adams, Mistress, 
Jane W. Bailey, Assistant. 
Helen A. Torrey, u 
J:-..*.^ Haines, Mistress, 
Helen M. Richards, Assistant, 
Snsan T. Peters, ( " 

Mary J. Cumpston, Mistress, 
Mary A. D. Crowther, Assistant, 
Anna Latham, •* 

Mary A. Stackpole, Mistress, 
Clarinda Gariton, Assistant, 
Sarah E. Currier, " 

Mary E. McKenney, Mistress, 
Sarah M. Bailey, Assistant, 
Anna M. Garvin, Mistress, 
Mary J. Pennell, Assistant, 
Anna W. Webster, M 
Adrianna M. Carlton, Mistress, 
Caroline Biggs, Assistant, M 

peak's ISLAXD school, 
John T. Brackets Master, 
Lucy A. Brazier^tAssistant, 


Henry F. T. Merrill, Master, 

*** A large ichool-house is now In process of construction 
on lot No. 162, Cumberland Street, intended more immedi- 
ately for the accommodation of the two High Schools, but 
capable of accomm ^dating four schools. When completed, 
tho total co*t, land included, will not be far from $55,000. 


No. 2, 



• . 212 



No. 3, 






No. 4, 






No. 5, 


*t 7 










No. 6, ♦ 






No. 7, 


ii ' 




No. 8, 






No. 9. 






No. 10, 






No. 11, 





' ' * 200 

No. 12, 

No. 13, 

No. 14, 



$30 per month. 
20 per month. 

30 per month. 



On the 18th of January, 1863, there -were twenty I3Y6J3 
places of religious worship in the city; viz., 

First Parish, Unitarian, No. 245 Congress Street, Lev. 
Horatio Stebbins; organized 1727. 

Park Street, Unitarian, No. 71 Pleasant Street, Rev. Jos. 
F. Lovering; organized 1835. 

Second Parish, Congregational, No. 44 Middle St., Rev. 
John J. Carruthers; organized 1788. 

Third Parish, Congregational, No. 213 Congress Street, 
Rev. William T. D wight; organized 1825. 

High Street, Congregational, No. 45 High Street,' Rev. 
J. W. Chickering; organized 1832. 

State Street, Congregational, No. 77 State Street, Rev. 
George L. Walker; organized 1853. 

Central Congregational, No. 40S Congress Street, Rev. 
Henry I). Moore; organized 1856. 

St. Lawrence Street, Congregational, Xo. 31 St. Law- 
rence Street, Rev. John H. Murdough officiating; organized 

West Congregational Chapel, No. 615 Congress St, 
Rev. Horatio Ilsley; organized 1859. 

Abyssinian, Congregational, No. 50 Sumner St.; organized 

First Baptist, No. 60 Federal Street, Rev. William H. 
Shailer; organized 1S01. Street Baptist, No. 86 Free Street, Rev. George W. 
Bosworth; organized 1836. 

St. Stephen's, Episcopalian, No. 7 Pearl Street, Rev, W. 
S. Perry; re-organized 1839. 

St. Luke's, Kptscopalian, No. .423 Congress Stamt, R •'• 
Alexander Burgess; organized 1851. 

Casco Street, Free Will Baptist, Not 23 Casco SL, Ker. 
D. M. Graham; organized 1827. 

Chestnut Street, Methodist, No. Chestnut Street, Lev. 
TV. K. Chirk; organized 1804. 

Pine Street, Methodist, No. 3 Pine Street, Rev. Caleb 
Fuller; 01 t IS 16, 

< Street, Methodist, Xo. 110 Congress Street, 

Rev. •: 15, ■ ..: Libra, 

, St. Dominic" , Xo. 32 State Street, Rev. E jens 

Mulier; org inize I I - --. 

Immaculati C«» epttox, Ca! olic, No. 104 Cambei 
Street, Rt. Rev. Davi i \V\ I 1856. 

First ITmversalist, Xo, S •• Congress Street, Rev. P.. C. 
Bolles; organized i s -i. 

New Jerusalem, Swedenborgian, Na 170 Congress Street, 
Rev. William B. Harden; organized 1850. 

Prebli Stbeet Chapel, Ministry at Large, No. J05 Cum- 
berland Street, iter. O. P. I : organized l-'.i. 
Bi i hel, 1'; jational, No. /»' Fore St., Lev. Samuel 
^ II. Merrill; organized 18*7. 


Second Advent, Cushman's Hall, Xo. 355 Congress Street, 
no settled preacher; organized 1851. 

Spiritual Association, Spiritualist, Mechanics* Hall, cor 
Congress and Ca/co Sts., desk filled generally by speakers from 
abroad; commenced 1850. 

Friends' Chapel, Oak near Prospect, no regular speaker; 
organized 1700. 



Nathan Clifford, Associate Justice of the United States Su- 
preme Court, 

Ashur Ware, of Portland, District Judge. 

George F. Emery, Clerk of the Circuit Court, office new 
Custom House, 3d* story. 

Wm. P. Preble, jr., Clerk of tho District Court, office new 
Custom House, 3d story. 

George F. Talbot, District Attorney, office new Custom 
Bouse, 3d story. 

George E. B. Jackson, Assistant District Attorney. 

Charles Clark, U. S. Marshal, office new Custom House, 3i 

Frederick A. Qainby, U. S. Deputy Marshal, ouTce new 
Custom Hou-e, 3d story. 

The Circuit Court sits at the Court Rooms, new Custom 
House, April 23d aud September 23d, unless Sunday should 
occur on these dates, in which case it sits the day following. 

The District Courts are held at the Court Rooms, new Cus- 
tom Hou^e, Portland, 1st Tuesdays in February and Decem- 
ber; at Bath, 1st Tuesday iu September; at Bangor, 4th Tues- 
day in June. 

Commissioners of the U. S. Circuit Court. — John Rand, 
T. A. Deblois. William Willis, Edward H. Daveis, George E. 
B. Jackson, William H. Clifford. 


John Appleton, Bangor, Chief Justice. 
Richard 1). Rice, Augusta, 
Woodbury Davis, Portland, 
Jonas Cutting, Bangor, 
Charles W. Walton, "Auburn, 
Edward Fox, Portland, 
Jonathan G. Dickerson. Belfast, 
Josiah H. Drummond, Portland, Attorney General. 
Wales Hubbard, .Wiscasset, Reporter of Decisions. . 
Daniel W. Fessenden, Portland, Clerk of all tho Judicial 
Courts for tho County of Cumberland. 

Associate Justices. 


Court sits for the trial of civil cruises in the County of Cum- 
berland, at Portland, 3d Tuesday of January — 3d Tuesday of 
April — 2d Tuesday of October. 

For the trial of criminal mutters — 1st Tuesday in March — 
last Tuesday of July — last Tuesday of November. 

The Law term for the Western District, consisting of the 
counties of York, Cumberland, Oxford, Franklin, mid An- 
droscoggin, sits in Portland on the second Tuesday of July. 


Sits at the Court Hou^e. on the first and third Tuesdays of 
every month (except the month of August, when it has no 
sitting), at 10 o'clock in the forenoon. 

Wm. G. Barrows, Judge. Kugene Humphrey, Register. 

Sits at the Court House, Portland, 1st Tuesday in June, and 
1st Tuesday in January. 
Nicholas L. Humphrey, Cumberland, Chairman. 
Ebenezer C. Andrew-, Oti-tield, j Associate 

Reuben Higgins, Cape Elizabeth, j Commissioners. 


A. B. Holden, Judge. William "E. Morris, Recorder. 

Sits at the Court House, No. 8 Myrtle Street, every day, 
Sundays excepted. 
C^»" Mondays are appointed for civil suits. 

Thomas Pennell is SheriiV for the County. Office in the 
County Wing of the New City Government Building. Resi- 
dence, jail building, Munroe Street. 

Oren Ring, Deputy Sheriff for Portland. OiTice, same a3 
the Sheriff. Residence, No. 17 3 Cumberland. 

The other deputies are: George W. Parker, Searboro* 
(P. 0. nllre^, Gorham); B. II. Hall, Windham: Rufus Berry, 
Gray; Daniel L Mitchell, Yarmouth; Daniel Mavberry, Har- 
rison; Rwsel Lamson, Bridgton; Lyman Hail, Maples; John 
W. Perry, Brunswick; William Paine, Standish. 


The following are the boundaries of the several wards, 
adopted by vote of the citizens, April 0. 1862. 

Ward No. 1. Commencing at the harbor at a point parallel 
with the line of the center of Mount furt Street, thence 
line to the center of Mount fort Street, sxr «s Congress Street 
through the center of Washington Street and ttack Cove 
Bridge to the channel of Hack Cove, comprising til the city 
territory northeast of this line. 

Ward' No. 2. Commencing at the harbor, at foot of Frank- 


lin Street, thence through the center of Franklin to Foro 
Street, thence through the center of Fore to Hampshire Street, 
thence through the center of Hampshire to Congress Street, 
thence through the center of Congress to Franklin Street, 
thence through the center of Franklin to Cumberland Street, 
thence through the center of Cumberland to Boyd Street, 
thence through the center of Boyd to Lincoln Street, thenco 
on a line parallel with the center of Boyd Street to the chan- 
nel of Back Cove, comprising all the territory between this 
line and the before-mentioned line of Ward No. 1. 

Ward No. 3. Commencing at the harbor at the foot of Sil- 
ver Street, thence through the center of Silver to Middio 
Street, thence through the center of Middle to Lime Street, 
thence through the center of Lime to Congress Street, thence 
through the center of Congre.>s to a line parallel with the 
southwest line of the lot of land on which 1 lie city and coun- 
ty buildings are located, thence on the southwest and north- 
west line of said lots to Myrtle Street, thence through the 
center of Myrtle to Lincoln Street, thence on a line parallel 
with the center of Myrtle to the channel of Back "Cove, com- 
prising all the territory between this line and the before-men- 
tioned line of Ward Xo. 2. 

Ward X o. 4. Commencing at the harbor at the foot of Ma- 
ple Street, thence through the center of Maple to Pleasant 
Street, thence through t!,e center of Pleasant to South Street, 
thence through tie* center of South to Free Street, thence 
through the center of Free to Brown Street, thence through 
the center of Brown t'^ Cumberland Street, thence through the 
center of Cumberland to Preble Street, thence through the 
ceuter of Preble Street, and on a line parallel with the center 
of Preble Street, to the channel o^ Back Cove, comprising all 
the territory between this line and the before-mentioned line 
of Ward No. 3. 

Ward Xo. G. Commencing at the harbor at the foot of High 
Street, thence through the center of High to Congress Street, 
thence through the cent -r of Congrc-s to Green Street, thence 
through the center of Green and MerfngV Bridge to the 
channel of Back Cove, comprising all , - ^rritory between 
thi* line and the before-mentioned Line < I Ward Xo. 4. 

Ward Xo. 0. Commencing at. the channel at Portland 
Bridge, thence through the center of said Bridge, and on a 
line parallel to Bracket! Street, thence through the center of 
Brackett to the southeast line of the lot on which the Brack- 
ett Street School House is located, thence on the southeast, 
northea-r, and northwest line of said lot to Brackett Street, 
thence through the ceuterof Brackett Street to Walker's Lane, 
thence through the center of Walker's Lane, across (/On<rre»3 
Street to Mellen Street, thence through the center of Meilen 
Street across Portland Street, and on a line parallel with tiio 
center of Mullen Street to the creek that divides Portland and 
We-t! rook, comprising all the territory between tin- line and 
the before-raentione I line of Ward Xo! 5. 

War 1 Xo. 7. Comprising all the tcrritorv southwest of 

lit* K«r.iM.nniiMJ ISnn a/ V'., r .\ V » a 


The Distances to some of the pleasure resorts, from tho 
head of Free street, are as follows: 


To Libby's at Prout's Neck, by way of 

Broad's ------ 

" Same— by way of Yaughan'a Bridge, 

old road, - " - - - 
" Same — by way of Cape Elizabeth 

Bridge (passiug Dr. Buzzell's), 
" Same — by way of the Bowery, round 

the Capo, - - - * - 
" Atlantic House, Scarborough, by way 

ofVaughan*s Bridge, - 
41 Ocean House, Bowery Beach, - 
" First of the "two Cape Light-," 

u Cape Cottage, 

" Evergreen Cemetery, by the way of 

Woodford's Corner, - 
M Marine Hospital, - 
From head of Cape Elizabeth ferryways 

to Cape Cottage, - 
From Bowery to Libby's, Trout's Neck, - 
The Distance from Union Wharf to 

Diamond Cove is about - 

Pleasant Cove, 

Peak's Island Landing, - 

White Head, 

Cape Cottage, - 

Forest or Clapboard Island, - 





* 2 



































. 5 












At the last census taken in 1860, the population of Portland 
was 26,342. At present, judging from the increase in tho 
number of adult males, it in rising 30,000. 

The population of the city in 17'.«», was 2,240; in 1800,3,704; 
in 1S10, 7,169; in 182^8,5^1? in 1830, 12,601 j in 1840, 15,21$; 
in 1800, 20,815; in 185T, 25,418. 

During the year ending January L, 1S63, the Cify Clerk' 
recorded 350 "intentions of marriage," but only ZjJ certifi- 
cates were Issued* 

For the five years preceding, the number recorded each year 
was us follows: 

ear 1S5T, - - - - . - 270 


- Z'2{ 

- 350 

For the 



it M 



ti H 



M H 



M M 



•1 it 




WU, 51. 






















The number of deaths in the city for the last five municipal 
years (each year ending with March 31) has been as follows: 
1858, Males, 313. Females, 289. ' 
1S59, " 250. " 272. 

1860, " 249. " 233. 

1861, " 254. " 202. 

1862, " 301. " 344. 
During the last municipal year (ending March 31, 1SG2), 

the number iu April was C9, May 51, June 36, July 46, 
August 67, September CO, October 62, November 48, Decem- 
ber 49, January 48, February 50, March 45. 

Of these 275 were under 5 years of age; 55 were over 70; 
20 over 80 ; 6 over 90. 

To Consumption is attributed 133 of the whole; Paralysis 
60: Fevers 54; Dropsy 43; Diptheria 5. 

The average of deaths per year, taking these five years a9 
a basis for the estimate, is 1 to every 51 inhabitants per year. 
In Boston the average is 1 in - - - 32 
" New York " " " - 34 

" Baltimore " " " - 35 

" London " " " - 42 

" Paris " "*«••- 32 

u Rome M " " - 25 

The mortality is greater in Kome than in any city from 
Which reliable statistics are readily obtained. 


Among the business corporations, &c, of the city, may be 
enumerated the following, viz: — 


Annual Meeting, November 9. The following are the offi 
cers for the curreut year, viz: — - . 

J. B. BROWN, President. 
T. C. Hersey, 
George W. Woodman, )- \1ce-P residents. 


N. O. Cram, 


Jedediah Jewett, 
John Lynch, 

•Woodbury S. Dana, \ Directors. 
Jonas H. PERLEY, 
John Puwnton, 
Thomas E, Tvhxchell, 

ORLANDO M. MaRRETT, Tren.mrer. 



Incorporated Feb. 21, 1838. This Company has no agen- 
cies out of the city, and takes but few risks except in the city. 
The whole amount of the ri-ks taken by it 

from its organization to Oct. 6, 1862, $24,007,000 

"VVhols amount of risk Out, (>, It 02, 1,003.000 

Cash Funds, same date, 45,000 

Premium Notes, " " 32,000 

All policies are renewed free of expense, after running six 

years; and notwithstanding this arrangement, the total amount 

of losses of tbe company by fire since its organization, has 

not exceeded the interest received on its ca*h funds! And 

the company have now in possession ninety-five cents for 

everv dollar'of cash paid in, since its organization. 

Office, 102 Middle Street. 

Incorporated August 8, 1846. Business, the manufacture 
of Locomotive, Stationary, nnd Steam Fire Engines, ail classes 
of railroad work, and machinery pencrally. 

Its works are located on made land, on the harbor side of 
the city, near the Eastern Promenade — adjoining the Atlantic 
and Stl Lawrence Railroad, with which they are connected 
by a branch track, and cars may be run directly from the 
works of the Company into the Railroad Depot. Capital 
stock $250,000. 

The work turned out from this establishment has gone to 
every part of our country, and bears a high reputation for its 
strength, durability, and superiority of finish. 

H. J. Little, President. 
JosEFM C Notes, Treasurer. 
JoiIS Sl'AEKOW, Superintendent. 

Incorporated in 15*40, and organized January 1, 1850. The 
works of the Company are at/'CIark's Point." near the outlet 
of the Cumberland and Oxford Canal. 1 heir wis mains have 
been extended through the principal streets of the city to the 
extent of more than seventeen miles. 

Capital stock $300,000, of which the citv owns $85,000. 
K. H. Daveis, President. 
J. T. McCobb, Treasurer. 
C S. D. Gsurrui, Secretary. 

This establishment was for several years under the manage- 
ment of a single individual, .T. 15. Brown, Esq., but a Company 
was incorporated, Feb. 26, 1865, by whom it is now carried 
on. It b or ie of t,;c chief objects of business interest in our 
city, both from the magnitude of the buildings comprised un- 
der the name, and the extent of the works carried on within. 


The business carried on is the manufacture of sugars from 
molasses imported from the West Indies. These sugars are 
remarkably clean, and will Otherwise compare favorably with 
the various styles of brown sugars in the market. 

The works are situated on Commercial. York, and Maple 
streets. The first building was erected in 1845. About two 
hundred hands are employed in the various departments, and 
the average amount of sugars produced is not far from two 
hundred and fifty barrels per day. About thirty thousand 
hogsheads of molasses are thus used up in a year, and the 
amount of business done is probably rising two millions of 
dollars annually. Capital $400,000. 

J. B. BROWN, President. 

J. B. Bbowx, 

J. B. Caiioon, 

S. J. Smith, \ Directors. 

P. H. Brown, 

James O. Brown, J 
James B. Cahoon, Treasurer. II. II. Furbish, Manager. 
J. B. Brown & Sons, Agents. 


Incorporated in March, 1854. The works of this Company 
are located at the mouth of Presumpseot River, about two 
miles from the city, contiguous to the Grand Trunk Railroad, 
and having wharf and water facilities for the accommodation 
of the largest vessel*. The buildings are large and roomy, 
and furnished with machinery of the most approved plan-, fur 
all kinds of heavy as well as smaller forcings. Capital stock 

John Sparrow, President. 

James L. Farmer, Agent and Treasurer. 

Incorporated February IS, 1859. The works of the Com- 
pany are situated in Cape Elizabeth, at the southerly end of 
Vau^han's Bridge, and with the buildings .erected for the ac- 
commodation of the workmen, occupy an area of more than 
two acres. Loaded vessels come directly to its wharves 

In October, 1S02, the amount of capital invested iu real es- 
tate, fixtures, &c, was about §290,000. 

Its oil is manufactured from coal obtained from the Albert 
Coal Mines, N. B., and has a high reputation. 

St. John Smith, President. 
Fkancts MaCDOXALTj, Treasurer. 
W'm. Atwood, Superintendent. 

This Canal extends from Portland, near the commencement 
of Clark Street, to Sebngo Lake, a distance of twenty miles* 
I: wras finished in 1^'J'a. at a cost of $211,000. Sebago is : - 

el with Long Pond by SongO River and Brandy Fond, and a 



"water communication is thus furnished with the interior, of 
more than fifty miles. The canal passes through the towns 
of Westbrook, Gorham, Windham, and Standish. Daring the 

boating season, an extensive business in lumber, cord wood, 
&c, is done with these places, and the flourishing towns bor- 
dering on the connecting lake and the ponds above. 

The scenery along the canal, and throughout the whole ex- 
tent of this water communication, is highly diversified and 

Incorporated in 1S32. Capital stock $200,000. This com- 
pany has a reputation second to no other tor it* promptness 
and stability. Its officers, February 1, 1862, are, 

Wm. \\\ Woodbury, 

Jacob McLellav, 

Wm. Good know, 

Thos. R. Jones, \ Directors. 

Jonas II. ['relet, 

JOSKl'Il \\\ Dykk, 

Joseph Hale, 
Wm. Vi". WoODBURT, President. 

Geop.gk A. Wright, Secretary. 


(Steam line to Boston). Organized under Act of Incorpor- 
ation, in 1S44. The Company have built several boat.-, ani 
at present own three, the "Montreal,* 1 945 22-95ths tons bur- 
den; the "Lewiston," 900 6S-95rhs tons, and the "Forest 
City," 809 13-95ths tons. Tl a were all built under the im- 
mediate supervision of the Company's experienced Agent, 
Capt. .T. B. Coylc, expressly for their c <*a route; and more 
substantial boats, probably, do not float ur>"?t our waters, 
while in point of fittings and finish, they will compare favor- 
ably with the best. 

Capital stock, $250,000. 


This Company run two staunchly built and handsome pro- 
pellers, which on an h\ the passage in thirty hours. 
The cabins for passer mmodious and tastefully fit- 
ted up, and in summer lime this undo of transit to and from 
the great M • polis is preferable on many accounts, to any 
other. These steamers leaves Portland every Wednesday and 
Saturday afternoon, at 4 o'clock; tare, meals included, 5<3. 

Emery & Fox, Brown's Wharf, Agents. 


Tins Company was chartered in \ Q u0 for the purpose of es- 
tablishing a line of steam navigation between E*ortland, St. 

John, X. T>., Eastport, and Boston. The line connects at £ast- 


port with a steamer for Calais, St. Stephens, and St. Andrews; 
and at St. John with the European and North American Kail- 
way to Shediac on the straits of Northumberland — and also 
by steamers and the Nova Scotia Railway with Halifax. 

The Company purchased the steamers Eastern City and 
Admiral, which had previously run on the route, but soon 
gold and replaced them by the staunch ocean-going steamers 
" New Brunswick," and ■* New England," which were built 
expressly for it and the line; and these have proved to be in 
every way adapted to the route, and entirely satisfactory to 
the traveling public. 



While referring to the lines of steam communication, hav- 
ing their head-quarters at this city, we should not omit the no- 
ble line of the Montreal Ocean Steamship Company, the 
vessels of which, for half a year (during the winter season.) 
ply weekly between this port and Liverpool, leaving their dock, 
near the Grand Trunk Depot, every Saturday afternoon, on 
the arrivals of the mails from Canada. They are the 
Hibernian, Norwegian, 

Anglo-Saxon, North American, 

Juia, Nova Scotian, 


An eighth ship for this line is now building in England. 

With enterprising and liberal proprietors, staunch and pow- 
erful vessel?, and experienced commanders, this line of ocean 
going stenmers has won a reputation for quickness and regu- 
larity of trips, safety, and comfort, second to that of no other 
between Europe and America. 

AgextS. — Winter, — Edmonstone, Allan & Co., No. 5 Grand 
Trunk Passenger Station. Summer % — James L. Farmer, No. 
10 Exchange Street. 

This is a line of auxiliary ocean steamships, which run be- 
tween this port and Glasgow, in winter, leaving here fortnight- 
ly. This line comprises the 

St. George, St. Andrew, 

John Bell, Damascus. 

They have excellent accommodations for passengers, and 
are every way worthy the patronage ot* travelers. 

AgknVs. — Edmonstone, Allan & Co., in winter; James L. 
Farmer, in summer. 

Thii is another excellent line of communication with Glas- 
gow, at present running only one boat, the M L'nited King- 
dom," but intended to he enlarged. 



The lines of Railroad, connected with the business and 
travel of this city, are as follows : 



This road connects Portland "with the principal cities and 
towns of Canada, and with Detroit, Mich., and the vast grain- 
growing regions of the West. 

On the part of Maine, a charter wa9 granted February 10th, 
1845,— titfe Atlantic and St. Lawrence Rail Road. — Capital 
Stock 50,000,000; and the charter <>f so much of the route as 
traverses the provinces of lower Canada, was obtained from 
the Canadian Parliament, March 17th, 1^45, — title St. Law- 
rence and Atlantic Railroad,— Capital Stock .£600,000. 

The Company of the Maine , portion of the route was or- 
ganized September 25th, 1845. The ceremony of breaking 
ground was observed on the 4th of July, 1840 ; the site, ft 
dilapidated bastion at the Eastern point of Munioy's Neck, 
known as Fort Lawrence, all ve*tt<*es ot which have disap- 
peared in the changes and improvements which have been 
made in that section. The road wasopened to Montreal, July 
18th. 1653, and to Quebec, Nov. 22 I, 1*54. The portion from 
Portland to Inland Pond has since been permanently leased to 
the Grand Trunk Railway of Canada, and is now known a3 
the Portland District of the Grand Trunk Railway. Tho 
whole road is built of an elevation sufficient to prevent ob- 
struction from snow and ice, the gauge is 5 feet 6 inches in 
the clear between the rails; and the road bed is made with tho 
view to a double track. 

The stations between Portland and Montreal are 

Distance from Portlm i. PNt.ince from Portland. 



niles.We-t Bethel, 

7-4 mil 





£0 « 




Shelburne, N. II , 

85 " 

Yarmouth Junction, 




91 u 

North Yarmouth, 



Berlin Falls, 

07 « 





1 13 M 

New Gloucester, 



West Milan, 

] a M 

Cobb's Bridge, 




115 « 

Danville . Inaction, 




123 4 

Hotel Road, 



Stratford Hollow, 

127 ■ 

Empire Road, 



North Stratford, 

134 M 

Mechanic Falls, 




140 " 




Island Pond, 

14P M 

South Paris, 




160 M 

North Paris, 



Boundary Line, 

166 M 

Bryant's Pond, 



Coaticook (Can), 

174 {« 

Locke's Mills, 




1:2 ■ 





1S3 M 




Brompton Falls, 




193 miles.Britannia Mills. 

255 mile3. 
262 M 

196 M St. Hvacintlie, 

210 u St. Ililnire, 275 « 

220 " Boueherville MTn, 2S2 M 

235 M Clmrons, 2S7 " 

243 " St. Lambert, 290 " 

249 " Montreal, 293 M 

* From Richmond branches the Quebec portion of tho great 
line, called v 


The stations are 

Distance from Portland. Distance from Portland. 

Richmond, 220 miles. JMethot's Mills, 2S7 miles. 

' Black River, 296 " 

Craig's Road, 301 " 

Clnmdiere Station, 307 " 
Chaudiere Junction, 30S M 
Point Levi, (Quebec)316 " 

A branch, called the St. Thomas Branch, run3 easterly from 
Quebec to St. Thomas, a distance of 49 miles. 

The line continues westerly from Montreal to Toronto, un- 
der the name of the 

TKo stations are 

Distance from Portland. Distance from Portland. 
















;. Kingston, 

465 miles 

Blue Bonnets, 



Collins's Bay, 



Point Claire, 






St. Anne's, 












Cedars, road to, 






Coteau Landing, 







River Beaudette,- 







9 LI 






(4 . 
















Dickinson's Land'g 



Tore If^pe, 






Port Britain, 





• ; 










Ed wards ville, 






Prescott Junction, 









Port Whitby, 






Duffrn'a Creek, 






Frenchman's Bay, 






Port Uni<)n, 




43 3 











Kui-^tou Mills, 







miles. Stmt ford, 





St. Marys, 



































Port Huron, 





Ridge way, 





Mt. Clements, 










Detroit Junction, 












The stations from Toronto arc 

Distance from Portland. Distance from Portland. 

Acton, West, 
Hoc k wood, 

S. T. CORSEB, Dist Manager Montreal & Portland Dist. 

C. FREER, Quebec & River Du Loup Br.. Point Levi. 

J. S. MARTIN, Montreal & Kingston Dist., Brockville. 

S. T. WEBSTER, Toronto & Kingston, Belleville. 

C. R. CHRISTIE, Toronto & Loudon, Toronto. 


This road was chartered in 1S37, and completed 22d of Dae. 
1S42. Distance, 51 miles. Cost. $1,315,976. 
It connects with the Eastern Railroad at Portsmouth. 
Railroad Stations btticeen Portland and^Boslon, 

Distance from Portland. Di stance jl'ronj Portland. 

Cape Elizabeth, 


West Scarbofo', 






N. Bcr ick, 

S. Berwick Junction, ;:s 

June. Gt Pulls Br., 


Kit tor v, 



N. Hampton, 


JOHN RUSSELL, Superin't, Portland. 



s.Hampton Palls, 





Sea brook, 




















Wen ham, 









North Beverlr, 


tt .' 























nest Lynn, 





N. Chelsea, 










South Maiden, 










h This road was chartered in 183*, and opened for travel to 

South Berwick, in 1842. It diverges from the Portland, Saco, 
and Portsmouth Railroad at South Berwick, 38 miles from 
Portland. The line of travel is 

Distance from Portlnnd. Distance from Portland. 

!S. Berwick, 36 miles. Ward Hill, 81 miles. 

Salmon Falls, 
Great Falls, 
Bennet Road, 
S. Newmarket, 
E. Kingston, 
Bradford, 79* " 

WJI MERRITT, Superin f t, Boston. 


(Formerly Androscoggin and Kennebec, and Penobscot and 
Kennebec Railroads.) 

The portion formerly called the Androscoggin and Kenne- 
bec Railroad was chartered March 28th, 1845, and opened for 
passenger travel Dec. 3d, 1649. It is constructed on the broad 
or o; feet gauge, and connects with the Atlantic and St. Law- 
rence road at Danville, twenty-eight miles from Portland, — 
thence running to Waterviile, a distance of fifty-five miles. 
Co^t, §2,190,334. 

The portion formerly called the Penobscot & Kennebec 
Railroad was opened for travel in 1555. It is built on the 
broad or 5^ feet gauge. 

The line of travel by this route runs from Portland (via At- 
lantic & St Lawrence Railroad), to 

Distance from Portland. Distance] from Portland. 




N. Andover, 




N- Lawrence, 




South Lawreuce, 








Ballard Vale, 




Wilmington June, 

- 93 











S. Reading, 




S. Rending June, 












Medford June, 











Danville Junction, 

28 mile 

s. Waterviile, 





Kendall's Mills, 












Leeds Junction, 



Pitts tield, 










East Newport, 










Carmel, « 


North Belgrade, 



Hermon Pond, 


W. WaterviUc, 





EDWIN NOYE3, Superin'fc, WatervUlo. 



This road extends from Portland to Augusta, a distance of 
Bixty miles, through one of the most productive regions of 
the State. From Brunswick a branch diverges to Bath, a dis- 
tance of nine miles. It was finished for passenger travel in 
the fall of 1851. Cost, 82,613,410. 

The line of travel runs from Portland to 

Distance from Portland. Distance from Portland. 


2 miles. Bowdoinham, 



11 liar ward's Head, 



" Richmond, 



■ Dresden, 



M South Gardiner, 

Oak Hill, 


* Gardiner, 



" Hallowell, 



M Augusta, 

35 miles. 

, 3S 


. 42* 


• 45* 










6 miles. 

9 " 


From Brunswick to Harding's Road, 
« " " Bath, 


This enterprise wa- chartered in 1848, a charter for further 
extension being granted in 1849. It branches from the Maine 
Central Railroad at Lee Is. 

The stations are, from Portland (via Atlantic & St. Law- 
rence and Maino Central Railroad) to 

Leeds Junction, 4i 3-4 miles. Livermore Falls, 65 miles. 

Curtis'? Corner, 49 " Jav Bridge, 67 " 

Leeds Center, G2 u North Jay, 71 " 

North Leeds, 55 " Wilton, 74 J " 

Strickland's Ferry ,57 " East Wilton, 77 u 

Ea3t Liverinore, 59J u Farmlngton, S2 u 

S. W. EATON, Superin't, Farmington. 


This enterprise was chartered July 80, 1^4'j. It is intended 

* '•>' to connect with the Boston & Main. 1 Road, at Sooth 

Berwick or some other convenient point. The road is now 

open to the Saco River, a distance from Portland of eighteen 

miles. Cost, $705,018. The stations are 

Portland to Woodford's Corner, 1 1-2 miles. 

M •• Morrill's, 2 1-3 u 

" u Saccarappa, 6 3 4 M 

* M Gorham, io 1-2 " 

u u Boxton Center, 15 1-2 " 

M M Saco liiver, IS " 

ALEX. BAILEY, Superin't, Westbrook. 



The stations between Portland and Skowhegan are 

Distance from Portland. Distance from Portland. 

Augusta, 60 miles. Kendall's Mills, 81 miles. 

Seven Mile Brook, 67 ; ' Somerset Mills, 84 " 

Vassalboro', 72 4t Pishon's Ferry, 89 " 

Winslow, 77 u Bloomfield, ' 96* u 

Walerville, 78 M Skowhegan, D7 " 

B. H. CUSHMAN, Superin't, Augusta. 


The principal institutions of this class, established in the 
city, are as follows; viz., 

Organized December, 1S43 — Incorporated June 7, 1S50. 
The object of this Society is to create an interest and dif- 
fuse information in regard to the natural sciences, more par- 
ticularly as exemplified in our own State. It numbers about 
three hundred members, and is sustained by an annual as- 
sessment not to exceed two dollars, and the contributions of 
the citizens at large. 

This Society has been regarded with marked favor by the 
community generally, and under its auspices one of themost 
valuable cabinet* in the country was collected, which waa to- 
tally destroyed in the conflagration of the Exchange building, 
where i: was deposited, in .January, 1854. It has, however, 
in a measure, recovered from the effects of this disaster, and 
now owns a commodious brick building (No. 250 Congress 
Street), specially remodeled for the accommodation of its cab- 
inets and the furtherance of its objects. 

02r* Contributions of Natural and Artificial Curiosities are 
solicited from Sea Captains, and others who are in the way of 
obtaining them. 

Annual meeting 3d Wednesday in December. The officers 
chosen Dec. 13, 1862, were 

William Wood. President. 

Henry Willis, Vice President. 

Lewis Pierce, Corresponding Secretary. 

John F. Richardson, Recording ** 

Edward Gould, Treasurer. 

CirviiLFs B. Fuller, Cabinet Keeper. 

J. W. Chick erlng, 

Joiix Neal, 

Alex. Burgess, 

Jakes T. McCobb, 

Theopdilus C. IIersbt, 


Ed v. .\ki> H. Elwell, 
The above named officers, denominated the Council, const!* 
tute the Government of the Society. 

Asso'te Managers. 


The Curators arc 

Of Mineralogy and Geology.— William Wood. 
Of Ornithology and Oology.— Sylvester B. Beckett. 
Of Marine Zoology.—Chafles B. Fuller, J. B. Hudson, Jr. 
Of Terrestrial an I Fluviatile Mollusca.— Edw. S. Morse. 
Of HerpetolOgy. — Benjamin F. Fogg. 
Of Ichtnvologv. — Charles F. Kimball. 
Of Botany.— George L Gwdale. 
Of Entomology.— Edwin Bicknell. 
Wai. Wood, Librarian. 


Incorporated in 1826. In 1855, the institution purchased a 
lot of land on Plnm Street, and in IS 10, erected thereon their 
pre-ent handsome and commodious building. Their library 
numbers 10,500 volumes. 

Officers etected July B, 1662: 

Phinefias Barnes, President. 

Nathan Webb, Secretary and Treasurer. 

Oliver Geurish, 1 

Joseph C. Notes, 

Jedediaii Jewett, y Director?. 

Oilman Daveis, 

Wat. B. Uatdex, J 

CHARLES D. Akers. Librarian. 




Instituted Ocl >ber •*, ]^~jj. The objects of the Association 
are the improvement of its members in Literature, the several 
departments of Natural History, and the kindred arts and sci- 
The officers chosen for the year 1863, are as follows: 

Chas. B. Fuller, President. 

C. F. Kimball, Vice President. 

Chas. P. Carlton, Rec. Secretary. 

Edwin Bickjtell, Cor. Secretary. 

Alex. Parsons, Treasurer. 

J. F. Richardson, Librarian. 

Chas. 6. Richards, Mu^ic Director. 

J. R Rcdson.Jr., J 

G. F. Morse, I Curators. 

Edward S. Morse, ) 


This Society has done much towards improving the musi- 
cal t.i- of the ! immunity in past years. The war has scat- 
tered many of its members, but still it keeps up its organiza- 

Thomas F. Tolman, President 


Organized in November, 1859. 
This Society ha3 already proved highly useful in its sphere; 
and the exhibition of fruits, flowers, &c, got up under its 
auspices in the Fall of 1SG2, in extent and excellence far 
transcended anything of the kind ever before held in this 
State. The oihcers for the year 1S63 are 

T. C. Herset, President. 

Samuel Rolf, ] 

N. A. Foster. 

J. B. Brown, 1 Vice Presidents. 

Jedediah Jewett, 

George F. Shepley, J 

John \V. Dana, Corresponding Secretary. 

S. B. Beckett, Recording Secretary. 

Abner Lowell, Treasurer. * 


Established for the improvement of the physical system, by 
fcthietic exercises, &c. It has a fund of £1,000 or more. 


W. 0. Fox, Speaker. 

F. C. Pore. Treasurer. 
Charles Prince* Secretary. 
X. Stofjkl, Leader. 

John L. Shaw, Second Leader. 

G. M. Howe, Armorer. 

Charles Richards, Director of Entertainment. v 


Established in 1851. Object, mutual improvement, by lec- 
tures, discussions, and the collection of a library for the use 
of the members. 

Under its auspices, a" series of lectures has been delivered 
each winter since its formation. Its library now number! 
above 2,000 volumes. Rooms, 106| Middle Street. 
Charles E. Jose, President. 
Benj. C. Somerbt. ) v . rt D . . . 
C. II. Fun,;, ' J Vice President* 

John Q.Twitchkll, Cor. Secretary. 
George IL Smakdon, Rec. Secretary. * 

John C. Proctor. Treasurer. 
S. B. Waite, 
F. C. Pofe, 

J. F. Proctor, [ Director!. 

O'Neal \\\ BoBdBOar, 
ALrnr.Ls (jr. Rogers, 
Annual meeting 2d Tuesday in April. 

Portland directory. 309 


The first under this bead which calls for attention, is the 


N Incorporated June 14, 1S15, — head-quarters at Mechanics* 
Hall, corner of Congress and Casco Streets. 

The design of this As-ociation is to encourage and promote 
the Mechanic Arts, to relieve members, and the widows and 
orphans of deceased members, when in need. 

It possesses a valuaole Library of about 3,500 volumes. — 
Through its kindly otnees, if, has done much to enhance the 
respectability and intelligence of the Mechanics of this city. 
The Association, in 1856, pureha-ed an eligible lot of land 
on the corner of Congress and Casco Street-, and hos since 
erected thereon, for its accommodation, a large building, with 
a front of cut granite, whose architectural proportions and 
permanence make it one of the most noticeable edifices in 
the city. The corner stone was laid October 22d, 1S57. The 
whole "cost, including land, was $45,000. 

Josin'A T. Emery, President. 

Giliu:kt L. Bailey, Vice President.' 

F. M. Cabsley, Recording Secretary. 

SteimikSt Bekky, Corresponding Secretary. 

Charles Baker, Treasurer. 

John- Bradford, 

Edmund Prtrsey, 

Charles II. Stuart, 

Jos Km Gray, 

A. D. Smith, 

BlClIARD Corn, 

Charily QmmitUc— Ward 1, J. D Snowman; Ward 2, K. L. 
Pierce; ward 8. B. C. Feruald; Ward 4, lienj. Larrabee2d; 
Ward 5, Henry Trickcy; Ward 6, Stephen Patten; Wuri 7, 
Joseph Currier. 

Library Committee, — A. 13. Smith, S. & Bates, A. T. 

librarian and Agent for Letting tke Hall. — F. M. Carsley. 


Established in l^:>3. Objects, the prevention of want, and 
the moral elevation of the poor. 
OfflotTl electod at the annual meeting, Oct. 1SG2: 

V T. C. Hersky, President 

J. T. McCobr, ) 
H. J. Libby, > Vice Prca. 

J. li. Thompsok. ) 
Ezra Carter, jr., Treasurer. 
James P. Baxter, Secretary. 




Charles Baker, S. R. Lcavitt, 

Lemuel Cobb, m Eben Steele, 

B. Kingsbury, Jr., ' John Yeaton, 

Charles Staples, Bus F. Carter, 

H. C. Barnes A. K. Shurtletr', 

Oliver Gerrish, David Tucker, 

Samuel Rolf, J. B. dimming?, 

Joseph Svmonds, Edward Gould, 

Wm. Id. Stephenson, T. B. Ripley, 

N. Eisworth, II. B. Hart, 

F. C. Moodv, Charles Holden, 

Charles Davis, S. B. Beckett. 

0. P. Tuckkhman, General Agent. 
Office, new City Government Building, Myrtle Street, 3d 
door from Congress Street. 

This Society is supported bv donations and the annual con- 
tributions of its members. The amount annually expended 
averages about S 1,500. 


Incorporated in 1803. Annual meeting, 2d Wednesday in 

Established principally to relieve persons who have seen 
better day-, and the unfortunate stranger. 

Wm. T. I) wight, President. 

William Willis, Vice President. 

William W. T no mas. Treasurer. 

Martin Gore, Secretary. 

These, with Messrs. Chas. S. Davei>, J. W. Chickerin::, 
Nathan Cumrnings, James B. Cahoon, Horatio Stebbins, FLben 
Steele, and X. F. Deerinjr, constitute it- Board of Managers. 

For more than halt a century this society has steadily and 
beneficently pursued its annual cour-e, never faltering in its 
efforts to relieve tlie deserving objects of its charity, distribut- 
ing about $400 annual! v to its beueticiaries. 


Established in 1830. The object of this Society is to fur- 
nish fuel during the winter season, to destitute widows. It 
is liberally supported by annual contributions from the sev- 
eral religious societies in the city. The whole amount of 
these contributions for the last 20 years will not tall much, 
short of $25,000. 

During the year ending November 12, 1862, the Society 
distributed 529 cord- of wood to 4>»4 persons. At the annual 
meeting on tiie 2d Wednesday of November, 1862, the follow- 
ing officers were chosen : 

Natii'l V. Di erixg, President. 

Wm. Senter, Vice President. 

Samuel Rolf. Secretary and Trea-urer. 

Paul Hall, MAJRfN Gone, Samuel Bolp, Distributers 
of wood, 




Willifim Willis, 
Samuel W. Larrabcc, 
Paul Hall, 
II. S. Barnes, 
William C. Bradley, 
Lemuel Cobb, 
Sewall C. Chase, 
C. J. Barbour, 
(ieorge E. B. Jackson, 
Thomas Cobb, 
Benjamin Perkins, 
William Se titer, 
H. B. Hart, 
Thomas B. Haves, 
S. K. Leavitt, * 
W. Ryan, 
William Doherty, 
Hugh Dolan, 
F. E. Pray, 
N. A. Foster, 
0. P. Tuekerman, 
Edward Waite, 
S. H. Colesworthy, 


First Parish. 

Second " 

Third " 

Chestnut St. Methodist. 

St. Stephen's. 

Federal St. Baptist. 

High Street. 

Uni verbalist. 

St. Luke's. 

Casco Street. 

Pine Street Methodist. 

New Jerusalem. 

Free Street Baptist. 

State Street. 

Congress St. Methodist. 


State St, Catholic. 

Cumberland St. Catholic. 

Central Church. 

Spiritualist .Association. 

Preble Chapel. 

St. Lawrence St. Society. 

Second Universalist. 


Organized March 7, 1 ; 4^. <• 

The object of the Association [a the relief of members who 
receive injuries t<> their limbu or health, while in the discharge 
of their duty a* members of the Portland Fire Department; 
and it lias a targe fond contributed in part by its members, 
and partly by the city. 

„ The Association is governed by a Board of Trustees, thir- 
teen in number, elected from the several companies, which 
Board elects its own officers. The following constitute the 
Board chosen in January, 1S0C: Harris C. Barnes, J. C. 
Tukesbury, Ezra Russell, Spencer Rogers, J. L.Shaw, Leonard 
1'enncll, John F. Chase, Charles H. Rich, G. V,\ True, A. M. 
Langmaid, George II. Sylvester, George 11. Davis, J. M. 
Jevsctt, Franklin C. Moody, Henry Fox. 

H. C. Barnes, President. 
Hekby Fox, Vice President 
F. C. Moody, Treasurer. 
. J. C. TVKXSBUKY, Secretary. 


Founded in 1825, It has continued to dispense its bounties 
without intermission since to the poor of all denominations, in 
the bestowal of clothing, food, and money; and in a quiet 


way has been of great service in the community. The fol- 
lowing are its present officers : 

Mrs. J. W. Citase, President. 
Mrs. Stillman Coding, Vice Pres. 
Mrs. J. A. Kendall, Secretary. 
Mrs. Ciias. M. Plummer, Treasurer. 
Mas. J. Varney, Superintendent. 
Mrs. Wm. Wallace, Assis't Treas. 
- Miss H. Dane, Collector. J 

Mrs. Wm. Wallace, Purch'g Com. 
Mrs. Whiting, Mrs. Floyd, 

Mrs. Billings, Mrs. Neal, 

Mrs. J. J. Davis, Mrs. Randall, 

Mrs. Barbour, Mrs. Bradbury. 


Rev. E. C. Bolles ; Messrs. S. Higgius and N. P. Woodbury. 

Founded in 1S55. The "Home" establishment of this So- 
ciety is on the easterly corner of Oxford and Elm streets. It 
was purchased for $4,000. 

The annual expenses, thus far, for the support of the in- 
mate-, including Matron's salary, have been about $1,000. 

The Society has an invested fund of about 33,000, the in- 
terest of which goes towards its support: otherwise it is sus- 
tained by the annual contributions of its members, the con- 
tributions in the several churches, and donations. 

Mks. Wm. T. Dwight, President. 
Mrs. J. T. Gilman, ) „. m n^ mi i rtr , fa 
Mrs. J. S. Little,' [Vice President 
Miss E. A. Potter, Secretary. 
Miss E. Mountfort, Treasurer. 
These ladies, with others from each of the religious socie- 
ties in the city, constitute the Board of Managers. 

Thi3 Society has been highly efficient in furnishing clothing 
and food to the indigent families of those who are victims of 
intemperance. The officers elected Oct. 1362, were, 

Mrs. Pkn.tamin Kucgsbury, President. 
Mrs. William Cake, Vice President 
Mrs. George W. Beal, Secretary. 
Miss Anmk M. C. Kingsbury, Ass. Sec 
Mrs. Moses Dodge, Treasurer. 

Incorporated in 1S25. This has been a von,' efficient agent 
in relieving the necessities of the poor of the city. 


Incorporated in 1796. This Society was established for the 
relief and education of seamen and their families. Funds 
about $12,000. Annual meeting 3d Tuesday of December. 
Alexander Hurbs, President. 
Jacou McLellan, Vice President. 
Joun Sargent, Sec'y and Treas. 

Established in 1851. Object, to furnish sewing to females 
at remunerating prices. Oilice, No. 4, under U. S. Hotel. 

Established in 182$, through the contributions of benevolent 
citizens. The Asylum is a two-story building, at the corner 
of Oxford and Myrtle Streets. It i* under the supervision of 
* a board of managers, consisting of fifteen ladies, including the 

officers. The following arc the officers for the present year: — 
Mrs. J. P. BOYD, President. 
Mrs. J. T. McCoun, Vice President. 
Mrs. Woodbury Storer, Secretary. 
Miss Mary E. Barrett, Treasurer. 
The average number of children supported is about 25. 
The institution holds property to the value of about 515,000, 
made up principally of the bequests of benevolent individuals. 
The largest of these bequests was that of the late Asa Clapp, 
Esq., $8,000, which the city holds iu trust for the institution 
as a permanent investment. 

Object, the relief of Shipwrecked and Destitute Seamen. 
This Society is now connected with the Bethel Society. 
Mrs. S. H. Merrill, President. 
Mrs. Thomas B. P arsons, Secretary. 


There are other Societies in the city which have an import- 
ant bearing on the puftlic weal, among which may be men- 
tioned — 

Established October, 1853. Head-quarters. No. 0, Temple 
Stn et, Co Iman Block, where the Associatiou nave a valuable 
library, which is opened on Saturday evenings. 

There is also connected with the Association an attractive 
Reading Room furnished with the various daily and weekly 
newspapers of the city, and the standard denominational pa- 
pers of the country. 'Open from 7 a. no. to 9 p. m., (Sundays 
,, excepted). ' 

James Notes, President 
\V. II. S. Clartoge, Cor. Secretary. 
WiLLfASC If. Marks, Pec. Secretary. 
J. W. Bkackltt, Treasurer. 



Incorporated in March, 1K10. The depository of this Socie- 
ty is kept at the bookstore of II. Packard, No. 51 Exchange 

Founded in IS 12. Re-organized in 1657, under name of 
Portland Temperance Association. 


Organized May 14, 1S11 — the pledge-book of which num- 
bers nearly four thousand names I 

Portland Division, instituted in 1817. 
Eastern Star Division, instituted in 1S58. 


There are three Lodges and two Encampments of Odd Fel- 
Iowa hiving their head-quarters in Portland, viz: Maine 
Lodge, N ». 1; Ancient Brothers' Lodge, N:>. 4; Lteonia Lodge, 
No. 5; Machigonne Encampment, No. 1; and Eastern Star 
Eucampnient, No. *2. 

At the annual meeting of the Grand Lodge, in July, 1SG2, 
Maine Lodge reported 2H members, and an invested fund of 
$7,053. Meets at Old Fellows' EaU,288 Congress Street, eve- 
ry Monday evening. 

Ancient Brothers' Lodge, 185 members, and fund $3,692. 
Meets at Oil Fellows' New flail, No. SS Exchange Street, ev- 
er v Thursday evening. 

Ligouia Lodge, 101 members, fund $2,700. Meets at Odd 
Fellows' New Hall, No. 8$ Exchange Street, every Friday 

The total receipts of the three Lodges for the year ending 
July 1, 1862, were. 53,22$. 

■fhe whole amount paid oat forbencutsto sick brothers, &c, 
Was $-2,010. 


The several bodies of this Order which hold their meetings 
In the city, are 

Ancient Landmark Lod^e, which meets at Masonic Hall, 
No. 5\> Mid lie Street, 1st We luci lay i.i each month. 

1* >rtlaud Lo Ige m wts a: same place, 2 i Wednesday in each 


Atlantic Lodge meets at same place, 3d Wednesday in each 

Greenleaf R. A. Chapter meets at same place, 1st Monday 
in each month. 

Mount Vernon R. A. Chapter meets 3d Monday in each 
month at same place. 

Council of Royal nml Select Masters meets 2d Monday in 
each month at same place. 

Portland Commandcry meets 4th Monday in each month, 
at same place. 

Grand Lodge meets 1st Tuesday En May, at same place. 

Grand Chapter meets on Monday next preceding the 1st 
Tuesday in May, at Name place. 

Grand Commandery and Grand Council at the annual Con- 
vocation in Maine. 

Maine Consistory, S. P. li. S., meets quarterly on 1st Mon- 
day of March, June, September, and December. 

buulap Sow Chapter *»f Rose Croix de II, meets at same 
time as the Maine Consistory. 


ABYSSINIAN Court opens at 46 Sumner. ■ 
Adams street, from 8 Watervilie to Mount fort street. 
Alder street, from 209 Cumberland to Back Cove. 
Alms House street, from Congress to Alms House. 
Anderson street, from 6-J Cumberland to Oxford. 
Appleton Block, rear 212 Congress, opposite head Casco street. 
Ashland Avenue, from 16 Vine to Willow. 
Atlantic street, from IOC Congress to Tore. 

BACK COVE Village, north end Tukcy's or Hack Cove bridge. 
Bank street, from GorhanVs corner, foot Center, to the harbor. 
I'm ach street, from 4 Brackett to Canal. 
Beckett street, from Eastern Promenade next northeasterly 

of Mnnjoy street to a proposed street. 
Jm* Boyd street, from 109 Cumberland to Lincoln. 

B I street, from westerly end of Spring, crossing Vanghan 

t ■ Western I'romenade. 
Bracket! street, from Canal near Portland bri !^e to Vanghan. 
Br • Ibury's court open* at ■•<> Fore. 
Bmmhatl street, from Vaughau near junction of Congress to 

Western Promenti le. 
. Bradley's lane, from York near Gorham's comer to the harbor. 
Bradley's corner, beyond the western end of Congress st. 
Brattle street, from :>'.) Portland to Back Cove. 
Brown street, from 39 Free to Cumberland. 
Brown's court opens at 20 Cross. 
Burnham st., from 629 Congress, running easterly. 


CANAL street, from foot of Park to Danfort'n. 

Canton street, from 7 Potter's lane to Back Cove. 

Carlton St., from Spruce, crossing at 165 Brackett to Congress. 

Carlton place, from Lafayette to Merrill. 

Casco street, from 317 Congress to Cumberland. 

Cedar street, from 171 Cumberland to Back Cove. 

C. E. Ferry Village, the Cape Elizabeth side of the steam ferry. 

Center street, from Gorham's corner to Congress, 

Chapel street, from 215 Congress to Oxford. 

Chatham street, from 01 Fore to Middle. « 

Cherry street, from 10 Hemlock to Lowell. 

Chestnut street, from 235 Congress to Back Cove. 

Church street, from 53 Middle to Federal. 

Clark street, from near Canal guard lock to Pine. 

Clark's court opens at 13 Tyng. 

Cobb's court opens at 14 Center. 

Commercial street, from foot of India trACanal. 

Congress street, from Eastern Promenade to Westbrook line. 

Congress place opens at 421 Congress. 

Cotton court opens at 10 Cotton south of Fore.' 

Cotton street, from 275 Fore to Free. 

Cross street, from 257 Fore to Middle. 

Cumberland place, from 23 Cumberland. 

Cumberland street, from 16 North to State. 

Cushmau's court, from Pine St., near head of Clark, northerly. 

DANFORTH st, from Gorbam's corner to Vaughan's bridge. 

Deer street, from 101 Fore to Middle. 

Peering street, from High to State, northwest of Congress. 

Dow street, from S9£ Brackett to Congress. 

Dyer's alley or lane, from $0 Franklin to Wilraot. 

EASTERN Promenade, from Fore around Munjoy hill. 

Elm street, from 234 Congress to Kennebec. 

EUsworth street, from Congress near brow of BramhalTs hill, 

same as "X" street. 
Emery street, from Canal, crossing at 110 Danforth to Spruce. 
Essex lane, street, or court, from 125 Brackett to Congress. 
Everett street, from 25 Fremont to Winthrop. 
Exchange street, from 175 For* to Congress, 

FEDERAL street, from 32 India to Old City Had. 

Fore Street, /rom Eastern Promenade to York. 

Forest street, from Congress 'next westerly of Alms House st. 

Fox street, from 76 Washington to Back Cove. 

Fox's court opens at 1S1 Fore. 

Franklin street, from 31 Commercial, to Back Cove. 

Yr^*. street, from Mi Idle, head Cross, to Congress. 

Freeman's lane opens at 11 Fore. 

Fremont street," from 35 Oxford to Fox. 

Fremont placo opens at 3G Federal. 





GAEDEN street, from 49 Middle to Church. 

Gilbert's lane opens at 23 St. Lawrence. 

Gorham's corner, junction of York, Danforth, Pleasant, Cen- 
ter, Fore, and "Bank streets. 

Gould street, from 100 Washington, to Back Cove. 

Gray street, from 24 Park to Bracket*. 

Green street, from 3G3 Congress to Dot-ring's Bridge. 

Greenleaf street, from 9 Oxford to Fox. 

Grove street, from Congress near western end of Vaughan, 
running westerly to Vvestbrook, same as old Co. road. 

Guilford's lane or court opens at 8 park. 

HALL'S court, lane, or avenue, from 40 Chestnut to Cedar. 

Hammond street, from 19 Fox, running northerly. 

Hampshire street, from 07 Fore to Congress. 

Hancock street, from 43 Fore to Eastern Cemetery. 

Hancock court, from 1G Hancock street 

Hanover street, from 219 Cumberland to Back Cove. 

Harrison place opens at 41 Middle. 

Heath street, from Boyd to Franklin, northwest of Oxford. 

Hemlock street, from 599 Congress. 

Henry street, from 14 Deering, running southerly. 

High street, from 33 York to Portland. 

High court or High street court, opens at 11 High. 

Hilborn's court opens at 17 Green. 

Hill street, from Bramhall st, near Vaughan, running westerly. 

Hortou place, opens at 6 Dow. 

Hyde's court opens at 23 Brackett. 

INDIA street, from A. & St. L. R. R. depot to Congress. 
India court opens at 35 India. 
Ingraham's court opens at, 22 Washington, 
lngraham'6 lane opens at 74 york. 

KENNEBEC street, from Pearl, over new made land Back 

Cove to Deering's bridge. 
Kilborn's court opens at 92 Brackett. 
Knight's Village, south end Cape Elizabeth bridge. 

LAFAYETTE ? r.. from Congress, near hM Atlantic to Quebec. 
Larch street, from 19 Cumberland, ruuning northwesterly. 
Laurel street, from 48 VVilmot (below Oxford) to Pearl. 
lobby's corner, junction of Portland and Congress its, south- 
west limits of tiie city. 
Lime street, from 151 Fore to Congress. 
Lincoln street, from Fremont to Chestnut. 
Locust street, from 1S5 Congress to Cumberland. 
Lowell street, from Congress, near Libby's corner, to Portland. 

■ M" street, on Brarahall's hill, crossing Brackett. 

Madison street, from 17 Fremont to Washington. 

Maple St., from Commercial, crossing at 17 York, to Pleasant. 


Marion street, from 49 Washington to Poplar. 

Market square, vicinity of old City Hall. 

May street, from US Spring to Danforth. 

Mayo street, from 69 Cumberland to Fox. 

Mechanic street, from 235 Cumberland to Portland. 

Melbourne street, from Eastern Promenade to 40 North. 

Melleu street, from Congress, near Carlton to Portland. 

Merrill street, from 90 Congress to Melbourne. 

Middle street, from 8 Hancock to Congress. 

Milk street, from 8 Silver to Exchange. 

Montreal street, from Eastern Promenade to 59 North. 

Montgomery street, from 145 Congress to Cumberland. 

Monument street, from 40 Munjoy to 25 Mouutfort/ 

Mo u! ton street, from 100 Fore to Long wharf. 

Mountfort street, from 29 Fore to Congress. 

Munjoy st., from 00 Congress (Munjoy) to Eastern Promenade. 

Munroo street, from 9 Fremont to Washington. 

Munroe place opens at 480 Congress. 

Myrtle street, from 217 Congress to Lincoln. 

KEAL st., from Spruce, crossing at 115 Brackett to Congress. 
Xorth street, from Observatory to Back Cove bridge. 

OAIv street, from 43 Pleasant to Cumberland. 

Orange lane opens at 120 Danforth. 

Oxford street, from 3S Washington to Portland. 

PARK itreet, from 45 York to Congress. 

Park place opens at 18 park. 

Parris street, from 227 Cumberland to Back Cove. 

Pearl street, from 50 Middle to Lincoln. 

Peach street, from 78 Bracket! to Clark. 

Pine street, from head of State to Western Promenade. 

Pie isant street, from Gorham's corner to Park. 

Pleasant place opens at 37 Pleasant. 

Pleasant street court opens at 23 Pleasant. 

Plum street, from 205 Fore to Middle. 

Poplar street, from 13 Cumberland to Walnut. 

Portland street, from opposite 35 Preble to Westbrook line. 

Preble street, from 275 Congress to Back Cove. 

Prospect street, from 16 Casco to Oak. 

QUEBEC street, from Eastern Promenade to 39 North. 
Qhincy street, from 197 Congress to Cumberland. 

SALEM street, from 24 Brackett to Emery. . 
Salem lane, from Salem street to Danforth. 
Bherbrooke street, from 34 St. Lawrence to WaterviHe. 
Silver street, from 133 Fore to Middle. 
Smith street, iroin 155 Congress to Lincoln. 
South street, from 19 Pleasant to Free. 
Spruce street, from 04 Brackett to Emery-. 



Spring street, from 24 Center to Vaughan. 

Spring place, or Spring st. place, opens at 51 Spring. 

State street, from P S & P K R depot to Portland. 

Stetson's court opens at 14 Park. 

Stetson's lane, from York, next southerly Bank. 

Stevens's place opens at 9 park. 

St. John street, from Portland, next westerly of Alms House, 

running westerly. 
Stone street, from 151 Cumberland to Lincoln. 
St. Laurence street, from head of Fore to Congress. 
Summer street, from 16 Brackett to Canal. 
Sumner street, from 15 Franklin to Fore. 

TATE street, from 77 York to Danforth. 

Temple street, from 100 Middle to Congress. 

Thomas street, from Pine near Carlton to Spring. 

Tinkham's court opens on Brackett, nearly opposite Peach 

Tolman place opens at 331 Congress. 

Tukesbury's court, opens at 60 Fore. 

Turner street, from Eastern Promenade to Merrill. 

Tjrsg st, from Fore river near P S & P R B depot, to Danforth 

UXIOX st, from Commercial, crossing at 227 Fore to Middle 

VAUGHAN street, from 107 Danforth near Brarnhall's Hill to 

Vernon court opens at 4*25 Congress. 

Vesper street, from Eastern Promenade, next easterly to Beck- 
ett, running northwesterly to a proposed street. •. 
Vine street, from 105 Fore to Middle. 

WALKER'S court or lane, from 07 Brackett to Congress. 

Waldo street, from junction or Canal and Danforth to Cong- 
ress near Ltbby's corner. 

Walnut street, from 102 Danforth to Salem. 

Warren street, from 7 Adams to Monument. 

Washington street, from 155 Congress to Back Cove. 

Wat< nolle street, from l Fore to Monument. 

V» avtriy place opens at S Spring. 

Westbrook point, the village at the west end of DeeringV 
br! Ige. * , 

Western promenade^ around the brow of Brarnhall's hill. 

West street, from junction of Clark and Pine, to Western 

Willis street, from 15 Melbourne to Montreal.]] 

Willow street, from 111 Fore to Middle. 

Wilmot street, from 2"l Congress to Back cove. 

Wilmot cmrt, opens at 19 Wilmot. 

Winter street, .from 01 Danforth to Pine. 

Winthrop street, from 7 Madison to Fox. 

YORK street, from Gorham's corner to Brackett. 
York place, from Washington, easterly of Oxford. 



ATLANTIC wharf, foot of India street. 

BERLIN MILLS wharf, from Commercial, near Su^ar House. 
Brown's wharf opens 238 Commercial st, at Sugar House. 
Bridge wharf, from Canal street, foot of Brackett. 

Burnliam's wharf opens at 54 Commercial, foot of Deer st. 

CENTRAL wharf opens at 124 Commercial, foot Central st. 
Commercial wharf opens at 154 Fore, foot of Lime street. 
Cnmmings's wharf opens at 220 Commercial street. 
Custom Home wharf opens at 114 Fore, Toot of Willow st. 

DRAKE'S wharf, east of foot of State street. 
Dyer's wharf, near foot of State street. 

FRANKLIN wharf opens at 34 Commercial, foot Franklin st. 
Fobes's pier, next westerly from Franklin wharf. 

G ALT'S wharf, near foot of Franklin st,next east of Frank- 
lin wharf. 
Gm House wharf, from Gas House, Clark's Point. 
Gf m I Trunk whan* east of Grand Trunk Freight Depot. 
GraaS Eastern wharves, at Fish Point. 

HOT.SON'S wharf, from Commercial, near foot of High st. 

ILSLEY wharf opens neir toot of Emery street. 

LIVERPOOL steamships' coal wharf, east Grand Trunk whf. 
I. i;g wharf opens at 114 Commercial, foot of Moulton st, 

MAINE wharf, next westerly of Burnham's wharf. 
Merrill's wharf opens at 246 Yore, foot of Cross street. 

PORTLAND pier opens at 13G Fore, foot of Silver street. 
Portland Company's wharf, adjoining Portland Co's works. 
P. S. & P. Railroad wharf, foot of Statu street. 

RICHARDSON'S wharf opens at 198 Commercial street. 

SAWYER'S wharf, foot of High street. 

Smith's wharf opens southerly of foot of Maple street. 
Smith'--, pier, from Commercial, foot of Mario street. 
Sturdivant'i wharf opens foot of Park street. 

UNION wharf opens at 218, foot of Union street. 

WALKER'S wharf, foot of Bracket! street 

W . '-TV's wharf opens at 202 Fore, foot of Plum street. 


I. D. MERRILL & Co., 


No. 27 Union Street, 

*v ■*■>• 

<&* ^ 

Bath Boilers, Wash Bowls, Silver Plated and 

Brass Cocks, of all kinds, constantly on hand. 

HST&BXfl FOR EiW & G0L)> WATi;U 

Hot up in the I$o*t Z>Xaiiner. 

Jf^T" All order fin City or Country person- 
ally tut lliUd :<\ 

I. u Hit^iix, /ou:t uojrn. 6. ?. vekriil. 





—FOB uir. — 

West, South, & ]Korfli-West, 

- By the most popular routes. Also, for 


By either tho 


[£7~ For sale at lowest Boston rates, at the General Ticket 
Agency, Portland, 31 Exchange Street, (up stairs). 

W. D. LITTLE, Agent. 

lg Through Tickets 


Also, to all parts of the 

Wost, South, and North-West, 

Via the most popular routes, at the lowest Boston rates. 
irp- Tor sale by \\\ 1). LITTLE, 

Ti< ket Ageacr, 31 Exchange Street. 


To Chicago, Cfcvelarf, Ckhaii, St Pan!, (joky; St. Louis, 

And al! points a: the 


\ ia niE 

Erie. Railway, or Great We lit era, or I.nkr Shore 

and JUiclii;.ri'»n Southern, and BellefouCalae 


CC^" Tickets sola La Portland at the lowest Boston rates. 
W. D. LITTLE, Agent 

Office 21 Exchange Street. 


ttkrisiixn §§ it tn, 

CnAS. Al'STIX LOBD, Editor and Proprietor. 

This, being pre-eminently a Family Journal, is one of the 
best channels ior advertisements relating to Books, Sales, Le- 
gal Notices, and all articles of general consumption. 
Wo subjoin extracts from letters published in our columns. 
"Other papers, published out of the limits of the State-, are 
useful; but Eh*y cannot be expected to take the place, ami to 
fulfill all the objects of a paper published among ourselves." — 
Professors Hu ■ '< in College. 

*'I sometimes almost wish I were compelled to rely upon your 
weekly summary instead of reading so many exciting details in 
the daily papers. Von tell us all that we really need to know; 
r< 1 1 great .. ii a:s that we ought to do."— Dr. Chickering, 

H It conto ins a weekly summary of events written in a lively 
style — criticisms, literary, and mora', of great practical value 
—an I such matters of general and denominational interest a9 
serve to keep its readers well 'posted up.' "—Dr. Oarruthtrs. 
•* I think the Mirror has never been more ably and faithful- 
ly conducted than during the last few years." The present 
« . • rd • tea time, and thought, and labor to it, and succeeds 
in ra king it (.what he has shown himself abundantly able to 
j weekly visitant to our families ana homes." 
-'•...:.' Sem. 

■ .-the influence of a good religious newspaper 

p ' lan it is in Maine. In no State is it more 

it the Congregational churches should hare an 

; : own. Nor do I see how anv reasonable man 

r organ than the Mirror. * * * Rarely 

auml er upon file without a distinct feeling of re- 

- less of what it contains, that 1 can- 

- rolumeon mv shelves where it will be con- 

•i* " f at ban*! "—Pr< r\ /). T. Smith, Ban. Sem. 

" I- ■' I w »th painstaking and ability. It is a (u- 

'• i« an-1 ' • tcrof the doctrines and polity of 

<- ury enterprises and their spirit- 

I ' n arti ;lea . reading aro 

choice. 1 .v condense !, 

;* - -■• ■ . .-•'•■'. • « R (Ve hope that 

I iperwlHmaks atrial of the Mirror; 

- ■ ' I •- •/ wUl be 

' • ts adva tagei to 

I < 

Viooa '— Profs* Gtorgt &\rj»iru tmd 

vd Uarru. 



Nos.llSand 114 Broadway, N, Y, Established 1845. 

CASH CAPITAL $2,573,644.93, Safely Invested! 


5^r Central Office tor the State of Maine,. 
No. T4 >Iiddie, corner of Exchange St., Portland. 

This is one of the oldest and most successful Life Companies 

iu the United States. It has already paid to widows 

and orphans of the assured over 


It iri strictly mutual, the policy holder* only sharing the profits. 

Dividends declared annually. 

C~J*Speoi*l care iu the selection of its Risks, -Strict Economy, 
—and a Safe and Judicious Investment of its Funds, peculiarly 
cL^r.iet«rize the management of this Company. 

Premiums received quarterly, Bemi-aunually, or annually, „at the 
opti d of the injured. 
*/;>- Tho 2Jew S¥6T£3« introduced by this Company, of issuing Life 
Policies* not subject to forfeiture, is meeting with uni- 

v- rsal annihilate - the only argument of any weight which 

I ■ light against Life Insurance. 
* V, ARRKX SPARROW, Gen'l Agt f r State-of Maine, 
Chief office 7-1 Middle it., opj site Poet Office. 




And a general assortment of Staple an-1 Fancy Dry Goods, 
Mnatcy's Row, So. 127 ?ri<ldic St. 


3lANlt\V.CTURLi:s Of • 

White Lead, Ground Colors, Japan, Putty. &c. 

Factory 20 Manjoy St. Warehouse 80 Commercial St. 

Henry S. Burgess. Charles S. Fobes. 

JOHN L. »11AW «S^ CO., 

Manufacturers of 


*«- Suction FT «e 'made I » •■r-I -r. Ottered Belts; Fire Fats and 
0»|m; Flexible Pipes, £& II w Repaired. 

Montreal Ocean Steamship 

C**-*^ -*. /r- -r—^ y\ -w -r- -*c "X* 
<^J a.vO- a: ^r^ a. Si J.. - 

The following Steamships compose their weekly mail 

lino to Londonderry and Liverpool, viz: 

Xova Si'oiiun, Bohemian, 

Anglo-Saxon, . Norwegian, 

Jura, Hibernian, 

North American* Peruvian, 

Will sail every Saturday from Portland for the above ports 
during the winter months; and from Quebec during the sum- 
mer mouths. 



St. Andrew, St. George, 

Damascus, John Bell, 

Will sail from Quebec, fortnightly, for Glasgow, via Qaeenv 
towu daring summer months. 

Passage Tickets outward, pre-paid, and return ti< keti - ti I 
to and from Liverpool, Glasgow, Londonderry, and Qae*as- 
town. apply to 

EDM0ND8T0NE, ALLAN & Co., Jfontre*!, 

and at their office 


Also, for passage from Portland to summer monli p, i a 

i to fta I i. . ;n above ports, a] ply to 

J. L. FABM£J*,' 10 Exchange Street. '